How to Create an Escort Website Business

How to Create an Escort Website Business

Escort agencies have yet to be regulated in a lot countries and this is because they are mistaken for sex trade businesses.

While sex trading is illegal running an escort agency is perfectly legal in Europe. This article is going to answer the question: How to create an escort agency and how to run an escort agency profitably.

Starting an escort business is easy, as it is nowadays to start an adult site, and it can be done from your home. However, it needs a lot of work and as UKNEA also indicates, you need to consider it a full time business, read what they have to say about things you need to consider before starting an escort agency.

Below I have explained all the steps that you need to take to start an escort agency business.

Step 1: Choose a Location

Location is very important in starting an escort business and you need to aim for big cities. Target big cities because big cities have a large number of people living in them and on big cities the mentality of people towards escort services is more positive. They live a more modern lifestyle.

There are also some other things to take into consideration, like choosing locations where tourism is very developed and also where there are a lot of companies where people come to do business. There should be at least some important business companies on your chosen target city.

And it’s also easier to recruit webcam models in big cities. A lot of girls on those cities live alone and are seeking to be independent.

Woman are generally more conservative in small cities. It takes a modern mentality to understand that escorts are not prostitutes.

But let’s not undervalue the competition. Competition may make your earnings more difficult, that’s why you need to offer something unique to set yourself apart from the competition.

However, this industry is far from being saturated and sometimes smaller cities can have big advantages considering that you can rip off the benefits of being the first in the market.

Another factor to take into consideration that you might feel more comfortable working in a know place for you and also it might be beneficial to meet your escorts frequently for generating trust.

And you need to partner with people in the local are like hotels and their employers, travel agents, event organizers.

Step 2: Take Care of the Legal Issues

And when you start about your escort business, you need to firstly take care of some legal issues and then create a website for it. The first thing you should know is that the escort business is banned in some countries. So, the first thing you need to do is to find out if it is banned on your country or not. And after that you have to choose the type of the company you want to create like a partnership, solo business or corporation. You will need a lot of documentation while starting these type of business.

If you are starting it in the US, here are the documents that you will need to prepare:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business License
  • Business Plan
  • Insurance Policy
  • Operating Agreement
  • Employment Agreement

Step 3: Choose a Business Name

Obviously you will need a catchy and interesting name, but I suggest to make sure to include the word “Escort” on it.

Step 4: Insurance Coverage

Like any other business, your business will need an insurance coverage.

Step 5: A Business Plan

Like with any other type of business, you will need a business plan too. It should include everything needed to be done to grow your business. It should include tings like how you are going to grow your capital and attract models and clients.

Step 6: Create a Website

Creating a website is the easiest part of this. There are some escort site scripts available and even an amateur can create a website with these scripts.

One of these scripts is xScorts and you can customize your site as you want it with this script.

Step 7: Recruit Models

Once you have created your website, you need to find webcam models and advertise your business to them. If you need help with anything about your business, contact us for One-on-One Skype coaching.

Models are the most important part of your business as the success of your business is going to depend from the service that they provide. Finding models for your escort business is not that difficult. There are few escorts who are doing their job independently and they would be interested in joining your agency. At the beginning of your business you will need to find models, but after it becomes well-established, models are going to find you.

Create a profile on your site for each of the models. Or you can ask them to create profiles on your site, which you will have control over with the script.

Step 8: Promotion

This kind of business does not need a lot of banners to get promoted as it is a hidden business. You need to promote it at the right places, where as you may guess Internet is primacy for this business. The escort business is a very profitable business and there are a lot of money into this business.

To promote your site you need to check the porn sites which people visit more in your local are and contact them and ask them to promote your site on their website. They might also ask you to promote their site on your and this is a good thing because, you can save a lot of money in promotion this way and just exchange ads with these sites.

Advertise your site on as many porn sites as you can. You can also promote your site on social media.

Planning is very important on this business. You need to create a calendar for each model and tell them where to go and when.

Starting an escort business in not a very difficult job, but like every other business it also requires a lot of effort and hard work to make good money. We offer custom services on website design and development for your escort agency, contact us on

Top Free Adult WordPress Themes for Tube Sites in 2019

A lot of people have asked me to recommend them some free adult WordPress themes and make it less costly.

