Adult Site SEO: The Ultimate Guide in 2019

It is one thing to start an adult website, and it is clearly another thing to generate adequate traffic for that adult site. That adult site is 100% useless if there is no adequate traffic on a regular basis. If you are selling adult-related items or you are showing adult-related ads on the website, lack of traffic will render the business useless, and you will not be able to make any income at all from it.

One of the best ways to generate adequate traffic for your adult website is via search engine optimization. In this write-up, we will enlighten you about how to do adult site SEO so that you can generate adequate traffic and make the desired income from the adult site.

The challenges

Studies carried out in 2011 showed that up to 12% of all the websites on earth were pornographic. As a result, it can be competitive to get adequate traffic for your adult website. What is more, the percentage has increased over the years.

Also, many of the traditional websites, social networks and web directories do not allow links to pornographic websites on their platforms. It has also been challenging for webmasters to find pay-per-click programs that permit porn sites. These factors combine to make it somewhat challenging for porn sites to get the right internet exposure.

Be that as it may, you can get adequate traffic to your adult site via various forms of SEO, like the use of relevant keywords, quality backlinks, and even premium contents.

How do adult sites practice SEO

Adult sites are a very luctrative business and there are a lot of ways to bring traffic to your adult site and get links to it. The SEO process for an adult site works pretty much the same as it works for another type of business.

These guys explained it perfectly: ADULT SEO – HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE?

Helpful adult site SEO tips

1. Long tail keywords

Many of those searching for porn-related information do not just type the word “porn”; rather, they go for specific phrases. You can start out by researching the most relevant keywords or phrases that can be used in optimizing your adult website. The best way to start this is to put yourself right in the shoes of the prospective adult site visitors so that you can successfully think up befitting phrases or words that these individuals would most probably use.

What about something like “women big ass,” “hidden camera sex” or “sex in the office”? Be that as it may, whatever the result of your keyword research can determine keyword or phrase you use.

2. Concentrate on Onsite SEO

The next step to take is to get your adult site optimized for the keyword or phrase that you have chosen consequent of the outcome of your keyword research described above. Make sure the keywords are included in places like the metadata, content, page address and header text of the website. This will always push your website to the notice of the potential adult site web surfer.

Studies have shown that onsite adult SEO is among the highest contributory factors to the success of an adult site. This operation can help to boost your ranking a great deal and also drive lots of traffic to the website if it is done properly.

3. Optimize your page

Aside from optimizing the contents, metadata, page address and header text for a search engine, you must also not forget to optimize the images and virtually all other aspects of the website for the search engine. Optimizing the images on the adult site will make it easier for web surfers to locate your website since the site will be ranked higher on popular search engines.

You can best do this by including the keyword or phrase in the ALT text and image titles. You can equally go a step further by adding a keyword-rich description to every image in your gallery. While doing this, see to it that the contents on the adult site provide great value to the reader by flowing smoothly.

4. Build Top Quality Links

You need to get links from other sites to your site, but you can’t get links just from any site, they need to be adult sites only.

You can equally get more traffic to your adult website by connecting with other webmasters, especially top-performing webmasters.  You can do this by offering to write a guest post on their websites or by posting reviews on your adult site and asking them to link back to that review.

Look around for a product designed for porn lovers and use that product in your review. Another way to do this is to write about Top 10 things related to the porn industry and mention the products as part of the review.

Do not forget to focus on quality while building those links and writing those contents, rather than quantity. It is never by the number of words, but by the impact, those words will have on your website.

5. Go mobile

One of the ranking factors used by Google and other popular search engines is a responsive design.  What is more, virtually all the popular search engines always favour websites that are mobile friendly. As a result, it is important to optimize your adult site for all popular mobile operating systems, especially Android and iOS.  You should equally avoid Flash ort Java completely. Do not forget to use a drop-down menu as this can help keep the site layout very simple.

You can equally use scrolling menu bars to reduce the content on your website. There will be no need for zooming in on the mobile platform of your adult site if you use large fonts. Also, avoid the use of pop-up windows on the website.
Some testing tools, like Webpagetest and Redbot, can be used to check the overall performance and speed of your website on mobile devices. Make sure that the website loads very fast and also easy to navigate on mobile devices.

6. Share Your Site on Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest online forums which is fully created from user generated content. The content is moderated by some users and you can share text and links on it.

For now, Reddit is ok, but in the future it might start banning adult material.

Twitter also has changed its terms of service, which includes banning adult accounts.


The points above will help push your adult site to the notice of the world via popular search engines. The processes will bring the desired result, but the results will not come in overnight. Consequently, you must be ready to put in the time and effort required. Do not get tired or give up midway, rather, keep at it and success is certain. As you progress in your adult SEO effort, always measure the success of your effort and be ready to change anything you are not doing properly or SEO method that is not yielding the desired result.  You can start the SEO process with the basics described above and then expand to other areas with time.  You equally should try to build a solid social media presence as this can help generate free traffic for your adult site.

How to Make Money with MyFreeCams and WP-Script’s Theme

how to make money with MyFreeCams

If you want to go into adult webcam promoting, you are always better off with myfreecams widget. Combining it with Wp-Scripts themes even makes things better. The combination will get you started on your adult webcam program at a faster rate so that you can start smiling to the bank without delay.

This is simply one of the best tools any adult cam affiliate marketer or adult cam website owner can invest in. It can help maximize your gain and also reduce the stress involved in setting up the adult cam website. These tools have only been available for a short while and have already recorded untold success with many adult website owners taking a serious interest in it. You should never overlook these tools if you want to make headway in adult webcam marketing.

