How to Create Free Preloaded Dropship Websites to Sell Sex Toys Online

There are no storage of people who would judge you if you enter a physical sex toy. That’s why the sex toy businesses online are flourishing. In this article I am going to discuss how can one create free preloaded dropship websites to sell sex toys. 

For some operations, creating a sex toy store is similar to creating a general sex toy store. But there are other aspects of the sex toy industry which are more specific than a general e-commerce. 

Free Preloaded Dropship Websites

Online Sex Toy Business Trends and Demand

An adult e-commerce store is a place where one can find any adult products like sex toys, DVDs, erotic lingerie etc. If you are thinking about starting an adult e-commerce store you are more close to the e-commerce industry than to the adult industry as a whole. The projections clearly project the market to surpass $50 billion dollars.

Sex toy business is on the boom and is receiving a lot of attention by the mainstream media. Starting an online sex toy business has some clear advantages that the physical shows clearly don’t. The market of sex toys is only increasing.

Is Selling Sex Toys Online Legal

There are two types of risk:

  • acquiring supplies
  • laws for selling sex toys

Laws for openly selling objectionable products in a nation are some laws you need to take into consideration before starting. Know the laws of the region where you are targeting your operations.

Selling Sex Toys is a Crime in Some States

In the US some states have completely criminalized the selling and possession of sex toys. So, make sure to ask your legal adviser about this. You can tweak your operations to make it legal in your region.

Legal Compliances on Product Packaging

Some countries have some packaging standards that should be followed by any sex toy seller.

Laws for Email Marketing

Before utilizing email marketing make sure to fine tune the laws about email marketing.

Laws for Using Images and Videos of Someone

Many times online advertisers use images or videos to promote their products. Make sure that you are authorized to use specific images. Especially in European region the laws of using images without permission are too strict.

Laws for Misrepresenting your Merchandise

Some sellers promote vibrators as body massages. Up to some extent you might tweak a product listing to comply to revaluations.

Laws for Design and Materials Used for Manufacturing of Sex Toys

Only sell sex toys with the allowed materials to product them. If the manufacture is not complaining with the regulations the product can be damaging for the customer.

Please note: the information presented on this article comes from personal research, I’m not a legal adviser, so you would need to consult a legal adviser for this.

Types of Sex Toys to Sell on Your Online Store

There are many types of sex toys. There are sex toys and accessories for women and for men.

Used to stimulate the pleasure points. This stimulation results into a satisfactory orgasm. Types of pleasure point simulators:

  • bullet vibrators
  • hands free vibtrators
  • strap on dildos
  • butt plugs
  • penis rings

Other sex toys:

  • aphrodisiac oil
  • silicome paddle

free Preloaded Dropship Websites

Sex Accessories

These products might not be used as a toy but they pray a crucial role to the sexual encounter, for example condoms. Here are a few other examples:

  • lubes
  • toy cleaners
  • masturbation sleves
  • silicon condoms

The options for creating an e-commerce site is similar to crating an e-commerce site in any niche. You can subscribe to any of the popular website builders, you will get the following:

instant website setup within hours

integrated shipping options

an array of built in website themes

However, there are a few cons to this option There website builders are generally built for a general e-commerce site:

  • limited features
  • website customization not allowed
  • limited payment gateways to choose from
  • poor scaliability
  • might not support adult payment gateways

Next best option is creating your own website from scratch, but would you consider spending a lot on your own team of developers and re-inventing the wheel?

Another option is a ready-made turnkey script. A turnkey ready-made script is already built which would also offer you a customizable script.

  • option to host on your preserved server
  • seo friendly website structure for the adult industry


The Pros

  1. You can create your own sex toys e-commerce website
  2. You can use the integrated droshipping API to sell products from wholesales
  3. You can customize your website’s look and feel
  4. You can remove any number of product categories
  5. You can customize the codes to do any modification
  6. You ca select any revenue model such as: subscription system integration, adult toy affiliate proframs
  7. Geo location filter and availability
  8. Additional payment gateway integration like CCBil
  9. Comes with a ready-made drop shipping API. This API is from one of the most popular drop shippers in the adult toy industry. You can sell you own products too if you want too
  10. Unlimited ways to make money. This is how a typical drop shipping work: you receive an order from the customer, you place an order to the drop shipper or use the xMarketplace API to make this automatic.
  11. Easy to drive traffic to your e-commerce store.

The Cons

I can’t think of any cons of building your adult sex toy e-commerce business with xMarketplace. The script helps to make the process automated and build your website in minutes. However, you need to put some effort to promote it.

Ways to drive adult traffic to your sex toys business website:

1. Referral through adult forums. Forums have always been the favorites of SEO professionals for getting adult traffic and leads. Gradually make your profile a well-known name in the forum. You can bundle your business with your answers. How to find a relevant forum? You can Google about adult forums and adult sex toys forum. Most of the quality forums would have strict guidelines.

2. Referral through adult social media connections. Social media platforms generally do not allow adult content. However, people are using Twitter hashtags to make tweets relevant to audience. If not direct, an indirect promotion would help you to get traffic through social media sites.

3. Adult traffic networks. Tweak your product descriptions so that they do not need to be adult. Use adult ads networks specially designed to promote adult content. You might have to run multiple ads on different regions.

4. Adult SEO. SEO itself means getting quality traffic from quality sources. Make your website SEO friendly with meta tags, meta descriptions and keywords.

Drop shipping is delivering the product from the manifacturer to the customer.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Adult e-commerce Site

While some ways to drive traffic are similar to the ones to drive traffic to a general e-commerce store, there are others which are specific to this industry.

Referrals Through Adult Social Media Connections

Social media platforms generally don’t allow adult content. But some people find a way to tweak this. For example, you can use the Tweet hashtags.

Adult forums are a great way to drive traffic too. Make sure that the forum is relevant to adult. Check forum’s guidelines, most forums have strict guidelines.

You cannot use Google Adsense to promote adult sex toys, but you can tweak the ads text to not be against the Google’s rules, but still people will understand what they are about.

Organic Traffic

SEO means getting quality traffic from quality sources. Just perform whatever is required by best SEO guidelines to get your site ranked on Google. Do content marketing. Check the back links. Devalue bad links and fix broken links. Avoid duplicate content and plagiarism.

Traffic through a Traditional Promotion

Noone can survive in the market without consistent brand promotion. You can use the following methods:

  • place ads in newspapers and adult magazines
  • sponsor relevant events
  • place billboards in strategic locations if allowed in the region
  • contact porn stars and video bloggers
  • list your site in adult directories
  • make explainer videos or documentaries related to sex toys

How to Deliver Sex Toys to Customers

Online sex toy shops are becoming more popular than physical stores because they offer privacy. Choose a supplier who is willing to adapt your packaging guidelines. Keep the packaging content anonymous from the delivery person. You can always be discrete about it. Guys never know what is inside unless they open the package which they are not allowed to do. Manage your customer privacy and show this to customers.

Summing Up

Starting a sex toy business is not impossible. Consider these numbers: sex toys can cost as little as $50, but there are also high priced ones. When things are related to pleasure, hygiene and self-safety people are not willing to compromise. Even if you are selling 6-8 toys in a day you will make enough money in a month. You can easily make $10,000 in a month. There is no limit to the variety of products that can satisfy the sex needs. Customers know that they get what they pay for. At different price points, there are different materials. If you are willing to invest in high quality products, your earnings can be very high.

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