Needless to say, the site desing is crucial to your sites success, it affects rankings and also conversions.

But don’t worry if you have no design experience. Building your own website business it’s not complicated at all these days. Firstly, I recommend you build you site with WordPress, it’s the best content management system out there and it’s free.

Free Adult WordPress Theme

WordPress is the easiest content management system to use.

It takes me just 15 minutes to post a sponsored content, add images, video, call to action, it’s quite efficient. One of my fauvority types of adult sites is a video blog, it consists mainly of clips even that it might have some little text.

You can find a fully responsive free adult theme for this kind of website on

About this Theme

It has a fully responsive design which performs well on all the devices, the interface is clean and you can create any type of video site you like with it. You can import videos to your site with the xvideos Importer plugin and you can customize your site through this theme’s settings. Another important feature of this theme is that it is build for SEO.

Te theme looks pretty cool and is also easy to use. You can check the live demo of this theme on

How to Get this Theme

Firstly, go to and choose the “XWPTube WordPress Video” theme and click on add to card. This way you will get a free theme. This is a limitted offer so hurry up.

This is not going to be as high quality as paid themes, but you can get started with this. And if you are reading this article when the promotion for this theme is over, you can do a check on the to see if there is any other promotion currently. They do promotions often and maybe you will find another theme for free.

More Free Adult WordPress Themes

You can also find adult WordPress themes on this site:

How to Use Their WordPress Themes for Adult Video Tubes

To add a new video to your site, go to Posts/All Posts and write the title of the video. Paste in the text format the video’s html embeded code and write a description. To add the video’s thumbnail add your desired thumbnail by clicking on “Add a featured image”, which is on the right botton corner.

The Paid Ones

If you can afford it, my suggestion would be to go for a paid theme, as they are better than free one. I have written e blog post which describes the best adult themes for WordPress.

Want to get started in the adult niche? Then read the article recommended above.


The theme that you use in a website is important but I strongly believe that the most important site is content. So, if you are on a low budget you can get started with a cheap them, but high quality content and step-by-step win this game.

So, I recommend you to get started today with a free theme and when you have money you buy the kenplayer-transformer plugin to hide ads from big sites and connect with tube sites.

It is one of the best plugins out there.

If you would be willing to pay for a better theme, however, I would recommend ZingTube or the YameTube theme, I use the ZingTube myself. I like it because it is a fully responsive theme and it is easy to use.

If you experience any problems with the theme installation or anything else comment below or contact XWPThemes support.

What Are the Best Porn Niches for an Adult Website

What Are the Best Porn Niches

Before you start your porn website you have to choose a niche and the biggest mistake you could make with a porn website is starting a general porn site. There are a lot of competitors for such a site and it would be very difficult for you to outrank them, instead, I would recommend that you focus on a porn niche, a very specific and distinguished category of porn.

Focusing your site on a single niche is the only way to make a lot of money as a newbie.

If you gather some high quality videos in a specific niche and also add blog posts about them, you will find out that a lot of people are into that niche and search it and you are going to get a lot of loyal visitors to your site.

Why Focus on a Niche?

  • Less competition.
  • Targeted audience.
  • Better conversion rate. The harder it is to get the content that visitors are looking for, the easier it will be to get them to pull out their wallet when they find it.
  • Easier to rank.

>> Create a Porn Site on Your Favorite Niche <<

The Right Porn Niche

I think it is better to promote what you like, a niche you personally like will be the right for you because you will be more passionate to add new content to it. My most successful sites are the ones which are in a niche that I personally like and I like to update them with new videos and blog posts from my pure interest. The sales that come from them are great, better than anything else I work on.

Examples Of Porn Niches

  • Cum shots
  • Interatial porn
  • Anal
  • Vintage
  • Vibrator bdsm
  • Anal bdsm
  • Hardcore
  • Ohmibod webcam shows

Here are the most popular porn niches according to Google trends:

 best porn niches

You can do a search on Google Trends about the most searched porn terms, as I did, shown in the picture above, but keep in mind that the most popular search terms are also the most difficult to rank for.

Another thing which you have to keep in mind when looking for the most popular porn search terms on the Internet, is how worth the traffic you are going to get is. For example, “Indian porn” has grown in popularity over the years, but it’s traffic is not worth so much for you to make money.

