How to Start a Webcam Business

On this guide we are going to show you how to start a webcam business.

How Do Adult Cam Sites Work?

Sites like JiveJasmin and Camsoda are very popular among users.

There are two types of services that these sites offer:

  • private chat
  • public shows

Private chats are one on one shows which are charged per minute.

While in a public show the model performs in a room full of guests and they are either free to watch or the users have to buy a ticket to enter the group show. In the free shows users tip the models for different acts.

Public shows are unpredicable, sometimes in a room full of 2000 people noone is interested in tipping. Many of the comming sites allow models to also sell their pre-recorded videos.

Types of Adult Camming Sites

1. A Whitelabel

The biggest problem with Whilelabels is that they will not rank on Google. Considering that the organic traffic is the best, free, targeted kind of traffic, I wouldn’t choose a Whitelabel to create my site.

First, of all, in case you don’t know, a whitelabel is a site created in collaboration with a big cam site which has some features in comon with that cam site and some others that you can change, for example like the logo. Here is an example of a Chaturbate Whitelabel:

2. Using an adult script like xCams

xCams is an open source script which means that not only you can personalize your site but also grow your business.

There’s only an one time investment and they you only have to focus on generating quality content for your site.

Why to use xCams

Here’s a summary of the main xCams features:

1. Dashboards. Each type of user has access to a clean, easy to use dashboard, there are four dashboards:

  • user dashboard
  • model dashboard
  • admin dashboard
  • studio manager dashboard

Users can purchase tokens through their dashboard, tip model. Models can complete their profile, ban users and withdraw earnings. Studio managers can edit models profiles, add and remove models. Admins can monitor every activity.

2. Responsive templates. The site is responsive in every device and there’s also a mobile app for the site, which the Adent’s support is going to help you set up after you purchase the script. is the company which created this script.

3. The technology. Not a long time ago Adobe Flash was used for video streaming. There’s not doubt that Adebe is an old technogy. It has many complications on mobile devices and is no longer supported by some browsers.

xCams uses WebRTC technology instead. It has replaced Adobe Flash. Of course, you should use some server side component as well. xCams is build on the Laravel technology. The code is very secure, in other words hackers would have a hard time figuring it out.

4. Customizable. The script let’s you customize ever aspect of it, it’s open source.

5. Performers can set token goals. Models can set their own prices for theor pieces of content.

How Can You Earn Money with a Webcam Site

You can hire models and encourage them to do private and group shows. I have wrote an article on how to recruot webcam models.

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One great way to recruit cam girls to your site, is by blogging. A lot of soon-to-be cam girls might research topics on Google like “how to be a cam girl” and the like. Take advantage of these topic to write blog posts which will rank on Google and other search engines and recruit new cam models from there.

You can incorporate a blog to your site. So they will directly sign up to your site. You can also promote your site on Twitter, a lof of adult businesses have success on Twitter.

You can also earn money by promoting big camming sites like Chaturbate in your own cam site with ads.

If you only want to make money as an affiliate in the cam industry, you can create a site with the Roboscript instead, which is a script which embeds live cams from some of the biggest cam sites.

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However, if you think you are able to recruit cam girls yourself and in the same time promote your site to get traffic, better choose xCams. You are going to get a high fraction of the model’s earning.

Whatever option you choose, you will need to promote your cam site.

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PayPal has build a distance from the adult industry. Don’t worry, there are a lot of other companies which support this kind of business. I use Epoch, which is also integrated in the xCams script as a payment gateway (another great feature of xCams).

Making it enough competitive as other big cam sites is.

One important aspect to have a competitive cam site is to create a site in a very specific niche and maybe add some feature to it which no other site has. Just think about some of your favorite cam models or acts you want to see a cam girl do, and dedicate your whole site on only that specific topic. People who love that kind of stuff will come to your site instead of going to a big site to see very different sex acts.

You can try to recruit models and users from the big site to your site. Just be careful because most cam sites will ban you for this. Carefully read their terms of service and try to find a gap in them. For example Chaturbate allows users to share links to sites which do not include video streaming. You could share your social media accounts with your audience and promote there your site.

And that’s it! Now you know how to create a cam site site and make money with it. As you can see creating a webcam site is not a big deal in 2019.

You are ready to start your cammng business now!

What Is The Best Way to Sell Porn Videos

sell porn videos

You can make money by selling porn videos. The selling process is even a lot easier than ever, thanks to technological advancement; the advancement gives you an opportunity to sell porn videos and make some cool money without much stress. All you have to do is to make the videos, sell them and smile to the bank.

In this write-up, we will enlighten you about how you can sell your porn videos and make cool cash on a regular basis without much stress.

How much money can I make by selling my porn videos?

One cannot give an actual figure. This is because several factors can determine how much the porn video is actually worth and how much-interested individuals will like to pay for it. The following factors will determine how much you can make from your porn videos.

  • Your followership: The numbers of social media followers you have can determine how much you end up making from selling porn videos. Are you an established adult model or camgirl and already have a relatively big following? Then making a lot of money from your porn videos will not be difficult for you
  • How many websites are you registered on: The number of websites you have signed upon can equally determine how much you can make from you porn videos. The amount you can make increases as the number of websites on which you have an account increase. Bear in mind, however, that the amount you can charge for your videos depends on what is feasible on that particular website.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: The effectiveness of your marketing strategy can equally determine how much you can make from your porn video; The number of sales increases as traffic increases.

What do you need to start making or selling porn videos?

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old: Younger persons are not qualified to make or sell porn videos; everyone featured in your porn video must also be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Camera: Aside from the age requirement, you also need a camera to shoot the porn video. You can equally use your mobile phone camera for the purpose if you are just starting out.
  • Internet-enabled computer: aside from the above, you will equally need a computer connected to the interment to make the porn video.

How to sell your porn videos

You can sell porn videos by following either of the two methods below:

  • Sell the video as a webcam model
  • Create your own porn website where to sell your porn videos

Which of the two methods above produces the better result? Space may not permit us to go into details in that regard, but you can check here
for detailed information about the better one for you.

