Porn Affiliate Marketing: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

porn affiliate marketing

If you are doing porn affiliate marketing, let’s face it, we are all doing this for the money. Porn may be the most searched term but the traffic you can get in the porn industry means nothing without a good conversion rate.

Conversions are important and they are what make a good webmaster, however, what converts for one webmaster might not convert for another.

No matter, what they say, adult offers don’t convert themselves, a webmaster needs to have a conversion strategy, a combination of different factors which will make the customer convert. You could be more adapt to selling one type of content compared to another.

The most important thing in this aspect is to know your market.

What is a Good Conversion Ratio?

First of all, your conversion rate needs to be good enough to cover the costs of your business. If you are able to generate a lot of traffic for your affiliate links, then even with a lower conversion rate you would be making some pretty good money.

In my experience a good conversion rate is 1:500, 1:250 even better and if are able to have a conversion rate of 1:50 this means that you have mastered the skills needed to make people convert in your niche.

It also depends on what you are promoting.

Reasons Why Your Conversion Rate is Low


This is a mistake that a lot of affiliates do, they build a website and put a totally irrelevant ad to it.

The right thing to do is to promote offers which are related to your niche. Conversion is everything about understanding what your audience might need.

Bad Call-to-Action

Your call to action needs to be very specific of what they are going to get in the offer.

Low Quality Traffic

Some new adult webmasters rely entirely on social media and exchanging traffic and then they complain about their conversion rate.

Over-saturated Offers

Sometimes, the reason that people don’t join to an offer is because they already know a site or have seen it everywhere, the ones who would join are already members and teh site is simply saturated.

Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Target Your Audience

The purpose of your affiliate site is to meed the needs of your visitors, you have to find products that they migh like and offer these products to them.

You need to take into consideration who your audience is and why they are on your site.

Pick the Right Niche

People usually make one if these three mistakes when they pick a niche. They pick a:

  • very proad niche
  • oversaturated niche
  • a niche that does not convert

But how do you know that your niche is not to broad? I say, trial and error, try to make a more specific niche and see if your conversions will raise, if year, make it even more specific, untill you will not see anymore raise in your conversions.

Go after something you enjoy and know well

Working on a niche that you like is important because it will motivate you to keep working. And also go after the things that you know, for example, if you know that a specific program converts well under specific conditions, repeat those consitions to make sales again. Your field of expertise and what you like is more important than what other people are saying that make money.

Don’t Spam

With so many spams out there on the Internet, it’s more difficult that it once was to get conversions. You have to first gain your visitor’s trust before they convert. Be sure to focus more on quality over quantity with your content, it’s everything about testing, try something and if you see it work, do it more.

The key is to offer real value for your visitors. Don’t think about tricks to add traffic or make people to buy, just focus on adding value for your visitors.

Do not just post the same content that you can find on other sites, think about what additional value your site provides that visitors can’t find on other sites. With Google ranking formula changing so often, the only sure thing to get traffic is to add more and more content to your site. Repeated visitors will recommend your site to other people so make sure to keep them happy, even after they buy from you.

See from the Visitor’s Perspective

See the signing up process that your visitor is going to see yourself and see if there is something which is keeping them fom signing in, see everything from the eyes of your visitors, it will be easier to help them if you know their pain points.

If you don’t see why your visitors would convert to an offer, this means that won’t. That’s why it’s important to go after a niche that you enjoy and you have expertise in. So, stick with what you know that works well and keep doing what is working.

Treat it Like a Job

Schedule in your week specific times to complete specific tasks related to yoru adult business. Some things need to be done and without doing them you will not see any results.

Be Patient But Sometimes Impatience Can Help You

It’s important to be patient and keep working even if you are not seeing results. Still some impatience is neccessary, especially if you see things from the eyes of your visitors.

Impatience is important when it comes to abandoning methods which don’t work. It’s true that you need to be patient but if a method isn’t making you money after years of workin on it, then it isn’t worth it. It’s because of our impatience and irritation that we sometimes make progress and get creative.


Keep experimenting with promoting new offers until you find the otther that best fits you, when it starts to conver you will know that you have found the right offer.

If you are having conversions, you are doing it right, keep doing the same thing over and over again.

I run a few sites and I found that the ones in the amatour porn niche convert very well with adult cam sites.

And for example, if you have a site in the niche of big breasted woman, then you need to direct your visitors to cam girls who fit this.

There are a lot of affiliates who make six figures a year but the truth is that you have to work hard in order to succeed.

And you need to know what you are doing. That’s why I created this website, to help adult webmasters make money.

If you have some other tips, that I might have missed out, please share them in the comments section.

How to Promote a Webcam Site to Get More Traffic

how to promote a webcam site

How to Promote a Webcam Site

Last week I published a tutorial about creating an adult webcam site and in this post I am going to guide you to promoting your webcam site.

I am going to share with you all the free methods you can use to promote your cam site, basically everything which has worked for me so you can just apply these methods.

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Free Promotion Methods

I have a lot of experience as an adult affiliate and these days cam sites are the best way to go for new webmasters. On my experience, the best way to increase your webcam traffic is to create a niche blog and post new posts regularly. Here are some methods you can do this:

  • SEO. The best way to get traffic is to post regularly new content targeting a keyword. Now, the higher quality is your content, the better. Make sure to put your keyword under which you want to rank in the title and in the first paragraph. The more content you post, the greater your chance to rank, but your content needs to be high quality or it won’t ever rank.
  • Twitter. Twitter is the best social media for getting adult cam traffic. Follow some popular cam models and create a sexy profile and write something like “watch me on webcam on”. Put some relevant hashtags. Do not promote your affiliate links directly on Twitter, put the link of your website so people will come to your website (posting affiliate links can get you banned).
  • Upload watermarked videos (with your domain) on porn sites. Watermark with your domain only videos which are amateur and don’t have trademarks of any company, or you will get banned.
  • Post ads in your own porn sites. This one is for those who have other porn sites, you could post ads of your cam site in your niche related porn sites.