The tools can work perfectly on WordPress and will make the adult website generate income faster. Check below for information on how to make money with myfreecams.

What is WP-Script?

It is about the best of all the WordPress themes for an adult website. It was first launched in 2015 and has extremely simplified the process of building a porn website. With this script, adult website owners can grab videos from virtually all the major adult tube websites.  The script comes with numerous features to make your adult website a lot more captivating and profitable. Some of the many features are highlighted below:

  • Smart filters
  • Auto-update feeds
  • Sync grabbing

With the help of this script, you can gain a lot of attention and drive traffic faster to your website than ever before.

The WP-Script equally has premium adult themes for sale, which is prepackaged with several neat options and advanced features for a better online profiting from adult websites.  The installation is straightforward even for a newbie.

What is myfreecams is a very active cam site with a lot of users and a lot of activity.

MyFreeCams has a great affiliate program which is one of the most lucrative in the industry. Basically you get $5 for every new lead that you bring them and if you choose to use Revshare, you get 20% of the money they spend on the site for life. While thier affiliate program is very lucrative, the real star of the show is their newest feature: the Live Cam Widget.

I have been promoting MyFreeCams for years but on October 8 they announced the Live Cam Widget which you can use on your site to promote MyFreeCams and make a lot of money as their affiliate.

Myfreecams is one of the best ways to generate extra revenue for an adult website. The widget is built to show live cam performers only. It is capable of delivering fresh contents to your website and also bringing traffic like never before. What is more, it can convert traffic so that you can make a lot of money over time.

What Is Live Cam Widget?

Basically this options instead of putting ads on the widgets of your adult site, it puts the live featured models at the moment while they are camming, We are talking about the highest quality porn which is dipayed on your site and which is going to work better then any other ad.

I tested the MyFreeCams live cam widget and I made 30% more conversions during a month compared to the previous month, all other factors being the same.

What is more, the widget can work for virtually any niche in the adult industry, and the widget permits you to choose virtually any niche you are interested in while setting it up.  Aside from the freedom to choose a niche, you can also customize the widget anyhow you like until it suits your specific purpose.  The interface is user-friendly, and this makes the customization very easy and straightforward.

Furthermore, the widget is highly interactive and dynamic. It can help the adult website owner to convert more of the traffic coming in.

Adding myfreecams to your adult website will help you to make more money from your adult website. Once installed on your website, you can generate traffic to those adult webcams that you have been able to grab, and it can serve as an extra source of revenue on your adult webcam

The tool can work for those who are already in the adult industry already.  Girls love it a great deal, and guys always love to check it out, which means your chance of making a lot of profit is in view.  Your visitors will be greeted with new faces of beautiful women, and curvy models, who flood the website daily and these beautiful faces will get them glued so that you can make more money on a regular basis.

Myfreewebcams remains one of the best tools for adult webmasters. What is more, it is available for free!  Consequently, you can start making money using this widget without putting a hole in your pocket.  The tool works perfectly for many classes of adult programs, including cam girls, affiliate and porn websites.

Furthermore, the payout is wonderful. Yes, you can generate as much as $5 per lead, or you can generate up to 20% Revshare by promoting the program.

Myfreecams has now partnered with Crakrevenue, and you may have to be a registered member of crakrevenue before you can benefit from this program.  Follow the instructions below about how to install a myfreecams widget with WP-Scripts

Installing MyFreeCams widget with Wp-Script

Step 1: Join CrakRevenue:

  • First of all, join Crakrevenue and you will be given a unique code.  Only active affiliate on CrakRevenue can access the opportunity.  The signup process is straightforward.
  • Click on MyFreeCams tab after logging in, and you can customize the widget as you like.
  • Next, choose your preferred payment method, be it DOI or Revshare and then click on Generate Widget Code.
  • You will see the unique code on the next page that pops open, and you can start using that code to promote the program.

Step 2: Install RetroTube theme

  • Upload the RetroTube theme from the WP-Script to WordPress. Log in to your site and click on Appearance, Themes, Add new and Upload theme in that order.
  • Choose file and then select your ZIP file, followed by Install Now.
  • The steps above will help to activate the theme.

Step 3: Add the widget code to the theme

After successfully installing the theme, you should add the widget code you were provided with earlier to it and then click on the Widget tab. You will be presented with three widget areas by default, which is Homepage, Sidebar, and Footer. You are free to select any of the three where you want to display the widget.  You can select the homepage and then add a widget option choose Custom HTML from the window that pops up. Afterward, copy and paste the code into your HTML area. After completing the process above, the widget will spring into action with the RetroTube has a grayish background with a default black font.

You can equally modify the installation in a flash.  What is more, you can change the options without having any knowledge about coding.  You can easily modify the font color, background, font size, position and the likes at will. You will have access to different fonts and other settings and will not have a problem in getting something that suits you perfectly.

How Profitable Is Running a Porn Website


You can participate in the porn industry, either as a content producer or as an affiliate marketer. The content producer is responsible for generating the content on his porn website, while the affiliate marketer does not produce the content but helps the content producers to advertise their contents. The task of the affiliate marketer is to direct traffic to the already generated contents and then resell the traffic to make money.

If you are in the porn industry as a content producer, then you are going to need a Membership site before you can sell the content on your porn website. How profitable is running a porn website? We will provide answers shortly.       