Sell porn video as a webcam model

Below, we will open your eyes to some of the places where you can make money from your porn videos as a webcam model:

  • Chaturbate: This is a great place for webcam models to make money from their porn videos. You can make between $5k and $10k per month as a webcam model on this platform. Aside from working as a webcam girl here, you can equally sell pre-recorded porn videos here.
  • Bongacams: This is yet another recommended site to sell your porn videos. It is equally easy to sell your porn videos here.
  • MyGirlVids: This website is relatively new, but growing in popularity by the day. The features are amazing, and it features fingerprint technology to enable easy removal of stolen contents. The payout is equally excellent here
  • Sidedaddy: This website is also gaining a lot of popularity
  • ManyVids: There are thousands of customers ready to buy your adult videos here.

Create your own adult website

This is yet another method to make some cool money by selling your porn videos. Unlike the first method described above, this method requires that you start from scratch and build the website up. It may take some time to complete, but the profit is sure if you do things right. Before the profit can start coming, you have to put in some work.

You can also get a couple of tools to make the entire process a lot easier for you. One of such tools is xAggregate, which is one of the most outstanding tools for generating a lot of traffic for a porn site. What are the features that make xAggregate one of the best tools for selling your porn videos online will be discussed in this section of the write-up.

How effective is xAggregate

xAggregate makes it very easy to add your porn videos to your adult website. The script is even preinstalled with many videos numbering in thousands so that you can start making money instantly from your porn website. The video can equally generate thousands of visitors for your porn website every month so that you can start making a lot of money on a regular basis.

xAggregate comes with an easy to understand administration panel, which is highly intuitive and enables you to add more than 24 porn tube sites. The porn videos you add using this script can also be optimized for search engines since the script comes with integrated SEO tools. Some of the many features are highlighted below:

  • It can handle massive traffic
  • The admin panel is robust
  • The frontend template is also highly responsive
  • You can access over 24 video sources so that fresh contents will always populate your adult website on a regular basis
  • It equally comes with lots of ad banner slots where you can sell ad space and make extra income from your adult website.
  • The easy analytics makes it possible to track the clicks on your website and filter such clicks by categories
  • The website is built to auto-populate your website
  • The CMS can also be customized
  • Video import from other sources can be done very fast
  • The search filter is equally advanced


The tips provided above will help you to make money on your adult website. You can either go into it as a camgirl, or you can start your own website where you can sell your porn videos. If you are confused about which method to adopt, you can find additional information here
to guide you.

How to Make Money on Chaturbate as an Affiliate or a Webcam Model

how to make money on chaturbate

As the title suggests, there are two ways to make money on Chaturbate: as an affiliate or as a webcam model. Even though this sites is dedicated to affiliates, I am going to share with you some knowledge about making money as a webcam model on Chaturbate too; please sign up through my affiliate link is you are not a member yet.

Why I Suggest Chaturbate to Make Money as a Webcam Girl

In my opinion Chaturbate is the best wecam site compared to other webcam sites. On other webcam sites you have to wait for someone to take you on private while on Chaturbate you don’t have to wait and you can just perform while others tip you. People can ask you for privates too.

Chatubate by far is the most popular webcam site out of all the adult live sex webcam sites. They rank with the top tube sites like PornHub. However, Chatubate is a webcam site. Now there are actually two ways of earning money on Chatubate.

The first way you can earn money on Chatubate is by broadcasting yourself live on your own webcam. If you have never webcammed and are interested in trying it, Chaturbate has the most traffic over all the other webcam sites. They currently rank at #67 in the United States and #143 Globally.  If you know anything about Alexa and website ranking, those numbers are phenomenal.

If you want to webcam, you simply need a good laptop, good internet, and a good webcam. I would suggest looking at Chatubate to get ideas and see what other models are doing to bring in a lot of viewers to their rooms and rake in all those tokens. For starters, you need a good quality HD webcam. The most recommended webcam amongst cammers is the Logitech C920.

It’s an external webcam and is high definition and with good lighting, will make you really pop on screen. You really never want to use a built-in webcam, because sites are all streaming in HD. If your not in HD, you really won’t get too much traffic.  You can find the C920 for under $50 on sites like Amazon or eBay.

Secondly, you need a good laptop. Most webcam models use laptops that are i7 processors. The reason an i7 processor is important is that your FPS or Frames Per Second matter. A high frame per second value appears as smoother, more professional video. A low number may look choppy. That will impact who stays in your free chatroom.

Lastly, you need to have very good internet. You should be streaming at upload speeds of 10 Mbps and download of 100 Mbps. This will improve your round trip time and your bitrate. Streaming at a higher bitrate delivers better overall audio/video quality. The round trip time you want to minimize the data transfer time between your computer and their servers will reduce the delay in your chat room.

Once you have that setup, you will simply send over identification showing your over 18 years of age and set up how you would like to be paid. From there you can stream and earn money by earning tokens. Chatubate is a tipping site. So, they use the token system.

Each token is worth 5 cents each to the model. So you can ask for things like 100 tokens for a boob flash, 500 tokens to give a blow job on a dildo or set a goal for a countdown show. You can also except private shows and group shows for up to 90 tokens per minute. So, if you would like to get more information on how to make money in the adult industry visit my page at

One interesting thing about Chaturbate is that after you register on it, the first 7 days you are going to be featured on the first page. Well this is very important to use and if you are very desperate for money fast, this is the best way to make a lot of money fast. Cam all day for those 7 days and make money fast.

Never give someone you What’s up because they can track your number and they can find your address.

Your Cam Can Always Be Recorded

First of all keep in mind that people can record your shows and put them on porn sites. So if you don’t want to be identified, only show your body and not your face, of you can show them separately like showing only your face at the beginning, just you looking at the computer, and then shoowing only your body. They would not be able to prove that it is your body.

An Amateur Girl Can Earn a Lot of Money

Certainly, it’s an easy way to make money while also relaxing.

Everyone is different, but in my opinion and from my experience an amateur girl can easily make $10-$20 on Chaturbate in a day (while being online only two hours).

Well, a lot of girl on Chaturbate make a lot more, but I am talking about realistic expectations for the average girl here. And obviously the easiest way to make the money is with private shows. So, set your private show rate to 6 or 12 tokens per minute and wait for men to contact you asking if you can wear something special or do something special for them on cam or simply get naked for them on cam.

How Much Do Webcam Models Make

I personally make $300-$1000 a month. I do it just for fun. This is for maybe 30 to 40 hours per month or so.

As for private shows you can set your own price per minutes and you can set your price as low as 6 tokens per minute, which I would recommend setting it to 12. 6 tokens per minute is the lowest in the industry compared to other cam sites.

