How to Start an Adult Tube Site? What’s The Technology You Should Go With?

how to start an adult tube site uses MEAN stack for tube sites, and also LAMP version- which uses Laravel framework PHP. If you are keen on starting your tube site, you should look at their products. They have hundreds of clients in the tube niche and hundreds of clients in the cam niche. 

They have fixable, scalable turnkey scripts for starting your business. 

Get the Best Adult Turnkey Website and Adult Tube Script

After you create your site with one of their plugins the company can assist you with any tecnical issue you face during intalation of the script and setting up your website. 

xStreamer – the best script to create an adult tube site

XStreamer can be considered as one of the newly released, but popular porn website scripts that you can find on the internet. The user-friendly interface and availability of content has contributed a lot towards the popularity of xStreamer. If you wonder how to start an adult tube website, you can check the xStreamer demo here as an example of what your site is going to look like. You can have asite like that after you install the script. Therefore, you will be able to end up creating the best possible website, which can contribute towards your success at the end of the day.

XStreamer has a powerful search engine. People who browse this website can easily look for what they want with the assistance of this search engine. You just need to enter the keywords in the search engine and look for them. It can be a category or even the name of a porn star. XStreamer would use its algorithm to provide you with the best matching search results according to your search criteria. Hence, your visitors will be able to get their hands on the best available content based on their preferences.

When you do a search on the website, you will be provided with multiple filters. You can also seek the assistance of these filters to locate the best videos as per your preferences. For example, you will be able to sort content based on rating, view count, upload date and the relevance to your search criteria. In addition, you will also be able to filter based on the date where the videos were added. A filter has also been provided for the users of XStreamer to filter out videos based on the video length. If your visitors are people who are interested in longer videos or shorter videos, they will find this filter useful.

>> Check My Full xStreamer Review >>

Best quality videos are uploaded to xStreamer. In fact, your visitors will be able to discover a large number of HD quality content. This can provide them with a fully satisfying experience. All the videos are linked with tags. These tags are being used for search results. Therefore, you can make sure that your visitors are provided with the best available videos based on their search, due to the appropriate usage of tags.

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You can easily stream video content through the built-in media streamer. It has been optimized to provide you with a buffer free video streaming experience. You are also provided with a field to like or dislike the videos that you watch on XStreamer. Based on your preferences, you can rate the videos. This rating system can benefit all the users of XStreamer to get a clear understanding about the quality of the video, before they go ahead and watch it. If you are looking for a way on how to start an adult tube website, this is one of the most important features that you should never miss out.

When you watch a video on XStreamer, you will also be provided with a list of relevant videos. Therefore, you can keep on watching different videos based on the preferences. The algorithm is advanced enough to provide the users with the most appropriate and relevant content. Hence, no person will come across any frustration when going through the list of relevant videos that are available to see on the website.

The users of XStreamer are also provided with the ability to comment on the videos. In order to leave comments, they will be asked to create an account on the website. The process of creating a website is extremely easy and a person will be able to do it within a couple of minutes. People who create their accounts in XStreamer don’t need to worry about privacy as well. That’s because the website has taken necessary steps to protect the privacy of all individuals who browse the website and who create their accounts on the website. When you create an account in XStreamer, you can leave a comment and share your thoughts about the videos.

The people who browse the website will also be able to upload their own content. However, it is important to create an account on the website before uploading content. Then all the uploaded content will be tagged under the profile and it is possible to manage content accordingly.

The website is available in multiple languages as well. Due to all these features, XStreamer can be considered as one of the best examples for an adult tube website. You can get inspiration from this website and then start developing your own website. It can provide you with the chance to end up with highly effective results. 

How Do You Get Traffic to You Adult Tube Site?

I have writen a complete guide on how you can get traffic to an adult site, you can find it here.

Another thing that I want to add is Plugrush, which is one of the biggest networks when it comes to adult traffic. The company is specialized in pop up ads, even though they offer other types of ads too. For now it is my number one choice in my adult site. They have great customer support.  

