How to Start a Sex Chat Business with xChat

sex chat business

Contrary to what most people think sexting is still alive and there are a lot of money to be made in the sexting industry too!

Just think about it for a moment, before texting was possible, what did people do? They met more often… And what do people do now?

They text all the time and stay at their phones for hours.

And they text about SEX.

Before people meet each other from online they sext and when they are together they sext even more… But how can we make money from this? Let me explain…


What Value Can You Provide in Return of Money?

What value can we provide to people in order to make money from their sexting habits… Most people sext with people they know personally and with people they only know from online… Most men like to sext with live cam models.


Are There Guys Willing to Pay for Sex Chat?

I think they would be willing to pay for it… Just look at Arousr as an example…

There are a lot of peole who get paid to sext there and a lot of people who pay for sexting, so the concept is already proven. And how can you make money from this too? The question you should ask yourself is “How to get attractive woman to join a site like this?”… The asnwer is Live Cams, I mean. college girls do this all the time and guys like to watch webcam shows.

So, if you offered these college girls money to sext, would they do it? No wonder, they would.

And do you think that there would be men ready to pay to sext with those girls? I say, yes.

Now, the question is “how to combine these two together?”…


A Mobile App

For this you will need a mobile application…

In this app both users and models can sign up and they will be able to add each other.

One important thing here is that the girls can be annonymus, so everyone can do it in their free time to make some extra cash.

Everything will be done through usernames and they would not need to reveil their real names or numbers…


The Business Model

The users would have to buy tockens to chat with the models. But every time she replies to him, this will cost him a token.

Everytime that a user  buys tokens you earn money… Everything is very easy… You have two options to make this possible… You can either create this app yourslef, which will cost you a lot of time and money or you can buy one…



The app you can buy is called xChat, it will be like the What’s up of the adult industry.

This product is going to be launched on September 2018…


You can check it’s complete flow chart HERE.

So, this app is the solution to make money from sexting and this business is better than a lot more others you can think of, because sexting is something which all people do.

This app is a great opportunity to make passive income and getting started with it is so easy and no coding knowledge is needed.


xChat has two types of accounts: user and model.

When users will register they will choose their desired account and they will enter their phone number which will be verified by the system (but will not be visible on the app). After signing up they can add up to 5 pictures, add their bio, view their current tokens and tokens earned.

The Tokens System

Chatting costs tokens. When users sign up they get 50 free tokens and after that they will have to buy tokens to keep the conversation with the model.

The system has filters on to stop users and models from spamming.

Click Here to Check xChat

Easy Cash Out

For every token spent on a model you will get a percentage and models can cash out very easily on the app.

They can withdraw the money through Paypal or wire transfer. This means that you will be able to handle more models on the app and models will be happy.


The Admin Panel

You can personalize your app in the admin pannel and answer payment requests.

Check xChat

The User Friendly Design

The app has made it easier for users to chat online. Users will know intuitively where to find models and where to buy tokens. Because it’s so easy to use users will be unlikely to uninstall.



This app is built with advanced security options to save sexting privacy and personal information and to avoid spam. The privacy is very important in sexting. Each user will go through a verification process while signing up, which means that will not be fake emails, which avoids the possibility for fraud.

And if the user ever loses the phone or changes the number, they can ask admin to manually change the number in the admin panel. And if they want both users and models can block profiles.

The app is android only, but the company promises to offer an iPhone version and when they create it, you will have immediate access to it. And you will also have access to all the future updates.

The content management systems that it is using are Native Java, Objective C and MEAN Stack, and they are 100% open source, which means that you can make modifications if you see fit.

There are no hidden costs and there is a one time fee. The installation is done for free from the company.

Please share your comments and opinions on the sexting business and xChat. I will answer all your comments as timely as possible.

Never Use Free Adult Host – My Story

I know that a lot of you will call me a fool, but I just got burned by a free adult host and I will never use such service again.

I frequently get emails asking me for a free adult host recommendation, so please read on. I am going to share my story with free hosting sites.

My Story

I built over 10 adult sites with a free host named eases and my sites kept going down after one day or two and last Monday I got an email from them saying that my sites were down because they didn’t receive enough traffic after one month. They had deleted my date becasue they hadn’t received any traffic.

My sites get 200 visitors during that month combined.

Foutunately, I had saved a back up to my private computer and I can now t least move them to another providor.

I have use three other free hosting companies in the past and they were putting ads on my sites, I also used BlogSpot and they also deleted my site for the reason that I was making money from it, which is funny considering that they put ads on my site.