Becoming an Affiliate

So that for one is one way you can earn money with Chatubate. The second alternative is you can be an affiliate for Chatubate. An affiliate is someone who advertises for the website and earns a commission. One of the oldest and most popular Chatubate affiliate programs is getting free sign-ups.

Each free signup is $1.00 each. So, think about that, if you could send traffic to the website via advertising on your adult website, and 100 people visit Chatubate and signup, you just made $100.00.  Of course, no website, wants junk traffic.  So, as an affiliate, it is your job to find quality traffic to send to the website.  If a website finds out your sending them garbage and bots, you will lose your earnings and your account will be banned.

There is also, 20% rev share, broadcaster signups can you earn you $50 after the model earns their first $20, and then there is 5% rev-share for webmasters. So, if you would like to learn more about how to earn money as a Chatubate affiliate, visit my page at this article for more information.

Here’s a great video guide on how to recruit cam models:

These are two rather easy methods for making some side cash with the most popular webcam site right now. Chatubate has thousands of models streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This site started off in February of 2011 and is now the number one website, so that tells you something right there. This beats out websites that have been around for over twenty years. So, remember visit my site and you can get more information there on how to make money with Chatubate.

How to Make Money on My Free Cams with WP-Script’s Theme

how to make money with MyFreeCams

How to Make Money on My Free Cams

If you want to go into adult webcam promoting, you are always better off with myfreecams widget. Combining it with Wp-Scripts themes even makes things better. The combination will get you started on your adult webcam program at a faster rate so that you can start smiling to the bank without delay.

This is simply one of the best tools any adult cam affiliate marketer or adult cam website owner can invest in. It can help maximize your gain and also reduce the stress involved in setting up the adult cam website. These tools have only been available for a short while and have already recorded untold success with many adult website owners taking a serious interest in it. You should never overlook these tools if you want to make headway in adult webcam marketing.

The tools can work perfectly on WordPress and will make the adult website generate income faster. Check below for information on how to make money with myfreecams.

What is WP-Script?

It is about the best of all the WordPress themes for an adult website. It was first launched in 2015 and has extremely simplified the process of building a porn website. With this script, adult website owners can grab videos from virtually all the major adult tube websites.  The script comes with numerous features to make your adult website a lot more captivating and profitable. Some of the many features are highlighted below:

  • Smart filters
  • Auto-update feeds
  • Sync grabbing

With the help of this script, you can gain a lot of attention and drive traffic faster to your website than ever before.

The WP-Script equally has premium adult themes for sale, which is prepackaged with several neat options and advanced features for a better online profiting from adult websites.  The installation is straightforward even for a newbie.

What is myfreecams is a very active cam site with a lot of users and a lot of activity.

MyFreeCams has a great affiliate program which is one of the most lucrative in the industry. Basically you get $5 for every new lead that you bring them and if you choose to use Revshare, you get 20% of the money they spend on the site for life. While thier affiliate program is very lucrative, the real star of the show is their newest feature: the Live Cam Widget.

I have been promoting MyFreeCams for years but on October 8 they announced the Live Cam Widget which you can use on your site to promote MyFreeCams and make a lot of money as their affiliate.

Myfreecams is one of the best ways to generate extra revenue for an adult website. The widget is built to show live cam performers only. It is capable of delivering fresh contents to your website and also bringing traffic like never before. What is more, it can convert traffic so that you can make a lot of money over time.

What Is Live Cam Widget?

Basically this options instead of putting ads on the widgets of your adult site, it puts the live featured models at the moment while they are camming, We are talking about the highest quality porn which is dipayed on your site and which is going to work better then any other ad.

I tested the MyFreeCams live cam widget and I made 30% more conversions during a month compared to the previous month, all other factors being the same.

What is more, the widget can work for virtually any niche in the adult industry, and the widget permits you to choose virtually any niche you are interested in while setting it up.  Aside from the freedom to choose a niche, you can also customize the widget anyhow you like until it suits your specific purpose.  The interface is user-friendly, and this makes the customization very easy and straightforward.

Furthermore, the widget is highly interactive and dynamic. It can help the adult website owner to convert more of the traffic coming in.

Adding myfreecams to your adult website will help you to make more money from your adult website. Once installed on your website, you can generate traffic to those adult webcams that you have been able to grab, and it can serve as an extra source of revenue on your adult webcam

The tool can work for those who are already in the adult industry already.  Girls love it a great deal, and guys always love to check it out, which means your chance of making a lot of profit is in view.  Your visitors will be greeted with new faces of beautiful women, and curvy models, who flood the website daily and these beautiful faces will get them glued so that you can make more money on a regular basis.

Myfreewebcams remains one of the best tools for adult webmasters. What is more, it is available for free!  Consequently, you can start making money using this widget without putting a hole in your pocket.  The tool works perfectly for many classes of adult programs, including cam girls, affiliate and porn websites.

Furthermore, the payout is wonderful. Yes, you can generate as much as $5 per lead, or you can generate up to 20% Revshare by promoting the program.

Myfreecams has now partnered with Crakrevenue, and you may have to be a registered member of crakrevenue before you can benefit from this program.  Follow the instructions below about how to install a myfreecams widget with WP-Scripts

Installing MyFreeCams widget with Wp-Script

Step 1: Join CrakRevenue:

  • First of all, join Crakrevenue and you will be given a unique code.  Only active affiliate on CrakRevenue can access the opportunity.  The signup process is straightforward.
  • Click on MyFreeCams tab after logging in, and you can customize the widget as you like.
  • Next, choose your preferred payment method, be it DOI or Revshare and then click on Generate Widget Code.
  • You will see the unique code on the next page that pops open, and you can start using that code to promote the program.

Step 2: Install RetroTube theme

  • Upload the RetroTube theme from the WP-Script to WordPress. Log in to your site and click on Appearance, Themes, Add new and Upload theme in that order.
  • Choose file and then select your ZIP file, followed by Install Now.
  • The steps above will help to activate the theme.

Step 3: Add the widget code to the theme

After successfully installing the theme, you should add the widget code you were provided with earlier to it and then click on the Widget tab. You will be presented with three widget areas by default, which is Homepage, Sidebar, and Footer. You are free to select any of the three where you want to display the widget.  You can select the homepage and then add a widget option choose Custom HTML from the window that pops up. Afterward, copy and paste the code into your HTML area. After completing the process above, the widget will spring into action with the RetroTube has a grayish background with a default black font.

