How to Make Money from Porn Business in 2019

In the 90s, in what is now regarded as the golden age of porn, being part of the pornography industry used to be a super-lucrative business, especially for models. In those good ol’ days, female porn stars made up to $10,000 per week on average. These days, however, it’s not as glamorous. In 2019, many porn stars are struggling to pay their rents.

The internet happened to the porn industry, and with all of its benefits, as well as its many more pitfalls. The porn industry has grown considerably since the beginning of the 21st century aided by the internet.

As of 2010, 12 percent of all websites on the internet were pornographic, and another 35 percent of total downloads from the web had adult material in them. One-quarter of all searches made across all search engines were adult content related. The year is now 2018, sex is still selling, and the industry keeps growing exponentially.

The downside is that while the market has proliferated so much, it’s become saturated with lots and lots of free content, free content gotten illegally, alongside countless problems that come with the unrestricted sharing nature of the internet. The sad thing is that almost 90 percent of traffic that goes to porn go to porn websites that offer adult clips for free downloads. So, the general public perception is, why will people pay to watch steamy stuff online when they can get easily get it for free online?

Recent research shows an alarming rate of only 1 paid video per every 10,000 available porn clips on the internet. Also, porn is the only industry with no pay rise for models in the last two decades. This means porn stars are working more and earning less these days significantly.

So, what gives? How does one make money in porn these days?

The silver lining is that while it’s so difficult to make money from porn these days, it’s still possible. You can still earn some cool, steady cash from adult content. First, you have to begin to see yourself as a business, and not just a model.

“The porn market is drenched,” Jason Maskel told Financial Times in 2015, “where before you could make a pornographic film and sell it, now you have to chop it into six or seven revenue streams—DVD, online, mobile—then spin out licensing deals into different countries.”

Porn is no longer just a job; it’s also a lifestyle. One has to be in control to still be able to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Also, you need at least basic knowledge to understand how marketing works.

For you to make serious money from either acting or producing porn, you need to be able to sell yourself well. It involves lots of hard work, patience, a shitload of perseverance, and honesty.

Mark Spiegler, a celebrated agent for female performers based out of Los Angeles is of the opinion that while the porn industry is not like what it once was, there are still so many people making money off it. “Making porn isn’t expensive,” he says. “If you cannot make money from porn, then you are not very good at it.”

How to Market Yourself…and Your Brand

Before, there used to be box covers and proper marketing teams that could promote DVD sales effectively. Models were paid nicely weighty checks and were able to sign juicy deals with ease. Nowadays, it is not that straightforward. You can’t just star in a shoot, kick your legs up and expect a paycheck. You need to put in the work so that you become a brand that people look forward to investing in. Mainstream businesses are even hijacking the usage of the word porn; you must have heard of phrases like ‘food porn,’ ‘word porn’ and the likes online. Why not do same for yourself?

Do research and find catchphrases that people can relate with enough to spark their curiosity. Mainstream businesses these days’ hire people to watch the biggest porn stars so that they can find cheeky ways to promote their businesses through these porn stars indirectly. Why not flip the script and do the same?

Cross Marketing

Cross marketing, or cross-channel marketing is what companies do where they target the promotion of one product or service to the customers of a related service or product, sort of like what Oprah Winfrey does when she promotes books, magazine, her book club and website on a TV show. Phone companies also do this when they partner with famous musicians and package their songs as exclusive ringtones so that it benefits both network and artist. This is the easiest as well as the most successful form of marketing as it drives down costs and benefits both parties.

If you want to make things easier from yourself, consider cross-marketing. You can look at a fashion brand or product and devise strategies to craft their product to fit into your marketing strategy and attract their fan base. That you are a porn star doesn’t mean you are a bimbo.

You can also hire someone to help you out if that’s too much work and you can afford to pay for it. If you do things right, you can contribute to expanding their business and market your brand to their audience at the same time. It’s hard work, but it works.

Porn Affiliate Marketing

On the internet, affiliate marketing is an effective way of increasing reach and making important conversions. Typically, it involves businesses paying publishers on a payment per performance basis. If you refer a customer to your sponsor’s website, you get a commission for every customer you refer that successfully makes a purchase.

Many affiliate marketing plans involve you getting paid 20 percent commission for every product you help sell. Affiliate marketing typically involves three partakers: the affiliate sponsor who pays you an agreed commission per product you sell, the affiliate publisher who promotes the sponsor’s service or product through their platforms, and the customer who buys the product through the affiliate publisher by clicking links and ads or paying for subscriptions on the publishing platform.

How Adult Affiliate Marketing Works

In this affiliate marking strategy, you’ll be playing the role of affiliate publisher. This means that as a porn brand, you have to take yourself seriously and build a website. Then you get links to form your sponsor ad post as ads on your website. These links will be your referrals unique to you.

When a surfer (that is, the customer) clicks an ad link on your website, they are then redirected to your sponsor’s website where they can buy the porn clip. If the customer decides to pay for a video on your sponsor’s website or subscribes for a premium membership on your sponsor’s website, you earn a commission once they have made a successful transaction. Simple and sweet.

To further explain, here’s an analogy: think of yourself as the affiliate publisher who owns a blog or website. If you decide to promote for a big porn company, say, Brazzers and they agree to pay you $50 for every client you send their way, all you need to do is to publish the affiliate link conspicuously on your blog or website. You can choose to embed an enticing animation on the link to attract people.

This link will be unique to you so that every person who visits your blog or website sees the ad and clicks on the link will then be redirected to Brazzers’ website. Once they successfully pay for anything over there, you earn $50 instantly.

Affiliate marketing is such a wonderful strategy because you don’t need to do much-just make sure you have enough visibility and your website is optimized. Your web developer can help you with that. You don’t have to be actively involved in the process. You don’t even need to create any product of your own. It can be useful as a source of easy side income.