Webcam Modeling Agent Guide $$

How to Be a Webcam Modeling Agent Guide 2019

Today I am going to share with you one of the best methods to make money online, I highly like this method because it creates fully passive income. The webcam industry has grown very fast in the last years and according to the projections it is going to grow more in the years to come, so it is an industry worth investing.

Now if you are able to invest some money in this method better, but you are going to make money from it without investment too.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online and in this article I am going to show you how.

What is a Webcam Modeling Agent and Why Become One?

You probably know what a webcam model is. As you might know, webcam models make a lot of money online, they probably can make $100-$500 in a day.

Now, a webcam modeling agent is someone who refers new models to webcam sites and gets a percetnage of her earnings for life. You will be surprised when you will know how high this percentage is.

And the very best thing about this method is that what you earn from this method is totally passive income. Once you refer new models for cam sites, you will make a percentage of your model’s earnings for a lifetime.

To start making money with this method you firstly have to sign up to one or more of this sites, which is free.

After you sign up to one of this sites, when you will log in into your new account you will be able to find there your referral link which you will use to promote that site.

Sign Up and Get Your Referral Link

Webcam models make a lot of money, even amateur ones can make a decent amount, and the best ones make $200-500 a day.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to disclose your personal details to webcam models to recruit them, everything is done throgh affiliate links. After you get your referral link you only have to expose it so that a lot of people will sign up throgh it, keep in mind that affiliate linka can be banners too.

Which Sites Offer the Best Rewards to Agents?

There are many sites in which you can sign up ap as an agent, I have found out that the best of them is

Webcam agents on make a percentage of the money that models make, to be precise 20%. So the more money your refered model makes, the more money you are going to make.

You can read about their referral program here.

You will get paid weekly by them through check (if you are in the US) and through Payoneer (if you are outside US).

Payoneer is a card you can use world wide to withdraw money from any ATM, wherever you are.

If you don’t have it, you can apply for it and It will arrive at your home address by mail.

Internet Modeling has a wide range of sites where their models appear, you can check the list of the sites here.

The Potential Earnings with this Method

I know this sounds crazy but after a model signs up through your link, you will get 10% of their LIFETIME income.

What does this mean??!!!

If they earn $200 in a day you will get $20 in that day. And this is without doing anything, and will be recurring, every time they earn something, you will earn 10% of it.

Now imagine if you can get 10 models over time. And if they make, let’s say $200 each in one day, you can earn $20 from each of them, which means $200 for you in a DAY, without doing anything. 100% total income.

If you do this over months, imagine how many models you can refer and how much will be your income from this method. Just imagine!

In the below sections of this article I am going to show you how exactly I get referrals.

Ways to Find New Models

There are a lot of ways to promote your affiliate link, however, in my opinion the best of them all is creating adult blog and promoting your affiliate links there. A lot of girls who are thinking of starting this kind of job will most likey do a quick Google search before getting started to clear their doubts, in hope of finding good information.

That’s where your site comes to place. They find your site and they sign up through your affiliate links. You can find a lot of topics to write about in your blog, the important part is targeting good keywords. Low competition and relatively high traffic keywords.

Talk to us on Skype

Below I am mentioning some additional methods you can use to promote your affiliate links. 

No investment ways:

  1. Promote your referral link on social media like Facebook groups, Twitter
  2. Promote on forums
  3. Comment on blogs
  4. On Omelge and similar sites
  5. Send email to people

If you want to invest:

  1. Facebook ads
  2. Infolinks
  4. Paid ads on some porn sites. You can promote on porn sites by by signing up on TrafficJunky, which is a website which allows you to advertise on some of the biggest porn sites.
  5. Paid ads on Google Adsense
  6. Offline
  7. Ads on Reddit.

How to promote offline

Buy a domain and redirect your domain to your referral link. Then promote your domain offline. You can go to a college area, or just anywhere you go offline you can write your domain along with some line “if you want to make $50 in an hour visit this”. When people will click it, they will be re-directed to your affiliate link. And if they sign in, they become your referral.

If you are in college write your domain on tables, in bathrooms etc.