You can equally modify the installation in a flash.  What is more, you can change the options without having any knowledge about coding.  You can easily modify the font color, background, font size, position and the likes at will. You will have access to different fonts and other settings and will not have a problem in getting something that suits you perfectly.

How to Start an Adult Tube Site? What’s The Technology You Should Go With?

how to start an adult tube site uses MEAN stack for tube sites, and also LAMP version- which uses Laravel framework PHP. If you are keen on starting your tube site, you should look at their products. They have hundreds of clients in the tube niche and hundreds of clients in the cam niche. 

They have fixable, scalable turnkey scripts for starting your business. 

Get the Best Adult Turnkey Website and Adult Tube Script

After you create your site with one of their plugins the company can assist you with any tecnical issue you face during intalation of the script and setting up your website. 

xStreamer – the best script to create an adult tube site

XStreamer can be considered as one of the newly released, but popular porn website scripts that you can find on the internet. The user-friendly interface and availability of content has contributed a lot towards the popularity of xStreamer. If you wonder how to start an adult tube website, you can check the xStreamer demo here as an example of what your site is going to look like. You can have asite like that after you install the script. Therefore, you will be able to end up creating the best possible website, which can contribute towards your success at the end of the day.

XStreamer has a powerful search engine. People who browse this website can easily look for what they want with the assistance of this search engine. You just need to enter the keywords in the search engine and look for them. It can be a category or even the name of a porn star. XStreamer would use its algorithm to provide you with the best matching search results according to your search criteria. Hence, your visitors will be able to get their hands on the best available content based on their preferences.

When you do a search on the website, you will be provided with multiple filters. You can also seek the assistance of these filters to locate the best videos as per your preferences. For example, you will be able to sort content based on rating, view count, upload date and the relevance to your search criteria. In addition, you will also be able to filter based on the date where the videos were added. A filter has also been provided for the users of XStreamer to filter out videos based on the video length. If your visitors are people who are interested in longer videos or shorter videos, they will find this filter useful.

>> Check My Full xStreamer Review >>

Best quality videos are uploaded to xStreamer. In fact, your visitors will be able to discover a large number of HD quality content. This can provide them with a fully satisfying experience. All the videos are linked with tags. These tags are being used for search results. Therefore, you can make sure that your visitors are provided with the best available videos based on their search, due to the appropriate usage of tags.

>> The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Porn Site >>

You can easily stream video content through the built-in media streamer. It has been optimized to provide you with a buffer free video streaming experience. You are also provided with a field to like or dislike the videos that you watch on XStreamer. Based on your preferences, you can rate the videos. This rating system can benefit all the users of XStreamer to get a clear understanding about the quality of the video, before they go ahead and watch it. If you are looking for a way on how to start an adult tube website, this is one of the most important features that you should never miss out.

When you watch a video on XStreamer, you will also be provided with a list of relevant videos. Therefore, you can keep on watching different videos based on the preferences. The algorithm is advanced enough to provide the users with the most appropriate and relevant content. Hence, no person will come across any frustration when going through the list of relevant videos that are available to see on the website.

The users of XStreamer are also provided with the ability to comment on the videos. In order to leave comments, they will be asked to create an account on the website. The process of creating a website is extremely easy and a person will be able to do it within a couple of minutes. People who create their accounts in XStreamer don’t need to worry about privacy as well. That’s because the website has taken necessary steps to protect the privacy of all individuals who browse the website and who create their accounts on the website. When you create an account in XStreamer, you can leave a comment and share your thoughts about the videos.

The people who browse the website will also be able to upload their own content. However, it is important to create an account on the website before uploading content. Then all the uploaded content will be tagged under the profile and it is possible to manage content accordingly.

The website is available in multiple languages as well. Due to all these features, XStreamer can be considered as one of the best examples for an adult tube website. You can get inspiration from this website and then start developing your own website. It can provide you with the chance to end up with highly effective results. 

How Do You Get Traffic to You Adult Tube Site?

I have writen a complete guide on how you can get traffic to an adult site, you can find it here.

Another thing that I want to add is Plugrush, which is one of the biggest networks when it comes to adult traffic. The company is specialized in pop up ads, even though they offer other types of ads too. For now it is my number one choice in my adult site. They have great customer support.  

How to Start Sex Toy Drop Shipping

start sex toy drop shipping

Sexual revolution has taken the world by storm. Do not be surprised that many of the young, sexually active young women around are fidgeting in their seats and wishing they had a sex toy to satisfy their prevailing sexual urges. Things even get worse when you mention sex toy in their hearing. You can test run this fact by mentioning sex toy to your female friends, and you will be greeted with blushing and giggling; it does not matter if the women are single, in a relationship or even married.

Aside from the blushing and giggling, you will also find them registering interest and curiosity, especially those among them that have never used a sex toy before. And the curiosity will, of course, drive them to want to experiment with it and get to experience what other women have been experiencing with sex toys.

Studies show that up to 44% out of women from 18 and 60 years of age have experimented with adult sex toys. What is more, the number is increasing by the day as the intrigued, but silent ones, are also eager to have a go at it.

Many of the newcomers are somewhat confused about where and how to start their sex toy experimentation especially considering  the numerous varieties of adult sex toys on sale out there today, some of which are:

  • Masturbation toys
  • Penis rings
  • Sexercises
  • Nipple toys
  • Dildos
  • Vibrators

Many of those using and are planning to use adult sex toys prefer to do it discretely lest their mom know what they are up to. Be that as it may, using adult sex toys can be educational and fun-filled. 

The money making opportunity in sex toy business cannot be overemphasized. You can venture into it today with an assurance of smiling to the bank more often.

Start your own store

If you plan to go into the adult sex toys sales business, then xMarketplace is one of the best tools for you.  In this section of this write-up, you will learn a couple of things about what makes this software to stand out.

What xMarketplace offers?

Everything required for your next adult toy store business is provided by xMarketplace. The features in this software are numerous, and the platform already has various sex toys that can help you make some quick money.  You can equally choose from any of the adult toy drop shippers already available on the platform. The platform will equally give you access to numerous adult payment processors so that you can easily receive payments for the items sold through your xMarketplace platform.