Adultmoneymethods has a very simple affiliate marketing system as you can see. They take care of everything, and you don’t have to worry over licenses or software. Their payment is instant and automated, plus they do not have any hidden targets to reach before payment. Join their affiliate marketing chain, sit back and watch the money jump into your pockets.

Adent is a website with a lot of products you can use in making your porn business boom, from xCams to xMember, from xAggregate to xMember. Visit to find out how.

Best Adult Video Script: xStreamer Review

adult video script

Have you always wanted to build your own adult streaming site? Did you know that you can install a script and create a website like PornHub, RedTube and YouPorn? xStreamer is the best adult video script in the market and on this post I am going to describe its features and everything related to it.

xStreamer is build by Laravel PHP Framework uses Nginx RTMP for video streaming and it provides you with a site like YP for just $199.

Yes, a site built with xStreamer has all the features of YP, liking videos, commention on them, searching videos, creating profiles and becoming friends with other members.

Why xStreamer instead of WordPress?

WordPress is more of a content platform and I recommend it for blogs, but if you want to create a video site, better for a preffessional adult video script which is created exactly for this purpose.

Don’t worry about the tech skills, you won’t need any tech skills, you site can be managet from an entrepreneur with no tech skills from the back end of the site, just like WordPress sites. No programming knowledge required.

You can learn more about the features of this script on the xStreamer product page.

What I like about the xStreamer script is that it has a build in algorythm which shows you some recommended videos based on your prefferences.

Another feature that I like is that you can filter the videos according to the newest the, top rated, the most commented ones.

  • Also as a member you can favourite videos, create your own play lists and upload videos.
  • You can create your own channel, subscribe to channels and purchese videos which are on sale.
  • Add as friends other memebrs, subsribe to their profile and send messages to them.
  • You can also report and black list some members.

xStreamer supports a wide range of streaming servers, they include Nginx rtmp, Wowza™ Streaming Server, Adobe™ FMS, and Lighttpd.

How you can monetize your site

Firstly, you can monetize your site by placing banner adds on it, on me margins, header and footer. Second, you can use in text ads, which appear while the video has started playing. As well as you can monetize it with video ads placed before the video starts playing.

You can also make money by selling your own videos, you simply set a price to the video and you can sell it using the PPV (pay per video) feature.

Another wat to make money throgh your porn site is to make commission with Channel Video Owers. Paid pron sites can create their own channels on your site and people can subscribe to their channel to watch the videos. You will get commissions for people who subscribe.

How to populate your site with videos?

xStreamer has integrated in itself the Mass video uploader function which menas that you can upload a lot of videos at once to your site from the biggest porn sites.

With the script also comes the Pornhub API integration which means that you can upload videos automatically from Pornhub to your site, so your site will be updated automatically with new videos from tube sites.

Here you can check the live demo of xStreamer:

You can also test the demo’s back end as an admin on this link:

Username is “admin” and  Password is “admin”

It’s a premium product offers for a non-premium price, so don’t miss this opportunity.

It costs just $199 one time fee and no reocurring costs.

How to get started?

To get started you are going to need a domain and a hosting plan. After you buy xStreamer, the company which offers the product ( is going to install it for you and your site will be ready to go in just 2 hours after your purchase. After that you can replace the logo with your own and start to market your site. You can put your own logo and your own brand name.

100% rights to the source code

After you buy the product, you will have 100% rights on the source code and you can change it if you want. It will be placed on your server.

And you can change your site’s design if you like, if you don’t like the default design on your site.

Recommended hosting company: Fastcoment

I also want to warn you as I have seen some fake copies of xStreamer being sold online, but believe me, they are not worth it. If you buy a non-licenced copy of xStreamer, you will not get access to future updates, you will not have support from the company’s team of developers, no bug fixes, no support from the Adent community and the most important of all: you will have legal action taken against you. Adent spiders will notify the company once their software has gone live ilegally.

How will the product be delivered?

Once you have bought the product, you will receive an email from the company explaining you how can download the source code and it will also include the installation guide. The source code will be sent to you, a product from PayPal used to send products of this nature. You will also find information regarding installation support tickets etc.

Buy Now!

The company which owns this script, Adent, is always updating and improving the script, as the adult industry is always innovationg, check the lastest version on this script here.

Find here product demo videos on Youtube.

xStreamer’s power-packed features:

xStreamer is a flexible, powerful and reliable video streaming platform that crafted with exceptional attention to details.

Search Engine Optimized

Every aspect of xStreamer is created with SEO in mind. This means you’ll have an easier time being spotted on Google. For example, our search engine friendly URLs will have your site indexed for better search engine rankings. You don’t even need to know anything about SEO. It’s all optimized already.

Fully responsive

Your users can watch their favorite videos on any device!. Your tube site will work on a responsive (Bootstrap3 based) interface that looks perfect on any screen, which is essential for any modern adult site.

Membership Option based on Subscription

Operate a lucrative subscription-based membership system for your users. You have the ability to set plans and multiple price points that will let users download videos and watch HD-streamed videos according to their plan.

Supports Multiple Languages

xStreamer supports multiple languages and allows you to add new supported languages from the admin panel. Go global and easily add multiple languages to your site from the admin interface.

HD Videos

Users can watch in crisp and clear HD video on their computer or on their phone. Slower connection? No problem! xStreamer’s sophisticated video encoding module supports conversion into web-ready formats in various resolutions and qualities: normal (flv), high definition (H.264), and mobile.

An Advanced Video Player

xStreamer features an advanced video player with awesome features like CSS-based skinnable UI, nav bars, quality switch, pre-roll and post-roll ads, in-video text ads, watermarks, and related videos.

Falls Back to HTML5

xStreamer falls back to HTML5 based player on devices without Adobe Flash support (tablets, smartphones, etc). In such scenarios, the mobile version of the video is streamed with a proper resolution and thus less bandwidth is consumed on mobile devices.