Some Tips

  • Target low-income countries. If you are from one of those countries, use the fact that you know the language.

Remember that this is one of the most profitable methods ever and you can get 2-3 referrals maybe just from posting on social media or on some forums. 

How to Start Sex Toy Drop Shipping

start sex toy drop shipping

Sexual revolution has taken the world by storm. Do not be surprised that many of the young, sexually active young women around are fidgeting in their seats and wishing they had a sex toy to satisfy their prevailing sexual urges. Things even get worse when you mention sex toy in their hearing. You can test run this fact by mentioning sex toy to your female friends, and you will be greeted with blushing and giggling; it does not matter if the women are single, in a relationship or even married.

Aside from the blushing and giggling, you will also find them registering interest and curiosity, especially those among them that have never used a sex toy before. And the curiosity will, of course, drive them to want to experiment with it and get to experience what other women have been experiencing with sex toys.

Studies show that up to 44% out of women from 18 and 60 years of age have experimented with adult sex toys. What is more, the number is increasing by the day as the intrigued, but silent ones, are also eager to have a go at it.

Many of the newcomers are somewhat confused about where and how to start their sex toy experimentation especially considering  the numerous varieties of adult sex toys on sale out there today, some of which are:

  • Masturbation toys
  • Penis rings
  • Sexercises
  • Nipple toys
  • Dildos
  • Vibrators

Many of those using and are planning to use adult sex toys prefer to do it discretely lest their mom know what they are up to. Be that as it may, using adult sex toys can be educational and fun-filled. 

The money making opportunity in sex toy business cannot be overemphasized. You can venture into it today with an assurance of smiling to the bank more often.

Start your own store

If you plan to go into the adult sex toys sales business, then xMarketplace is one of the best tools for you.  In this section of this write-up, you will learn a couple of things about what makes this software to stand out.

What xMarketplace offers?

Everything required for your next adult toy store business is provided by xMarketplace. The features in this software are numerous, and the platform already has various sex toys that can help you make some quick money.  You can equally choose from any of the adult toy drop shippers already available on the platform. The platform will equally give you access to numerous adult payment processors so that you can easily receive payments for the items sold through your xMarketplace platform.

Furthermore, the platform is built on a WordPress framework, which is a top platform for website application. The platform equally uses MySQL for all its database backend. xMarketplace makes it easy for all and sundry to sell their adult toys online; it is an e-commerce software with a difference.  The platform is built on seamless sync, which means it can be synced across all types of devices, provided those devices are mobile-enabled.  Its cutting-edge technology makes the software to stand out from the crowd. The software is synced operating systems like iOS, Android and even Web.