In the meantime, you can equally get involved in the porn industry selling clips or building a marketplace for others to sell clips and photo sets. Do you prefer to run a cam site? This is another way to get involved in the porn industry.

If you like, you can use scripts, like xStreamer to curate videos from various sources and then put such videos together in a tube site.

So many routes lead to the porn business as discussed above. It is one thing to set up the porn website, and it is another thing to make a profit from it. Can one actually make a profit from a porn website? We will attempt to answer this question in this write-up.

Let’s make some clarifications first:

1. If you are not producing your own content, then you are only an affiliate, you will display content from membership sites on your site, attract traffic and re-sell the traffic.

2. If you will produce your own content than you need a membership site where people are going to pay for gaining access to your content.

3. If you are going to create a webcam site, then you need another strategy.

4. If you are going to create a marketplace where people can sell their videos and photos, then you need another strategy.

How Profitable is Running a Porn Site?

The quantity of traffic you can generate goes a long way to determine how much money you can generate to the website.  It also depends on the source of the traffic you are generating. You can earn a lot of money from your adult website if you can drive traffic from Tier 1 countries, like the UK, USA and so on.

If you are running a curator tube site, you will not encounter many roadblocks in making cool money out of it; adding just 3 to 5 tube sites alone may even be sufficient to generate between  $4,000 to $6,000 per month (There is a script you can use to create this type of site: xStreamer – Adult Tube Site Script). It does not matter what kind of porn site you are running; it will always yield an adequate profit if you can generate lots of traffic to the website.

So, we will focus on how to generate traffic for your porn site so that you can make a lot of profit from it.

How can you make a lot of money on an adult website? Check the next section to find out

How to make money on your adult website

You can make money from your adult website via the following methods:

  • Sell memberships and subscriptions
  • Sell various adult merchandise, like undergarments, lingerie, used panties, vibrators, toys and so on.
  • Make money through pop under scripts, pop up scripts, in video and ads-banner. You may equally signup for many influential ad networks, like ExoClick, TrafficJunky, JuicyAds and so on.
  • You can equally make money via adult forum support
  • You can sponsor several products, like fucking machines, penis enlargers and so on

Some other methods of making money from an adult website are:

  • Wishlists
  • DVDs
  • Adult affiliate marketing
  • Contests

What is The Best Business Model for Porn/Fetish Internet Content?

If you look at adult marketplaces like Clips4Sale and ManyVids (and amany others) they work using a business model in which content providers get 60% of the revenue that customers pay and the site gets the other 40%. It is an efficient business model and it works. You can create such a site with xMarketplace.

How to get traffic for the adult program

Mobile SEO

Mobile search is one of the most reliable sources of traffic for the adult website. Up to 250 million people consume contents of porn websites in 2017 alone via mobile devices. A fifth of the people searches for pornographic contents.

Consequently, optimizing your website for mobile devices will give you a cut of this huge traffic. These days, Google rank websites based on how such websites are mobile compatible. Therefore, mobile SEO will boost the SERPs of your website.  A consisted improvement of your website can make it mobile friendly, the steps below will help make things work out:

  • Avoid Flash or java
  • Keep the layout of the website simple
  • Also, use drop-down menus
  • You can also eliminate clutter by using a minimalistic design
  • Large fonts can remove the need to zoom in
  • Do not use pop-up windows as it encourages the visitors to return, which is better than one-time visitors.

Find out what surfers are searching for

You need to know what web surfers are searching for if you want to win a considerable amount of organic adult traffic. Take some time to research important search terms and be up to date about what people really want. You can get more traffic if you can add what people want to your website.

You can get a lot of free traffic to your website if the porn content can be accessed for free. Even if you offer paid contents on the website, the free contents will bring these paid contents to the notice of your visitors.

About 24% of porn visitors from Smartphone love to download the porn contents on their devices. Including downloadable materials on your porn site can also meet their needs and cause them to come back for more in the future.

About 69% of all the pay-per-view contents on the internet today come from pornography. You can serve the needs of those that want such a service via your porn website too to increase your traffic.

Study your target audience

A good understanding of your target audience can also help to increase traffic since it opens your eyes to how to satisfy the audience. You can get lots of site subscription from urban areas compared to rural areas. People in a household earning more than average income also record more subscription.

You can equally record higher subscription from an area having lots of 18 to 24 year-olds compared to others. People having undergraduate degrees also record more subscription. Understanding the target users helps you to generate the right content they find likable. This will encourage the potential visitor to pick your website above others.


The points mentioned above can help you to generate consistent traffic for your adult website so that you can start making a lot of money from it. Bear in mind that the income may not start flowing immediately, but will always come if you are consistent at generating traffic.

What Is Adult Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income without much intervention once you set up your affiliate business.

Adult affiliate marketers earned more than affiliate marketers in any other industry during the previous year. It’s simply an industry you can’t ignore. This article is all about answering the following answers:

  • What is adult affiliate marketing
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Examples of adult affiliate sites

What Is Adult Affiliate marketing?

Afiliate marketing is when an affiliate refers someone to the sponsor’s site and takes a commission if the referred customer buys something.

Affiliate marketing covers just about every kind of business you can imagine.

Adult affiliate marketing means promoting adult products like porn sites, webcam sites, sex toys and the like.

How Adult Affiliate Marketing Works?

The main reason most of people go into the adult industry is to make some money as an affiliate.