And also you need to check if there are affiliate programs available when choosing a porn niche.

There are also searches which are not listed on Google Trends which can be worth for you to pursue. And if you do some searches on Google Trends about the most popular ones, you will see an increase in the interest about almost all porn related searches over the past years. That indicates that there is a good opportunity in the porn niche for every affiliate.

And when researching a porn niche, you will also need to research its sub niches to check if there have enough searches.

You need to focus on whatever niche you like. If you still are unsure about your niche, then go to one of the biggest sites and check the categories to see if you like any of them in particular. If you are not sure what each of them is about, them watch a few videos in different categories.

>> The Ultimate Create a Porn Site Guide <<

Does Being Into Your Niche Matter?

I think it is important to understand your niche, so that you can give visitors exactly what they need.

As I mentioned before, you will be more likely to update your site in the long run, if you really are into your niche.

In other words, give your visitors exactly what they are looking for and you will be rewarded in sales.

The best way to promote a porn site is to add to it regularly new high quality, relevant to the niche content. You can get ideas to write content about a video by the comments of people for the same video on popular sites, as well as your own comments.

>> Create a Porn Site on Your Favorite Niche <<


The right porn niche for you is one which you are really into and not just do for a business. This will make it easier for you to give your visitors exactly what they are searching for and gain from the targeted audience that you are going to get on your site. You will be more likely to attract visitors who are into the same type of content. Use a keyword tool to find search terms that get more traffic and less competition and use them on your site.

Also, don’t forget about the sex toy niche. It is very lucrative and growing over the years. Here you can find an article about this niche and how to get started with it:

Selling Sex Toys Online – The Complete Guide

Most people buy sex toys online, because they would be embarrassed to go to a sex shop and ask for information on a sex toy, as they would ask for information on another product. They are more likely to research and buy sex toys online, order them and get them sent to their home.

Many webmasters are going to avoid the adult industry and this can be only an advantage for you: less competition, more money for you.

At first, you might feel embarrassed promoting this niche, but once you get used and the money start coming in, you will change your mind!

Porn Niche: The Most Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Porn. Not only it is a sin for many men and women, but it also is a very lucrative industry, it’s a 10 billion dollar industry.

The adult industry is not only limited to video, it also includes adult dating sites, sex toys, cam sites, all very lucrative businesses these days.

Despite the difficulties that every business has, the adult industry is the perfect one to make money with the least time and resources spent.

How to Promote Porn

The adult industry is very Sammy.

There are only very few guides which teach people how to advertise in the adult industry on the Internet, and the only ones come from a couple of profiles of affiliate marketing forums. The anonymity makes it easier for them to distribute information which is not credible, so always question information on these forums.

Advertising in the adult industry is somewhat different from the other industries, for example, ads in porn do better when they look amateurish and use bad language.

The most controversial and ridiculous ads do best and this makes sense psychologically.

When people watch porn they seek instant gratification, that’s why these ads work best.

The point is that your affiliate intuition isn’t going to work so well here and you will need to do a lot testing to strangely the best ads which convert, which strangely aren’t what you would expect.

Targeting the audience is also important in porn advertising.


Geotargeting too, especially if you are in the dating business.

Typically, marketers divide countries in 3 tiers, where the 1st tier countries are USA, France etc, and the 3rd tied countries are the ones where the competition is lower, but also the profit potentials are lower.

If you are an average affiliate, you would better go for the 2nd tier countries. They are still very lucrative, you could make a profit of hundreds of dollars a day.

These countries are Norway, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, and the Netherlands.

After you choose your target country, consider using some sort of VPN to enter competitor’s sites from your target country location. Check what type of ads successful sites are running on that country.

Now run some split A/B tests testing which kind of ads work and expect to lose some money until you have a conclusion on what works best.

What’s the Best Method to Promote Porn?

Content marketing works good for me and I also build niche sites until they have a few thousands pages indexed. Combine this with social media promotion, it takes time but it works. I don’t use adult auto-blogs but I know that they work.