start drop shipping sex toys

Some of its features are highlighted below

  • The design is highly responsive:  The highly responsive design of this e-commerce software makes it stand out from the crowd. As hinted earlier, the software can be accessed across multiple operating systems and computer devices, be it desktop, laptop, Android mobile device or iOS mobile device. Consequently, your adult sex toys e-commerce platform can be accessed from any internet enabled mobile device, which will bring in more sales than ever imagined. The platform makes use of bootstrap three responsive systems, which contributes a lot to its responsiveness. The page is also always pixel-perfect on every device that connects to it.
  • Drop shipping API: Additionally, xMarketplace features several drop shipping API for adult toys you will have access to more than 100,000 item inventory from ECN and IVD.  Also, you can select any adult sex toy from over 500 vendors on this platform. You will have a 100% control over the specific prices of the items on sale. Your buyers can also benefit from discreet shipping services.
  • Adult Payment Gateway: xMarketplace equally features Paymentwall integration that gives you access to over 120 payment gateways in more than 200 countries. Your CCBill account can also be integrated with Paymentwall very easily.  Paymentwall gateway enables you to set up onetime payment, virtual currency, digital goods, and subscriptions. Furthermore, the paymentwall gateway comes with mobile SDK, which eases the process of integrating the platform and its payment system with iOS and Android apps.
  • Robust admin functionality: Besides, xMarketplace is built to be robust e-commerce software to the core. The admin backend is one of the most powerful you can ever find among other e-commerce software around. The backend gives you complete control of all the system so that you can manipulate it any which way you like. The admin functionality gives you the freedom to create unlimited sub-admin access so that others can also participate in managing the business on your behalf. It also helps you to manage every end user on your xMarketplace platform easily.
  • SEO Optimized: You may not believe it, but xMarketplace is also SEO optimized for adult products. The URL structure is search engine friendly, which will be to your advantage. The URL structure is constructed for better ranking in search engines and better indexing. Also, the software enables you to add keywords, descriptions and Meta title easily for every product you have listed for sale on your platform. The in-built sitemaps XML feed also provides a better organization on the platform.
  • XML, CSV importer: xMarketplace features bulk upload opportunity along with the drop shipping API in it. The feature is made possible by its CSV and XML feed. The bulk upload module enables the end users to upload products directly to the site very easily. The feature supports marketplace feeds, shopping cart feed, and standard feed.
  • Coupon code: xMarketplace comes with a coupon code module to enable end users to provide a discount coupon on the products they have on sale. The said coupon can be in the form of a percentage or a flat price. This feature allows the end user to create unlimited coupons and also set an expiry time for each of them.
  • Ratings and reviews: Also, your visitors and customers can easily provide ratings and reviews about your products and services on your xMarketplace platform. The reviews provided here are similar to those you will find on Amazon. The reviews can help other users to make informed decisions on whether or not to buy their adult sex toys from your xMarketplace platform. Also, those who buy things from your platform will only have the opportunity to rate and review what they have bought.      
  • Smart Search Filters:  The Smart and advanced product search filter available on the platform equally makes things easy for those who buy things from you. With the aid of the smart search filter, the visitor can easily filter the various products you have listed for sale based on ratings, reviews, locations, category, subcategory, color, and even price.
  • CMS Management: With this feature, you can easily design and edit the static page on your store website. The feature equally allows you to add several main pages and sub-pages in the website.
  • Analytics integration: It provides you with an option for Google analytics configuration in the website. You can easily provide your analytics from the admin backend for Google webmaster console code integration.
  • Multiple languages: The feature makes it easy to permit multiple language translations on your platform. You can add any of the languages supported on the platform from the admin backend. You can also configure these languages to reflect in the front end interface.
  • Newsletter management: This is yet another unique feature of the platform. This feature makes it possible to send several emails to your visitors to intimate them of the new products you have on sale. You can develop an email template, edit it or add new ones as you wish using this feature. 

Furthermore, you can easily manage your orders, products, and invoices from the admin backend.  You can configure payments as you desire here also. Additionally, the admin backends ease the process of sending newsletters to your subscribers. It also helps you to organize your products into categories and sub-categories. You can access and manage the drop shipping API featured in this e-commerce platform. The possibilities are simply endless.

Buy Now!

Aside from the above, some of the other features that make xMarketplace to stand out are:

  • Export sales report         
  • Buyer Seller Chat Module
  • Multi-Currency Module
  • Geo Location Filter

Other platforms you can consider

Aside from xMarketplace, you can also go for a couple of other platforms to advertise and sell your adult sex toys; these other platforms are:

  • Shopify: It is straightforward to use
  • Magento: It is an open-source platform built on PHP.  It supports web platform system and can generate multiple pages with customized themes.       


You do not need much money to kick-start your own adult sex toys drop shipping business; xMarketplace has simplified the entire process for you. The many features available on this platform and its unique modules are designed to make your online business to run smoothly and also help you to smile to the bank more often than ever.  If other systems have failed you in the past, this one is designed to succeed where others have failed. What is more, it is affordable and will never put a hole in your pocket.   

How to Make Money with Adult Website

Although the internet has made free porn very accessible, there is still a lot of money to be made from running an adult website. About one quarter of the internet is porn or porn-based, so you would think that porn websites weren’t profitable, nobody would be spending money to run them.

