Adult Niche Site vs General Tube Site: Which One is Better?

When they are starting out with an adult website, a lot of affiliate marketers ask themselves if they should start a general adult site or one in a specific niche (like milf, bbw etc) and this question does not have a simple answer. I will speak from my experience of over a decade in this industry here.

And I will show you my conclusion about this topic. I will also talk about my mistakes.

What is an Adult Niche Site?

From the dictionary reference, a niche is a specialized market. But does this definition help a webmaster with their decision? What it basically means is that if you want to go niche you need to be more specific, like for example, most of the time people who are looking to watch porn online don’t just search the word “porn”, they might search something more specific about what they would like to see.

While a lot of porn searches like to see pictures and videos of naked girls, some of them like to see something more specific or unusual and that is a niche.

The challenge here, for you as a marketer, is to find out the right level of how specific you are going to go. For example, there is straight porn, gay porn, hardcore porn and soft core porn but ya niche is more specific than that. And why you would go after a niche? Because it would be easier to attract visitors who are really into your content compared to attracting someone to watch general porn.

Examples of niches are endless, because people’s sexual fetishes are endless. People have very different tastes when it comes to the sexual stuff.

Some like particular body parts, others like to watch lesbians making out and so-and-so on.

What is a General Tube Site?

An adult niche site basically is a site which includes different categories of porn like for example PornHub or xvideos, they are not specifically directed to a niche.

The basically cover all kinds of porn categories.

General Tube Site vs Adult Niche Site

It would clearly be easier to get sales in a more specific niche and not face the competition with the big porn sites in the industry.

A little research on what in specific a group of people might like, will produce for you some very good results in the end. How difficult it would be to do they same thing others are doing and still get sales? It would say it’s a lost battle for a newbie.

Moreover, this will also give you repetitive visits, the same people will go to your site every day because they are interested in that specific niche.

Also, your conversions will be better with less content compared to a general tube site. For example, my shemale blog, generates a lot of sales even that it has very little traffic. My conversion rate for that site is 1:40, not even close to my general tube sites.

With a niche site you are going to get more traffic sooner after you start. So, my conclusion is very clear here, I absolutely suggest you to start a niche site, but one aspect that I want to cover here is that it would be better if you would be interested to the niche you are promoting. You could know better your customers and you would never run out of content ideas.

If you don’t have interest in your niche, it will require a lot more motivation to keep working with it and you might get distracted by something else very soon.

The Mistakes that I’ve Made

The biggest mistake that I have made when I just started out with adult marketing was going for a general tube site. I was advised to go for something I would be interested in personally, like I stated before. But my interest was too general and the topic was very competitive, so my chances to get the rewards for my very hard work were very slim. Having an interest to your niche is still important, but it needs to be specific enough in order to see results for your efforts.

Then I analyzed my results and concluded that a big part of my efforts were being wasted, I decided to focus only on they type of content which was more effective for me.

I lost a lot of time and money because of this mistake, but I have learned my lesson. Now I have several successful niche sites and I am earning pretty well. So, my advice is to go:

  1. Niche
  2. After something you are interested in

Build Your Niche Site

There are endless niche topics out there, and endless people interested in them.

There are people who like electricity shocks, people who like to wear like anime, even poly play, Google that ;). Crazy stuff!

A micro niche is just a niche which has fewer people who are after that, but still enough for you to make profits.

It can really be anything you want it to be. You could search for unusual sexual practiced on the Internet, just do some research. Type on Google: a keyword + porn and see what will come up.

Just go after something which will make your site stand out.

Now I have created a tutorial on how to start an adult site, you can find it here:

How to Make a Free Porn Site

And after you create it, remember to be consistent to adding content, people are going to come you your site to see what’s new and it’s better to add one video with a unique title than one 100 not unique videos.

I will keep sharing my tips and secrets on this site and if you have any question about anything please feel free to ask them below.

Stay tuned guys, new posts are coming soon!

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