How to Become an Adult Webmaster

Who is an adult webmaster?

A webmaster is an individual that maintains as a website, while an adult webmaster is an individual that maintains an adult website. He is responsible for adding new content, revising the current content and removing inaccurate ones, responding to inquiries by end users, organizing contents, hunting down dead links and monitoring traffic.

If you desire to flat your own adult website to rate in cool cash, then you will have to become an adult webmaster if you choose to manage the website by yourself. In case this is the first time you are trying your hands on adult website management, we will give you tips in this write-up on how to become an adult webmaster to ensure proper management of the adult website so that you can reap the benefits.

Create your own website

As an adult webmaster, the best place to start your journey to six-figure earnings from the adult program is your own website. It all begins with buying your own domain from a platform like Namecheap. When choosing your domain name, make sure you go for a name containing the keywords you plan to rank for.  If you prefer Asian girls, you can go for something like or something like that.

Aside from a domain name, you will also need a hosting service for your adult website.  Hosting ensures that the contents posted on your website can be available on the World Wide Web.  You will not be required to pay much for the hosting service since your website is new.  You may be charged as low as a dollar plus for the hosting service per month.

There are many hosting services out there day, but 247-Host stands a head taller than them all. Check below for the unique features that make this hosting service the best for adult hosting.

  • Top line customer support is provided
  • It supports both Windows and Linux operating systems
  • You can go for either dedicated or shared web hosting at budget-friendly rates
  • Worldwide data centers
  • It provides free site builder and free billing manager
  • You will have access to more than 350 free scripts to build the adult website.
  • You will equally have access to free templates on any of the packages
  • The platform provides daily backup, and the uptime is 99.99% of the time.
  • Setup is instant and free.

Choose a niche

Many of the niches being promoted today are not as profitable as they used to be since they are already over flogged with many adult websites already focusing on them. Instead of going into any of the popular, overpopulated niches, why not try something different? Why not consider any of the unique niches that are yet to be exploited? Be that as it may, you must be wary of the legal liabilities of some of these unexplored niches. Find out what is acceptable in your locality before you venture into any of the niches.

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Get content

You can join adult forums where you can get free contents.  You can equally get adult video contents from websites like xnxx and Redtube. When uploading other people’s content, make sure the content does not have a watermark or found in other sites. This way, you will not end up committing copyright infringement.

What is more, you can get in touch with websites that sell adult contents; one of such websites is Scarlettcontent. Some Professionals thinks it is better to avoid GFY since it is not what it used to be; the quantity of trash here is more than what it used to be.  Some sellers can also be found on Fiverr ready to provide you with adult contents for a fee. Yes, you can get virtually anything done on Fiverr for the right amount of money. Whatever you do, always remain on the legal side of things. You are better off using licensed contents only on the adult website.  It is not right to steal images from other adult websites.

Generate traffic

At this point, you would have set up your website and posted interesting contents that can keep the visitor glued to the website. The next step is to generate traffic to the website so that you can make some cool cash off the adult website.

The first step involves the use of specific keywords. Include in your contents relevant keywords that the customer will most likely search. Long tail keywords are always better. When choosing long-tail keywords, go for those that have low competition and high search volumes.  You can further increase your chance of being found by using keyword variations.

Do not also forget about onsite SEO; it can help increase traffic to your website.  This can be done by optimizing your website for your targeted keywords by including the targeted keywords in your metadata, content, page address and header text.  If onsite adult SEO is done properly, it can help drive massive traffic and boost your ranking on popular search engine.

Another reliable way to generate traffic for your adult website is to optimize your image for search engines.  Lots of photos are featured on adult websites with these photos depicting porn actors and actresses.  Bear in mind that merely posting such images on the website is not enough to generate the desired traffic.  Those photos may not boost your ranking on search engines if they are not optimized the best way to optimize those images is to include your keywords in the Alt text and titles of the image.  You can equally include a keyword-rich description of the image for a better effect.  You can get a great result if the content flows naturally and gives the reader value for their time.

One other reliable way to generate traffic for your adult website is to build quality links.  This involves connecting your website to those of other webmasters in your chosen niche in the adult industry.  You can equally offer to write a guest post for them or post a review on your website while asking them to link back.