I also used to promote specific models on Facebook (not with nude pictures as Facebook will blacklist you), I promoted them with a picture and the domain name in the picture. The profiles would get deleted after some time, but it is very easy to create new ones. Still, I don’t like this fact, that’s why I didn’t put Facebook among the methods I suggest to use.

If I can be of help to you in any way, please comment in the comments section below and if you have something else to add which I missed in this tutorial please comment below.

My Results

I’ve created a network of adult cam sites with the Roboscript (which I mentioned in my previous post, you can find it here) and I am making $1,500 a month and I don’t even add a post or change anything.

The sites are automatically updated with new cam models who are online every 5 minutes and the sites built with this plugin tend to rank fast on the search engines and this is the best kind of promotion in my opinion.

The plugin is not free but it doesn’t cost much considering what you can do with it. The good thing is that this plugin works with WordPress and newbies can use it without having many skills. You can make money even in your first month of creating a cam site with this plugin.

I have used before some other plugins but they did work well, they send visitors to offers you don’t get paid for and their cams don’t work properly on mobile.

One of this plugins that I remember is sexplugins, and I don’t recommend this plugin, I’ve stopped using it. It was easy to install but it was buggy and didn’t update very often. I got many PHP warnings which I couldn’t fix myself. The site didn’t rank well on Google because it was very slow.

I say, don’t even bother with free plugins, they don’t work.

Creating your own cam site with Robiscript is the best way to promote cam site’s affiliate programs (like Chaturbate), it will be 24/7 filled with models performing and the live models will keep visitors on the site.

What About if a Whitelabel?

For those who don’t know what it is, a Whitelabel is a site created in collaboration with big cam site, like for example Chaturabate in which a lot of elements are similar to that site, but you can still change some other elements like the logo.

Here’s an example of a Chaturbate whitelabel:

how to promote a webcam site

I wouldn’t recommend creating a Whitelabel in the first place, because White labels don’t rank on Google, Google considers them duplicate content. But if you already have a Whilelabel you could promote it through putting ads in a porn site, if your have your own porn site you could be able to do it for free.

However, Whitelabel can be a great site if you know how to use it, unfortunately many newbies don’t use it for what it is intended to do.

Whitelabel is meant for branding, for example, if you have a porn site like, you can create a cam site on a domain like Newbies create an entire new brand for the whitelabel but people don’t’t like to be on websites which are not well-established.

I have seen a couple of White labels ranked but they are owned by big porn sites which have invested in a lot of backlinks and still they are ranked only for keywords which are in their domain.

Webcam Affiliate Programs are the Future

With the rise of high speed internet, the new type of porn people are after are live webcam shows. Live porn is the future, it makes is possible for visitors to interact with the models in real time and tell them what to do.

All you have to do to promote webcam sites is to tell the visitors about their possibility to interact. They have the possibility for private sessions with hot models. This possibility is considered priceless for the average dude.

Tell them that all they need is a high speed internet connection and the cam site will do the rest, the models do not care about how the members look like.


As you can see, you are not limited to a specific method for promoting your webcam site. You can use a variety of ways like the ones I mentioned above.

And if you think I left something out this tutorial, please share you thoughts in the comments section below.

How to Make Money with a Porn Site with Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of opportunities to make money with a porn site and these days it really is a wanderful investment.

If you have an adult site with thousands of views a day, you cam make money with affiliate marketing. Adult affiliate programs are the most lucrative ones out there, so the potencials are really high.

If you still don’t have an adult site, you can read my tutorial on how to create a cam site and how to build and adult tube site: 

How to Make a Free Porn Site? Which is the Best Adult Tube Script for a Porn Tube? – WP-Script Review

How to Make Your Own Webcam Site: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Newbies

These days you do not have to be a programming expert to build a website, even a newbie can build one, just follow my tutorials for newbies and you will be ready to go. All you will need are a couple of tools.

I have a couple of adult blogs and they really make good money, way more than mainstream sites, so saying that the adult niche is dead is a plain lie.

I mainly focus on promoting webcam sites and they get visitors spending, some of them spend $100 a day on cam models.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing which uses affiliates to promote the companie’s products. For example, if you are an affiliate of a specific adult site and you promote their offers and visitors buy they offers through your links, you will get commissions.

It is really this simple, but still a lot of marketers don’t participate in affiliate marketing because they think that the money that they are going to make are not a lot. In fact, you could make a couple of hundred dollars a month with affiliate marketing by just posting blog posts on your site, something that a lot of affiliates already do.

  1. Choose the Right Affiliate Programs. So, firstly you have to choose the products you are going to promote. You have to choose products whoch you think your audience would buy, knowing your audience is going to help a lot in this. You can learn more about your audience by looking at the Audience section in Google Analytics. For example, if your audience likes milf woman you would want to promote the dating offers of Crakrevenue or the DatingFactory.
  2. Sign Up to The Affiliate Programs. 
  3. Check Their Promtional Materials Available to Affiliates. 
  4. Get Your Affiliate Links. A lot of affilaite programs offer two options to promote them: PPS (Pay Per Signup) and Rev Share (you get a percentage of the money that your referral spends on their site). Rev Share is generally better because you get a percentage of all your referrals buy on site, for example, if it is a membership site you will get a percentage of their membership fee for as long as they are members.
  5. Publich Content. Now, everything you have to do is to post a piece of content like a video, picture, blog post and link it to thier site with your affiliate link. Publish content that you think your readers will like, not just try to sell them. 

As you can see, everything is really simple. 

The List of Affiliate Programs I Promote

  • CrakRevenue
  • Chaturbate
  • XLoveCash
  • DatingFactory
  • Camgasm

Promoting Webcam Offers

As you can see from my list, I mainly promote webcam offers because I think they are the hottest thing right now and you can make a lot of money with them. Live webcam shows have become a trend since the rise of high speed internet and they will continue to do very well in the future.

People want to interact with the models live, tell them what to do, it’s way better than any other type of porn. That’s why LIVE PORN is the FUTURE.

Live cams have really revolutionized the porn industry. All the memebers need to have is live speed internet and everything else will be possible from the cam site. Who needs mainstream porn, if you can watch models live, interact with them and tell them what to do with that banana or dildo?