Furthermore, the platform is built on a WordPress framework, which is a top platform for website application. The platform equally uses MySQL for all its database backend. xMarketplace makes it easy for all and sundry to sell their adult toys online; it is an e-commerce software with a difference.  The platform is built on seamless sync, which means it can be synced across all types of devices, provided those devices are mobile-enabled.  Its cutting-edge technology makes the software to stand out from the crowd. The software is synced operating systems like iOS, Android and even Web.

start drop shipping sex toys

Some of its features are highlighted below

  • The design is highly responsive:  The highly responsive design of this e-commerce software makes it stand out from the crowd. As hinted earlier, the software can be accessed across multiple operating systems and computer devices, be it desktop, laptop, Android mobile device or iOS mobile device. Consequently, your adult sex toys e-commerce platform can be accessed from any internet enabled mobile device, which will bring in more sales than ever imagined. The platform makes use of bootstrap three responsive systems, which contributes a lot to its responsiveness. The page is also always pixel-perfect on every device that connects to it.
  • Drop shipping API: Additionally, xMarketplace features several drop shipping API for adult toys you will have access to more than 100,000 item inventory from ECN and IVD.  Also, you can select any adult sex toy from over 500 vendors on this platform. You will have a 100% control over the specific prices of the items on sale. Your buyers can also benefit from discreet shipping services.
  • Adult Payment Gateway: xMarketplace equally features Paymentwall integration that gives you access to over 120 payment gateways in more than 200 countries. Your CCBill account can also be integrated with Paymentwall very easily.  Paymentwall gateway enables you to set up onetime payment, virtual currency, digital goods, and subscriptions. Furthermore, the paymentwall gateway comes with mobile SDK, which eases the process of integrating the platform and its payment system with iOS and Android apps.
  • Robust admin functionality: Besides, xMarketplace is built to be robust e-commerce software to the core. The admin backend is one of the most powerful you can ever find among other e-commerce software around. The backend gives you complete control of all the system so that you can manipulate it any which way you like. The admin functionality gives you the freedom to create unlimited sub-admin access so that others can also participate in managing the business on your behalf. It also helps you to manage every end user on your xMarketplace platform easily.
  • SEO Optimized: You may not believe it, but xMarketplace is also SEO optimized for adult products. The URL structure is search engine friendly, which will be to your advantage. The URL structure is constructed for better ranking in search engines and better indexing. Also, the software enables you to add keywords, descriptions and Meta title easily for every product you have listed for sale on your platform. The in-built sitemaps XML feed also provides a better organization on the platform.
  • XML, CSV importer: xMarketplace features bulk upload opportunity along with the drop shipping API in it. The feature is made possible by its CSV and XML feed. The bulk upload module enables the end users to upload products directly to the site very easily. The feature supports marketplace feeds, shopping cart feed, and standard feed.
  • Coupon code: xMarketplace comes with a coupon code module to enable end users to provide a discount coupon on the products they have on sale. The said coupon can be in the form of a percentage or a flat price. This feature allows the end user to create unlimited coupons and also set an expiry time for each of them.
  • Ratings and reviews: Also, your visitors and customers can easily provide ratings and reviews about your products and services on your xMarketplace platform. The reviews provided here are similar to those you will find on Amazon. The reviews can help other users to make informed decisions on whether or not to buy their adult sex toys from your xMarketplace platform. Also, those who buy things from your platform will only have the opportunity to rate and review what they have bought.      
  • Smart Search Filters:  The Smart and advanced product search filter available on the platform equally makes things easy for those who buy things from you. With the aid of the smart search filter, the visitor can easily filter the various products you have listed for sale based on ratings, reviews, locations, category, subcategory, color, and even price.
  • CMS Management: With this feature, you can easily design and edit the static page on your store website. The feature equally allows you to add several main pages and sub-pages in the website.
  • Analytics integration: It provides you with an option for Google analytics configuration in the website. You can easily provide your analytics from the admin backend for Google webmaster console code integration.
  • Multiple languages: The feature makes it easy to permit multiple language translations on your platform. You can add any of the languages supported on the platform from the admin backend. You can also configure these languages to reflect in the front end interface.
  • Newsletter management: This is yet another unique feature of the platform. This feature makes it possible to send several emails to your visitors to intimate them of the new products you have on sale. You can develop an email template, edit it or add new ones as you wish using this feature. 

Furthermore, you can easily manage your orders, products, and invoices from the admin backend.  You can configure payments as you desire here also. Additionally, the admin backends ease the process of sending newsletters to your subscribers. It also helps you to organize your products into categories and sub-categories. You can access and manage the drop shipping API featured in this e-commerce platform. The possibilities are simply endless.

Buy Now!

Aside from the above, some of the other features that make xMarketplace to stand out are:

  • Export sales report         
  • Buyer Seller Chat Module
  • Multi-Currency Module
  • Geo Location Filter

Other platforms you can consider

Aside from xMarketplace, you can also go for a couple of other platforms to advertise and sell your adult sex toys; these other platforms are:

  • Shopify: It is straightforward to use
  • Magento: It is an open-source platform built on PHP.  It supports web platform system and can generate multiple pages with customized themes.       


You do not need much money to kick-start your own adult sex toys drop shipping business; xMarketplace has simplified the entire process for you. The many features available on this platform and its unique modules are designed to make your online business to run smoothly and also help you to smile to the bank more often than ever.  If other systems have failed you in the past, this one is designed to succeed where others have failed. What is more, it is affordable and will never put a hole in your pocket.   

How to Promote a Sex Toy Business

An Introduction to Promoting Your Sex Toy Business

So you have started a new store, let’s suppose it’s a physical store. What would you do to promote it?

You can announce it’s opening in Google MyBusiness, you can create an event, you can use direct marketing, advertise, social media, network marketing. You always know what to do if you’ve got a physical store.

So, what is the difference of a physical store and an e-commerce store? Most of the things that can be done for a physical store can also be done for an e-commerce store. Your effort is to get a sale.


How to Promote an E-commerce Business

The goal is to promote it in as many possible as ways as possible. You can do these things to promote your website:

1. SEO. I have created my sex toy shop with xMarketplace an e-commerce script which is a full business model. It has integrated in it sex toy drop shippers and you only have to market the website and determine your mark up because the business model is already build for you.