Clean, Functional and Well-documented code

Built with the Laravel Framework, the code is clean, functional, and well-documented. Because of a clear templating system, it’s easy for anyone with HTML knowledge to make tweaks. Don’t want to do it yourself? Hiring coders to make adjustments will be no problem either.

Can Run on Multiple Servers

Built from scratch to be horizontally scalable, xStreamer can run perfectly on multiple servers with a distributed architecture. The encoding can be done on a different server or an external service and the streaming can be done from a CDN. This means you’ll be running a scalable website!

Supports Multiple Video Formats

xStreamer allows your users to upload a wide range of video formats like AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, FLV and many more! This is extremely important for a tube site, because users will want to upload their video files quickly without hassle.

Multiple Monetization Options

xStreamer comes loaded with multiple monetization options like membership-based payments, ads, banners, and marketing tools that will drive traffic and money. There are plenty of options to make the site work for you, instead of conforming to rigid code.

Allows to Upload Videos in Bulks

xStreamer allows you to upload videos in bulk from the admin panel. More videos means more traffic! Get an instant inflow of video content on your site, so that you can get it up and running for your users in no time.

The User Features

Inbuilt messaging, commenting, profile and collection systems let your users engage better with the platform and also with other porn studio brands – leading to more clicks and more revenue!

The Thmbnails

xStreamer creates multiple thumbnails for each video, and with a neat UX trick, rotates them when hovered over. This means users can preview a video before they click, just like on other popular tube sites.

Video grabbing and embedding

xStreamer has provisions to easily grab/embed videos from other porn sites. Instead of laboring over each video upload, you can link these sites up to yours and get immediate content onto your tube site.

Payment Gateways

xStreamer has payment gateways like CCBill built in. Additionally, up to 20 payment gateways are available as add-ons. You can use multiple payment gateways like CCBill, Paywall, Epay, and Epoch at the same time.

Upload Progress

There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing how long an upload will take. Thankfully, xStreamer removes this annoyance and allows users to see exactly how long until their content will appear on your site.

Advanced Meta Tagging

If you don’t have time to write your own meta tags for SEO purposes, don’t worry! xStreamer has both auto generated meta tags, and each video’s tags can also be manually overridden by the user or admin.

Admin everything

xStreamer allows you to configure and admin each and every aspect of your platform. With xStreamer, the power is in your hands!


After going through this product, I can assure you that it is the best it is out there for adult video streaming. Although just to warn you, there are hundreds of fake xtreamers out there. Don’t be tempted by low prices as you will not get feature updates from fake copies of this product.

Buy Now!

Adult Traffic Exchange: Boost Your Traffic for Free ?!

adult traffic exchange

Traffic is the most important aspect of an online business. In webmaster forums you will see a lot of threads about traffic.

That’s because without traffic you cannot make sales and when you have traffic you need to know how to make it convert.

What is Adult Traffic Exchange About?

Traffic exchange websites are one way to get free traffic on your site.

Top Lists is an example of a traffic exchange website. Basically, you can put ads on their sites without paying a dime.

Don’t use TraffDAQ

TraffDAQ is another site which you can use to exchange traffic and it is very easy to set up. You can also pick specific countries that you want to receive viewers from.

You can also set the bid you want, the higher the bid the more quality visitors you will get. You can also black list domains that you don’t want.

The reason that I am not recommending this site is because lately it has became very spammy and people are using bots, I used it some time ago and I got a lot of bot views. I have heard good words about “SmartXtrade”, another site of the kind.

I used this site lately and my traffic has grown and so has the bounce rate, which I think is common in traffic exhange.

Another site for which I have heard good words is, you also get 100 free points when you sign up.

If you have experience with other sites which are working, please let us know by commenting in the comments section.

My Experience with Traffic Exchange

I get thousands of new users a day from traffic exchange. My earnings increased by 30% but my bouce rate dropped by 20% when I started using adult traffic exchange.

Of course, there are people who will do all kinds of shitty things like using bots but they get reported quickly and they get kicked out by the administrators. Overall, I think it is worth it, especially when you find people who have high quality sites like yours.


The good thing about this method of getting traffic is that it is free of charge, so why would you waste this opportunity?

An important point is to exchange traffic only with sites which are on the same niche, sending visitors from your site to sites in the same niche as yours will make them happy.

The link exchange done moderately works and it is not going to get you penalized by Google.

How To Start a Turnkey Adult Website for Passive Income

How To Start a Turnkey Adult Website

In today’s world, porn has become more acceptable and wanted.  As more and more porn and webcam sites startup each year, the owners behind these websites have become very successful and are making a very nice passive income.  The adult industry has always ranked in terms of making money.  This is far from a dying industry.  As the world advances, so does the technology.  Adent.i.o is one the best software companies for scripting, hosting, design, branding and much more.

Adent has quite a few amazing, turnkey website startup packages.  The adult industry is always growing and there will always be passive income to be made in the adult industry.  Whether you may be interested in owning and operating your own adult webcam site, a phone sex site, a tube site, membership sites, the options are endless.  Adent has top of the line and the best engineer and software designers that make your life easy, buy setting you up with a turnkey simple website, that will bring you passive income.  We have listed their products in this article.  They also offer other services.  They offer one on one Skype coaching sessions, script installation, server setup service, script compatible hosting, streaming server setup, custom design and development, and logo design and branding.