Cam models work on every kind of porn fantasy and try to make it real, so webcam sites include every kind of porn niche, just that it is live.

Visitors like to spy hot girls on cams, and this has never been easier.

Why I am Promoting Live Cams

Since 2016, I have focused my offers only on promoting webcam sites and adult dating offers, since they convert a lot better than paysites. People are substituting paysites with webcam sex.

Since I started to promote webcam offers, I make about 4 times more in the webcaming niche than I used to do reviewing paysites. 

They convert co well because they offer something unique: the ability to interact with hot modles live and they are so addictive for most of the users. If you are going to promote webcam offers, I recommend that you promote Revshare because some visitors will continue to spend money on cam girls months and even years after they sign up and you will convinue to get a fraction of what they spend. It is not uncommon for some members to even spend hundreds of dollars during a single night on cam girls.

The more memebers that you refer to these cam sites, the more passive income you are going to make over time, so it’s really worth it to go for this.


You can really make big money in the adult industry, way more than an avage site in another niche and the best offers to promote today are cam sites, they convert very well and members spend quite a lot.

I am promoting the sites that I mentioned on this blog and Chaturbate is the site which makes me the most money. Their sign up process is very easy, which contributes to their really high conversion rate.

Click Here to Sign Up on Chaturbate and Start Making Money Now.

Live content is the best type of content for your website visitors, so take advantage of of this.


If you want to learn more about my methods check out my blog archive and if you want, you can comment below and ask me any question, I am happy to help other adult affiliates.

I hope this article has inspired you to give affiliate marketing a shot. They have cams in every niche famale, male, couples and trans. 

I wish you all the best of luck with your adult projects!

Creating a Porn Site or a Webcam Site: What is Better?

So, you are convinced you want to be in the adult niche but you are not sure if it would be more profitable creating a porn site or a webcam site. Maybe you have a small budget and you can create only one of them for now.

In this post I am going to help you to make this decision.

Creating a Porn Site or a Webcam Site?

This is a question that newbies sometimes have when they are just getting started in the adult niche. Both these sites can be profitable and this needs to depend on what you prefer. Some people prefer creating a porn site and others prefer creating a webcam site.

If you ceate a porn tube site, you will need to constantly post new videos (to automize the process, is you can use the an adult script made for this purpose and the KenProImporter plugin from, while if you create webcam site you can use the Roboscript plugin to automatically update your site with new live webcam models from top webcam sites. With the webcamsite you would need to do some SEO work to make the site rank like changing titles, descriptions and write some posts to make your site as unique as possible.

You can read my step-by-step-tutorial for newbews here:

How to Create a Free Porn Site

How to Create a Webcam Site

I run both kinds of sites myself and i can tell you that each of them can bring a lot of money if you put a lot of work into them, it all depends on what you like to do most. Reading both the tutorials maybe will help you decide. I can’t tell you which is better bacause they both can make a lot of money if you put the neccessary work on them.

You could also create a tube site in the webcam modeling niche if you like this, which is having only videos of webcam girls in your tube niche and you can populate it with videos of cam girls with the KenProImporter plugin, there are a lot of them on Pornhub, xvideos, redtube.

The Cost of Starting Out

For both the sites you would have to buy a hosting plan and a domain. If you choose to build your site with WordPress, which I would recommend, this content management system is free.

A hosting plan I would recommend Fastcommet, TMDhosting is Ok too.

The Fastcomet hosting will cost you $59 a year and you will get e free domain with it (a domain costs about $12 if you buy it separately).

The Cost for a Porn Site

In addition to a hosting and a domain to start a porn site you will need an adult WordPress theme, and optionally the KenProImporter plugin.

In my experience, and I have tried a lot of adult themes, the best ones are the XWPThemes, they only cost $39. The themes offer a great user experience and the support of this company is great, they can do a lot of things for you if you are a newbie and for example, don’t know how to install a theme or even if you need another feature for your site.

I have used adult themes of other companies like Mechbunny and Kernel Video Sharing and I can say that these themes are the most best and most affordable ones. Yes. you can find cheaper themes with good desing but their support is crap and they rarely update their themes, if ever, and support is really important in my opinion, especially if you are a newbie.

And they are correnly running a promotion, so check out their landing page.

I am using the ZingTube theme and it works very well. And to make the exprience of my users better, I am using the KenPlayer plugin, which is a plugin which has its own player and this means that no pop-ups or any other kind of ads from big porn site will be in your site.

With this plugin my bounce rate was about 60% and now it’s a little more than 30%, I didn’t know that pop-us would have so much effects on driving my visitors away.

This plugin costs $60, you don’t have to buy it, but without it your visitors will see ads from big porn site and a big logo of the porn site from which the video was embeded. WIth the plugin you can put your own logo to the videos and also your own ads.

The Cost for a Cam Site

The Econfirmpro Plugin costs $50.

Here’s an example of how your site will look like with this plugin:

The cams will not be stored in your server, so you don’t have to worry about the server space, which means that you can go for the cheapest hosting plan.

While if you have a larger budget and you want your cam site to look more professional, I would recommed the Roboscript.

how to your own webcam site

This script is better for the search engines, which means they your site will rank better with it, that’s why I say that in the long run it will certainly  be better than the Econfirmpro plugin.

And their support is very good, if you are a newbie and need help with the installation of this script, they will help you.

The Roboscript costs $39 for one site and $69 for unlimited sites.


I hope this post helped you with your decision. Now you can follow my tutorial to help you create your site step-by-step:

How to Make a Free Porn Site? Which is the Best Adult Tube Script for a Porn Tube? – WP-Script Review

How to Make Your Own Webcam Site: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Newbies

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment in the comments section below.

The Best Adult WordPress Theme for Tube Sites 2019

adult wordpress themes

If you are thinking of creating an adult site and you are searching for the best adult theme, than this post is for you.

These days, it has never been easier to build your own adult tube site from the ground up. It’s way easier and way less expensive that it was years ago. In 2018, you can get a proper hosting plan and domain for just less has $60 per year from

In the early days of the internet you would have to pay a designer $1,000 for a simple design, but these days you can get an easy to use script for just $40 and you are ready to go with your new adult site.

