How to Get Paid to Chat Online (Get Paid for Sexting)

With the advancement of technology new ways of making money online have emerged.

Being an adult webcam model is an easy way to make money for many girls.

However, making it a full time source of income is not as easy as it sounds, it involves more than just getting in front of the camera. It involves a lot of marketing and patience until you achieve the desired results.

Unfortunately, after all the hard work, you don’t get to keep all the commissions that you make. The site takes from you up to 50% of your earnings. Sites like Chaturbate take 40% of your earnings and sites like JiveJasmin take 20%-70% of your earnings.

That’s why a lot of cam models are creating their own sites where they sell their content and also offer live webcam shows for money.

There is a script that even a newbie who doesn’t know anything about creating a website can use and make their website with it.

I have actually written a blog post on the topic of working on a webcam site versus creating your own website for your content. You can find it here: Is it better to be a webcam model or create your own website?

But, hey, why not create a sexting site or app which you own and you can earn by hiring models working on your site.

The Industry of Sexting

Sexting finds its roots in the advancement of mobile technology. Some sites offer the possibility to chat with models and actors. People tend to not think about money when they are enjoying chatting with a sexy model. Sex chat saves your time as you can do it with your phone or laptop from your home. With most companies making it an easy process sexting has become widely available. So, making money sexting is a really efficient way to make money online. You can work as a model and get paid for sexting and webcam shows.

Sex chats turns people on instantly, in contrary to dating, which is the biggest motivator of people who sext. It’s 2020 the year of the covid pandemic. The new normal can not repress our sexual desire. I have been hearing from internet marketers that sexting is very popular and a good opportunity to make money online.

Sexting is not limited to teens alone. Sexting is a business model with a lot big companies involved with it. A lot of online influencers are publishing their photos on adult websites.

Some webcam sites have added the sexting option to their business. Sex chat is a form of erotic conversation.

The modern day sexting has evolved. People use messengers, like easy sharing of photos, video calls and video clips. If have you have used the sext deleting app Snapchat you understand what I want to say. So many popular webcam sites have added sexting in their services. Commercial sexting is a viable business idea. If you want to get started in this business you can set up an app for sexting. Commercial sexting allows models to make money from their home.

Sexting sites make a lot of money just by cutting off a part of the model’s earnings. Imagine if a model makes $400 a week and imagine is you owned a sexting website. You could get a percentage of their earnings as the owner of the site.

Setting Up a Sexting Platform

Users will pay to chat with models privately. They will buy tokens to chat with the models. The website will deduct a certain amount of their earnings which will be the primary way to make money. You will need some skills or the helps of a developer.

I have written a detailed article on how to start a sexting business and make money.

Your sexting chat needs to look attractive to the users. It should have good navigation. Your site should provide an intuitive interface. Payment gateways should be given an exceptional importance. It should have good model’s and user’s dashboards. How can you create a sexting app or sexting chat?

xChat is a script to create a turnkey sexting app.

Create Your Sexting App with xChat

To sign on xChat there is no password needed so there is no rick of getting passwords lost.

For every token spent on the app you are going to earn a certain percentage. The more users talk, the more they spend.

You as the owner of the site, have full control of the admin panel. The admins have the ability to personalize their app in the admin panel.

They can also set model commission percentages. xChat was created to make it simple for users to start chatting. Because its friendly design customers will be less likely to uninstall. The app is also built with security settings. The system was created by tech industry veterans.

Key features:

  • Invite phone contacts
  • User profiles, favorite profile features are installed
  • You can set your own prices on token packaged

You can check the demo of xChat here:

Product features explained video:

Does it supports mobile apps? Yes. It comes with mobile IOS and Android app.

When you buy the software you will also get access to the future updates. You can also add hone calling feature and video calling video, for this you have to contact Adent’s support.

The provides for the users to start their sexting easily. The technology revolution with xChat can make two types of accounts: as users and models. The users can customize their profile by adding 5 pictures just like the Tinder app.

Popular Token System

Once the user purchases a token package they can use it to chat with the model. You, as an admin can give users some free tokens to use. When they start chatting and get hooked up to the model, they will buy token packages. The xChat app perfectly works to pay models, which can withdraw their earnings directly from the xChat app. A happy model means business to you. xChat offers you in depth reporting files, as an admin.

The admin can answer the payment requests of the models and also set the commission percentage for the models. The xChat is built with advanced security settings. This means that users or models can not sign up with a fake email address, reducing the chanced of spam. With such architecture the site administrators can add hundreds of models and expend their business.

If you need any help on how does this work in more detail, you can comment in the comment’s box below.

Finding Girls to Sign Up to Your Sexting Platform

To find models you can search on adult forums. You must also explore the Kik app. Kik restricts adult content and some models who seek to make money on Kik lose their earnings. You can contact these models and present to them your sexting app as a for form them to earn money.

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