Your adult platform can rank higher if the website is responsive and mobile friendly. Make sure the adult website is optimized for mobile devices and also keep the layout on the site simple.  Go for large fonts that do not require zooming. Do not use pop-up windows on the site. You can check the speed on the website prior to publishing using testing tools, like Webpagetest and Redbot.

Learn about obscenity laws

If you must prosper as an adult webmaster and do not want to be on the wrong side of the law, it is important that you learn about obscenity laws.  In fact, you should be able to recite the Miller test for obscenity anytime you are called upon to do that.  You may also need the service of a First Amendment attorney for a better understanding of the law and its intricacies. The lawyer can equally help you to understand how the laws had been interpreted over the years by the courts. You should be aware of all the basics of this law and certain potential defense; this will prepare you for obscenity prosecutions in case such a thing ever comes up.

Learning the intricacies of this law will help you to understand the tricks of the trade better. You should be able to identify obscene materials, and this will help to reduce the risks of being targeted by the authorities.  As an adult webmaster, you should know how to develop a “small test” for determining what the government may consider obscene, considering the available community standards.

Prepare for foreign visitors

You can get additional traffic from foreign countries by translating the contest on your website. Making the content of your websites available in different foreign languages, like Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Italian. Using a single language will be limiting your chances of getting great traffic. There are many foreign visitors ready to pay for your service if they can read your text in their native languages. First of all, identify the markets that will provide you with the best conversion rates and get the language on your website translated into those languages.

Associate with experienced professionals

There are many friendly industries online, but the adult internet industry is about the friendliest of them all.  Many of the experienced players in this industry are ever willing to guide and mentor a newbie. They do not mind offering helping hands and lifting others up to the platform of consistent profit-making. You may never be able to enjoy the benefits if you feel you do not need advice or you are too afraid to ask for help.  You have a lot to learn from these professionals as a startup adult webmaster.  Their tutelage will help you to avoid those pitfalls that may hinder your progress as a webmaster.  Many of them are ever willing to share their experiences so that you will never make many of the mistakes that newbie adult webmasters make.


The information provided above can help you make headway in as an adult webmaster the tips above can help to reduce your learning curve drastically so that you can make headway without falling victim to many of the pit-holes and errors suffered by many newbie adult webmasters.  You can find additional tips and information about how to make it fast as an adult webmaster here.

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  1. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing review about adult webmaster. I didn’t knew that it exist a difference between webmaster and adult webmaster. I  want create an website with this kind of content but i didn’t find a good explanation about this industry. First of all i was afraid to do it because of the risk to being blocked by someone, with this 18+ content. I will follow your additional tips about how to make a fast adult website. 

    First of all i want to find a good niche. Do you think this is important in creating an adult website? 

    • An adult webmaster is simply a webmaster in the adult niche. From my experience, the adult niche has been the most profitable one, compared to the niche of making money online and productivity which I tried. You will not be banned or blocked by someone, if you host your website on an adult-friendly host, like the one mentioned on my post (247-host). The niche you choose is very important. For example, you can’t choose a niche like “big boobs” or something like this because the competition is very high. Instead you need to choose a niche which doesn’t have much competition from big sites and thrive on that niche. People will come to your site to watch that specific type of porn. 

  2. Very helpful tips on how to chose a niche, build a website and drive traffic to an adult website. Also, thank you for getting some great information about where to find free content. I would be concerned about the legal side of it more than anything. Very important to know the laws. I didn’t know about the “obscenity laws”. That sounds scary. 

    • Hello, 

      If you create a site with ready-made script, you don’t have to worry about legal issues. You are promoting big site’s content, so you are helping them. 

  3. Hi,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about becoming an adult webmaster. Until reading your article, I had not considered the adult industry as a niche that I could make money from using affiliate marketing, but I am seriously considering it now. I know the whole porn industry is very popular, but as a beginner, which of your recommendations would you try first in order to make some money. Thanks in advance, Andrew

    • Hello Andrew, 

      I have stated it several times at this blog. The adult camming business is the most profitable adult business at the moment. A lot of people pay crazy amounts to cam girls in these comming sites. If you bring new visitors or models to these sites you can easily make money. I have been on other niches like the “making money online niche” and the “productivity niche” and in none of them I have earned as much as I earn from the adult niche as an affiliate. 