Blogger deleted my website only because I gave a link from it to my other website, can you imagine that?!!! It also deleted my whole account with over 10 blogs, and I wan’t even posting nude pictures there, just some adult text to get backlinks.

You Get What You Pay For

Now the only option is to get a paid hosting only, as they say: you get what you pay for. I had used free hosting in the past, as many people did, but now it doesn’t cost much to buy your own hosting plan and be safe.

I think that all the people getting started online need to read this post.

Avoid Such Services

There are over 100 free hosting services and I think that they will soon die. I build many sites on free hosting services and they got deleted, but I didn’t care about them because I didn’t build serious sites on them, I just built them to get backlinks. I tell everyone to avoid these services for their serious websites at least.

As you can see all your work can go to waste with them.

Free hosting services are really not worth it, they make your site really slow and their services are poor, their customer supprot is sh*t too, if something breaks your site will be down for weeks before they fix it.

And if this wasn’t enough, they put ads to your site, which doesn’t give you space to put your own ads. They are also very hard to rank on Google.

Since you don’t pay them any money they can shut you down any time they want.

I still see people starting up with a free adult hosting and I warn them, but the problem is that they see it as an easy way to get started and they don’t think their posts are worth so much.

I mean, if you don’t think your content is not of such a value, why are you doing this? The whole purpose of an online business is passive income and your content will grow if value and make you money, who knows how much it will make you in a year from now, and even in a month.

It’s like writting a book and then burning it. It makes no sense to me, why would you get started with an easyxsites, while hosting packages cost so little? In my opinion this is plain dumb. If you want to make money off porn get a proper hosting.

A Paid Adult Hosting I Recommend

Fastcomet hosting is great, I have been with them for years now and my experience very good with them. No, they aren’t free. I have learned that in a hosting plan you get what you pay for, we pay a little panny every month to them and we get what we pay for.

Great customer technical support and they owner is very great, and also Stephany at the billing very nice and kind. I had been using free hoting services like 00webhost, easyxsites, blogspot, but they are sh*t compared to they paid hosting plans.

So, to all you people looking for a free hosting service, better get a paid hosting because those so-called free hosting services are nothing like they are advertised, you will just waste your time with them. Getting a domian is really the best options.

If you really don’t have money for a paid hosting at least use hostedtube by pimproll, at least their customer support is better. They are good but I still recommend a paid hosting, you can get one for just $59 a year, which is about $5 a month.

I haven’t personally used hostedtube, but I have heard that they are very difficult to rank, if you want to make mone then $10 a day better get a proper hosting. I spoke with one webmaster who was using this site and he told me that he wasn’t making more than 5 bucks a month with thteir hsoting, and he was adding custom descriptions to his videos for seo.

I am not trying to sell you anything, I speak from my experience and I’ve seen a lot of free hosting sites come and go.

I have heard about the site veniceblogger, they just shut down one day without any announcement and a lot of webmasters lost their sites.


So, my honest opinion for you is: don’t use a free hosting service, if you are doing it just for fun ok, but if not, then no.

Check out my latest posts and if you got any question don’t hasitate to ask me anything.

How Do Adult Dating Apps Make Money in 2019

Today you’ll get to know how you can make money with your own adult dating app in 2018.

Here you go!

Adult Dating Apps: Facts & Figures

Adult dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and OKCupid are popular among millennials and Gen Z. There are no longer any stigmas and taboos. An estimated 27% of committed relationships are initiated via the internet. And here’s another number – There are more than 20 million matches on dating apps. This means that there are more than 40 million active users. People are looking for one night stands, casual hook-ups and quality relationships.

India, with a population of 1.3 billion, is the 9th largest market for online dating. In progressing economies like India where internet penetration is increasing, the online dating industry is likely to increase multi-fold. According to Statista, revenue in dating services segment amounts to $1714 million USD in 2018. And market value of Tinder is more than $3 billion USD. No doubt, match-making industry is booming and good days are ahead.

It’s a very good time to start your own sex chat business or a niche dating app.

Wondering how to start your own phone sex business?

There is many feature-rich sex chat software. Purchase an app builder that’s scalable, customizable and built on Laravel backend framework. Before delving into nuances, let’s understand the business flow of a sex chat / dating app.

