What Is The Best Way to Sell Porn Videos

sell porn videos

You can make money by selling porn videos. The selling process is even a lot easier than ever, thanks to technological advancement; the advancement gives you an opportunity to sell porn videos and make some cool money without much stress. All you have to do is to make the videos, sell them and smile to the bank.

In this write-up, we will enlighten you about how you can sell your porn videos and make cool cash on a regular basis without much stress.

How much money can I make by selling my porn videos?

One cannot give an actual figure. This is because several factors can determine how much the porn video is actually worth and how much-interested individuals will like to pay for it. The following factors will determine how much you can make from your porn videos.

  • Your followership: The numbers of social media followers you have can determine how much you end up making from selling porn videos. Are you an established adult model or camgirl and already have a relatively big following? Then making a lot of money from your porn videos will not be difficult for you
  • How many websites are you registered on: The number of websites you have signed upon can equally determine how much you can make from you porn videos. The amount you can make increases as the number of websites on which you have an account increase. Bear in mind, however, that the amount you can charge for your videos depends on what is feasible on that particular website.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: The effectiveness of your marketing strategy can equally determine how much you can make from your porn video; The number of sales increases as traffic increases.

What do you need to start making or selling porn videos?

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old: Younger persons are not qualified to make or sell porn videos; everyone featured in your porn video must also be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Camera: Aside from the age requirement, you also need a camera to shoot the porn video. You can equally use your mobile phone camera for the purpose if you are just starting out.
  • Internet-enabled computer: aside from the above, you will equally need a computer connected to the interment to make the porn video.

How to sell your porn videos

You can sell porn videos by following either of the two methods below:

  • Sell the video as a webcam model
  • Create your own porn website where to sell your porn videos

Which of the two methods above produces the better result? Space may not permit us to go into details in that regard, but you can check here
for detailed information about the better one for you.

Sell porn video as a webcam model

Below, we will open your eyes to some of the places where you can make money from your porn videos as a webcam model:

  • Chaturbate: This is a great place for webcam models to make money from their porn videos. You can make between $5k and $10k per month as a webcam model on this platform. Aside from working as a webcam girl here, you can equally sell pre-recorded porn videos here.
  • Bongacams: This is yet another recommended site to sell your porn videos. It is equally easy to sell your porn videos here.
  • MyGirlVids: This website is relatively new, but growing in popularity by the day. The features are amazing, and it features fingerprint technology to enable easy removal of stolen contents. The payout is equally excellent here
  • Sidedaddy: This website is also gaining a lot of popularity
  • ManyVids: There are thousands of customers ready to buy your adult videos here.

Create your own adult website

This is yet another method to make some cool money by selling your porn videos. Unlike the first method described above, this method requires that you start from scratch and build the website up. It may take some time to complete, but the profit is sure if you do things right. Before the profit can start coming, you have to put in some work.

You can also get a couple of tools to make the entire process a lot easier for you. One of such tools is xAggregate, which is one of the most outstanding tools for generating a lot of traffic for a porn site. What are the features that make xAggregate one of the best tools for selling your porn videos online will be discussed in this section of the write-up.

How effective is xAggregate

xAggregate makes it very easy to add your porn videos to your adult website. The script is even preinstalled with many videos numbering in thousands so that you can start making money instantly from your porn website. The video can equally generate thousands of visitors for your porn website every month so that you can start making a lot of money on a regular basis.

xAggregate comes with an easy to understand administration panel, which is highly intuitive and enables you to add more than 24 porn tube sites. The porn videos you add using this script can also be optimized for search engines since the script comes with integrated SEO tools. Some of the many features are highlighted below:

  • It can handle massive traffic
  • The admin panel is robust
  • The frontend template is also highly responsive
  • You can access over 24 video sources so that fresh contents will always populate your adult website on a regular basis
  • It equally comes with lots of ad banner slots where you can sell ad space and make extra income from your adult website.
  • The easy analytics makes it possible to track the clicks on your website and filter such clicks by categories
  • The website is built to auto-populate your website
  • The CMS can also be customized
  • Video import from other sources can be done very fast
  • The search filter is equally advanced


The tips provided above will help you to make money on your adult website. You can either go into it as a camgirl, or you can start your own website where you can sell your porn videos. If you are confused about which method to adopt, you can find additional information here
to guide you.

Adult Affiliate List of Scams

adult affiliate scams

I thought it would be nice to create a list of companies in the adult niche which are scams and won’t pay their affiliates or cheat them so that newcommers will know which companies to avoid while promoting online.

Naughty Revenue

I will start this list with Naughty Revenue. They have a couple of sites which have great content from Naughty America, but the problem is that they don’t pay their affiliates. I have made about $5,000 with them since 2018 and still haven’t been paid even after contacting the support.

And after doing some research I discovered that I’m not an isolated case. In fact I’m in contact with one affiliate who has made five figures with them and still hasn’t been paid. It’s a shame that they don’t pay their affiliates because they convert very well with my traffic. But, you don’t want to work with them, trust me.

They used to be a great sponsor in the past, but not anymore. I’m tired of their support telling me every month that I’m going to get paid, but it never happens. If you work with them keep in mind that you might not see a dime from your earnings.


Another adult scam is Sextronix. There’s clear evidence that they are fucking with their affiliates by deleting your affiliate cookies so that you will not get credit for the referrals that you bring them:



Think twice before starting to work with them. They will give you credit for the first sales but fuck you big time after that. And there are also people who haven’t got paid at all from them.

Cryptocurrency mining on your sites

Be careful in this area too, because there are some companies who scam their affiliates. I have heard that they close accounts when affiliates ask for payment.