From all the ways you can make money, adult affiliate marketing is the easiest one. It has the following advantages:

Low start up costs: to get started you need only a hosting plan and a domain for your adult blog or website. You buy your domain with a one time payment of $12 and a hosting plan ill cost you $4-5 a month.

A full time income: You can make a full time income with adult affiliate marketing.

Very easy to get started: It’s very easy to start making money. You don’t need any special skills, just some comon sense in what would work in promotion. You only need a computer connected to internet.

You don’t need to create your own product. Affiliate marketing is based on promoting other people’s products. You don’t have to deal with shipping costs or hande customer support, the sponsor will deal with this.

The possibility to earn a lot of money. The nature of this business is cumulative, after you first set it up you can start focusing on promoting new products.

How to Get Started in Adult Affiliate Marketing?

To get started in affiliate marketing you need to create a website, which will be the core of your online business, it’s going to be the tool you will use to promote affiliate offers. There are different paths you can take, among them:

For these two business models, people will come to your site to watch free content and you are going to monetize your site through ads.

In this case you are going to monetize it from the memberships.

There are also other great business models you can use to make money in the adult industry, read more here.

Whatever path you choose, try to go for a niche website instead of a general website. A niche website is a website focused on a very specific porn sub-category. This way you can better beat the competition.

Before creating you site you need to determine how you are going to get traffic and what kind of traffic you are going to get and then determine kind of website that you want to create.

Then you go to a porn website and search for the work “webmaster” and sign up to their affiliate program. Or you can sign up on adult affilate networks like Crakrevenue, where you can find a lot of offers to promote and choose among them.

Chaturbate is another site you can promote and you can get your affiliate link after you sign up on your profile (that is the link you will use to refer people). You don’t need to get approved to start promoting Chaturbate, which Crakrevenue reviews your application and decides to approve you as an affiliate or now based on the quality of your website *which you will use to promote it)

How to Scale Your Mini-niche Website

Going for a niche adult website is easier than to go for a general porn website. Many times people ask if there are any limits to narrowing down a niche.

The question is: how do you find offers to promote for a very small niche?

Just because your niche is very narro, doens’t mean that your website needs to be to narrow. So, when skaling think about your audienca, not just about your niche. Think about who the people behind your niche are. If you go to a keyword tool and I do an alphabet soup technique, you can gather ideas about the niche.

As your niche grows, your ideas will expand. You want to gather some sales and some conversions and the longer you emerce yourself in your niche, the more ideas will come to your mind.

Companies which pay you for sign up

If you have adult traffic, you can consider promoting adult offers to make money. There are sites like Chaturbate, which pay you per free sign up.

How to Get More Leads on Sites Which Are free to Sign Up

I have promoted Chaturbate with ppc. I created a contact form briefly presenting the site and stating that it is free to sign up. A lot of people would. Another great way to promote Chaturbate is to create your own cam site with a sinmple script which automatically embeds live cam shows from it (and other cam sites) and from there lead people to Chaturbate.

Which Are the Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Programs?

There are a ton of good affiliate programs out there, you can find a lot of them on Crakrevenue.

In my experience, the best thing to do is to always be in search of the newest and popular affiliate offers. Even wehn an offer is good sometimes it gets saturated and earrnings are not as good as at the beginning. While new affiliate programs often offer higher commissions as an incetive to promote them.

Crackrevenue is introducing new offers all the time and their blog is great about finding information on the hottest affiliate offers of the moment. With experince you are going to understnad better which offers are the most profitable for you.

For me, the best offers to promote have been those of cam sites which perform better compared to other offers like dating offers, adult games, and membership porn sites.

How to Find Affiliate Marketers Who Sell Adult Products?

If you are in the business of adult products and you are seeking adult affiliate marketers to promote your adult products, I suggest trying clickbank.

A lof of affiliates go there to find products to promote and if they think that your product is going to be profitable they might give it a try.

You can also advertise on a jobs site for people who would be willing to promote your product for a pay.

Best WordPress Adult Themes in 2019

WordPress themes can increase the usability of your website. They can help increase the productivity of your website, and you can even try them for free on demo mode so that you can understand how they perform before putting your hard-earned money on them. With WordPress adult themes, you can start making money without having to code anything.

You can use the themes conveniently even if you know nothing about coding. The functionality of the themes is extendable, and they are cost effective. Some are available for free, but you will have to pay to access some other ones. In this write-up, we will consider some of the best performing adult themes on WordPress.


It is developed by WP-Script and will only cost you $49 for lifetime access (currently there is limitted promotional offer to buy it for half this price). It is programmed to deliver as expected by one of the best themes for adult sites WP-Scripts, a company that had been around for quite a while in the adult industry. The theme has recorded over 4000 active members and is installed on more than 18000 websites already.

This is an indication that this theme can be as effective as you want it to be. The theme is being updated on a regular basis, and the last one was updated just a couple of month ago. It loads fast and impressive. Some of the features are highlighted below:

  • KingTube gives you access to a free player for your self-hosted videos.
  • You can add your tracking link from the admin area also; this way, you can track your revenue effortlessly.
  • Additionally, the theme is highly responsive and can display perfectly on virtually any device, be it a mobile device, tablet or even desktop.
  • It will only cost you $49, and it comes with free lifetime updates; these ads lots of value to the theme.
  • It is acceptable and accessible globally.