You should note that you do not need to be a webmaster or possess high level coding skills to be able to get started. And it’s not too expensive either. With as little as a hundred dollars, you can get your website up and running; you just need to be patient and dedicated.

Choose your niche first of all, this is what will make a difference in your earnings. Post high quality related content regularly and get your marketing skills game up. Once you do this, you will draw customers who like your work and are willing to spend money on it.

There are two types of porn websites according to the channels by which they deliver content: live streaming and video clips downloads. Live streaming works by deducting a percentage of earnings by the back stage users of the site.

Streamers also make money based on their porn skills, so you can set up a channel and get people to stream their content, sit back and watch your money pile up; while video clips make use of pre-recorded videos uploads and playback. This is relatively more profitable. Money is made by subscriptions and referrals.

Every adult site owner must go through these basic procedures:

  • Record videos or buy them from porn companies, or mass upload them on the site
  • Get a dedicated server for the website and a domain name.
  • Create a user-friendly website UI and layout
  • Upload these videos regularly to accessible formats
  • Selling advertising as soon as traffic builds

If you run a membership site, there are barriers you will have to scale through to make money, though; like the difficulty of your website getting accepted by a payment processing platform. Many credit card systems like PayPal have a bias against websites with porn content. You might have to go through some hoops to find a credit processing company that will accept your website.

There are also legal issues, involving ownership and copyright infringements, so you will need to have proof of ownership for your website content handy at all times.

While if you create a tube site, people are going to come to your site to watch free porn and you can monetize it with ads from different affiliate programs related to your niche. If you are a newbie, I have create an article to show you exactly step-by-step how to monetize your tube site.

Adult industry is huge and in addition to making money wit a tube site or a membership site there are also other options like:

You cannot be all things to all people so it’s necessary to choose your preferred type of business and focus on that, especially as a newbie.

Making money off porn can be challenging, but if you are dedicated to it, you will start cashing in pretty soon.

How to Get Started with Porn

how to get started in porn

Do I Need an Agency to Get Me Started in Porn?

Not in 2018. You can get started in porn by working on Chaturbate or selling your own videos.

However, thing about why would you want to since there is a lot of social stigma towards porn starts, STDs and the money are not great considering what you are going, it’s only to make some quick cash and sincerly there are better ways to make money more easily than being a porn star, like startig your own porn site.

How Does One Get Into Pornography Business?

how to get started in porn

The traditional way of making money from porn was creating porn material and then selling it, but in fact these days the comming industry is booming and amateur cam girls are making even more money that confirmed porn actresses were making one day. Amateur porn is these days more in demand to the point of big porn professional producers are making scenes which appear to be amateur ones.

People want something real and genuine. While people will never get tired of porn, they were getting tired of action in porn.

Why would people ever want to become cam stars?

First and foremost: money. Money can be easily made from camming online from the comfort of your own home and the amount you can make is limitless. Camming has been as a way out of poverty for a lot of people in less developed countries.

Cam girls can work with their own hours.

While you can make more if you show your face, you can still make money while being annonymus with fake names and masks. And you can block users from your own country if you worry about being watched by people you might know.

A way to explore your own sexuality.

Everyone over 18 can do it.

The Cons of entering the porn business

What you post online will be there forever, even with the DMCA protection it is difficult to control someone and prevent them from recording your cam and posting your video.

The risk of being discovered from someone you know.

If you need more information on how to be protected online, you can check here.

Interesting fact: Some countries do now allow the filming of porn, so make sure to check regulations on your country before you get started.

If you are in the US and you are making more than $400 a year, you would have to file for taxes. Fortunately, for people in some other countries this industry is not yet regulated and they won’t need to pay taxes.

Where can you sign up?

Some of the most popular cam sites are:

These days it has become easier for everyone to make money from porn and while it has it’s benefits there also it the down site of competition.

Why Do People Pay for Porn When There’s So Much Free Content Out There?!

Why Do People Pay for Porn?

Simply to get the content that they like. However, the guilt of paying for porn is the main reason questions like this arise in the first place.

I mean, why do people pay for Netflix when they can find movies for free on the Internet? To better understand why people would pay for porn, read this thread on Reddit: Why you pay for porn? It is worth it?