Business Flow

The key stakeholders in a sex chat business are users, models and site / app administrators. So, it’s safe to assert that the complete business flow is a combination of three business flows:

  • User business flow
  • Models business flow
  • Site owner business flow


User Business Flow

User opens the app or visits the dating site. He views the profiles of models. He browses through the list of online models. If he is interested in initiating conversation with his favorite model(s), he has to purchase a token package.

User registration is mandatory. Once he completes his registration and purchases a token package, his profile gets credited with tokens.

Models Business Flow

Models should submit their ID. This is primarily required for age verification. Once the registration is done, they have to upload captivating profile pictures. A brief profile description is also required. Models are paid in tokens. Of course, certain portion of their earnings goes to the site / app admin

Site Owner Business Flow

Site owner overhauls the site design, customization, activity and source code. He enjoys the liberty of deciding token package pricing. He can view the payment history, working hours, chats and recorded shows, and earnings of models.

Other Features

Here’s a checklist of features to help you choose the best sex chat app builder:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Robust technology stack
  • Adult payment gateway
  • Analytics and reports
  • Private messenger
  • Multiple marketing channels
  • Multiple monetization channels
  • Branding and customization

Questions are often asked as to how do adult dating apps make money. In other words, dating app business admins and sex chat business entrepreneurs are interested in understanding the monetization mechanics.

Read on.


Apps like Tinder have many features. However, a vast majority of features are locked. Free versions of dating apps do not have potential match making benefits. Users are required to pay a certain subscription fee to unlock match making features for a specific duration (week / month / quarter).

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that subscriptions are a major source of recurring income. Freemium model is required to entice traffic. Premium subscriptions are required to convert the internet traffic into loyal paying customers.


There are many ways of earnings through advertisements.

App owners accept advertisements from sponsors and third parties. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see too many advertisements in apps. App owners make money through clicks, views and transactions.

To access ad-free version of dating apps, users should pay a certain fee. Here’s an example – Badoo dating app has this feature called Super Powers. Super users aren’t shown any ads.

In-app Purchases

Sometimes, prospects are interested in availing features such as extended radius, profile enhancement and visibility, more daily matches, etc. Prospects are encourages to pay certain fee for such extra perks.

Here’s an example – Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold variants of Tinder app let users to rewind and take back their swipe.

In sex chat apps, to strike conversations with models, users are required to purchase conversation tokens. They can pay for virtual gifts as well.


Of course, there are loads of monetization opportunities. There are loads of hurdles as well. Let’s not discount them.

  • It’s not an easy job to attract new users. Dating industry spends a truckload of money to acquire new customers. If your app is just a me-too app, do not expect any positive returns.
  • Retaining the existing customers is easier said than done. If prospects find potential love making partners, they may no longer require your app. At the same time, they may not use your app if they fail to find a potential love making partner. Dating apps are like double edge swords.
  • Let’s take the hetero-sexual majority into consideration. If there aren’t enough women using your dating app, don’t expect men to use your app. The equation is simple – Where there are women, there are men. So, set your sights on acquiring as many beautiful women as possible.
  • Do not continually nag your users to pay for every feature. Ensure that all the basic features can be availed for nothing.
  • Tickle your grey cells to generate niche dating app ideas. Ever thought of starting a dating app that matches people with prospects based on zodiac sign? Is there enough merit and potential in building an adult dating app that connects the most affluent with most prosperous? There are many niche dating app ideas.

Just think!

Do you have any questions or doubts? Feel free to get them clarified. Share your thoughts in the comments. My best wishes are with you and your sex chat business. Use a good sex chat app builder and start your phone sex business today. Cheers!

Selling Sex Toys Online – The Complete Guide

How to Make Money Selling Sex Toys Online

I have started a sex toy business and I’m making more than $2,500/month with it. in 2018 it is one of the fastest growing businesses with very high potentials for the future.

Starting a sex toy business is not that difficult, I have done it and you can do it too, I will show you how in this guide.

Why the Sex Toy Business

Sex toys sell like crazy.

The sex toy industry was a 15 billion industry in 2017 with projections of 50 billion in 2020. Why not take a part of this growing business?

People are valuing sex toys more and more, they are not anymore just a thing to see in porn, the average person is buying sex toys, some sex shops online and offline have been opened even in underdeveloped countries and in countries which still have a closed mindset towards sex related topics.

The keywords are plenty, every year get launched a new kind of sex toy and the searches for that type of sex toy boom, there are people who are into experimenting with new sex toys, a new kind of pleasure is what a lot of people are searching for.