XWPThemes develops this WordPress adult theme and it will only cost you $42.99. It loads very fast, and the loading would have completed after just 4 seconds! It equally has an overall great performance. Some other features that make it a reliable WordPress adult theme are highlighted below:

  • It features play icon, and this is where KingTube overtakes it. The theme would have done better with multiple thumbnails as this would have generated more clicks.
  • Be that as it may, it is also highly responsive with Bootstrap 3 technology
  • The regular cost of the theme is $79.99.
  • It equally comes with an import plugin, which will cost you a lot elsewhere. The plugin helps to populate your adult website with several videos
  • The theme can equally be used on numerous websites
  • ZingTube is acceptable and accessible globally also
  • It is very easy to use even by a newbie.

Aside from the absence of multiple thumbnails, the lack of consistent update is also giving end users some worries; the theme was last updated on December 2016. Aside from the update issue, the theme is also about the costliest WordPress adult themes around.


EasyTube is a brainchild of AdultWPThemes. It is also about the fastest adult themes you can ever come by; it only takes 2 seconds to load completely. However, this speed also depends on the speed of your internet connection. It will only require 1.5MB of disc space, and this has sufficiently improved the experiences of the end users.

Check below for some other features that make this theme to stand out:

  • It is built to take a page from social media so that the end users can either like or dislike its contents; this can improve engagement a lot. The “I feel lucky” button is yet another feature available on this theme, a feature taken directly from Google.
  • The theme features a Performers page dedicated to affiliates. This helps affiliates to categorize porn stars and videos easily.
  • The community-feel to this theme is one of the most outstanding features it possesses.
  • The theme is highly responsive; it can be accessed both on mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • The pricing is equally fair
  • What is more, EasyTube is globally appreciated, acceptable and accessible.

Be that as it may, the theme is not as flashy as several others in the same category. The formatting equally looks somewhat weird and not so pleasant to behold. Furthermore, the thumbnails are not as responsive as expected. It lacks Etag headers, and it does not load so beautifully on mobile devices.


Play is yet another WordPress adult theme developed by TubeAce. This adult theme will not cost you a dime. Are you just starting out as an adult affiliate and you need something to kickstart your adventure? This is about the best theme to install. It works for those on a lean budget and can deliver great value despite costing you nothing. Check below for some of the features that make this theme to stand out:

  • It is lightweight and, therefore, loads very fast.
  • It has several customization options, and it is easy to change any part to match your preferred visual style, be it background color, navigation bar options, sidebars, and content layouts or any other feature for that matter.
  • The theme is responsive and mobile-friendly. The videos can load very well on mobile devices, and it is 100% free.

One challenge, however, is that the page only serves scaled images most of the time and this will affect page ranking a lot. However, you can circumvent this challenge by importing videos that use optimized thumbs or creating your own thumbnails. Also, there is rarely any provision for support, which means you are on your own when you install this theme. Be that as it may, it is still one of the best themes for a newbie just starting out in the adult affiliate program.

What Is a Porn Directory and How to Build One?

A porn directory is a platform containing an assortment of porn websites or porn programs. If you are interested in the adult website as an affiliate, you can get various adult programs from porn directory and choose any that suits you. If you have a website where you promote adult programs, you can add any of the porn sites or porn programs from the porn directory to create an additional stream of income for yourself. 

The programs on the porn directories can generate a lot of income for you. The beautiful part of it is that you do not even have to make a sale to make some money; you can also generate income from the adult porn sites by simply sending traffic to the website. In the course of this write-up, we will further answer the question: what is a porn directory and also consider a couple of things you need to know so that you can start making cool and consistent revenue from porn programs.

What can you find in a porn directory?

Porn directories have a list of porn programs that you can make a lot of money from, and each of them has its specific methods of generating income, like DOI and Revenue Share. The directory will also provide links to each of the porn programs or porn websites so that you can register for those porn programs and start making money without much ado.   Some of the porn directories are classified according to their niches so that the visitor can pick the particular niche he prefers among them all.

Porn directories do not only lead to porn videos but can also contain information about websites where you can find porn pictures, live webcams, porn-related blogs and so on, depending on how detailed that porn directory is.



Who can benefit from porn directory?

Are you a diehard porn lover and you need information about porn sites; that is, where you can get fresh porn contents to divulge? Then you can visit porn directories for the information you seek. Are you a porn affiliate already and you need top performing porn websites that you can link to your adult website to generate an extra source of income? A porn directory is the best place to get such programs. 

If you are a newbie planning to go into the porn affiliate program, porn directories are also the best places to start. Virtually all the porn-related programs or websites you post there will pay you for advertising them. 

All you need to do is to visit as many of the porn websites listed on the porn directory as possible, register an account, receive a promotion code or material and start promoting. The amount of money you can make by promoting each of the porn programs differ one from another.

Before you promote any of the websites or programs listed in the porn directory, you should investigate that program and also determine if promoting it is worth your time. There are so many of them to choose from. If any particular adult program does not offer what you expect, simply forget about it and choose another; that is the beauty of a porn directory; it makes everything available to you at your fingertip and also avails you the opportunity of choosing among so many options.

Crakrevenue is one of the best adult affiliate networks out there out there, and we will show you a couple of things that make the website one of the best out there. It has hundreds of adult offers to promote.

Crakrevenue overview

Crakrevenue is among the best CPA marketing website out there today. The website has won numerous awards over the years. Over the past few years, this website has been named severally along the top 10 CPA networks. 

The website is open to both those who want to advertise their adult website and those who want to work as affiliates to promote that particular adult products or websites. The website had been here for more than ten years and had garnered adequate experience over the years to provide the best service perfectly befitting both affiliates and advertisers. To date, Crakrevenue can boast of over 25,000 marketers with the activities of the marketers generating about $40 million annually.  

