How Does Porn Industry Make Money When The Content Is Free

Tube Sites are Free, So How Does the Porn Industry Make Money?

Porn is always one click away to the point that it’s harder to avoid it than to find it. Porn is a $97 billion dollar industry, but with the change of the business model to free porn, how do porn sites make money?

How to porn sites make money when porn is available for free on the Internet?

A lot of things have changed in the world on internet porn during the last years. Pay porn sites are not making anymore the money they used to. These days is the area of live sex, when user actively participaed, cam sites are at their peak now.

How Porn Sites Would Make Money at the Beginning of Internet

Internet was a heaven for porn, a great combination, people didn’t need to go anymore to stores to buy porn but they could simply search for their fauvorite kind of porn on the Internet while remaining annonymos. This was a big change and opened the doors to a lot of people to watch porn. In the age of the Internet, who is that person who has’t checked a porn site?

As more and more sites emerged, they started to feel the preassure of the competition and porn is not advertised like any other product on the Internet, most ads networks like Adsense and don’t allow adult content.

The way that porn sites started to handle the competition was to give away free curated content to make more people subscribe to their sites.

After the invention of Youtube, were also create the first porn tube sites which attract the largest porn audience.

These days the film studious are making less money and amateur porn is encouragd.

But Now That Porn Is Free, How Do They Make Money?

One simple answer is that not everything is free.

Some porn sites are still making money off subscriptions and they affer more niche/fetish videos, but they are struggling to compete with free content. In other words they are doing more extreme and fetish stuff to keep their edge. But what about the free porn sites, how are they making money?

They make money from the ads. A tube site makes money by putting ads of the subscription sites.

How Can You Gain From This Opportunity?

Cam sites are the biggest oppotunity to make money these days. You could create a tube site and put ads of cam sites on it. Visitors will come to your site for free porn and you are going to make money from the ads on your site. These days it’s very easy to start your own porn site, with a small investment ($100) and without any coding skills.

You need to create a niche porn site. so that you will face less competition. People are searching for more extreme things these days, they are now used to the mainstream vanilla porn and their appetite for it has grown.

How to Get Visitors to Your Site & Make Money?

In order to have success with a porn site you need to keep some things in mind:

  • Post quality videos.
  • Do Search Engine Optimization.
  • Download videos from a porn site and upload them on other big sites with you domain name in the title.
  • Once you have enough traffic go to Crakrevenue, the biggest porn ads network, sign up and get your html codes for ads.

I hope this all helps and be sure to read my other tutorial posts to learn how to mae money from porn.