As with other businesses, in the sex toy industry it is better to go niche than to try to sell sex toys of any kind, yes, the sex toy topic is not niche enough. First of all, there are sex toys for males, females, couples, gay people.

The reasons to go niches that your traffic will be more targeted.

Before you choose your niche, here are some statistics on sex toy usage from September 2017. These can help you know more about the kind of sex toys people are using most.

You can also start a website in only one language targeted only to one country, the opportunities with this strategy are big too.

How to Make Money Selling Sex Toys Online

These are some big companies and some small websites which are into the business of selling sex toys online.

The first thing you need to do before creating your website is searching for keywords.

Try to find keywords which are long tail (with a lot of words in them).

For creating a sex toy website there are two options:


With this option you can sell the products of only one company, it can be ok, but I wouldn’t recommend this option. In this -case the website will handle the drop shipping and you would get a commission of 40-60% on every sale. Another disadvantage of this option is that you can’t customize your site as you want it. Some whitelabels are free and others request for a one time payment, and others request a monthly payment too.

Talking about the disadvantages, what you get in return is a ready made website, which I don’t think it’s really worth it because you could create a website yourself very easily, as I will show you.

People’s favorite sex toy script: Check it HERE

THE DEMO looks fabulous: Check the DEMO HERE

Create your own website

You can create your website very easily with WordPress, here are the steps:

  • buy a hosting and a domain (I would recommend Fastcomet, you will get a free domain when you buy the hosting and it supports all kinds of adult content)
  • You can use drop shipping, but I would recommend using affiliate marketing.

When building your website take inspiration from the biggest sex toy websites out there.

How to Create Your Sex Toys Website

Step 1: Buy a Hosting and a Domain

The first thing that you need to do is buy a hosting and a domain, in this step you have to be careful because not all hosting companies support adult related content, including selling adult toys. Fastcomet is the only hosting company which is ok with every type of adult content.

This hosting costs $59 a year and you will get a free domain with it (if you buy a domain separately is costs about $12). It has the greatest technical support and you can be sure that your site will never be down, their support is live 24/7.

You also have to choose a domain for your site, I recommend you choose a .com or a .net because they tend to rank better and also choose a domain without dashes becuuse they tend to rank better, for example: – OK – not do good

To buy the Fastcomet hosting, go to the Fastcomet landing page.

Click on “START” and choose your hosting plan, if you want to create just one site, choose the first option which will cost you $59.

FastComet hosting homepage.

Now you have to choose the duration of your hosting plan, I recommend that you choose one year.

You don’t needs the add ons that they offer, so just uncheck them, they will only raise your price of you buy them and you don’t really need them.

Step 2: Install WordPress

In this part I am going to show you how to install WordPress on the Fastcomet hosting as it can vary from hosting to hosting:

Log in to Fastcoemt account, click on Products –> My/Products –> View Details –> CPanel, like shown in the pictures below:

Scroll down and click on WordPress.

In the Software setup section:

  • Choose protocol – https://
  • Choose domain – write your domain name
  • Directory – leave it empty

Choose a username and password to log into WordPress an click on Install.

Step 3: Buy xMarketplace™ – Adult eCommerce Website Script with Dropshipping API

This is the easiest way to start our sex toy business, you can start selling today with this script, and it comes with a Dropshipping API, which means that you can add more then 70,000 sex toys automatically to your site and start selling them. Your site will work perfectly among all the devices and you won’t need any special technical skills to operate the site, except using WordPress.

Check their Live Demo here.

Buy Now!

Step 4: Sign Up to Sex Toys Affiliate Programs and Promote Them

Choose a couple of adult toys affiliate programs and register on them. List sex toys to your site in the form of an e-commerce site and bring the visitors to the big sites to the toys.

Step 5: Drive Traffic to Your Adult Sex Toy Store

I think that unlike other sites, you have to use PPC (pay-per-click) ads for this kind of business.

People who are searching for a specific sex toy are there to buy it, so people who will land on your website, are very targeted ready to buy customers, you have get as many as these possible, and the way to do this is ppc.

For ppc you don’t have to worry about the competition when searching for keywords, just choose keywords which have a decent amount of traffic. Aim for keywords which have the “buy/purchase” word in them, this way only people who are looking to buy will land on your page.

Trust me, it’s not that difficult to get sales in this business, there are a lot of people who are looking to buy sex toys every day and they would be happy to buy them from you.