The website remains the oldest among all the CPA networks in the adult industry, and it is trusted globally.  

Furthermore, Crakrevenue has a team of technical experts, who are proficient in their effort to connect both the Publishers and the Advertisers without any hitch whatsoever. They have several Advertisers on their directory so that the affiliate can have access to varieties. There is no better place to form long-term business bidding than here on Crakrevenue. 


Outstanding features

Some of the features that set Crakrevenue apart from the others are highlighted below      

  • Lots of impressive offers on a daily basis
  • A great platform for all advertisers
  • Easily accessed stats and reporting
  • Fully responsive, user-friendly website
  • Targeted and filtered traffic for the adult programs being advertised
  • Automated conversions and budget cappings ensure that you do not empty your bank account on advertising 
  • A highly proficient team, who consistently manage the platform
  • Crakrevenue has recorded over 20 awards over its 10-year existence in CPA marketing

Crakrevenue also provides different payment methods, but it does not support Payoneer payment method. Apart from that, you will never experience any problem when working with Crakrevenue as an affiliate in the adult industry or as an Advertiser. Non-availability of a Payoneer payment method cannot in any way hamper your ability to receive your revenues since there are several other methods via which you can receive your payment.


You will find Crakrevenue to be one of the best adult networks out there no doubt; a look at the number of awards the platform has successfully accumulated over the years will convince you about this. Bear in mind that it is also one of the top 10 CPA networks on earth today. So, you will be in good hands when you partner with this porn directory, either as an Advertiser or a Publisher. 

The platform equally provides the advertisers with several offers daily, with each of the offers having a very high potential to convert. 

Latest Hot Sex Toys and Some Extreme Adult Sex Toys

There are so many benefits associated with the use of sex toys and virtually all categories of women, whether committed to a relationship or a single, can use it. Sex toys are of different types too. It is left to you to choose any that suits your purpose among them all. 

Sex toys will give you access to constant sexual pleasure any time you like, be it in the morning afternoon or night. You will rarely need to have your boyfriend around to experience sexual pleasure once you have your sex toys handy. Studies have also shown that extreme adult sex toys can boost your sexual performance as nothing else could. 

It makes you more active in bed and gives your lover a wonderful sexual experience. You may not believe it, but the use of sex toys can improve your sexual relationship since it can boost your libido. Studies also show that sex toys can improve your mental health, as well as prevent several sexually transmitted diseases. 

In this write-up, you will learn about the latest hot sex toys. We will also make mention of some extreme ones among them.

Squish vibration

This is one of the top sex toys around today. It is intuitive and tends to get stronger as you squeeze it. As a result, there will never be any need of ever fumbling with buttons. The vibrator has five inbuilt modes and also waterproof. It is rechargeable and cute to boot, aside from being quiet so that no one will know that you are using it.


Fin Finger Vibrator

It is as silicone tether and can be used during sex without any of those uncomfortable angling.  It has a one-button design and can be used in a breeze.  It has both a hard and soft sides for pointed against diffused vibrations.

Le Wand petite

This is a relatively new kind of vibrator. It is smaller in size than many other types available today and can be recharged. It is travel-friendly, and you can take it with you everywhere you go. Anyone in love with wand-style vibrators will find this one interesting. It is soft, and the head is made of silicone. The vibration can also occur over a large area.  It is, therefore, one of the best tools to achieve clitoral orgasms.

Pixie Vibrator

This is among the most affordable vibrators around; it goes for less than $40.  The beauty of it is that you will get top value from it, despite being affordable. A battery powers it, and it is splashproof.  It is rechargeable and waterproof.  The FDA approves the silicone covering the head.   It has a travel case in which you can pack it conveniently.  It equally has dual tips that can conveniently hug the clitoris and give you maximum pleasure.

Lelo Mia

This sex tool is relatively costly, but it will give you top value for money. In appearance, the vibrator looks more like a lip gloss or mascara than a sex toy.  Its under-the-radar appearance does not stop it from being effective.  It is also rechargeable and never lacks the power to give you the most intense sexual excitements you have always desired.  The flat side is pinpointed, and it comes with six settings, which ensures that the end user will always find the perfect sweet spot. After uncapping the toy, you will find a USB stick in it to enable easy charging while on the go. As a result, you will never have to worry about lost cards anymore.

Symphony Wand

The wand looks somewhat strange in appearance. Its curved handle is designed expertly to ensure optimal comfort while using it.  It looks smaller than the common type of wand, and it is, therefore, perfect for traveling.  It has a handle that makes it seamless for use with its head pointing upward or down, depending on what you want.

California Dreaming Malibu Minx

The vibrator is rabbit-like in its styling and has a vibrating internal component and clitoral attachment using suction for simulating cunnilingus. If you need something better than a suction vibe, this is about the best tool to opt for.  It will also work perfectly for those who want to change their taste from regs rabbit collection.

Lelo Tor 2 Penis Ring

Penis ring is also one of the popular sex toys around, though many fail to see it as such. This type is not like the run of the mill kind of penis ring.  The main material used is silky silicone. It will equally vibrate to give the man clitoral stimulation while having sex with the woman.  It can be worn with the vibrator on top or can be worn on the bottom of the shaft for various sensations.  The vibrator is rechargeable and comes with six in-built settings. It is equally waterproof.   