  4. I didn’t know that there was any difference between a normal webmaster and the adult webmaster. Your post has really done some justice to that and also explained how to become an adult webmaster starting from the littlest of things. I like all the information that I was able to get from this post. It is really nice and enjoyable. Now I need to know where to get videos without watermark. Many platforms add the watermark to the videos.

    • If you have experience as a webmaster in another niche, it is going to be a lot easier for you to become an adult webmaster. You can find videos without watermarks on different porn sites, you have to search for them one by one. Searching for amateur porn might give a lot of results without watermarks. You can search for them on

  5. I had no idea that adult niches were still so popular. I would have thought they would be oversaturated by now. 

    The only problem or drawback to having an adult niche is that you can’t put any affiliate links on your site, excepting those specifically targeted to your site. If you try Google Adwords, you would probably get banned. So this leaves you with a narrow playing field, and unless you can refine your niche into something super-targeted, you might not have much luck monetising this type of site.

    • The porn niche is far from being saturated. New porn categories come up each year and people are constantly searching for new forms of this kind of entertainment. Cam shows are at their peak right now. You can monetize your site with adult offers, there are endless of them on Crakrevenue, in about every porn niche.

  6. Thank you for sharing such great information with me. I have been looking for something online that is profitable. I have read your post. The idea of becoming an adult webmaster to earn money online seem to be reasonable and possible. It really interests me and makes me excited. Importantly, I can do it at home and it’s profitable than other make money online niches.

    Moreover, you list down all the essential steps for me so I don’t need to search it online one by one. It saves me time and money. I think the most important is the obscenity laws.

    I will further study adult master seriously because I want to make money online. If you have anything update about this, please keep sharing with us.

    • I’m happy that my post was helpful to you. The porn niche itself includes a lot of subniches and new ones come up every year. So even that the porn niche seems to be oversaturated in reality it is not. If you try it you will be able to find your  place on it and companies which produce about content are always in search of new affiliates. I will constantly post about new topics on this blog and keep you up to date. Thank you for your comment!

  7. Thanks for sharing such a useful article. I have heard about a webmaster previously and now this is an extra information about it. I never knew it requires some form of extra expertise to be able to handle a more advanced niche and from my line of interest, my site niche falls under one of the fast-selling ones (health and wellness). Although I am a newbie in such things, I would be careful when making a more for an hosting sites to avoid a common error. Best regards.

    • Being an adult affiliate is far more profitable compared to being an affiliate on other niches because, guess what? 80% of the internet is just porn and most people use the internet to search for porn

  8. Since there are so many more legal issues to contend with when considering posting adult content online, it seems it would be a more difficult business to get in to. What are the upsides to creating an adult site as opposed to any other non-adult niche? Other than consulting with a lawyer, where can someone learn more about the legal issues surrounding online adult business? Thank you for your insight and expertise!

  9. It’s nice to see such a nice and well arranged post. I have a clear understanding of what an adult webmaster is and how you linked it to 247 host sites is a really good step. Hosting sites are usually known to be good by their features and the features of 247 hosting site are really amazing. I am still on the learning phase of me starting my website, so I will pen down this hosting site so I can make use of their service.

    • If you want to get started in the adult niche you have to make sure to host your site on a hosting plan which accepts adult content otherwise your site can be down by the hosting company, That’s why I recommended 247 host. 

  10. Wow, being an adult webmaster doesn’t look like something really hard at all. I like the fact that you have pointed this out here. I never really knew that there is anything called the adult webmaster. I feel like I might be making a whole lot from this type. I do not know what type of niche that I can do in something like this though. I am hoping you can open my eyes to a good niche here.

    • Being an adult webmaster is not that difficult it cal also be fun if you are interested in a specific kind of adult content. The niche you can choose is up to you. It is always better to choose a niche that you are interested in as you are going to work on your site and your own view can serve as a filter to choose which piece of content are you going to post.

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