Some of the amazing turnkey setups that you can start off with are:

xStreamer – Scipting & Live Video Streaming

I am sure you are familiar with the top websites in the industry such as Pornhub, Xhamster, Red Tube.  Guess what they do, they provide turnkey websites that are scripted and ready to run while you can earn a passive income with a small investment.  All scripts that have been designed for the customers to purchase are made by the most highly experienced and best engineers.

xCams – Webcam Streaming & Adult Webcam Software

Is a live streaming site. A live streaming site is generally a webcam site.  Live girls, couples, and much more performing live sex shows.  This is popular and as lucrative as tube sites.  Imagine having a top webcam site such as MyFreeCams, Chaturbate or LiveJasmine, you can have it with a simple and smart investment with xCams. Monetize and make a living while on autopilot owning your own adult webcam site streaming live porn shows 24/7.

xMember – CMS, Adult Membership Sites and Video Streaming Scripts

This simple script can give you a profitable money making adult membership website comparable to sites such as:

Brazzers, NaughtyAmerica, and RealityKings.  This script is perfect for content producers, production studios, and solo performers. This is a perfect startup package for anyone interested in running a membership site.

xModel – Membership Websites For Porn Stars & Camgirls – Live Streaming & Turnkey

This is a must-have for pornstars and camgirls who want to provide their fans with a paid membership site.  Most camgirls and pornstars have their own content that they sell on multiple websites.  Put all your content under one site and make a residual income with membership sites.  This will definitely put another egg in your basket and bring in more income.

xChat – Sex Chat/Create Your Own Personal Sexing App & Sexting Business

The have a script similar to the WhatsApp and this can bring in a very nice residual income.  Marketing tools created by field and engineering experts are available to build your user-base and make an incredible profit.

xScorts – For Escort Adult Website Owners-Agency Scripting

In some countries across the world, escorts are legal.  So if you have an escort agency and want your income to perhaps double. You can simply install this script into your website and monetize your earnings.  The more professional your website looks, the more sales will increase for your company.

xTalk – Own Your Very Own Adult Phone Sex Website

Believe it or not, but phone sex has never died off.  This industry is still a large money maker and has gotten bigger over the years of when it started.  So if you want your own live phone sex website, this is another turnkey website that you can have up and running in no time at all, and start making money fast!

xAggregate – Get Massive Amounts of Traffic To Your Adult Website

Traffic is the most important key to success. This script will bring you massive traffic to your membership sites, tube sites, pay per click ad campaigns, whatever it may be. What this package offers is auto-scraping, hacking tools, SEO growth.  We pull content from the most popular adult websites, which keeps heavy traffic coming to your site. This is a must-have and with the high competition in the adult and porn marketplace, this is something you will definitely need to try out.  Without traffic, you can’t make money!

xMarketplace™ – Dropship Website Selling Adult Sex Toys & Novelties

If you can use WordPress, you can run your own retail online sex toy and novelty business.  You do not even have to worry about inventory, our site comes loaded with over 70,000 products that can be drop shipped to your customers.  This is a state of the art ecommerce and dropship turnkey website.

xPins – Easy Installation & Powerful Adult Sharing Website

Have your own adult photo sharing site like with Xpins! This is a perfect way to supplement your income if you have chosen one of our other turnkey packages.  This site is simple, you let your users upload their content and share with other members.  The more members and the more content that is uploaded, you will viral and see some serious results!  This is definitely a great secondary income.

xGallery – Adult Image Hosting Script

xGallery is a hosting script built specifically for adult image sharing and photo galleries. With XGallery you are able to run a hosting service chat offers several way to monetize your earnings. You can earn on Ad banners, Pay per view module affilate programs and integration.

Each of the products we have listed, we offer a FREE demo of how the product works to give you an idea before purchasing and subscribing to our services.

If you are serious about making a passive income, making money while your sleeping, you will not want to turn away from this article.  We have included a mini description of each of the products, but feel free to try our FREE demos at http://adent.i.o and see for yourself.  Take advantage and stop dreaming and become the businessman or woman you have dreamed to be without having to work yourself ragged building a website and writing your owns scripts.  Be a part of the always fast and growing adult industry, while making a lucrative income.


Like millions of other individuals out there, you’re probably thinking the only way to make a living from porn sites is by becoming an actor. That’s not the case, as a matter of fact, you can make a ton of money from various adult sites right from the comfort of your home without being an actor or a model. Yes you heard that right!

This article is targeted at enlightening you on the various ways in which you can profit

from major tubes like PornHub.

PornHub is one of the “biggest” adult sites that offer channels by which non-actors can also earn from their website. PornHub compared to other tubes is so big that it gets millions of visitors per hour giving your porn business a larger probability of success.

Want to learn some new money making tricks? Continue reading….


PornHub runs an affiliate marketing program called HubTraffic. HubTraffic allows you get paid from driving traffic from PornHub to your affiliates’. Promoting your affiliates Products of PornHub invariably drives traffic to their sites. This is one lucrative way to earn from the porn business.

Now the question, how does this form of affiliate marketing work? To begin an affiliate business with PornHub, it is important you verify your domain name for watermarking your videos. You also have to register with your affiliate partners for permission to redirect traffic to theirs from an adult site.

Incorporating ad banners, pop ups and even short video redirecting individual to your affiliate site is one way to go about this. You can also decide to drive traffic from other adult sites who offer such program.

The possibilities here are limitless. You could also create a website or blog to which nonwatermarked video from PornHub and other adult site will be embedded. You can now redirect traffic from this mini-porn site to your affiliate’s business website. Prospects visiting your porn site can now go to your affiliate’s site and sign up.

This would earn you reasonable amount of cash considering the number of visitor’s adult sites like PornHub generate per day.

Is this illegal? Yes. PornHub provide tools that ease the importation of their videos to your site for marketing. With this piece of information, you can be rest assured you’re completely into a legal business.

In addition, since adult sites find it a daunting task to find appropriate hosting services for their tube. PornHub provides a hosting service that makes it unbelievably easy to create a porn site of your own.

If you’re looking to begin your own website for an affiliate business, xStreamer is a good platform which I highly recommend. You will find it easy to operate and the features are amazing.


A lot of money can be earned from the porn industry this way. Make your own videos and upload them to giant industry tubes like PornHub to earn money. The secret to this is that, the more content you make, the more you earn.

PornHub signs an agreement with verified amateurs to pay a certain percentage of the ad revenue grossed form their contents. In this regard, producing a high quality, interesting content that will fascinating a majority of PornHub visitor is important in order to make more money off the site.