Simply put: people pay for porn because premium sites offer better content than the free ones. Here are some other reasons:

The sites are safe and reliable

The videos are performed by the best actresses and actors

They give you a chance to download the videos legally

Paying for porn also means that you give the possibility for the production companies to produce more. Like everything, porn has costs too and the porn industry would die if none paid for it

The ability to enjoy new content regularly

No ads everywhere which results in a better user experience

You can find more information in the best premium porn sites here: Best Premium Porn Sites.

Also keep in mind that all that free content has to come from somewhere. If everyone stopped paying for porn, you wouldn’t be able to find new content on those free porn sites, you’d be stuck with the old ones and the amateur ones.

And we’d be left with only the cam sites, and still someone has to tip the cam girls to do certain acts or they’d just be sitting and staring at the camera waiting for someone to tip.

webcam model

The point is that there is not such a thing as a free lunch.

So Why Is the Porn Business So Lucrative When So Much of It Is Free on The Internet?

The truth is: the porn business in not lucrative because of the free content. There might be only 250 of career porn stars in the world while the emerge of free porn has damaged a lot the industry of producing porn for money. The porn business is taught these days for the professional porn producers and actors.

However, it has opened the doors for amateur porn producers. Webcam sites are at their peak at the moment. Of course what makes them appealing the ability that users have to control the content. Users can pay cam girls to do certain acts on cam, this heightens the users experience because the cam girl is focusing all their attention on them, even if just for some moments. So me point is that the content is customable.

And of course the evolution of free porn has created great opportunities for affiliates. It is so much easier these days to create a porn site with free content, called a tube site, where visitors go to watch free porn and make money from the ads displayed in the site. With so much free porn all over the Internet, of course it is difficult to attract the visitors attention with a generic site. That’s why it’s better to create a niche site, a site which addresses the needs of certain people who have a specific fetish.

Recommended read: Why a Niche Porn Site Is Better?

5 Reasons to Start an Adult Blog & Make Money with Adult Affiliate Marketing

start an adult blog

Should You Start an Adult Blog?

Absolutely, if you are interested in it. An adult blog can be very successful if managed right, more than a blog in other niches. Take some inspiration from the other erotic blogs to start.

If you are starting a porn blog to make money, you can sign up to affiliate programs and post your favorite pics and videos from them.

I know a couple of friends who were interested in starting a porn blog but consistency is the key.

Can You Make Money with Ads on Your Adult Blog?

Of course you can! Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money with your adult blog. As I know, adult affiliate marketers have earned a lot of money in the last years, more than other affiliates and this is because of the power of the ‘adult industry’.

start a porn blog

From all the ways you could make money, probably adult affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest of them all. Here are some of the advantages of starting a porn blog:

1. Low start up costs. You could get started for a minimum cost, just by buying a hosting and a domain for your blog and every affiliate program is free to join. A domains can cost $10 a year and a hosting plan usually costs $4-5 per month.

2. A full time income. You make a full time income with adult affiliate marketing, however, it might take a couple of month before you start making a full time income from your adult blog. When I started it, my passive income would grow by about $50 every month. First month I made $50, next month $100, next month $150 and so on. So at the worst case scenario it is going to make you a full time income in a year.

3. No skills needed to get started. It is very to get started with this business, you don’t need any special skills, especially if you have done affiliate marketing before in other industries. Personally, I have learned everything I know about internet marketing and affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate and after that I was ready for earning big in the adult industry.

4. Focus only on marketing. With affiliate marketing you don’t need to create your own product or deal with shipping (if you are promoting sex toys), you can just focus on marketing and make a lot of money with way.