This means that when you install the script, all the sex toys from slected drop shippers are going to be displayed on your site automatically. Also, from the SEO point of view all the products listed there are all SEO optimised and the script is automatically connected to Google Search Console.

2. Social media

3. Email marketing

Some of you might think that email marketing is not for e-commerce. Well, I want to ask you something, have you ever bought something if it was presented to you from an email?

4. Post-sale. What I mean by this? After their bought something, you can offer people something else which is recommended with the first product.

5. Create a blog. A blog is going to help you for SEO.

5. Advertising. You can register in one of the adult ads networks and start running your ads, some adult ads networks include TrafficJunky, AdXpansion and a few more. I will explain how to run an adult PPC campaing in another post, now let’s more on the next promotional method.

6. Adult forums. There are some adult forums where you can promote your site, to name a few: Lovehoney and (this one is dedicated to sex toys). You can promote your website through participating on the forums and if you have a higher budget you can run your own ads on these forums. The traffic is going to be super targeted.

7. Media buying. What is media buying? Media buying means buying advertising space of someone else’s website. But before you buy ads space you need to do your research and find the right website to display your ads. The website’s audience needs to be compatible with you target audience.

8. Back links. Find website which rank for your target keywords. Partner with then and exchange links for authority.

9. Reddit. Write controversial blog posts and drive traffic to your site from there. Just anything crazy that comes to your mind, you’d be surprised about the amount of traffic it can get. In my experience with my adult toy store about 20-35% of my traffic comes from Reddit and it’s super targeted. You can also use Stumble and Tumbrl.

Before I leave you I want to stress one more thing. Technology is very important for a successful online business, when you’ve got the right technology everything falls into place.

Did you know that mobile traffic has surpassed the desktop traffic in the e-commerce category? Well, now you know. It very important to have a website which is mobile compatible. xMarketplace has this feature.

Limited offer:

Download the $600 of value adult e-commerce software for free!

Dropshipping Sex Toys: How to Get Started in the Business

dropshipping sex toys script

Sending adult toys can be very tricky, especially if you have a brick and mortar store. You need to be in a very important region of the town and costs can be high due to that. Which is why creating your own website and selling adult toys online feels like a much better option. It gives you a simpler and more comprehensive approach, while also bringing in front rewarding benefits all the time. This article is all about the art of droppshipping sex toys.

Well, let’s get started, we have a lot of things to cover here. This article is going to cover where to source droppshipping suppliers, understanding how much to charge and what will be the mark up, how to determine how a drop shipper is reliable and how to set up a drop shipping campaign.

An Introduction to Droppshipping

First of all, do you know what dropshipping is? Droppshipping has been around for a long time, a lot of people have used eBay for dropshipping. Let me give me an overview of what dropshipping is. Let’s say a customer goes to your online store, they buy your product, you go to the supplier, you order the product. You charge the customer 150% of the price and the supplier sends the product to the customer.

You order to the supplier and they send it to your customer with your branding, The challenge here is finding a good, reliable supplier.

Where to Find Dropshipping Suppliers

One of the common threats that dropshippers have is that they want your business, they need you too as much as you need them.

There are a lot of dropshippers out there, some are free and for others you have to pay a fee to get started or an annual or monthly membership. In essence what that fee is that they’re already done the ground work and found those reliable.

Here is a list of drop shipping suppliers:

1. Aliexpress

2. World Wide Brands. They have a one time fee.

3. Wholesale Central

One thing to look for now is if the drop shippers ship to the country you are going to promote to and how long does it take the shipping prices. Among these, in my opinion, the best option, especially if you are just getting started is Aliexpress.

However, there’s a better solution. There’s a script which has everything done for you and the script itself is connected to drop shippers and you only need to create your website with this script and everything is set up for you. This script is called xMarketplace. xMarketplace does not need droppshipping because of the form it is organized, read carefully about how it works.

What Is xMarketplace and Why Should You Use It?

What is xMarketplace?

xMarketplace is a complete solution for people that want to create an ecommerce website as fast as possible. The benefit that comes from xMarketplace is that you have a comprehensive script and API. All of this adds up to deliver an amazing user experience and the results do indeed shine due to that. They did a very good job at helping you create a website where you can sell adult toys at your own pace.

xMarketplace does have dropshipping features integrated, so you can resell products if you want. However, you can easily add your own adult toys and sell them here just as nicely. The idea is that you will have a cutting-edge, very professional website where you can sell everything you want at your own pace and without any kind of problems. That alone will give you a simpler and more comprehensive approach than you might imagine.

Do you need previous tech experience?

One of the main benefits of xMarketplace is that it doesn’t require previous tech knowledge. You can use it at your own pace and you can have quite a great experience if you just start using it right away. Adaptability is key when it comes to creating a website, as you need to help your customers with the best solutions. And that’s what you get with xMarketplace. You really get to have the utmost value and quality on the market, and results are indeed among some of the best that you can find out there. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it will provide you with the results and experience you want without that much of a problem.

Is it required to add products?

You don’t have to do that. In fact, xMarketplace has a wholesale dropshipper that manages the inventory and it even handles the shipping for you. What you have to do is to pick the right prices and then every sale you make will be a profit. Do keep in mind that xMarketplace doesn’t offer marketing services, so you have to promote your website on your own.

That’s where you need to be at your best, because there are lots of challenges that can appear as you try to promote new stuff. But it will totally be worth it, so give it a shot if you can and the experience will shine quite a bit if you do it right.

Can users sign up and have their own profile?

Yes, xMarketplace does allow users to sign up and create a profile. They can also track the shipping process and figure out when the product will arrive at their doorstep. That’s very convenient and helpful, and it will offer some great opportunities and features in that regard.  Users can actually opt for Facebook signup and login if they want, which is very handy and reliable to begin with. Once the user has an account, he can purchase any item, create collections, add products to favorites and so on. Users are also allowed to write product reviews too, which is very handy and interesting to begin with.

dropshipping sex toys script

What about revenue models?

We like the fact that xMarketplace has multiple revenue models. It obviously includes dropshipping elements that you don’t have to worry about, but you can also add Amazon affiliate features if you want to. You can also become a part of any adult toy affiliate programs if you want to. And yes, there’s also a subscription system integration and banner advertisement. The idea is that you can easily create whatever products you want without that much of a hassle. It works amazingly well and you can enjoy the process at your own pace.