All you need to get started in this line is, open a PornHub account and get verified! The verification procedure is quite simple. You will be required to submit a picture of yourself holding up a plaque indicating your PornHub user name and voila, you’re done. All you have to do now is wait for a response from their customer service unit.

To earn more from this platform. You could also partake in the PornHub contest where amateur adult movie producers compete for the award of the best amateur video. This is another way to make cool cash if you find yourself in this category. Applying to be a model for PornHub is another way to earn on this platform.

Another reputable and effective platform where you can start your own tube is the xStreamer. They have great features you will find handy in starting your own amateur porn business.


Are you really good at what you do? You can as well get paid for it. Several top actors and models in the industry are into this business. Privatizing to monetize your SnapChat and PornHub account will earn you more than you thought.

PornHub partnered with SnapCentro to enable amateur actors and model on PornHub sell SnapChat monthly subscription to their fans from their PornHub accounts. Creating a SnapCentro account and linking it with your PornHub account grants you access to this  amazing feature. The link to your exclusive SnapChat account will be on your PornHub profile for millions of follower to see and subscribe.

If your PornHub account get millions of views for content posted, you can as well make cool cash from this. Your fans love seeing you do what you do best and would as well pay if you decide to monetize your account.


PornHub and other major porn site are prone to cyber-attack. Various adult site have been hacked in the past and the only way to prevent occurrences like this from happening again is to thieve such hackers.

PornHub pay quite a worthwhile fee for hackers who can spot vulnerability in their website code. This way, they can be sure to be a step ahead of hackers looking to render their site inaccessible to users. PornHub pays $50 to $25,00o to hackers for their service depending on the value of information provided.

If you’re really good with codes and programming, this is a really easy way to make money off major adult movie outlets like PornHub.


How to Create an Adult Sharing Site with xPins

adult sharing site script

Nowadays adult photo sharing websites are very lucrative and they have the potential to give you a lot of money if you use them right. The best part is that this helps you monetize the experience and earn a good income without that much effort.

xPins is a software that can be used to create a website when people can share adult images, like

The best part of using xPins is that you have everything ready to go. It delivers all the value and quality you want without any hassle, and it definitely brings in front the experience you want without having to worry about anything. It focuses on growth hacking by expanding the database naturally. Plus, you get to have users that add content on their own, so you barely have to add anything else to this if you want. The more content is added by people, the better the experience that you can get. And you can get a higher ranking.

Why use xPins?

There are many reasons that make xPins a very good platform. It’s very easy to scale and use, and the best part is that this is super adaptable to your own needs. The quality you get here is incredible. And the xPins developers also focused on making this as secure as it can be. People always need to have great security in this situation, and xPins is a SSL enabled, encrypted experience that will give you all the support you need when you create an adult website with great images.

Another great thing about xPins is that it has the monetization channels good to go to begin with. You get to have all the latest adult site features right off the bat and everything is adaptable and adjustable to suit your needs. The xPins code is also written by industry experts that have a lot of experience with this type of thing.

Moreover, the platform is designed to scale if needed. It just gives you more support and value while also giving the control you need. And there are complete customization options, great array of benefits and all the value and quality you want. All of that delivers astounding benefits and a really good experience, so try to take that into consideration to achieve the utmost results on the market. The monetization aspect includes affiliate API integration, sponsored ads, banner ads and affiliate systems. All of these can be used to make money with the platform. And the best part is that they do work amazingly well and they are super easy to use at your own pace.

Safe and reliable code

The xPins platform comes with a clean database structure as well as optimized queries for a very fast website. The entire code is based on Laravel, it’s very well documented and also super clean. That means it will be very easy to find the right talent to customize. And since hackers can be a problem for most sites, there’s no need to worry about anything here. The experience is astounding and the results can be among some of the best on the market to begin with. You also have SEO optimization for URLs and the content ready to go.

Since SEO can be a huge issue for a lot of people, having this already embedded in xPins makes the process a whole lot better and easier than you might imagine. There are other stellar points to focus on here, such as video conversion and encoding done in the background or via external services. The template engine can be used to edit HTML files with ease too.

So not only do you have all the stuff you need to deliver a great experience, you can easily customize stuff just as easy and the experience for all customers can be a pretty great one all the time.

A great number of features

Since this is a complete adult website experience, you have all the tools you need to make this work in an extraordinary and fun manner. You have a plethora of options such as direct user uploading, affiliate site integration, likes and comments, advanced search filters, responsive design, SEO optimized URLs as well as automatic embedded audio and videos too. All of these can make it easy to deliver the exciting value and quality that customers want. And it also has a positive impact on your features too, which is always a great plus.

Then there are other things like advanced website scraping, filtering by post types, private messaging, social sharing, banner ad integration, as well as a very powerful admin backend, managing posts and comments, bulk uploading, complete page control as well as user management and other great features.

You always need to customize your website the best way that you can as things change and customers want something new. xPins is all about scalability and it delivers the quality and assistance you need in order to make that happen in no time.

Ease of use and price

xPins is very easy to use, it has a free installation service embedded with its pricing. Which is, by the way, not very high. At $99 you have a complete website that’s ready to go and focused on making you money. And it’s safe to say that this is a very lucrative industry, so the results that you can get are really good here.

Included with the deal you have free modules, a 100% non encrypted source code, free lifetime support and upgrades. You also have a free domain, which is a very good thing.


The xPins platform is very good if you want to create a great adult website. It allows you to access all the stuff you need in no time, it’s very reliable, durable and it enhances the great user experience to new heights. Even the installation process is fast and convenient, so it does work exactly the way you want. You just have to make the right choice and give it a shot if you want. The results are always among some of the best, so try to keep that in mind. You will be very happy with the way everything works!