How to Promote Your Porn Site: 10 Ways to Get Free Traffic

The best way is to create a blog about each video: a SEO optimize title, and fact about the video like “who is that hot chick”, “which porn movie is it from”, and if you don’t know anything about the video, make stuff up, chances are people will also now know. Basically for every video, you should create a blog post which includes stuff about the video and link it to the video, also share it on social media.

YouTube also works well: upload the censured video on YouTube and the uncensored video on your site.

Typical Ad Networks

As you may know, Google Adsense is not the network to monetize adult content, it doesn’t allow any type of adult content.

Some adult ads networks are JuicyAds, Ero-Advertising, TrafficStars, TrafficJunky and ExoClick.

You will have to find the right network for you.

You also need to decide whether you will optimize your site.

Don’t forget to also optimize for the mobile, many people use dating apps and other kind of adult material on their phones.

>> Learn How to Create  Porn Site Here <<


As you may know the adult niche is felled with spamming and black hat methods, but a sound affiliate would know how to make a fortune in this industry.

It has a bad reputation which goes more for porn sites than dating sites.

If you do your homework and pay attention, the adult niche in affiliate marketing can be an awesome business opportunity that can turn into ridiculous amounts of money on a fairly modest budget.

Is it Worth to Start an Adult Site?

It is worth it because they are easy to set up, easy to bring traffic to and easy to maintain (if you go for a free porn site not for a paid one). How much money you are going to make depends on how you are monetizing your site, what kind of traffic you are getting and how much traffic you are getting.

Leave out moral constraints and be an adult affiliate strictly for business.

Well, everybody watches porn and if you get off to it, you should have any problems making money off it.

>> The Ultimate Guide on Creating a Porn Site <<

How to Start a Porn Website and Make Money in 2019: Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies

How to start a porn site

How to Start a Porn Website And Make Money 2019 Guide

There are a lot of sites on the Internet, but I was very shocked to learn that just about 25% of the Internet is just porn. And it makes sense because porn is a topic that a lot of people search on a regular basis on the Internet.

In this post I am going to give you a step-by-step guide for newbies and it will include everything you have to do to build your site, bring traffic to it and make money ????

What You Need to Get Started

First of all, I want to say that everyone can do it and that you don’t need any coding skills or any other skills to get started.

And it’s not that expensive to start out either, with just $100 you can start out. Even if you are a broke college student you can get start a your own porn site.

You can start a porn site without doing all the shooting yourself, working with the models and the paperwork.

So, follow this guide and you will be able to create your porn site within one hour.

Step 1: Choose A Niche

How to start a porn site

Choosing a niche is the most important step and it will make the difference in terms of your earnings.

A niche is a specific market, in this case it means that you need to choose a very specific category of porn, so you will avoid the competition with big porn sites and your site will be targeted for people who like that specific porn category.

Forget about starting a general porn site, you will not beat the competition that way, and you should also stay away from some over-saturated niches like big tits, blowjobs, anal, your niche needs to be more specific than that.

You also need to really be into your niche, it’s far more easier and motivating to work with something you like. You will be posting content frequently and liking your niche will help you know better what your audience likes.

You will have to work on your site every day.

Step 2: Get A Hosting and a Domain Name

A hosting is necessary when creating a website, it’s the place where your website data is stored.

While choosing a hosting you need to be careful because not all hosting companies support adult content. I have tried a couple of hosting plans in the past from different companies and I learned this the hard way. All my sites were down and I had to start all over again.

Now I am using 247-host and I know that it supports all kind of adult content. It’s a big mistake to start your adult site on a hosting plan which doesn’t support adult content, it’s like building your castle into sand.

With the 247-host plan which costs $59 a year you will get a free domain. And one thing I want to stress about this company is that the price will be the same every year not like almost any other company in the industry which charges you less the first year and after that a lot more.

247-host is one of the most reliable and affordable hosting plans for those of us who are in the adult niche. Their customer support is very good and you can contact them at any time through the live chat, I’ve been with them since 2015 and never had any issue, they are ready to help and resolve anything you got.

After that you have to buy a domain name. A domain is you web address (like

It will be difficult to get a perfect one since a lot of good ones are not available, still try to get a good one which indicates your specific niche. Choose one which will indicate what users are going to see on your site.

If the one that you like is not available you can just add “xxx” like for example, just an idea.