Cal Exotics Mini Marvels Massager

It is a rechargeable vibrator designed to fit between your fingers, and it gives a seamless experience at all times.  It comes in ten different vibration patterns and very easy to use.  This is about the best vibrator to buy if you are looking for a discreet vibrator; you will be the only one to know what it really is.

Lelo Hula Beads

You may not get much benefit from the use of the normal Ben Wa balls, but this type will rotate in its silicone casing as it vibrates.  You can customize it easily, especially after you have become conversant with the pre-programmed pleasure settings, which are eight in number.

We-vibe touch

This vibrator is made to fit in your palm, and the flexible silicone tip will nestle against your clitoris and labia. The tip is very powerful and produces strong vibrations. It is equally adequately slim to fit-in while having sex with your partner.  It is among the best couple vibrators around.


You can go for any of the sex toys described above when looking for the latest designs among sex toys. Some of them may look strange and extreme, but they will prove to be the perfect tool for excitement and sexual pleasure.  They are all made to give you top value for money.                   



Is It Better to Be a Webcam Model or Create Your Own Website?

If you want to go into the porn industry, you may be confused about whether to be a webcam model or to start your own website. In this write-up, we will give you an overview of what it means to work as a webcam model and the benefits of owning an adult website of your own. We will then leave you to decide on which of the two you want to go into in the bid to make some money from the adult industry.

It’s important to create your own cam site when you become a popular cam girl, as you will make a better pay this way. Working on a cam site you can profit from the large audience and free promotion on the site, but owning your own cam site has bigger rewards.

Imagine getting all the money that your viewers pay to watch your shows, that would be huge money! And imagine also hiring other models to work on your site and making money from their shows too. And if you still are not ready for that, it’s important to at least be associated with the most popular cam sites with the most traffic so you could make good money.

Who Is a Webcam Model?

A webcam model is considered by many to be a porn star. However, she is more than that. You may not believe it, but most of the money the popular webcam models out there are making does not come from their cam times.

A webcam model spends her time talking to others, making new friends and generally catering to the loneliness needs of others. A webcam model is not just there to take off her clothe and moan hysterically while playing with herself; she does more than that. She takes time to chat with the audience and get to know them.

She can use the opportunity to know their preferences and also discover what item or service they may be interested in. The client, after interacting with the model, will see her picture, relate with her and also buy items from her, which is one of the fastest ways for a webcam model to make money.

What is your purpose as a webcam model? You are expected to make the experience of your users or audience come to life. You are expected to connect with them, make them laugh and even become their friends.

And yes, these people will have strange needs on frequent occasions; you are equally expected to cater to these needs.  These clients may want you to do some things sometimes that you may not be comfortable with, like peeling off your clothes while they watch and playing with yourself.

They will be paying for your service, anyway; so, why not simply oblige them. You should be ready to do it to the best of your ability.

Website ownership

As a porn website owner, all you have to do is to post steaming hot videos or pictures that are sexually explicit on your website. If you have a website, your visitor or clients will only have access to your images and videos. They will rarely have access to a real life entertainment that can be offered as a webcam model.

However, you can still give them real-life entertainment if you also offer webcam services on your website. Many of the adult websites out there now run webcam services on their websites. You too can add this to your adult website so that you can run both successfully.

Such an effort will help you to make money on both sides, which is a good thing. You can learn more about how to make money in the  adult business here.

The right tool to set the ball rolling

The right tool to use to start a profitable career as a webcam model is none other than xModel. Check below for more details about this unique tool.

What is xModel?

is a unique script just perfect for a model to start her paid membership site. It is a CMS very easy to use and works for all categories of people, like internet models, cam girls, and porn stars. The installation is straightforward, and it can start running in no time.

The script will give you access to amazing monetization channels, member customization options, and fast live streaming.  You will have access to some of the most popular paid membership features in this software. It also gives you access to multiple payment gateways so that you can be paid for your services easily.

The script gives you the ability to sell tokens, videos, physical products, and even membership tiers.

Summary of its features

Check below for some of its many features

  • Access to multiple payment gateways
  • Calendar events
  • Custom blog modules and customizable CMS. As a result, you can easily control it, irrespective of how little your knowledge about website and programming is.
  • Social feed integration
  • Live webcam streaming using a virtual token system
  • E-commerce store integration. It is robust and helps you to sell both digital and physical products to help generate more revenue.
  • Paid membership subscription options
  • It features a reliable and fast streaming technology
  • It is search engine optimized so that your website can receive a large number of free traffic from popular search engines
  • The program is fully responsive also. It is designed especially for mobile devices. You can access it via desktop computers, tablet, and other mobile devices.
  • The program also supports all kinds of video formats, whatever that may be.
  • Amazon S3 integration enables you to host your videos and images on Amazon S3.

How to Build a Porn Site with Lots of Features and Monetization Models

How to Build a Porn Site

Starting a porn business is no different than another business. It certainly is a way to make lots of money but you need to know what you are doing and you need proper guidance. That’s why I created my website with the purpose of helping other people succeed in the adult industry.

First of all, even that there is a lot of free porn online, there are people who pay for porn and there are a lot of opportunities to make money in the adult industry.

Why Do People Pay for Porn

After you create your porn site there is huge potential to make money from it with affiliate marketing.YY

You don’t need to be a developer to create a porn site. These days it’s very easy to build a porn site with ready made porn scripts. Use a script called xStreamer by Once the site is ready the script has the option to mass embed videos from third parties.

Yes, I am saying that you can make a site like PornHub and make money.

How Does This Affiliate Thing Work?