Let’s say you spent $100 in PPC and you get 1,000 visitors a day to your site. The average conversion rate for this kind of traffic is 3%, so you would make 30 sales per day. The average commission for one sale is $15, so you would be making 15 x 30 = $450, taking off the expenses, you could easily make $250 per day.

Some Things to Take Into Consideration Before You Start

Selling sex toys online is illegal in some countries like Malaysia and India.

Amazon is selling sex toys in a much lower price than other show, maybe this could be an opportunity for drop shipping, buying on Amazon and selling people with a higher price in you online store.

As with any other website it is Google to check your traffic by using Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which are both free to use.


I hope this article was helpful for you and you can always contact me at


How to Make Money with Chaturbate as an Affiliate

Chaturbate is the best adult affiliate program that has been making me money for years. It is well known that Chaturbate has the best conversion rates and it has been making millions for a lot of affiliates during the last years.

Chaturbate has the highest number of users and I recommend that you promote their Revshare program, you will get 20% of all the money spent by your referrals for life. And if you want to broadcast, you can start making money right away.

The best way to promote Chaturbate is through your adult webcam site. If you don’t have one, you can create one using my tutorial on the topic.

You can also put Chaturbate ads on your porn site, if you have one. I have tried a lot of webcam affiliate programs and I have to say that Chaturbate is the best converting one.

My Experience with Chaturbate

Here are my Chaturbate earnings in the month of July 2018, I earn by refering members and webcam models, as I have indicated in the picture:

Chaturbate is a leader in this industry and its program made a lot of millionaires over the years. My experience has beed very much the best with this company. I have 20 webcam sites and I promote Chaturbate in all of them, I have made 5 figures with Chaturbate over the years, and no, I am not an expert and I have’t spend to much money on SEO, to be exact I spent about $100 a year on backlinks.

And I just spent one or two hours a day working on it.

You can make tons of money with this program, but don’t expect to start earning right away from revshare, you will have to refer a number of members who spend money on models. Imagine if you get just 10 guys who spend let’s say $200 a month, you could make $400 from them.

At this point I earn about 4k a month with them and the payments are always on time. They are easy to work with and they have a lot of options to promote. At first, I used to make just a couple of bucks a month but as my sites grew, I started getting more and more traffic and more and more commissions.

Chaturbate vs Other Webcam Affiliate Programs

Even that they pay less than some other sites on commissions, their offers convert a lot better, I did come split tests and I have made more money with them compared to some other affiliate programs.

Their conversion rate in 2018 is not as good as it used to be, which is normal for affiliate programs which start to mature and get more and more populated, but still they are my number one site to promote. They are free to join and the sign up process is very easy.

I am a bit surprised that I was not able to get as good earnings with BongaCams since their sign up process is free too. But I think that they are kind of dishonest because I have sent them a lot of traffic and the conversions were not as good.

Buying Traffic

I have been an adult affiliate for so many years and I can say that there is no easy way to get a lot of adult traffic fast and for free. Social media is good for this but their traffic does not convert as good as organic traffic.

I would suggest that you create your own webcam site with great content on it which users love and ranks well in the search engines. Nothing converts better than organic traffic on your site. Just keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to get traffic from SEO only. Also I want to mention that this post will help you to get more traffic to your adult site:

How to Promote a Webcam Site to Get More Traffic

I have also created a post on how to create a webcam adult site, if you are promoting adult webcam sponsors, this is what I highly recommend:

How to Make Your Own Webcam Site: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Newbies

You just have to add a plugin and it will automatically populate your site with live webcam models (the ones who are broadcasting on the biggest cam sites live) and it will update with new models every few minutes. If you would like to see better SEO results you would have to SEO the titles and descriptions and add some keyword rich blog posts.

I have created my sites with the Roboscript (mentioned in the post) and I am getting more and more traffic on them. Social media traffic works but nowhere near as very targeted traffic from Google.

Forget about buying traffic, only very experienced affiliates who have tested thinks over and over are able to make money with bought traffic, most affiliates fail miserably. SEO takes time to show results and you might need to learn how to do it, if you don’t know, but it really pays of in the end and you will be happy with your earnings.


Chaturbate is the best converting webcam affiliate program, I have used them for years and I never had a problem getting paid by them. Nothing bad to say about this company, they are doing things the right way.

They have all kind of webcams and models are choosing them because they have a lot of members which pay, it’s easier to make money on Chaturbate, even an amatour could. If you are with Chaturbate and your traffic is not convertiong, then your traffic is the problem, no other affiliate program will convert better then them.

Sign Up on Chaturbate Here and Start Earning Online