Top 4 Best Adult Tube Scripts for an Adult Tube Website

adult tube script

Top 4 Best Adult Tube Scripts for an Adult Website

A regular occurrence of failed adult payment gateways, lack of control and third party-attacks are only a few pitfalls that occur within the entertainment industry, especially with adult tube sites.

The solution which seems to have been realized was to use adult tube scripts for adult tube websites. The use of an adult tube script allows users to produce an adult tube site and make money as you grow.

If you are new to the industry and want to produce an adult tube site, or you’re unsure on how to make your adult site more prominent, recognized yet secure, understanding the best adult tube scripts will go a long way in reaching for that glory road.

Top 4 Most Popular Adult Tube Scripts

Here, I am going to elevate the features of the best adult tube scripts which have been at the forefront of the adult site industry. There are a whole host of adult tube scripts available and 4 have been picked out as worthwhile choices.

Below are currently the Top 4 best adult tube scripts:


  • xStreamer is one of the most popular and evolving model in the adult entertainment industry and has been identified as one of the most reliable and trustworthy tube scripts, for these reasons:
    • Continuous Updates and Improvements to ensure security and cutting-edge technology.
    • Hosting Content on a Global Scale to increase your regular traffic and help your adult tube site grow.
    • Content Quality that allows basic users to upload Standard Definition (SD) and premium users to upload High Definition (HD) quality, available in various video formats.

Mechbunny Tube Script

  • Mechbunny is a relatively new integration in the adult entertainment industry, that offers cutting-edge technology that helps to create mainstream tube sites. Their tube script has proven itself on sites pushing in access of 40 million-page views a day. Some other prominent features include:
    • Supported with SEO that ensures more incoming traffic
    • Customized software that is 99% encoded to allow you to produce the adult site you wish to see
    • Responsive Templates to keep up with latest trends, features and add-ons.
    • Good Performance Capabilities which generates multi-million views per day

KVS – Kernel Video Scripts

  • KVS is one of the oldest yet useful configuration scripts on the entertainment market today. KVS scripts has all the prominent settings and add-ons available, including an administration panel that allows you stay in control of your personal, content and video settings. Let’s look at a few of its features:
    • Enable protection for video download which ensures third party links attempting hotlinking will be blocked and site protection is triggered.
    • Effective Customization options including the use of different site templates & additional fields to enhance your adult site visibility
    • Configuration of Videos in one single format. Standard videos can be private or public that are played on one specific video format in FLV.
    • Lack of resolution areas if the script does not continue to be compatible to the tube site and requires further updates. It is recommended that a new script is created from scratch.

AVS – Adult Video Scripts

  • AVS is designed to allow subscribers and users to upload videos in a wide range of formats.
    • Configuration of Videos in multiple formats including AVI, WMV QuickTime, FLV and 3GP.
    • Retrieve Adult Videos from other Adult sites and use them in your own adult site through the available Adult only domain
    • Good expansion opportunities with the memory and bandwidth to handle multiple adult tube sites.
    • Technical Support available to assist with any issues relating to hosting concerns.

The Most Popular Choice

The xStreamer, its top features and spectacular add-ons makes this tube script the top of the selection chain. There are many kinds of xStreamer plug-ins, add-ons, and software, which can be found at here!

Why xStreamer? Although above the above section identifies the prominent features the xStreamer brings, below details my self-reviews on why else xStreamer is so good, and the best choice:

1. Assistance and Support Is Always At hand

Technical Support? Really? Yes! An issue which has gripped the entertainment industry is to how to keep secure, keep away from bugs and general technical issues. The developers at xStreamer are at hand to support you for any issues you have, with instant resolution. xStreamer is a leading turnkey software with and all issues are kept strictly internal. Customer issues are logged with the Technical Support team with developers at hand to instantly resolve experienced issues.

2. Administrator Privileges

Something that counters the problems that were previously realized. The use of administrator privileges ensures the secure protection of your IP address, or prescribe you with a random IP address so you are unrecognizable on the internet. This is handled by the Administration Panel to help you take down unrecognizable or sensitive content immediately.

3. Customization Available

Regular updates of xStreamer are always available, and it is important to capitalize on the option. The extensive customization features available help you to maintain diversity and uniqueness with your website, so make the most of the updated templates available. These templates are available in HTML and PHP, but the eye-catching content comes with the use of HTML elements to build features and continue to create modular pages.

4. Use reliable payment gateways

Adult transactions are always in the spotlight and most of the time, transactions fail to go through. PayPal is known to be the worst at letting transactions pass through. But no fear, xStreamer offers multiple payment gateways including Epay and Paywall as add-ons to your adult site. For reliability, it is recommended to use one of these two.

5. Regular Updates & Improvements

As mentioned before, there are always regular updates available to prop up your adult site. Cutting-edge technology is natural these days as it continues to evolve. So why should you not make the most of it? This is equally important especially if you have a rich customer base. The last thing you want is to lose customers due to a dull site that offers nothing. xStreamer are always mindful of evolving technology and always look to develop features catered to adult tube sites. You also receive regular updates on what’s coming next. This only promotes continuous improvement and what’s more, most of its features are absolutely free.

6. Content Quality

xStreamer offers all video formats with prominent HD and SD quality formats. The SD content is catered for free or casual users, whereas the premium users can enjoy exclusive HD content. Subscribers can view videos in many different formats such as AVI, WMV, 3GP, and FLV to name a few. Some adult scripts only use certain video formats which becomes difficult for users and can be a deterrent for customers.

7. Interact with the Community

xStreamer offers the chance for all customers & subscribers to internally interact with each other on chat forums. Users can send messages to users and discuss general things. You can build your own forum and act as the admin to ensure restriction in discussions and to ensure it meets guidelines. One advantage for technical support is that certain issues can be logged in the forum and can be resolved through the community forums. A very worthwhile option to promote togetherness between all subscribers and users.

8. Focus on Growing

When building and growing your adult tube site, rely on xStreamer and its team to perform all the necessary bottlenecks and technicalities to help you grow your site. Just focus on growing your content and xStreamer is ready to support.