5. Almost instant results. People say to be patient with affiliate marketing because it won’t make you money overnight, but it it makes nothing at all for months this means that you are doing something wrong. In affiliate marketing with a blog ever single post you create has a future value. Review – Adult Turnkey Website Scripts review is the home for some of the most powerful business solutions for adult websites. The programs available here are powerful scripts capable of growing your adult business tremendously. The programs are equally scalable and flexible in all sense of the word. This review will open your eyes to more of the features that make the products offered on this platform to stand out. There are more than ten adult software products available on this platform, and we will only mention as many of them as space will permit. review


  • It is a helpful tool for those who want to start an adult tube website, like Pornhub
  • The major monetizing features it supports are banner ads and affiliates
  • The software equally has a free version for those who want to test-run it
  • It is SEO compatible and supports payment gateway CCBill.
  • However, it does not support live webcam feature or audio calling feature.
  • Be that as it may, it features a messaging system.


  • It is also reliable for starting an adult tube site, like
  • Like the xStreamer, it also supports banner ads and affiliates as the monetizing features
  • However, it does not feature a free lite version.
  • It does not support a payment gateway, but it is SEO-compatible.
  • There is equally no monthly subscription feature, but you can easily import videos from other adult websites
  • The software also does not support audio calling feature, live webcam or eCommerce Store integration.


  • This program is on the high side in terms of price.
  • The only supported monetization feature is membership fee
  • Also, the software does not come with a free lite version.
  • It is SEO compatible and supports various payment gateways, like CCBill, BitPay and PayPal.
  • There is also no mobile app.
  • You can customize the color, but it does not support live webcam

Is Legit?

First of all is a legit company with a true founder (Stephen Kristen) and it offers true business solutions for lower prices. Just keep in mind that while offers the scripts to build adult turnkey websites, you still need to market your business to get traffic and this requires good internet marketing skills.

However, I have to say that their customer service lacks, well it is good up to some point, but if they are selling adult scripts targeted to the average customer (without any programming skills) they need to be more ready to help them intall the scripts and be more ready to help the average customer grow their business.

Despite of that, I have to say that their scripts are good and innovative to the market, a lot of successful adult sites use them. I think that their lack of proper customer support comes from the fact that they are a new company and that they are more focused on developing and imporving their products in stead of being focused on marketing. Altenatives

The above are few of the many programs for adult website available on However, you can also opt for either Roboscripts or xwpthemes for building a webcam site or a porn tube site respectively.  The features in Roboscripts are unique. The program gives the end user maximum control of the webcam site. What is more, the program is updated on a regular basis, and this is one feature that makes this software one of the best for building that adult webcam site.

Xwpthemes provides some of the best themes for promoting your porn tube sites on WordPress. You can access both free and premium themes that can shoot your online porn business sky-high.

How to Set Up a Webcam Business and Make $40,000 a Month

how to set up a webcam business

Live cams are at their peak at the moment. At any given time you are likely to see endless webcam models performing live on these sites. And they are paid well.

You can find there models of all ages and body shapes, couples, transexual etc. Certainly there is place for everyone ready to perform live on this industry.

Considering this, the cam industry is certainly a great business opportunity. In order to make money easily in this industry it is better to focus on a specific niche, let’s say bww woman or whatever porn niche you are into or you think is going to be a great opportunity. You’d be surprised by the high traffic that your camming site would get just in a short time frame.

This article is going to teach you everything you need to know about creating a webcam business.

how to set up a webcam business

How to Set Up a Webcam Business?

There are two aspects of this business that you need to manage: recruiting webcam models and attracting visitors to your site. Then you can monetize your site with ads of sites related to your niche. Ads need to be related to your chosen niche on your site so that the visitors are going to be targeted and more inclined to click on the ads.

These days there is the possibility to embed live webcam shows to your site without having to deal with payment issues like buying tokens or getting the models paid. Those are things which will be dealt by big cam sites. You will just embed the live cam shows on your site.

Yes, that is possible and yes, that is the easiest way for a newbie to make money from this opportunity. The script is called Roboscript and with it you can embed live cam shows to your site, from big cam sites like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin etc.

The key here is to embed only certain cam shows within a specific niche. Like for example, only bww woman and people who are into this niche are going to go to your site instead of Chaturbate to watch them because your site includes only what they want to see. Your site traffic is going to grow fast and you are going to have visitors on your site 24/7.