In case you don’t know you can create a free porn site which you can populate with videos from the biggest tube sites and place ads on your site. When you place ads on your site you put on their code your affiliate link. And everytime someone buys a subscription to a membership site or registers in a cam site or whatever you are promoting, you are going to get a commission.

How Much Traffic and How Much Revenue Do I Generate from One Site

I own one site built with xMember and one tube site and I am making money from both of them. Even thought the tube site is free, I make money from the ads displayed on it. I also run e can site built with the Roboscript, which displays live cam girls from the biggest cam sites directly on my site. Traffic is huge considering that I did nothing to promote it.

You can make from $1 to $15,000 a month from a porn site depending on a lot of factors, among them traffic being the most important one.

Getting traffic to your site is going to be the most difficult part. You can buy traffic (expensive) or you can choose a niche which is less explored so Google is going to rank your material on top as the most relevant to the specific searches.

Recommended read: Why Is It Important to Choose a Niche?

Here are 10 free ways to promote your porn site

How Expensive Is It to Run a Porn Site?

First of all, it depends from the kind of site you are talking about, there are a lot of directinons you can take in the adult industry.

You can create a cam site with just than $100, you can create an adult tube site with a very little cost too. Just one advice from me: never choose a business which has a lof of reocurring costs, except maybe from the hositng plan cost.

How to Make Money in Porn

The pornographic industry is a money spinner any day; it had been so for decades and still as viable as it had ever been. In fact, the internet has further contributed to that popularity, thereby widening the scope of the industry and also creating more money-making opportunities. In those days, the porn industry was limited to contract girls and DVDs. The story has changed these days, and the opportunity to make money from porn has also increased.  Are you looking for how to make money online and have tried several methods to no avail? It is high time you gave the porn industry a try; it will prove to be one of the best investment plans you have ever tried your hands on. You will learn below how to make money in porn.

Make money as a model

One of the ways to make money from the porn industry is by being a porn model.  As a female model, you can make up to 350 pounds per shoot if you are working in the UK; your earning can go as high as high as $10,000 per week if you work as a porn model in the US, depending on how many porn movies you feature in. Competition is rife these days, however, and the earning chance as a model has reduced to an extent. Even at that, you can still make some cool cash on a regular basis as a porn model. As an aspiring porn model, you should not think those porn movies you shoot will make you rich overnight; it does not happen like that; at least, not anymore.

Premium content

It is true that many porn site contents are available for free, but the fact remains that many individuals will do anything to have access to premium porn contents, including paying top dollars for those contents. You can set up your porn website to bill visitors a token to access premium contents, and this is an excellent way to make some cool money from porn websites. The premium content can be available based on periodic subscription or pay per video, depending on the type of visitors you get.   When advertising premium porn contents on your porn site, make sure it is presented irresistibly so that the visitors can be encouraged to click and pay. Make them feel like the premium content offers more than they can ever bargain for so that you can win them over and make sales.

Video Ads

If you have a tube site, you can place video ads on it to attract your visitors to click. And yes, you will get paid for every lead you generate via those ads placed on your porn website. The advertisement can appear on top of the website, below the website directly under the porn video on that page on even on the video. Wherever the video ad is placed, it is a sure money spinner and can help you make some money. One downside is that the visitors can decide to close the ad. However, some can still click on it if the display is irresistible.  At times, the ads are placed in such a way to confuse the viewer, who will then think the video ad is the original video they want to watch, thereby deceiving them into clicking the ad.

Affiliate Ads

Porn sites have targeted visitors, which is why affiliate marketing is very popular here.  These porn sites have very good demographics base and know the kind of visitors they will get. All that the advertisers have to do is to place affiliate ads close to the videos and pray that the visitor will be tempted to click on them. At times, the visitors can even click on these ads by mistake.

You can get paid in affiliate ads via three methods, which are:

  • Per order payout, in which you can earn up to 70% of the cost of that product or service per sale.
  • Percentage program, in which you will earn based on the number of traffic you send to the affiliate program
  • Per-click program, in which you will

PPS Program

This is yet another way to make money from your porn site.  PPS stands for Pay Per Sale, which means you will be paid a certain percentage commission for every sale generated through your affiliate link on the porn site.  The commission can go as high as 70 to 75% of the cost price.

Other methods via which you can make some cool money from your adult website are:

  • Live webcams
  • Online dating program
  • Online porn games
  • Fusion marketing
  • Credit card tactics
  • Embed videos on sites
  • PPC and CPM
  • Donation
  • Image hosting and file hosting
  • Content locker or content gateway
  • Short URLs

All in one program is the one-stop-shop for those who want to make some serious money from porn sites. The company has several adult-site related programs all capable of transforming your adult site to a money-spinning platform. If you have not even started that adult platform and do not know how to go about it, the various programs offered by can hold you by the hand and lead you through the challenging paths of building a money-spinning adult website from scratch.

If you want to build porn sites like XVideos, PornHub, YouPorn and so on, has specific software programs developed for this purpose. The programs can help you to kick start the entire process, and you can start rolling in cash in no time. The company provides one of the best customer care services available. They will stand with you every step of the way from the beginning until your adult website begins to yield a consistent profit.

What is more, the programs on sale here are highly affordable and will not put a hole in your pocket; this is one unique feature that makes this company stand out from others.  The various programs on sale have been tested and found to be reliable. The company has also built an impressive reputation over the years, a reputation that they will do anything to protect. Visit their website
to find out more.