Her Body Bank Case Study

Her Body Bank is a website which has been created by Adent’s developer’s team according to their client specific requests. Continue reading to find out more about this project.

Objectives of the Project

Her Body Bank was a project created by someone with 10+ years of experience in the adult industry. Her dream was to create a crowdfunding platform for women to interact with sponsors.

Helping women achieve their desired body is the goal of Her Body Bank.

When the creator of this program came across xCams and xModel scripts by Adent, she contacted the Adent support to assist her with her business idea. After various discussion Adent and her came up with a personalized draft which would best fit the needs of Her Body Bank.

She wanted to create a platform where women could communicate easily with their sponsors and achieve their plastic surgery goals. In fact, a similar platform existed before, it was called MyFreeImpiants, but it collapsed and a lot of women lost the funds that they had accumulated for their plastic surgeries.

Process and Approach

The founder of Her Body Bank needed a website which had an interactive interface and which ensured a good user experience both for the women and the contributors for her plastic surgeries. A website which would handle and manage a high amount of information and with a streaming option.

Design and Developement

The design of the website was meant to show the trustworthiness of the site.

The colors of this brand are violet and purple which are colors related to the royal and luxury. This is made to resonate with its brand identity.


The website of Her Body Bank was created with a mixture of Adent’s xCams and xModel scripts, considering the needs of the website.

The website was made to allow to constantly add content to it without compromising the website structure and functionality.


Every aspect of the site was tested for functionality.

Beta Phase

Then the website was tested with Native ads with 5,000 users. Some features were brought to attention. Then the website with tested with 50 women and their suggestions were taken into consideration to improve the site.

Adent‘s makes sure that the website works properly and is constantly updated with the latest features int the industry.

The Outcome

And here is the final result:

her body bank

Women raise money for a specific goal, a change that they want to make to their bodies. And they receive tokens which then can be converted into money. The site connects them to specific plastic surgeons and clinics, so this is the way that the site earns.

her body bank

And here is a link to the website: https://herbodybank.com/

Her Body Bank was created to fill a void left by MyFreeImpiants, a site which was created with the aim of raising funds for girls who wanted plastic surgery. But this site was suddenly closed and a lot of girls lost their funds.

Her Body Bank tried to replace it and bring the community back together. The founder of this site has a lot of experience in the adult industry as a model and she knows exactly the women’s needs from such a site and what contributes need as well. That’s why the site was created from stretch keeping their needs in mind.

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Create Your Own Website-Business

The customers of this site are the contributors who finance women to achieve their cosmetic goals. The Adent’s team created their website entirely customizable and intuitive, and very adaptable to the user’s needs. The Adent’s team is specialized in adult industry site scripts. They know the needs of customers in the adult industry and the latest features of the best sites in this industry, Innovation is important in this industry and a business model gets old when it is not updated and when competition comes in to take a part of the profits.

Her Body Bank is a website based on an innovative idea, which was executed properly.

Adent doesn’t only offer turnkey options for sites. Their team can also work with you to create a website specific to your needs.

The team is very responsive to your needs and offers suggestions if necessary.

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Her Body Bank was created in the form of a fundraising site for the adult industry. Do you have a great idea for an adult site business model which you would like the Adent’s team to develop?

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