Also, your site is going to be masked as malaware by most virus scans, so your visitors are going to receive a warning before visiting your site. Also Google and some other site engines will blacklist your domain for cryptocurrency mining.


There are some in fact positive reviews about WP-script, but I doubt that they are fake reviews and the people writing them are affiliates in some way with the company itself. From my perspective, my experience has been bad with this company.

If anyone of you has had a bad experience with some of the adult companies, please share it in this post so that it can help others identify the scams 🙂

What Is Adult Affiliate Marketing?

adult affiliate marketing

What is adult affiliate marketing? Adult affiliate marketing is a form of marketing based on performance in adult program promotion or marketing; that is, the marketer gets paid for the traffic that he has been able to drive to the particular adult product being promoted or for the number of sales he had been able to generate via his unique adult affiliate link.

There are four major players in adult affiliate marketing, and these are highlighted below:

  • The customer, who is the focus of the affiliate marketing effort
  • The publisher, who is also called the affiliate
  • The network, which contains various offers for the publisher or affiliate to make his choice among them. The network is equally responsible for handling the sales process and the payments.
  • The merchant, who is also referred to as the brand or the retailer. He owns the product being advertised or marketed by the affiliate.

Over the years, the affiliate marketing process has become more complex than before, and this has led to the emergence of players in the second tier into the affiliate marketing industry; these secondary players include specialized third-party vendors, super-affiliate and affiliate management agencies. Despite the complexity, affiliate marketing remains one of the best ways to make money out there today.

An affiliate marketer can get the words out using various marketing tools or methods. Some of the commonly used methods are highlighted below:

Some affiliate marketers also use a less orthodox method involving publishing reviews about the product or service being advertised.

Some top performance affiliate products

If you are interested in adult affiliate marketing, some of the best adult affiliate programs you can market are:

We will focus on what you stand to benefit by marketing each of these adult programs

Crakrevenue affiliate program

Crakrevenue offers one of the most popular adult contents online today, and you can promote these contents to make some money for yourself.  As an affiliate on Crakrevenue, you can access over 1000 offers, with each of them having the capability to make you rich fast if you adopt the right marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is at different stages here a Crakrevenue. We will show you the various stages or categories below and their features:

Active affiliate

  • Lifetime referral program that pays $5
  • Hundreds of offers, as well as, the most popular brands available on the Crakrevenue
  • Help desk

VIP Affiliate

  • Annual 3 days Payout Bump
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • One-Month referral Bump (10%)
  • Exclusive offers
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

Elite club

  • Memorable Christmas gift
  • Annual 10 days Payout Bump
  • One-Month referral Bump of 20%

If you ever encounter any challenge while promoting any of the adult affiliate programs on Crakrevenue, you can always get in touch with the customer care agents and any member of the affiliate management team, who can guide you on how to make headway promising Crakrevenue adult programs.

Some of the features that make Crakrevenue affiliate programs to stand out are highlighted below:

  • Better reporting
  • Hundreds of top offers with each of them having high converting capability thanks to their customized landing pages and tours
  • Fully responsive  affiliate platform
  • Self-service opportunity for easy management of the affiliate program.

Crakrevenue is one of the 20 best CPA networks in the world today. The platform has also won the best overall company of the year twice, as well as best, affiliate program award three times. It had been around for 5 years now and had won up to 20 international awards over these years.

You can get more information about Crakrevenue and kick start your affiliate wealth here.

Chaturbate affiliate program

Chaturbate is one of the leading adult websites out there today, and the affiliate program is also one of the best you can ever find around. The registration process is straightforward; you do not even need to provide an email address or credit card detail to register. What is more, the same account qualifies you as both a member and an affiliate.

You also do not have to pay a dime to view any of the models on this platform as they do their thing. Some of the programs you can promote as an affiliate on chaturbate are highlighted below:

  • Trans cams
  • Couple cams
  • Male cams
  • Female cams
  • Teen cams
  • And so on

The live cams available for promotion here are categorized into different age groups, from 18 to 50 and above. You can also search webcams here according to regions, like North American cams, South American cams, euro Russia cams, and even Asian cams. Do you prefer group show cams or private show cams? You can make a lot of money by promoting any of these cams on Chaturbate.

As an affiliate, you will be paid $1 per referral or free signup. The referred person does not even have to verify his email address before you get paid.

Aside from the $1 you earn per referral, you can equally earn via the methods described below:

  • 20% rev-share, which will be paid on all the token that your referrals purchase
  • The $1 referral prize described above will be paid on tier 1 signup via your referral link. You will receive 0.10 on every Tier 2 signups, and it reduces to $0.01 on every Tier 3 signups.
  • Every registered end user will receive $50 after earning up to $20 by broadcasting on Chaturbate you do not need a link code to benefit from this.
  • You can equally earn some money on Chaturbate from webmasters, in which you will be paid 5% rev-share on every new referral from you. You also do not need a special link code to earn via this method. You will be paid once a webmaster signs up via any referral link.

You can get more information about Chaturbate and how to kick start your affiliate program on this website here.

Adent to the rescue

Adent contains a huge number of tools with which you can kick start your adult marketing business. If you want to start an adult site of any kind, adent.io is the best place to visit for the right set of scripts for the business. The scripts available here will reduce the stress of building the business from scratch and give you a head start so that you can start smiling to the bank without delay. Some of the scripts available here are:

  • xMarketplace for building adult toys website
  • xStreamer for bridling a porn video streaming website
  • etc.

You can check the home page to learn more about the various scripts available here.