Create a domain in .com or .net, they are better for the search engines, domain extensions like .xyz are not worth in my opinion. They sell these domains cheaply and in the second year they sell them for $10. I rarely see authority domains with .xyz extensions, most of the biggest ones have .com extensions.

I have seen .xyz extensions only used for spam activities and I think that social media sites like Facebook blick them by defoult.

If your chosen domain is not available in .com then choose either a .net or .org, other extensions are not worthy in my opinion.

Don’t Use Free Web Hosting

First of all I want to say that free adult hosting plans are not really free, they make money off your site by placing ads on it and they barely leave a single space to put your own ads.

In the past I have tried free hosting. There were a lot of cases in which free hosting services went down without warnings and my free porn sites were inaccessible for weeks.

I filled a support ticket but no answer at all even after months, I decided to stay away from these free hosting plans, and I advice you to do the same if you want to make real money online.

Click go to the 247-host homepage.

Step 4: Install WordPress

Your CMS WordPress

WordPress is the best content management system and it’s very easy to use even if you don’t have any experience with websites.

I hope you choose 247-host as it is an adult hosting to which you can install Worpress in minutes.

Step 5: Set Up Your Porn Site

There are two kinds of porn sites which you can build and which are both very profitable these days. You can either build a tube site like PornHub or you can create a cam site with live cam girls.

How To Create A Tube Site

To set up your porn site you will only need a domain, a hosting plan, WordPress and a theme to set it up.

I use XWPThemes themes to build my sites, I have tried other companies as well, but so far they have proven to be the best, they update their products and don’t charge you for fixing the bugs.

I am using ZingTube which I bought on XWPThemes and it’s one of their most popular products which a lot of adult webmasters are using, their are themes are great too.

This theme is build professionally for SEO, which makes your site easy to rank on the search engines and they give you the RosaTube theme for free if you buy ZingTube, which would normally cost $35.

Their thems are a great choice for new webmsters as they don’t need any coding skills, you just have to upload your choosen theme to WordPress. The video below will walk you through the process of installing any theme:

Add the Neccessary Plugins

The Ken Importer Pro Plugin

Ken Importer Pro Plugin

A plugin which is an absolutely must have on your site is the Ken Importer Pro Plugin. What this plugin does is adding thousands of videos at a time to your website by embeding them from the biggest porn sites like Pornhub, Redtube, x videos. This is very useful because you won’t need to add every video manually and can focus on other parts of yoru business instead.

You can put this in automatic by choosing how often you want your site to update and just choosing the category of the porn you want to add on your site (according to your niche).

Before I started using this plugin I had to spend hours searching for videos to add on my site and now I just have to type the keyword which I want my videos and thousands of videos appear, ready to be added with just one click.

I highly recommend this plugin to everyone who has a porn website, I have used other similar plugins before but they were buggy and didn’t work properly as this plugin does.

If you don’t have the money to buy this plugin now, you can start by uploading videos manually at first and after you make some money with your site you will buy this plugin and make adding videos easier.

You can buy this plugin on as well, just click on Plugins and search for this plugin.

The Keyplayer plugin 

Ken Player Plugin

One great plugin which I use on my site is KenPlayer which I also bought on It is not mandatory for starting a porn site but it has a lot of value in it.

This plugin is very useful because it removed all the ads redirects from big porn sites when you share videos from them and also their logos from the videos shown on your website.

This way visitros won’t be bothered by the ads and leave your site or leave the site by clicking the PornHub logo and watchign the video there instead. And it gives you space to put yoru own ads and logo. I noticed that this plugin visitors would stat longer on my site and my bounce rate actually decreased from 60% to 30%, I didn’t know that the effect of this plugin was going to be so crucial.

Where To Get Content for Your Site?

You can embed videos on your site from big porn sites like Pornhub, Redtube, xvideos and this is completely legal, porn sites want webmasters to share thei videos, in addition they give you the embedding code below each video, just like Youtube does.

How to Create Create A Webcam Site


The other option is to create a webcam site and this can be done very simply too.

I will show you how to create your own cam site for just a $50 investment and you can do it very easuly es well, there are not needed skills for create a cam site, these days it is made very easy.

Thanks to the guys of you can create your own cam site without having to hire models yourself. You can very easily manage it yourself, even if you are a complete newbie.