If you are new to the adult entertainment industry and are unsure on how to get going, click here to get started!

To get a list of software & features built with xStreamer, along with comparisons & reviews, click here!

If you have any questions, contact us! We are happy to help and are always available!

How to Create an Adult Pay Site on a Budget

If you are looking for information on how to create an adult paysite on a budget, then this write-up is exactly what you need to get informed. But before we get into the meat of it, let us play around with the preambles first.

Adults of all ages watch porn online, irrespective of age. Do not be surprised to see adults as old as 75 years watching porn video clips the same way as a 21-year-old.  However, many of these individuals do so secretly.

You may not believe it, but a sizeable number of people from all walks of life visit a couple of porn sites almost daily.  Consequently, owners of these websites make a lot of money on a regular basis.

The internet has also brought porn to the doorsteps of many, thereby making it more available than ever. The opportunity to make money from porn has equally reduced the effect of unemployment to a great extent.  Even if all you have is just a few hundreds of dollars, you can kick-start your own porn site and roll in the dollar over time.

In this write-up, we will discuss how to start an adult pay site without spending an arm and a leg.  You can even start running the website after a few minutes.

How to own your own adult paysite

  • Buy an old adult paysite: This can set you up faster than any other method.  It removes inconvenience and can be less expensive.
  • Create a new adult paysite: Studies have shown that starting your own adult paysite from scratch is a better choice since it gives you the opportunity to create the website in line with your presences

What do you need to start your adult pay site?

  • A domain: You need to pick a domain name for the website you are about to build. You can search the internet for an available domain name. Make it appealing and hot. You can check places like Fastcomet and for ideas and availability. You can only use the domain name if it is available.
  • A web hosting:  The web hosting platform is for propagating your website to the world. You need to investigate that web hosting platform before you trust them properly. Read reviews about them to find out if they provide a decent service without unnecessary downtime.  You can check a platform like Fastcomet also, check for the cost of service before hosting your website with that platform. Does the web hosting company offer discount? Check for this and make good use of it so that you can reduce how much you spend on web hosting.
  • Get your website ready: Gone are the days when you have to waste a lot of time on website building. You also do not need any programming knowledge to get things done. You can use web development software to get the website ready in minutes.

start a porn membership site

The Phone Sex Operator Business Growth and Future

Statements are being made by the adult webmasters about the death of the phone sex operator business.

Let’s take a look back in time: in 2002 the phone sex business was a 1 billion one, in 2007 phone sex companies were making half a billion and for 2018 the projections are to be again to 1 billion. According to a survey made by Durex in 2009, about 45% of the UK population had used phone sex at least once in their lifetime. And here’s another observation: the number of phone sex businesses in the UK in 2018 is about 4,000!

The phone sex business has again room to grow.

How to Start a Phone Sex Business

A phone sex business is both profitable and enjoyable, however, it is not for everyone. It is for people who don’t have prejudices towards these kind of businesses. The rest of the article is going to include how you can start a phone sex business and make money with it.

It is going to solve any of your questions like how to start a sex chat business and a phone sex business.

Other interesting ideas like running a membership site or a webcam business are also lucrative in this industry.

I have many clients who ask me how to start a porn site and I answer them that it depends from the kind of porn business you they to start. The opportunities are immense and the phone sex operator business is one of them which is a little bit out of focus from the competition these days.

Most people are focusing on webcam sites, but the porn industry has so many dimensions and each of them is very lucrative.

Before you start a phone sex operator business website, you need to register your business as a company. This means that you need to get your DCS – Digital Signature Certificate and after that you can start hiring phone sex operators.

How Much Does a Phone Sex Operator Make?

Majority of phone sex operators make between $10 to $20 a night. The range of pay frequently varies and depends on the prowess and creativity of the operator. For example, if the operator is capable of holding the clients online, they extend their pay by passing the minimum time required for a decent pay. In such cases, an operator can make up to $10 in an hour but this is a complex tax that requires experience in handling the clients.

The national acceptable minimum is $7.25 per hour. However, some malicious companies oppress their staff by paying them as low as $4.20 per hour


Although every company has their own variations to the payment system, it is pretty general to pay operators depending on how long the calls last. This means paying per minute. In most companies, there is a limit to attain if you want a decent pay. For example, most companies define 15 minutes as the minimal time you should keep a caller online to get decent pay. Most callers do not stay that long during calls and you will have to be creative enough to catch their attention for the entire 15 minutes.

Payment is therefore, dependent on how experienced and creative an operator is. Newbies may not make enough because they need to learn how to keep callers online. This in turn requires time as only you can teach yourself. Practice yields the skills you need to boost your pay.

It is important to note that some companies manipulate and complicate their compensation process to oppress the workers. Underpayment is a common issue facing phone sex and you should be aware before signing up with an oppressive company.

This is where xTalk comes in handy. The payment details here are accurate and traceable at regular times. There will be no middlemen to mess up your rightful income.


The latest technology is admittedly efficient in providing cheap, instant, and great communication especially between couples. Today, video technology has changed online sex into a deeper virtual experience. More companies emerge to make the experience better with every advancement of technology. What is more amazing is that the new technologies have not replaced the traditional phone sex industry. The phones keep ringing and the operators keep making money out of the horny men.

The biggest difference between traditional operators and the new version of video operators is that the former remain discreet and unknown while the new crop of online sex workers have their faces recognized by the users. This secrecy is perhaps, one of the reasons phone sex remains intact despite the evolution of technology today.

The Introduction of xTalk app has brought relief to phone sex workers because it is not only easy to use but adoptable by most clients already.

Tips on How to Be a Phone Sex Operator


Find a place no one can hear you and practice. Your car can be a perfect spot to rehearse until you get it right. Do not be afraid to speak to yourself alone because it will improve your skill level. Try the whispers but also the growls and whatever clients demand of a phone sex operator. Attempt different scenarios such as bubbly and playful or serious and commanding.