You just have to take advantage of the possibilities which are available today in online marketing and particularly in the adult industry.

If you want a well-designed, fully-responsive adult theme for your site, check out XWPThemes, I use them for years in my sites, I have used other themes before and compared to them I have to say XWPThemes they do their job very well.

The Importance of a Great User Experience

Having a clean design is the only tried and true marketing method that sells. Your site needs to be easy to navigate, where the user can easily find what he/she is looking for in your site. The design needs to attractive for the eye and most importantly the content needs to be easy to read.

Users want a fast loading page, so take this too into consideration. It takes more than a good design to make money, but easy user navigation is essential. offers you the opportunity to mass import videos to your website.

Why Themes Are the Best Adult Theme in the Market

About three years ago a webmaster suggested me this site on one affiliate forum. I bought a couple of themes and started using them. Below I explain what I like most about XWPThemes:

Can Handle Massive Traffic and Loads Fast

First of all, they can handle a lot of traffic without compromising on site speed. My sites get a lot of traffic so this was a necessity for me. I had tried other adult themes and they don’t work well on big porn sites.

Speed is a really important aspect for a website, not just because your visitors will go away if your site is loading slow, but it’s also bad for the search engines. Everyone who has managed a website before knows this. XWPThemes are probably one of the fastest loading scripts in the industry, a big advantage.

I have seen people in forums say that you cannot use WordPress once your adult site starts to get a lot of traffic. This is totally bullsh*t! I have my own big WordPress sites and they are working perfectly well with this theme.

Responsive Design

The themes are responsive in all the devices, desktop, table, mobile and you can customize your adult video site. The themes are seo friendly.

Automatically Import Videos from the Biggest Porn Sites

You can automate your site with these themes which means that you don’t need to worry about updating your site with new videos, it will automatically update and make you money even when you sleep. All the videos are hosted in the site and you don’t have to worry about taking space in your servers.

You can automate your site by using a plugin which you will get completely for free once you buy one of their latest themes. With this plugin you can add millions of videos to your site from sites like PornHub and xvideos in a very short time. You can also add only videos related to a specific category related to your niche or filter them by searching a keyword.

An Amazing Support Team

Their support team is really great and they will answer all your questions and solve your problems, they support email is: and You can also contact them on Skype: hitomitanaka1802.

Their support will help you if you want to add any feature to your website. I personally value so much a good support team.

Some time ago, I was using the WP-Script and it was working quite well, but the reason I am not using it anymore is because their support really lacks.

The products are great, but their support went to sh*t lately. Their products are useless because they have bugs every week and the support takes days, sometimes weeks to solve the problems.

If you don’t know how to solve some problems yourself, you will rely on support, and the WP-Script support is really bad.

A lot of people get fulled by their great looking design and don’t do proper research before buying, the testimonials about the support on their page are not real.

Can Be Used on Unlimited Sites

Another big advantage that has is that once you buy one of their themes you can use it on as many sites as you like. This is a big advantage because if you have more than one adult site you can use the same theme on more than one site and not pay anything extra. If you think about this, you could also create sites for other people with the same theme and charge them.

A Lot of Spaces for Ads

Also, these are a lot of spaces for ads you can use to monetize your site, you just have to post your codes in the ads spots. You can display your ads in the header, sidebar, footer and within the videos.

Easy Set Up and Use

The set up is very easy and can be done in minutes and if you have questions you can ask the support for help.

And it is very easy to use these themes, what makes them perfect for newbies. You just have to paste the video link in the right box, write a title and a description.


The themes have features like video rating, top rated videos and related videos. So check out the XWPThemes and try their demos, they let you check your theme before you buy it. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

The also have some niche themes that you can check out. I have been using their themes for years and I really like them, I’m still using them for my sites.


These themes are affordable compared to a lot of other companies which offer adult themes like Mechbunny and Kernel Video Sharing. I have tried them and I concluded that XWPThemes are the best ones. And they cost just $39.

Yes, you might find other cheaper themes, better looking themes but their support is very bad. And they rarely update their themes, if at all. You might think that updating a theme is not important but when you face bugs in your site and the support is not available to help you, you will see the need for theme updates to fix them.

I have seen a lot of webmasters in different forums complaining about the support of WP-Script. I really feel for these guys, they have to wait for weeks before the support will solve their issue.

XWPThemes are currently running a fantastic promotion, so go and check out. They are offering a free theme and the importer plugin for free if you buy one of their latest themes.

These themes are totally worth the money.


Are you ready to build your adult site without spending a fortune to get started?

With all the great features that XWPThemes offer a lot of webmasters are using them.

I am personally using the ZingTube which works very well and I like it’s design, it is also their best-selling theme. So, go to and grab your favorite theme because their promotion will end soon.

One More Thing

Sites with embedded videos don’t stand a chance against big porn sites since, if you upload their videos your visitors will be redirected to these big porn sites. That’s why I use the KenPlayer plugin, it has it’s own played and the logos from the sites from which I have imported the videos (like PornHub or xvideos) do not show up to my site, my bounce rate had been reduced by over than 20% since I started using this plugin.

My site bounce rate was reduced from 60% to a little more 30% and I didn’t have a clue that pop ups would drive visitors out of my site.

You don’t have to buy the KenPlayer plugin, you can use the theme and embed videos from big sites, but your visitors will get pop-ups and a big logo will be placed over the logo in the videos.

You can see the KenPlayer plugin at work here:

You will love it.

All the plugins and themes I am using from them are working. The pornhub plugin also works like charm.

Also, you can buy only the plugin without the theme.

If you don’t know how to create an adult site, I have created a tutorial about this topic, you can find it here:

How to Create a Free Porn Site

I wish you all the best!

How to Promote Your Porn Site: 10 Ways to Get Free Traffic

How to Promote Your Porn Site

So you want to create an adult tube site but you are wondering how you are going to bring traffic to it? There certainly are a lot of paid ways to bring traffic to your adult site, but I am going to dedicate this post to the free ways you can use to bring traffic to your site.