You can start your webcam site for a minimum investement, I am a huge fan of Roboscript as it has helped me create every profitable cam site I own, but if you are just getting atarted in the adult niche I suggest you try their WP plugin.

I have a lot of webcam sites in differnet niches and I use Roboscript on all of them. They work really great and I promote webcam site on them and I am making some good money.

Making Money As An Affiliate

These days porn paysites are not converting as they used to and what is converting best instead are webcam offers.

You don’t need anything more than a $50-100 investement and a little creativity to get started, you can make a full income without living your home and with you don’t need any special skills or a degree, because this is the business of these time.

Webcam girls sell and all you need to do it do bring traffic which is willing to spend on yoru site:

Webcam sites offer something that no porn paysites offer, the ability to interact with the models and there are some guys who spend hundreds of dollars a month on webcam models. I have seen a guy spend two grands in less than a week on models and I made a nice income from him.

It’s just something that some men do as a form of entretainment and if they like a cam girl they are willing to spend on her.

The best option to promote a webcam offer is RevShare, which means that you will get a percentage of the money that your referrals spend on the site.

Webcam Programs to Promote

In my experience as an adult affiliate I have concluded that these programs convert bast and from some split tests that I have done they have made me the most money:


Chaturbate will pay you 20% of the money that your referral will spend on the site, it is not the biggest commission in the industry but I have tested a lot of webcam sites and no one converts better than Chaturbate.

Some of them even steal from their affiliates by not recognizing their referrals. I have been promoting Chaturbate for years now and I can only say good things abut them.

Click Here to Sign Up with Chaturbate, it takes just 1 minute;

I made $1,280 in just 9 days on Chaturbate in July 2018:

make money with chaturbate

I also recruit webcam models, that’s why I clarified it in the picture below, some of the money are from recruiting new bradcasters. You can find an article here on how I recruit webcam models:

What is The Best Way to Recruit Webcam Models: How I Made $900 In 9 Days Recruiting Cam Models on Chaturbate



I have been promoting CrakRevenue for a long time now and they have a lot of niche offers so whichever your niche, you can find an offer to promote on CrakRevenue.

They have a lot of cam and dating offers to promote among ehivh my two fauvorites are “Streamate” and “MyFreeCams”, two of the bests on CrakRevenue.

They also have a SmartLink feature which will pick the best converting offers for your site based on your niche, location and other factors!

So, Click Here to Sign Up to CrakRevenue for Free!

To join CrakRevenue you will have to fill an application, you have to answer a few questions about how you are planning to promote their offers, which I recommend that you to be honest. If you are a new affiliate, you might not get accepted at first and you would have to firstly create your site and get some traffic in order to be approved.

So, Chaturbate and CrakRevenue are the best offers you can promote and there’s not need to join other adult affiliate programs: Chaturbate has the best conversion rate in the industry and CrakRevenue has offers in every possible niche.

How to Choose the Right Webcam Offer to Promote

There are a lot of guys out there who are honry and wil spend a really high amount of money on their fauvorite cam girls.

With Chaturbate you get 20% of the money that your referras spend on the site, for example if one of your referrals spends $200 a month you would make $40 a month just from him. So imagine if you can get 10, or 20, or 100 referrals, they will make you a steady income every month.

While if you decide to promote pay per sale you would get just $1 for every person that you refer, no matter if they spend money on the site. Even though not all your referrals are going to spend, it is clear that goign for RevShare is going to make you much more profits, that’s you I recommend that you go with RevShare.

I hope you make a lot of money ????

Working on Your Site

After you create your porn site using this guide, you have to frequently add interesting content and promote your site, you have to change titles and description of the videos or cam live shows to unique and seo friendly ones.

Prepare to work hundreds to thousands hours on your site before you see the big money and don’t believe those so-called gurus who tell you that you can make millions in after a week of creating your site without putting any work into it. Unfortunately this doens’t work that way. Porn is the niche which has made me the biggest money online, compared to other niches, but I can’t say that it has been without hard work.