Monetization is key for xMarketplace and that’s why they offer so many ways for you to make money. It helps a lot and it totally delivers a great set of benefits and opportunities for you to explore. You can use a single revenue method, or you can opt for more of them. That’s definitely a huge benefit and one that’s going to pay off extremely well in the end. Plus, the more income streams you add, the more revenue you can get. Of course, you want to avoid putting too much stuff as it will overwhelm users.

Can you customize xMarketplace?

Yes, xMarketplace can be customized with great ease. They did a very good job at creating a comprehensive and very professional platform here. It’s very easy to adapt to your own approach and create the site you always wanted. It’s one of the best adult toy site frameworks out there, and the fact that it’s constantly updated means you can access new and cool features all the time. You just need to give it a shot and you will be amazed with the way everything works.

Should you use xMarketplace?

If you want to create an adult toy store online without having any tech knowledge or investing a lot of money, xMarketplace is the right option for you. The great thing about it is that it has everything already built in. That definitely offers you a great experience and some amazing opportunities to say the least. You will not have to worry about anything here, just give it a shot and the results can indeed be very good. It’s a great platform to start your own business, and you are still in control over everything!

Buy Now!

I have also created a full guide on how to sell sex toys online, which also includes how to market your site, you can find here.

How to Make Money from Porn Business in 2019

In the 90s, in what is now regarded as the golden age of porn, being part of the pornography industry used to be a super-lucrative business, especially for models. In those good ol’ days, female porn stars made up to $10,000 per week on average. These days, however, it’s not as glamorous. In 2019, many porn stars are struggling to pay their rents.

The internet happened to the porn industry, and with all of its benefits, as well as its many more pitfalls. The porn industry has grown considerably since the beginning of the 21st century aided by the internet.

As of 2010, 12 percent of all websites on the internet were pornographic, and another 35 percent of total downloads from the web had adult material in them. One-quarter of all searches made across all search engines were adult content related. The year is now 2018, sex is still selling, and the industry keeps growing exponentially.

The downside is that while the market has proliferated so much, it’s become saturated with lots and lots of free content, free content gotten illegally, alongside countless problems that come with the unrestricted sharing nature of the internet. The sad thing is that almost 90 percent of traffic that goes to porn go to porn websites that offer adult clips for free downloads. So, the general public perception is, why will people pay to watch steamy stuff online when they can get easily get it for free online?

Recent research shows an alarming rate of only 1 paid video per every 10,000 available porn clips on the internet. Also, porn is the only industry with no pay rise for models in the last two decades. This means porn stars are working more and earning less these days significantly.

So, what gives? How does one make money in porn these days?

The silver lining is that while it’s so difficult to make money from porn these days, it’s still possible. You can still earn some cool, steady cash from adult content. First, you have to begin to see yourself as a business, and not just a model.

“The porn market is drenched,” Jason Maskel told Financial Times in 2015, “where before you could make a pornographic film and sell it, now you have to chop it into six or seven revenue streams—DVD, online, mobile—then spin out licensing deals into different countries.”

Porn is no longer just a job; it’s also a lifestyle. One has to be in control to still be able to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Also, you need at least basic knowledge to understand how marketing works.

For you to make serious money from either acting or producing porn, you need to be able to sell yourself well. It involves lots of hard work, patience, a shitload of perseverance, and honesty.

Mark Spiegler, a celebrated agent for female performers based out of Los Angeles is of the opinion that while the porn industry is not like what it once was, there are still so many people making money off it. “Making porn isn’t expensive,” he says. “If you cannot make money from porn, then you are not very good at it.”

How to Market Yourself…and Your Brand

Before, there used to be box covers and proper marketing teams that could promote DVD sales effectively. Models were paid nicely weighty checks and were able to sign juicy deals with ease. Nowadays, it is not that straightforward. You can’t just star in a shoot, kick your legs up and expect a paycheck. You need to put in the work so that you become a brand that people look forward to investing in. Mainstream businesses are even hijacking the usage of the word porn; you must have heard of phrases like ‘food porn,’ ‘word porn’ and the likes online. Why not do same for yourself?

Do research and find catchphrases that people can relate with enough to spark their curiosity. Mainstream businesses these days’ hire people to watch the biggest porn stars so that they can find cheeky ways to promote their businesses through these porn stars indirectly. Why not flip the script and do the same?

Cross Marketing

Cross marketing, or cross-channel marketing is what companies do where they target the promotion of one product or service to the customers of a related service or product, sort of like what Oprah Winfrey does when she promotes books, magazine, her book club and website on a TV show. Phone companies also do this when they partner with famous musicians and package their songs as exclusive ringtones so that it benefits both network and artist. This is the easiest as well as the most successful form of marketing as it drives down costs and benefits both parties.

If you want to make things easier from yourself, consider cross-marketing. You can look at a fashion brand or product and devise strategies to craft their product to fit into your marketing strategy and attract their fan base. That you are a porn star doesn’t mean you are a bimbo.

You can also hire someone to help you out if that’s too much work and you can afford to pay for it. If you do things right, you can contribute to expanding their business and market your brand to their audience at the same time. It’s hard work, but it works.

Porn Affiliate Marketing

On the internet, affiliate marketing is an effective way of increasing reach and making important conversions. Typically, it involves businesses paying publishers on a payment per performance basis. If you refer a customer to your sponsor’s website, you get a commission for every customer you refer that successfully makes a purchase.

Many affiliate marketing plans involve you getting paid 20 percent commission for every product you help sell. Affiliate marketing typically involves three partakers: the affiliate sponsor who pays you an agreed commission per product you sell, the affiliate publisher who promotes the sponsor’s service or product through their platforms, and the customer who buys the product through the affiliate publisher by clicking links and ads or paying for subscriptions on the publishing platform.

How Adult Affiliate Marketing Works

In this affiliate marking strategy, you’ll be playing the role of affiliate publisher. This means that as a porn brand, you have to take yourself seriously and build a website. Then you get links to form your sponsor ad post as ads on your website. These links will be your referrals unique to you.

When a surfer (that is, the customer) clicks an ad link on your website, they are then redirected to your sponsor’s website where they can buy the porn clip. If the customer decides to pay for a video on your sponsor’s website or subscribes for a premium membership on your sponsor’s website, you earn a commission once they have made a successful transaction. Simple and sweet.