Now, let’s say the visitor sees a model that he likes and he wants to tip her directly from your site. They would click on buy tokens and they are going to be directed to Chaturbate (or on another similar site), register there with your affiliate link, buy tokens and guess what? You are going to get paid for bringing a new visitor the cam site.

Here is a live Demo of how a site with the RoboScript is going to look like:

All those models that you see are live on other sites, big sites like Chaturbate and others. The script gets your site refreshed every 5 minutes with new models who enter live. The site is likely to rank well in the search engines because visitors would stay long on your site due to the live cams.

If you are OK, with just embeding the videos of big cam sites on your site and making money as their affiliate, go for the Roboscript business model. While if you want to recruit your own cam girls and not just make money as an affiliate but make all the money that the cam sites make, you can check another fully functional cam site script called xCams.

xCams – Adult Live Streaming Webcam Software

xCams makes building a webcam site very easy and you can build it within 24 hours.

Monetization ways like per minutes payments, tipping, group chat and memberships are pre-made. And the script is open source which means that you can personalize it as much as you want.

Here is their live demo:

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About xCams

Users on your site with xCams can buy tokens, buy products and follow models. And studios can have their own stats pages to manage the performance of their models.

Models can perform live and make money and sell their videos and photos.

How Does xCams Work?

A site with xCams can handle thousands of users and models which means unlimited passive income with a site like this. xCams is built to support live videos.

The Monetization Methods

There are several methods you can use to monetize your site with xCams:

  • tips that users send to models
  • per minute billing for 1-on-1 private shows
  • per minute billing for group shows
  • per minute billing for spying on private shows
  • models can sell their videos and photos
  • models can sell digital products like their snapchat or other social appliacation profile

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How Much Money Can You Make with a Basic Webcam Business?

Adult webcam inudustry is growing rapidly day by day and there are thousands of webcam studios and webcam sites around the world. In the most successful cases webcam sites which are run even by a single individual are making up to $40,000 a month.

What Is a “Tube” Site? What Makes a Video Site a Tube Site?

What Is a Tube Site?

Well, the perfect examples of tube sites are PornHub and YouPorn.

In tube site you have two roles: the visitors and the channels. Channels are porn companies which use the tube site to promote their content, post videos there and link back to their membership sites. While visitors can search throught videos and fauvorite them.

If you’re planning to start a porn site don’t think it again, lead to – the leading turnkey website software.

Tube site are are websites similar to YouTube, just that they are porn sites. They have a similar likes and comments format like YouTube. As I mentioned before, membership sites use them to promote their content and lead people to their site.

Unlike YouTube, which encourages content generated by the users, most tube sites don’t encourage original content. If someone posts videos from other sites, that’s fine. They wait for the DMCA note to take down a stolen video and in most of the cases they don’t even ban the user who posted it.

These days there are scripts which can mass embed the same videos from other tube sites to a site which makes it very easy to populate a new porn site with the same videos all tube sites have. In the previous paragraph I was talking about stolen videos when the poster removes the logo of the company which posted that video or just recorded cam girls. But mass posting videos which the logos of porn companies which produced them on a tube site is completely fine.

In fact, this is how tube sites are populated with content. And this gives traffic to porn producing companies from the tube site.

How to Create a Tube Site?

As I mentioned before there are a few tube site scripts you can use to build a tube site, which means that you can build the site very easily with just the installation of one script.

These scripts include xStreamer, xwpthemes and wp-script. If you ask me, I think the best one is xStreamer, however, xwpthemes is cheaper if you have a smaller budget.

How to Monetize a Tube Site?

Many tube sites sell they ads space to monetize the traffic that they receive.

I have wrote an article some time ago on all the ways I use to monetize my porn sites in detail, you can find it here.

The Site Is Easy to Manage

A tube site is also easy to manage from the perspective of the site’s owner. Here are some videos which illustrate how easy it is to use and manage. The videos illustrate a site with the xStreamer script.

How to manage comments from admin pannel:

How to set up multilanguage system from admin dashboard: