A Powerful and Very Easy Tube Site Script to Run Your Own Tube Site and Make Money

Searching for a powerful and easy to use tube site script? xStreamer is the tool that I’ve been using.

In the verge of starting my adult tube site I did a lot of research to find the best adult tube script and I it was then when I came across xStreamer. I finally found a script with was properly coded.

I think the main reason for choosing xStreamer is their customer service. When I first started my adult tube site I needed a lot of help and a lot of questions to be answered.

Here are some of its features:

  • xStreamer supports a wide range of streaming servers
  • Your site will be fully responsive and look good on any device
  • Easily customizable. It is made with Laravel Framework, the code is clear and it’s easy for everyone with basic programming knowledge to make customizations
  • It allows your users to upload multiple video formats.
  • xStreamer allows you to bulk upload videos from the admin panel. More videos mean more traffic
  • Video preview: xStreamer creates multiple video thumbnails and rotates them when visitors put the cursor to the video. So visitors can preview a video before watching it just like on the most popular porn sites.
  • XStreamer has the CCBill built in and you can use other payment gateways as add-ons.
  • Search Engine Optimized. You don’t need to even know anything about SEO, the script is already SEO optimized which means that it will be easier to get your videos indexed on Google.
  • Integrated subscription based membership which will allow users to sign up and download videos.
  • High definition and mobile supported videos.
  • User engagement tools. The users will be able to comment and create profiles on the site.
  • Upload progress. There’s nothing more draining than not knowing how long your video is going to take to upload.

One on One Private Coaching to make passive income through a porn site

It is very easy to make money with xStreamer. It is the secret for launching many tube sites.

xStreamer is a ready-made script with which you can kick start your business in a day.

How to run your porn site from home?

If you ask me in which porn business you can make the most money I would say to choose a niche in porn (ex. amateur porn).

After building your site the most important part is magnetization.

Here are the ways you can monetize your site:

  • Pre-roll and post-rool video ads
  • In-video text ads
  • Banner ads space
  • Promoting premium memberships of porn sites

How Much Does xStreamer Cost?

tube site script

xStreamer is one of the most affordable software which you can get at $199.

Yes, with just $199 you can make your youporn.com or pornhub.com.

xStreamer was first launched on November 2015 and a lot of people use it since then.

It uses the Laravel PHP Framework technology and Nginx RTMP for video streaming. Can you really own a porn site like YouPorn for $199? Yes, you can. Read my full xStreamer review here.

What software do porn sites generally use?

The number of porn sites has been growing very fast in the recent years. Probably because everyone knows that there is money to be made in the adult industry. However, only a few of them are getting the majority of the traffic.

Top 4 Adult Tube Scripts

The scope of a porn site is to provide visitors with relevant content to what they are looking for so that they will come back to the site.

A considerable amount of adult sites are using xStreamer by Adent. Xwpthemes.com is another adult scripts company which has been growing in popularity during the part 4 years.

Created by Adent.io – What Is Adent.io?

Adent.io is a company which creates website scripts for the adult industry. Its products vary from a tube site script (which is xStreame) to a sex toy e-commerce script, adult aggregate site, a script for creating a site like Pinterest for the adult industry, a cam site script. You can check my full Adent.io review here to get a better understanding of their products.

Or you can directly visit their website: adent.io

What Makes Adent Scripts Unique?

First of all, they are all 100% open source.

This means that if you need to make major changes to your site, you can make them yourself or hire a developer to make them for you. You are not going to be dependent on the updates from the company which produced the script.

There is a commitment to quality in all their scripts. Their technology is powerful and scalable and in the same time, they make it possible to create adult sites which can be run by anyone because they are easy to use. Moreover, all their scripts, including xStreamer come with app versions of them available for Android and IOS.

Adent products come with a one time payment, no recurring cost, you only pay for what you get for. And when they update the script, you get access automatically to the latest version, even after you have bought a previous version in the past.

There is also no set fee and no installations cost. And a support agent will be available to you 24/7.

You can also visit their support portal for any questions you might have, like this one for example: How to Set Up Multi-language System

If you want t o create an adult site, but you don’t know anything about the technology, let them handle that part. They provide frequent updates of their scripts with the latest features and make them easy to use for everyone. They even offer a one-on-one Skype session and a course to teach you everything you need to know about monetizing your site. I have taken that course myself and I have to say it was very valuable.

The PowerPoint presentation also complemented the material. Implementing the methods learned in the course was easy, the course was presented in a timely manner and nothing was left out.

The course was through and very specific to the industry. I like the way of teaching step-by-step of everything I need to do to see results and it paid off.

>> My Full Adent.io Review >>

Adent scripts are also very affordable and in my opinion it breaks the myth that affordable products are not very good.

I have a site with xStreamer and I am plan to start other sites using the Adent scripts in the future. The products are very user friendly, I would give Adent 5 stars to anyone.

They have answered every ticked that I opened to the support team and they have also suggested ideas how to make my site better.

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