If you don’t have an adult site and want to create one, I have created a step-by-step tutorial for newbies on how to create an adult site. You can check it here.

If you have quality content it will be easier for you to make money with your adult site, porn is a very big industry but at the same time it is very competitive. So don’t expect to make money for simply creating a web page.

These days everybody has a website, and a website is easier to create, as you can see if you checked my tutorial on how to create a porn site, it is so easy that any newbie can do it. Gone are the days in which websites were few and the traffic was big. These days you will have to provide more value to get traffic.

There are a lot of webmasters who create a website without having any money to promote it, so I have created this tutorial for you and I will give you my best tips on getting free traffic on your site.

I use all these methods to drive free traffic to my sites every day.

Some of these ways include using social media and search engine optimization.

#1 High Quality Content

Some of methods that I am going to share will be more effective than others, but the main tip that I am going to give you is to have high quality content on your site. Your visitors come to your site for the great content. This is what will bring you repetitive visitors. While you write your content make sure to write for the visitor and not for the search engines, the visitors experience will determine how long they will stay on your site and that will contribute to you ranking.

Also, make sure that you regularly add content to your site. You have to write a post which is original and in the same time give value to your customers before you attempt to sell them a product.

Write unique descriptions to your videos.

#2 Search Engine Optimization

In case you don’t know Search Engine Optimization is about ranking your site as high as possible in the search engines. If people are able to find your website while they search on Google, you are going to get free traffic on your site.

There are several aspects to SEO, one of them is to post regularly on your site, like daily or at least 2 times a week. Another tip is to use the keywords in the title and description of the videos or in your blog posts once.

In case you don’t know a keyword is a specific word or phrase that people search on Google (or other search engines) when they want to find something. You have to find keywords using a keyword tool, the one that I use is Jaaxy, which is a keyword which comes with the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Aim for long tail keywords.

Another tip is to put the keyword in the image title and ALT tag.

But as I also stated before, the most important aspect of them all is having quality content on your site. Your content needs to engage people.

Focus firstly on building an entertaining and informative site, and then on selling something.

#3 Backlinks

Backlinks are simply links from other sites. To build effective backlinks you need to get links from a high domain authority. You can check a site’s domain authority here:

Domain Authority Checker

You need to backlinks from sites with a higher domain authority than yours, the higher the domain authority the better. How to get backlinks? Just contact the site owners, find their contact for on their site or an email where you can contact them and ask them to give you a backlink from their site to your site, you can offer to write a guest post for their site (write a blog post with a link to your site to post on their site).

In this sense you are doing them a favor by writing new quality content for their site. Websites with a lower domain authority will accept the guest post for free, the ones with a higher domain authority will ask for a payment.

Another option is to ask them for a link exchange, they put a link to your website and you put a link to their website. Even if they don’t have much traffic, consider it as an investment, when the site will grow you will gain too.

The important thing is that these sites need to be in your niche, at all costs avoid irrelevant backlinks. If you have another adult website you can give yoru new site backlinks.

To get backlinks you can also put a link to your website in forums in your niche. Contribute in the forum with your answers, don’t just spam.

Another important tip is to add your site to porn directories or some lists sites, here are a couple of them:


Just contact the owners and ask to put your website to their list.

#4 Social Media

The only social medias which will allow you promote porn are Twitter and Tumbrl. Create some engaging profiles and post new content on them every time you post content on your website.

Grow you following by using popular tags (and relevant) and follow people who follow other accounts in yoru niche.

You can also ask people who have some popular social account in your porn niche to share each other tweets and posts (you will retweet yours and you will retweet theirs). One thing to be careful if sharing affiliate links on Tumbrl, it will ban you for using affiliate links.

Like I said, make your accounts engaging and attractive before you try to sell anything.

#5 Reddit

Reddit is a great site which includes a lot of adult content and a lot of visitors there are interested in this type of content and write about it openly. So it’s a great place to promote your porn site. Just don’t post affiliate links there because they will ban you.

Just posting a link to your website in one of the popular reddits will bring to you thousands of visitors a day.

#6 Porn Uploading

Another popular method to get traffic from porn sites is to upload videos with your domain in the title and description or watermarked within the video, just make sure that the video is not already trademarked. Don’t upload the whole video so the visitors will be more interested to watch part 2 on your site.

#7 Image Uploading

The same as the above method just you will upload images. The best sites to upload images are:


#8 Porn Forums

You can put a link to your website in porn forums, or a watermarked picture, but firstly write some posts in the forum, don’t just start promoting your site as soon as you register. And don’t spam because moderators may ban you.

#9 Traffic Exchanges

There are some sites which connect webmasters to make it possible for them to exchnage traffic. Some are not good and are filled with spam. I will share with you only the good ones:

  • PlugRush
  • TraffDAQ
  • Linkspun

# 10 Porn Pin Sites

Put pictures and gifs to porn pin sites like:



Search Engine Optimization will give you the most targeted traffic of them all, people who are searching for a specific keyword online and they find your relevant site will be your most loyal visitors.

If you know any other method to add free traffic to your site, please share it in the comments. I suggest you to try the methods mentioned in this article one by one and see which ones will work for you.

You can use these methods to drive traffic to an adult porn site and they work well for cam sites too.

The porn industry is very competitive and it’s difficult to get organic traffic, but it’s doable.

Just one thing you have to bear in mind, you have to work, nobody is going to work for you.


Adult Niche Site vs General Tube Site: Which One is Better?

When they are starting out with an adult website, a lot of affiliate marketers ask themselves if they should start a general adult site or one in a specific niche (like milf, bbw etc) and this question does not have a simple answer. I will speak from my experience of over a decade in this industry here.

And I will show you my conclusion about this topic. I will also talk about my mistakes.

What is an Adult Niche Site?

From the dictionary reference, a niche is a specialized market. But does this definition help a webmaster with their decision? What it basically means is that if you want to go niche you need to be more specific, like for example, most of the time people who are looking to watch porn online don’t just search the word “porn”, they might search something more specific about what they would like to see.

While a lot of porn searches like to see pictures and videos of naked girls, some of them like to see something more specific or unusual and that is a niche.

