Choosing Products for Your Sex Toy eCom Website

The first step to creating an e-commerce site is testing the market.

An Overview of Choosing Products

Creating a sex toy e-commerce site is very similar to creating a niche based affiliate site. So basically, if you know anything about affiliate marketing, it is very similar to create an e-commerce site. The best way to get started is to do some keyword research. You have to research products to find if they are popular.

How to Determine if a Product is in Demand

What are the steps to determine if a product is in demand. Look at the SERP competition. If you see that there are a lot of shops. If want to sell a specific type of sex toys see the search results of who else is selling them.

1. Do your keyword research.

2. Go in Google and see if other people are selling. If you see Amazon results, that’s great. But if there are other commerce sites that’s not a good sign because it means that the competition will be high.

Understanding the Profitability of a Product

The profitability of a product is the amount of money you make when you sell a single product. Usually it’s a 20% markup. For example, if you want to sell a sex toy which you buy for $100 and you sell it for $120, your gross profit margin would be $20. There are lots of other costs including your ads. If you have 500 searches a month and 10% of them purchased something. You go 50 people * 20.

Establishing a Relationship with Your Vendor

The vendor is the person which offers your product wholesale. It’s all about determining that relationship. What we want to do is we want to test the viability of the market. Keep in mind, when you work with vendors, remember you have the upper hand, meaning they want your business just as much as you want their business.

Make sure you let them know that you are talking to other vendors. Also, make sure you get a sample of the product. You have to pay for the product sample. You buy a single product just like you would normally do.

How to Choose Products for Your Sex Toy eCom Site

You can also turn your actual affiliate marketing site to an e-commerce site, you can install wo-commerce to it or any other similar e-commerce solution. The site structure is going to be like an e-commerce site.

This can help you try the viability of the market. If we earn commissions and sales, then we know we will pursue that niche. You can do this with a site which you haven’t touched in a couple of years.

Before you jump in and fix the site, jump over to your keyword research tool and make sure that people are searching the type of sex toys that you aim to sell. Do some searches to the variation of the term. If it’s something over 4,000 searches a month it’s good.

Also check the related terms. If your keyword is popular you can go ahead and confirm that it’s a viable market in terms of searches.

If it’s an old website, go to the settings and make sure all the settings are the way they should be. You can edit the site title and tagline.

Make sure you activate the block editor by clicking on Writing – block editor. You can edit your about page and convert it to blocks. Convert the privacy policy to block too.

Choose the Right Theme

Take a look at the menus. I suggest choosing GeneratePress and Prime. It’s very shop based look and it kind of looks like Amazon.

sex toy e-commerce

When you do this with an old site, you can install all the demo content there to test it out and see what it looks like. You got to install the demo content.

If you were to do this to a site which has a lot of content. I don’t recommend doing this immediately. You can first start a siterubix site, install all and see what it looks like. Press the customize button and put your logo there.

You might need to re-do the logo. If you see on your dashboard you will have your wo-commerce stats, so you will have wo-commerce installed.

Go to illustrator to adjust your logo. You have to resize it to fit your themes standards. You can make your logo all white and it will look good when you upload it in your theme with the dark blue background.

Go to customize and upload your logo. You can use Canva if you want. I’m very comfortable working in Illustrator. All my files are vector based illustrator files.

Retna logos are for higher quality screens.

Set Up Your Site

Go to setting, woocommere and go through each of the metrics there, select all countries and the currency. Save changes. If you go to the front end and you take a look at your card, if you have selected dollars as the currency you will see that everything is US based.

Now if you go to products, you can edit one of the products. The cool thing about this theme is that it has pre-setted affiliate products. In woo-commerce you have the ability to have products of your own where people pay for shipping and you have the option to have external products, affiliate programs. You can do attributes and all sort of fun little things. You have to now clean things up and design it to what you want. Now you can go to Amazon and start looking to the type of sex toy that you want to sell. You can click on one of the products.

You have to make sure that they are the type of sex toy that you want to sell on your site. You can now start to build your brand. You can go categories, add a new category, add a new product. Put the name and the description of the product and add an image.


xMarketplace is a ready-made script which is specifically designed for selling sex toys. The script is integrated with sex toys from the biggest suppliers in the market. You can use this script for drop shipping sex toys.

Check the demo here

In my opinion it is a better alternative than building your sex toy online store with woo-commerce. It is also has integrated the stripe payment gateway. Basically, after you install the script you don’t have to do any additional work, except promoting the site. After you install the script your site gets immediately populated with sex toys turning it into an e-commerce site.

how to sell adult sex toys

The xMarketplace script already offers the sex toy API which makes this possible. With an in build integration, the script makes it possible to sell with this site from the first day of work. The ingrated API will automatically make an order to the supplier when your customer orders through your site. Unlike PayPal, your customers don’t need a stripe account to pay, they can pay directly from their credit card.


It also has integrated notifications for e-commerce. Users on your site will see a notification popping up when a products is trending and everyone is buying it. The script also has the zoom product feature. xMarketplace also has the user accont registration feature. Users can sign up on the site with sign up form, Facebook and Google account.

zoom in product images

The script is bug-free. Images keep their set resolution after import. You can customize this script according to your needs. Admin can update the plugins from the back end too. xMarketplace is one of it’s kind. It works also with WordPress woo-commerce plugin. You will never run out of products to sell on your site.

xMarketplace™ – Adult eCommerce Website Script with Dropshipping API


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