Stray from reality and avoid being yourself or you will get lost in your emotions. Since your clients are widely imaginative, make the wildest ideas to them. You should also be flexible to their ideas to provide relevant information and situation for their moment. It may include super heroes versus villains, rock stars or group sex. Your ability to describe situations is the bestselling characteristic required for the best phone sex. Set the scene for the scenario they want depending on their personalities and preferences.

Delay the Client

Do not be quick to take your clients through the process. Instead, buy their time by diverting them into stories that calm them down. This way, you will capture their attention while extending your time for a better pay. Their idea is to keep them guessing and involved in the process so they spend more time and enjoy the entire process. You may build a character that suits their preferences to maintain their interest and fun with them. It will take long before they climax and you will get maximum time for maximum pay too.


Phone sex is draining and limiting to the workers. Since most workers prefer working part-time along side other tasks such as school or work, xTalk is the best alternative. This app replaces the payment issue faced by these workers as it has instant payment plans without the interference of malicious middlemen. You can also track your payment details regularly.

Netflix of Porn: Start Your Own Membership Porn Site

Is any porn content available on Netflix? No. In fact Netflix is committed to offer only non-adult content.

Netflx is huge and widely known for its video content, the fact that is has over 110 million subscribers indicates this. On the wide range of adult websites there is no website which can be categorized as the Netflix of porn. That’s why I committed myself to writing this post with the intention to present a great business idea.

Free Porn

There are a lot of free porn websites available on the internet like PornHub, xVideos, RedTube and most people perceive free porn as the God’s gift, but they only help satisfy people’s libido to some extent.

And all those free porn sites have the same content, there is not much difference between a video on PornHub and a video on xVideos. The quality of free porn videos is not as good, visitors have to watch advertisements everywhere on the site and the videos are generally short.

According to PornHub insights the number of people who prefer premium porn is increasing day after day.

The Adult Business

So what makes me think that it is possible to start a “Netflix of Porn” and succeed? The answer is simple. Porn is everywhere but what the adult market is lagging is niche porn.

How to Start a Porn Business

That which was once taboo to talk about is now common and acceptable. What better way to take advantage of the sex topic than start a business out of it? This popular business of pleasure is now a multi-billion industry offering unlimited options to both entrepreneurs and clientele. Despite its controversy to ethics, the industry continues to grow and is now available in households, hotel rooms and other places across the country.

Staring a porn business requires adequate knowledge on the details entailed in the appropriate model. You need to thoroughly examine the benefits relating to subscribing to the revenue model. This means that your adult turnkey site should ideally possess three layers of subscription offers;

  • Weekly subscriptions
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Yearly subscriptions

Your adult turnkey business membership site should take into consideration many things to help you raise the standards. For example, you should include a trial membership feature onto your new site. This will allow your target audience to have a quick glance at your adult entertainment content. After this they will have the choice to proceed as premium members.

The key to creating a website like Netflix for porn is to have a Content Management System (CMS) like xMember. This is something new and innovationg that’s why there is a good chance of succeeding in the business. You will not need to learn code or hire a web designer to create a website for you. All of this is already done for you. It is therefore a simple process. All you need to focus on is marketing your site by creative means such as sharing on other sites, social media platforms, and creating getting links from blogs.

Features of xMember

Scalable Architecture

6 million users visit daily. Sometimes this number rises to 8 million. The scalable architecture can handle millions of viewers at the same time comfortably. never crashes or slows down due to high traffic. Instead, it runs around the clock to serve visitors 24/7 around the world at all times 365 days a year. This is the epitome of scalability in architecture. Building your website using xMember will allow you to have the same stability. It will be as scalable as Since your Adult Membership site will be designed with a distributive structure you will have optimal horizontal scalability.

Monetization Options

xMember comes with some serious options for increasing your income too. Besides the routine subscription and membership fee for visitors, there are extra ways to make money. For example, you may earn money by renting out certain space on the website to sponsors. Selling digital products such as Snapchat accounts and Instagram accounts of models is a great way to make extra money. In fact, this is one of the most common methods of monetizing extra options available on the site. You may also provide conversion options for trial users into VIPs. Finally, you should consider requesting for growth hacking plug-in to help deliver amazing bombshells to your visitors

Easily Customizable

Since it is built on MEAN (MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS) technology, xMember is flexible. It allows adjustments to make it fit your preferences. The changes allow you to achieve your dream site. The technology offers a wide variety of options for you to explore. There are no limitations with this feature. Most importantly, it continues to receive updates and upgrades making it more efficient.

Integrated eCommerce Store

Although integrated e-Commerce is not available in most leading turnkey software solutions, xMember comes with an effective version. The feature allows you to sell physical products such as customized accessories, clothes, lingerie, and bikinis of models. You may also sell personal video clips of models.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Since it is an online system, it is susceptible to fraud like any other Internet based commercial company. Other problems facing adult website businesses are cyber-theft and malicious intrusions. For these reasons, xMember has invested most of its efforts in detection and prevention techniques to avoid viruses and Trojans. For example, all financial transactions are based on HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) to maximize the security of the system.

Robust Admin Back-end

Managing different aspects of the membership site has become easy thanks to the new version released. It is now possible to efficiently manage pages, text, image bannes, and members. In the case a member violates the rules and regulations, you have the authority and capability to easily terminate their membership. This ability helps you maintain the standards you need and discipline to run the site effectively.

Hosting media files is also enhanced thanks to the Amazon S3 feature available. It is affordable and guarantees your security. Most importantly, it has a scalable cloud storage feature for your convenience. You may also use your own server depending on your preferences.

Other features are:

  • Responsive Design
  • Payment Gateways
  • Fast & Reliable Streaming Technology
  • HTML 5 Video Fallback
  • Video Conversion

To know more about this software, head on its website: xMember and if you have any questions of doubts, you can comment below, I usually reply in a day or two.