To further explain, here’s an analogy: think of yourself as the affiliate publisher who owns a blog or website. If you decide to promote for a big porn company, say, Brazzers and they agree to pay you $50 for every client you send their way, all you need to do is to publish the affiliate link conspicuously on your blog or website. You can choose to embed an enticing animation on the link to attract people.

This link will be unique to you so that every person who visits your blog or website sees the ad and clicks on the link will then be redirected to Brazzers’ website. Once they successfully pay for anything over there, you earn $50 instantly.

Affiliate marketing is such a wonderful strategy because you don’t need to do much-just make sure you have enough visibility and your website is optimized. Your web developer can help you with that. You don’t have to be actively involved in the process. You don’t even need to create any product of your own. It can be useful as a source of easy side income.

Adultmoneymethods has a very simple affiliate marketing system as you can see. They take care of everything, and you don’t have to worry over licenses or software. Their payment is instant and automated, plus they do not have any hidden targets to reach before payment. Join their affiliate marketing chain, sit back and watch the money jump into your pockets.

Adent is a website with a lot of products you can use in making your porn business boom, from xCams to xMember, from xAggregate to xMember. Visit to find out how.

How To Start a Turnkey Adult Website for Passive Income

How To Start a Turnkey Adult Website

In today’s world, porn has become more acceptable and wanted.  As more and more porn and webcam sites startup each year, the owners behind these websites have become very successful and are making a very nice passive income.  The adult industry has always ranked in terms of making money.  This is far from a dying industry.  As the world advances, so does the technology.  Adent.i.o is one the best software companies for scripting, hosting, design, branding and much more.

Adent has quite a few amazing, turnkey website startup packages.  The adult industry is always growing and there will always be passive income to be made in the adult industry.  Whether you may be interested in owning and operating your own adult webcam site, a phone sex site, a tube site, membership sites, the options are endless.  Adent has top of the line and the best engineer and software designers that make your life easy, buy setting you up with a turnkey simple website, that will bring you passive income.  We have listed their products in this article.  They also offer other services.  They offer one on one Skype coaching sessions, script installation, server setup service, script compatible hosting, streaming server setup, custom design and development, and logo design and branding.

Some of the amazing turnkey setups that you can start off with are:

xStreamer – Scipting & Live Video Streaming

I am sure you are familiar with the top websites in the industry such as Pornhub, Xhamster, Red Tube.  Guess what they do, they provide turnkey websites that are scripted and ready to run while you can earn a passive income with a small investment.  All scripts that have been designed for the customers to purchase are made by the most highly experienced and best engineers.

xCams – Webcam Streaming & Adult Webcam Software

Is a live streaming site. A live streaming site is generally a webcam site.  Live girls, couples, and much more performing live sex shows.  This is popular and as lucrative as tube sites.  Imagine having a top webcam site such as MyFreeCams, Chaturbate or LiveJasmine, you can have it with a simple and smart investment with xCams. Monetize and make a living while on autopilot owning your own adult webcam site streaming live porn shows 24/7.

xMember – CMS, Adult Membership Sites and Video Streaming Scripts

This simple script can give you a profitable money making adult membership website comparable to sites such as:

Brazzers, NaughtyAmerica, and RealityKings.  This script is perfect for content producers, production studios, and solo performers. This is a perfect startup package for anyone interested in running a membership site.

xModel – Membership Websites For Porn Stars & Camgirls – Live Streaming & Turnkey

This is a must-have for pornstars and camgirls who want to provide their fans with a paid membership site.  Most camgirls and pornstars have their own content that they sell on multiple websites.  Put all your content under one site and make a residual income with membership sites.  This will definitely put another egg in your basket and bring in more income.

xChat – Sex Chat/Create Your Own Personal Sexing App & Sexting Business

The have a script similar to the WhatsApp and this can bring in a very nice residual income.  Marketing tools created by field and engineering experts are available to build your user-base and make an incredible profit.

xScorts – For Escort Adult Website Owners-Agency Scripting

In some countries across the world, escorts are legal.  So if you have an escort agency and want your income to perhaps double. You can simply install this script into your website and monetize your earnings.  The more professional your website looks, the more sales will increase for your company.

xTalk – Own Your Very Own Adult Phone Sex Website

Believe it or not, but phone sex has never died off.  This industry is still a large money maker and has gotten bigger over the years of when it started.  So if you want your own live phone sex website, this is another turnkey website that you can have up and running in no time at all, and start making money fast!

xAggregate – Get Massive Amounts of Traffic To Your Adult Website

Traffic is the most important key to success. This script will bring you massive traffic to your membership sites, tube sites, pay per click ad campaigns, whatever it may be. What this package offers is auto-scraping, hacking tools, SEO growth.  We pull content from the most popular adult websites, which keeps heavy traffic coming to your site. This is a must-have and with the high competition in the adult and porn marketplace, this is something you will definitely need to try out.  Without traffic, you can’t make money!

xMarketplace™ – Dropship Website Selling Adult Sex Toys & Novelties

If you can use WordPress, you can run your own retail online sex toy and novelty business.  You do not even have to worry about inventory, our site comes loaded with over 70,000 products that can be drop shipped to your customers.  This is a state of the art ecommerce and dropship turnkey website.

xPins – Easy Installation & Powerful Adult Sharing Website

Have your own adult photo sharing site like with Xpins! This is a perfect way to supplement your income if you have chosen one of our other turnkey packages.  This site is simple, you let your users upload their content and share with other members.  The more members and the more content that is uploaded, you will viral and see some serious results!  This is definitely a great secondary income.

xGallery – Adult Image Hosting Script

xGallery is a hosting script built specifically for adult image sharing and photo galleries. With XGallery you are able to run a hosting service chat offers several way to monetize your earnings. You can earn on Ad banners, Pay per view module affilate programs and integration.

Each of the products we have listed, we offer a FREE demo of how the product works to give you an idea before purchasing and subscribing to our services.

If you are serious about making a passive income, making money while your sleeping, you will not want to turn away from this article.  We have included a mini description of each of the products, but feel free to try our FREE demos at http://adent.i.o and see for yourself.  Take advantage and stop dreaming and become the businessman or woman you have dreamed to be without having to work yourself ragged building a website and writing your owns scripts.  Be a part of the always fast and growing adult industry, while making a lucrative income.