The challenge here, for you as a marketer, is to find out the right level of how specific you are going to go. For example, there is straight porn, gay porn, hardcore porn and soft core porn but ya niche is more specific than that. And why you would go after a niche? Because it would be easier to attract visitors who are really into your content compared to attracting someone to watch general porn.

Examples of niches are endless, because people’s sexual fetishes are endless. People have very different tastes when it comes to the sexual stuff.

Some like particular body parts, others like to watch lesbians making out and so-and-so on.

What is a General Tube Site?

An adult niche site basically is a site which includes different categories of porn like for example PornHub or xvideos, they are not specifically directed to a niche.

The basically cover all kinds of porn categories.

General Tube Site vs Adult Niche Site

It would clearly be easier to get sales in a more specific niche and not face the competition with the big porn sites in the industry.

A little research on what in specific a group of people might like, will produce for you some very good results in the end. How difficult it would be to do they same thing others are doing and still get sales? It would say it’s a lost battle for a newbie.

Moreover, this will also give you repetitive visits, the same people will go to your site every day because they are interested in that specific niche.

Also, your conversions will be better with less content compared to a general tube site. For example, my shemale blog, generates a lot of sales even that it has very little traffic. My conversion rate for that site is 1:40, not even close to my general tube sites.

With a niche site you are going to get more traffic sooner after you start. So, my conclusion is very clear here, I absolutely suggest you to start a niche site, but one aspect that I want to cover here is that it would be better if you would be interested to the niche you are promoting. You could know better your customers and you would never run out of content ideas.

If you don’t have interest in your niche, it will require a lot more motivation to keep working with it and you might get distracted by something else very soon.

The Mistakes that I’ve Made

The biggest mistake that I have made when I just started out with adult marketing was going for a general tube site. I was advised to go for something I would be interested in personally, like I stated before. But my interest was too general and the topic was very competitive, so my chances to get the rewards for my very hard work were very slim. Having an interest to your niche is still important, but it needs to be specific enough in order to see results for your efforts.

Then I analyzed my results and concluded that a big part of my efforts were being wasted, I decided to focus only on they type of content which was more effective for me.

I lost a lot of time and money because of this mistake, but I have learned my lesson. Now I have several successful niche sites and I am earning pretty well. So, my advice is to go:

  1. Niche
  2. After something you are interested in

Build Your Niche Site

There are endless niche topics out there, and endless people interested in them.

There are people who like electricity shocks, people who like to wear like anime, even poly play, Google that ;). Crazy stuff!

A micro niche is just a niche which has fewer people who are after that, but still enough for you to make profits.

It can really be anything you want it to be. You could search for unusual sexual practiced on the Internet, just do some research. Type on Google: a keyword + porn and see what will come up.

Just go after something which will make your site stand out.

Now I have created a tutorial on how to start an adult site, you can find it here:

How to Make a Free Porn Site

And after you create it, remember to be consistent to adding content, people are going to come you your site to see what’s new and it’s better to add one video with a unique title than one 100 not unique videos.

I will keep sharing my tips and secrets on this site and if you have any question about anything please feel free to ask them below.

Stay tuned guys, new posts are coming soon!

How to Make Money with Adult Dating Affiliate Programs

On this post I am going to show you how to promote adult dating affiliate programs. There is money to be made in the adult dating services and why not take advantage of this?

Online adult dating is one of the most successful online business models. Millions of people are looking for adult dating online because let’s face it: millions of people are just looking for sex. And you as a good affiliate, can gain from this opportunity 🙂

There’s absolutely a lot of money to be made in the adult dating niche, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s the most searched after niche in the last 2 years. The high number of countries and people involved makes this niche very lucrative.

Personal contact makes things better for horny online surfers. Some people may be between relationships or hurt because of relationships and here is comes online adult dating. A lot of them are even withing to pay to look at adult dating profiles.

You can’t underestamate the audience which is looking for adult dating online. This audience is pretty interconnected with the audience which watches porn. If you go to online local chats you will see the big cavings of people to meet people in their local area.

One of the biger dating sites is DatingFactory.

Why is it a Good Idea to Promote Adult Dating?

Firstly, most of the dating sites are free to sign up, they also have premium memberships, and sometimes people are willing to pay in order to get the paid perks. The problem to being an adult dating affiliate is that most of the dating sites will not allow you to use porn traffic to promote them, but DatingFactory is totally fine with this.

In fact, DatingFactory even gives its affiliates adult marketing materials to promote their adult dating offer.

Ok, How to Get Started?

Tell your visitors about the free membership/trial and tell them how easy it is to get fuckboddies withour the stress of dating. You can even get referrals to these programs by entering local chat rooms and telling people to search for your profile on this sites. Think about this: if you sign up to a chat with a girl’s nickname a lot of males will ask you just about that, meeting you in the local area. They will be more than ready to search on this sites and even become paid members.

Tell them that they are going to meet real people.

You can also focun on an adult dating niche like gey, senior citiziens etc.

Where to Promote the Offers?

You can promote them on Tumblr blogs and Twitter, Facebook is abviously not adult friendly. In my experience, 2Fuck and are converting pretty well.

Some other traffic sources:

Also building a website and trying the local niche and the local keywords could work pretty well. You could also use a WhiteLabel of DatingFactory. When it comes to adult dating SEO is the best option.

Think about it, you could get on top of Google for keywords in your native language. Just do some keyword research with what people would be looking for.

You could build a website which involves everything from porn, blog, webcam girls and promoted adult dating. You can read about my tutorials anbout building a porn website and a cam website.

The #1 Mistake Adult Affiliates Make in the Adult Dating Niche

I’ve helped a lot of people go into online dating and I have noticed that they all make the same mistake. When it comes to the online dating affiliates, not all countries are the same. The most searched after countries are: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany. The second best ones are: Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada, you can make pretty good money from this countries too.

The biggerst mistage that most affiliates make when starting out at the online dating niche, is that they focus only those most searched, higher profit countries, but the problem is that they are too competitive. The thing is that most affiliates are more comfortable promoting in English speaking countries.