You can make good money in porn because there are and there will always be people searching for every kind of porn online. But even if you don’t make money after one month or two woth your site, don’t make the mistake of giving up and always learn new things to gain better results. I have written two blog posts on how to promote your site:

How to Promote a Webcam Site to Get More Traffic

How to Promote Your Porn Site: 10 Ways to Get Free Traffic

And I will be creating new guides to help you make it in the porn industry.

How Long Does it Take to Make Your First $100 with a Porn Website?

This is a question that a lot of people ask me but I can’t give you the answer to this question. This is because it depends on your experience, knowledge of your niche, how long you will work on your site.

For most of the new webmasters it will take a few months, because do not take it seriously. They think that they can add two videos a week and they will become rich just like that.

As you can see there is a lot of money to be made in this industry. If you have any question, you can comment on the comments section below and I will be ready to help.

I wish you success ????

Adult Website SEO: 4 Secrets to Rank Adult Content

adult website seo

Before I share my top 4 tips on adult website SEO, I would like to say that there’s no benefit in learning new tricks if you don’t apply them.

SEO is probably the best technique to drive traffic to your website, which involves ranking a website the highest possible in the search engines in order to get more traffic. It’s a general consensus that the best sites are ranked on top of the search results, in fact, most people don’t go past the first page. If your site is not ranked among the first search results, just imagine the traffic that your adult website business might be losing.

SEO for adult sites is similar and in some cases different to the SEO for a general website, this partly due to the fact that these sites can’t advertise as openly as other sites.

Content is King

Quality content includes the vibrant and lively apperance of the models, high quality of video and audio.


Keywords are really important for SEO, you need to target good keywords and if possible focus on long tail keywords. And if your website is niche enough, sometimes is more viable to focus on short tail keywords in order to attract more traffic.

Adult Hosting

Adult webmasters often make the mistake of creating an adult website with a hosting company which doesn’t accept adult content. Their site get shut down by the company and they have to start all over again.

You need to work with a good adult hosting company.

Secret #1: Year Based Keyword Research

This is interesting and I am going to show you why you need to do a year based keyword research instead of a month based keyword research.

What this means is that you need to include the year in your keyword, for example “hd porn 2018”.

Are you interested in creating a webcam business? Here is one screen shot with year based keywords for you:

adult website seo

Secret #2: SILO Structure

Your site needs to follow a robust SILO stricture. Don’t know what a SILO structure is?

SILO is a way to group the entire content into categories, sub-categories and internal links to related content. Many adult webmasters don’t know about this technique. To implement a proper SILO structure you first need to determine your website theme. You need to identify all the adult themes you are currently ranking for and the adult themes that are relevant to your site. Also identify the queries for which your site is getting clicks (see this information on Google Webmster Tools. You can find this on Search –> Search Analytics)

search queries on Google Search Console

Then you need to review your site navigation.

Ask yourself if your site navigation is easy and proper, if you think that it’s not a good user experiece, check similar websites to see if you can get ideas from their site navigation.

Secret #3: Update the Content Every Month

Rankings can change, so even if you have a top ranking now, this doesn’t mean that you are going to keep that in the future if you do nothing.

Rankings change and this includes the adult industry. So, whenever you update your articles, write something like “UPDATE: August 2018”. An article update usually affects positively the rankings.

Secret #4: Backlinks

It’s no secret that backlinks contribute not only to getting you additional traffic and improving your site authority, but also on SEO. Use backlinks on your site, but don’t overdo it, if you get a large number of backlinks in a short amount of time, Google will start thinking that you are spamming and not rank your site.

Genric links instead work better for SEO. One better strategy is to submit your adult site to adult directories.

A PNB (Private Blog Network) will also work. But if Google discoveres this, your site will face penalties, that’s why it’s better to stay away from this black hat tactic too.

The right way to get backlinks to your site is to collaborate with sites which complement your content, not idential ones, but try to think where would your user be before coming to your website. Try to think about your own user experience, what were you searching and watching on the internet before you came to a site you like?

In that sense, you need to get backlinks from sites which would complement your site, not just competitive similar sites. For example, if you run a webcam site, you could collaborate with webcam performers, ask them to give you a link from their site to yours and give them a link from your site to their site in return.

You can look for guest post opportunities or organise a guest post in the form of an interview.


Got any question or comment? Write them in the comments section below. We will reply in a day or two. And if you need any help with adult website SEO services, contact us.