In my opinion, it’s better to focus on a less competitive country. Focus on one of the countries I listed as second best ones, test the ads and see what landing pages work on these countries.

Some tips: 

  • Use flags in the ad. People from other countries see ads not targeted to them all the time. Seeing a flag can make them thing that the ad is for them.
  • If you don’t know the language use some cheap traslator in sites like Fiverr. It’s important to take the traslationg from a native speaker to make sure they are ok, I’ve seen ads with some shitty translations.
  • Sometimes one ad will work on one country and not in another, and this not just from traslation. When starting in a new contry think as if you are starting over.

My final Words

Online dating is not a new thing. It’s a solid industry and in high demand. There will always be lonly people looking for companinship and sex, a lot of them would be willing to pay for this.

Click Here to Join DatingFactory for Free!

I wish you great earnings!

Comment + Share if you want more articles on Adult Dating Affiliate Marketing, it helps me know what to write about.

Read about how I am currently making money in the adult industry:

How I Made $900 In 9 Days Recruiting Cam Models on Chaturbate

How to Make Your Own Webcam Site: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Newbies

Cam sites are very popular these days and people are leaving adult pay sites for cam sites. Live sex shows have become the new face of porn. In this post I am going to show you how to make your own webcam site.

And I am telling you that it is possible to create a cam site with WordPress, even if you don’t know anything about coding whatsoever and even if you have a tight budget. It is not only possible but you can create it within one hour.

The 4 Steps to Create an Adult Cam Site

Step 1: Buy a Hosting and a Domain Name

In this step you need to be careful because not all hosting companies support adult content. In my experience so far the only hosting which supports adult content and I haven’t had problems with is the FastComet hosting.

Fastcomet is totally fine with every type adult content and they will never ban you for that.

Fastcomet will also make sure that your site will be working all the time, especially if you are not tech savvy you need this. They also have 24/7 live support.

This hosting costs $59 a year and you will get a free domain with it (generally a domain bought separately costs $12). A domain name is the address that people will search your site, for example:

I recommend you choose a .com or a .net domain as they tend to rank higher on the search engines like Google which makes your site easier to find.

Also, don’t use dashes in your domain because domains without dashes tend to rank better, for example: – OK – not so good

Now I am going to show you how you can buy the Fastcomet hosting, in case you need a step by step tutorial on this. As you can see my content is totally newbie friendly and everyone can understand and apply it.

How to buy FastComet Hosting; Step by Step

Click go to the FastComet hosting homepage.

Click “START”.

You have to choose your hosting plan between the three hosting plans that Fascomet offers. If you want to create only one website, choose the StartSmart plan, it will cost $59 per year. And if you want to create more than site choose a bigger plan.

Go to the FastComet hosting homepage.

Next you have to choose your plan’s size between 1 month, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. I would recommend you choose it for one year.

Enter you billing information. Now you can add some add-ons to your plan, but trust me, you don’t need them at all and they will raise the sum that you have to pay, so just skip them, if you will need them later you can add them.

If you have any question up to this part you can comment below in the comments section and I will help you.

Click here to buy Fastcomet hosting

Step 2: Install WordPress

You can install WordPress in just minutes, I will show you how. Here is step by step how to install WordPress. Installing WordPress on the Fastcomet hosting is easy and it won’t take too much time either.

Firstly, log in to your Fastcoemt account and click on Products on My/Products:

Click on View Details and then Click on CPanel, like shown in the image below.

Scroll down to the section of Softaculous apps installer, and click on WordPress.

Click Install Now.

Then just to this on the next table that will show up.

In the Software setup section, do the following:

  • Choose protocol – https://
  • Choose domain –
  • Directory – empty

Then just choose your username, password and email for WordPress

Click on Install.

And this was the installation process. You’ve completed this step.

Step 3: Sign Up for Webcam Affiliate Programs

The affiliate program which has worked for me is the Chaturbate affiliate program.

Here are my proof results from this month:

I make money from referring customers and from referring webcam models on this site, as I have indicated in the picture.

Their site is huge and the sign up process is very easy, so it’s easier to make money with this site.

I also promote BongaCams, they have grown fast and they have become very popular recently.

Now, the thing here is that you will not have to recruit webcam models for your site yourself, you can just get their models to broadcast on your site too, so when they broadcast for example on Chaturbate, they will appear on your site too. And you can also get only models from a specific niche/tag, if your site is in a specific niche.

Step 4: Set Up You Cam Site

Luckily for you there is a script which can make it possible for you to create an adult cam site with just a $50 investment and in no time.

This plugin is called Roboscript.

And here is an example of how your site will look with this plugin:

The good thing is that you can use any WordPress theme that you like and this plugin will work with it, you can choose among different free themes available on WordPress. You can put cams from different cam sites on your website and you can change cam descriptions and tags the same way that you write WordPress posts, no additional skills or tools.

You can choose to show only cams in a specific niche like only gay cams, couple cams etc. Needless to say, no information will be stored on your website, so your servers will not be overloaded, which means that you can go for the cheapest hosting plan for this method.

The team of the Roboscript updates if constantly and they are adding new cam sites to it. And if you buy this plugin you can use it on as many websites as you like, think about it, you could be building cam sites for clients and charging with the same $50 investment that this plugin costs.

This script is the best for the search engines. I have seen a lot of websites which use this script ranked very good on the search engines. You can add some posts to your webcam site and you will see your traffic growing.

Having visitors stay long to your website because of the cam will make Google think that it is a quality site and not just another spammy one.

If you contact the Roboscript support they will also help you with the installation to your site.

What About White Label?

Another option is to create a While label site, what this means is that you can create a site about identical to some of the biggest cam sites, like for example Chaturbate and only change a few things like the logo.

This is not a good option because these sites do not have unique content and for this reason Google doesn’t index them. Another down site is that you can only promote one cam site from which you have the Whitelabel, while building your own website you can promote a lot of them.

Get Started Today

So you can build your cam site with less $50 a day and I can say that the two mentioned plugins are the best out there for building your cam site.

Thanks to them building your own cam site has never been easier.

Your site will get updated automatically, it will run and have visitors and you won’t have to do much work.

My Story Building an Adult Cam Site

I tried to build a real cam site a few years ago and it failed. I spent over 50 thousands of dollars to make it work, my expenses were:

$450 a month for a server to store everything

$1,000 a month for marketing

$5,00 on billing

I paid over $30 thousands for the script and I had to pay coders to fix it when I had problems with it. In the end it all failed because webcam models were not making so much money as they would do on other cam sites, because it didn’t have enough traffic. Then I found about the Robiscript and I started a cam site, now I have to focus only on getting traffic and everything else is handled from this script.

I know get about 5,000 visitors a month to my site and I am continuously working with it.

Porn pay sites are getting less and less traffic and cam sites are the most profitable porn niche today on the internet. But don’t start a real webcam site, you will have to invest about $500k and not have a guaranteed profit.

So if I did It How Soon Would I See Results?

If you do some SEO and get some backlinks you can see results sooner, however I can’t tell you an exact time frame. Some of my cam sites have started making money with the first two months of getting started and others took a lot longer.

My Final Word

I have used the Roboscript, and it works very well, I like the fact that it goes well with every WordPress theme and you can choose the one that you like.

It is totally worth every penny invested.

So, save this article to read it later when you build your adult site, I am going to cross fingers for you. And if you have any issues while getting started you can comment in the comments section below with your question.

I wish you lots of success on the adult industry!

How to Monetize a Porn Site: Best Way to Monetize on Adult/Porn Site

In my previous post I explained how you can create a porn site and in this post, as I had promised you, I am going to talk about monetizing your site. If you still haven’t created your adult site, go to my previous post to learn step-by-step how to create an adult site in minutes.

Now, on this post I am going to show you how you can get traffic to your site and make money with it. The first thing that you can do is to attract as much traffic as possible to your site and monetize it with ads.

You can show ads in your sidebar just like PornHub ads.

For this you just need to sign up with some ads sponsors and put their ads on your site.

My suggestion would be to go for large adult affiliate networks like Chaturbate and JuicyAds, they wouldn’t be so large if they didn’t help people to make real money from them.

How to Get Banner Ads for Your Site?

As I said before you can use a lot of different affiliate programs and promote their offers. I use Chaturbate, I think it’s the biggest Cam site and it converts pretty well. To get their banner ads go to Chaturbate and scroll to the bottom om the page and click Affiliates.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

Click on Join Affliate Program.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

You have to fill up a simple for and verify your account (of course you have to be over 18 for this).

How to Get Paid from Chaturbate

Chaturbate can pay you in a variety of ways like sending check and Paxum, I would choose Paxum because it is widely used and they will send you a free card which you can use to withdraw money in every ATM worldwide.

Click here to register on Paxum

How to Monetize a Porn Site

You have to verify your Paxum account by sending them a scanned copy of your ID and they will send your free card to your home address. Your card will arrive to your home address in 10-15 days. In the mean time you can start making money with Chaturbate and when you get the card you can start using them.

How to Show Ads in Your Website

Go to the Dashboard of your website and choose Advertising.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

To get your ads codes, go to Chaturbate and click on Linking Codes. These are your affiliate links and you can choose any of them you like, I use the Female Homepage as I had great results with it.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

Now you have to add your banner image to your banner code. For this click on Promo Codes and choose you preferred banners, I use Animated and Static ones.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

When you choose the size you like right click on it and click on Copy Image Address. Paste the link that will appear after “IMG SCR=”, so you need to replace the existing part of the code like in the image shown below:

How to Monetize a Porn Site

Test your links to see if they send you to Chaturbate when you click on them from your site.

Mobile Optimization

How to Monetize a Porn Site

You can use the same ads that you set up for Desktop, you just have to set the number of videos per page to 20 and per row to 2 and disable the sidebar for mobile.

How to Get Traffic to Your Site?

how to monetize a porn site

The more videos that you have on your website the more visitors will find it from Google. Your WP Script is SEO Optimized and the you can add 50 videos a day to your website with the Mass Embedder plugin (read this article to learn how to buy and install it). With 30,000 videos on your website is will be easy for your visitors to find it on Google.

If you are a newbie and you feel like you can’t do everything that I explained on this tutorial by yourself, feel free to contact me and I will do it for you for free.

To get free traffic from Google it helps to be an internet marketer and know about SEO, like any other sites, adult sites need SEO too.

I will show you a couple of videos of what you need to do to make your new site get indexed and your videos ranked on Google, so people will find they when they search for specific keywords.

Setting Your Website Up for Search Engines

Seting Up Verifying Google Webmaster Tools

And if you want to track the number of visitors on your site, you can install Google Analytics. It’s free and it’s the best one, a service provided by Google, if anyone tries to sell you another software for tracking visitors on your site, don’t accept it. Google Analytics has anything you need.

How to Install Google Analytics Using All in One SEO Plugin

Just follow the videos that I shared the links above and you will be good.

Some Additional Points

If you like, you can create a geo targeted adult website, like one for one country only, for one language. Try to target languages who have a big number of people who would search porn in that language.

With porn sites you can make about $100 for every 500 visitors while promoting PPC and PPL and in porn sites every visitor is a potential customer.

Making money with pop ups

You can also put ads in between or before videos and also use pops ups, which means that every time that a customer enters your site you will get $0.02. One visitor will get a pop up maybe 4-5 times while searching your site which means that you will make $0.10 per visitors. With 500 visitors a day it is $40-50.

To create pop ups on your site visit, you just create an account there, click on Add Website like on the picture below, fill some information about it like name url and niche and you it will start to show pop ads and make you money. PopAds will accept porn.

Or you can use, they will explain you step by step what you need to do. Ascash will accept porn.

How long will it take to see the first results?

Let’s suppose that you will add 200 videos per day to yoru website. For 2-3 weeks the results will be there.

I recommend that you better create a niche porn site compared to a general porn site.

If you want to know more about how I am making money online, check this post with my results proof:

How I Made $900 In 9 Days Recruiting Cam Models on Chaturbate

In my next posts I will share more newbie friendly methods, so even if you don’t know anything about internet marketing you can start making money in this niche.