How to Get Started with OnlyFans: Recording Your First Video

Everyone likes watching videos but no one likes creating them. When you create a video you have to think of it as if you are performing for a single person to make the interaction more personal.

An Introduction to Creating & Editing Videos to Sell on OnlyFans

All videos start with an idea. That idea could be anything. Obviously you want it related to your niche. Videos can be as creative as you want. Everyone is a creative person. Creativity is subjective. When you start looking at other people’s creativity you might think that you will never be able to do that, but you have to develop your own creativity.

Once you have the idea you have to get the video ready, this is called pre-production. This will include creating a script, getting props ready. Then comes production. Production is creating the video, whether live or recording it. Post production: take that row video and you edit it. You deploy the video: for example. you upload to OnlyFans.

Idea: that is the most important one. You can do use keyword research techniques for video to make it rank better within OnlyFans and get more clicks.

You can also look at the Google trends and create a video beyond your existing blog post.

Pre-production: is coming up with the plot.

The Importance of Setting Up

home office

The important thing is to have a good personality and good lighting.

Make sure that the setup is consistent. If you’re recording two videos a week, I suggest you record videos for an entire month in one session. If you’re going to take down the setup I suggest you take pictures of that setup so that the next time you need to set it up you have documentation for it. If it works why deviate from that. You might even want to document how far you are from your microphone and the level of the lighting if it’s a dim light.

I use some software called Wirecast. I have a certain configuration and I save the configuration on my software.

Devices to Create Videos

Cost-efficient studio setups. Obviously you need a camera. You can use an external web cam. If it’s a recording and not live you can use your phone. If you’re recording live to broadcast on PornHub etc, it’s better to use a webcam and not your phone.

Microphones. It can be your computer mic, an external mic, or a USP mic. Lighting is very important. You can use a lamp or you can invest in studio lighting. Studio lighting is very cheap these days. When I didn’t have a studio lighting, I used an external monitor. For example, if you were to have an external monitor and you took that monitor and opened say Google homepage. The bright home page is going to reflect very good. You don’t necessary need to go and buy lighting. Let’s go to Amazon to show you some gear that you can use.

The camera:

logitech C930e 1080PH HD video webcam

The lighting:

neewer 700C professional photography 24x24 inches

If you don’t want to invest in those things, you can just want to buy a lamp. In that case use a soft white ball. The other thing that you can use is the parchment paper and tape it to the top of the lamp to diffuse the light. Florescent can work too. It’s one of those things that you have to experiment with.


blue yeticaster

How much does all this staff cost:

Camera – $150

Microphone – $220

Lights – $70

This brings a grand total of $440

Now, you do not need to spend $440.

Another option is just using your computer’s web cam. The quality won’t be as good as an external. Instead of investing on lighting you could use a lamp or your computer monitor. If own a lap top you own a web cam and a computer’s microphone. So you can get started doing videos right away. That was just to answer what a lot of people have asked: what I use.

My #1 Camera for Recording Adult Videos: Logitech C390e 108oP HD


Recording Brilliant Audio

Audio is really important. Let’s first talk about different types or microphones and what happens when you use these different kinds of microphones. If you are creating a video with more than one performance you might need an omnidirection microphone. An omnidirection microphone is a microphone which is focused on audio from different directions.

Don’t go into the rapid whole of buying every kind of microphone for your audio.

Another element about audio which is just as important is the environment, the place where you are recording. Whatever room you are in it can create an echo. You can have a cover which will absolve the sound, like something hanging on the wall, a pillow or a carpet. If you’re in an empty room your voice is going to bounce all over the place. Put the pillow directly behind the camera. Just make sure you have something where you can absolve that audio.

Using Your Phone

You can use your phone for your videos. On an iPhone there are two cameras, the one on the back has a higher resolution. If you are going to do a video of yourself you can use it but know that we are talking about 720P versus HP.

If you want to upload your video on OnlyFans or PornHub hold your phone in vertical position when you film. Now if you had a tripod, I would choose to use the other side of the camera because it is more high quality. You can stick it down somewhere and it’s good and solid.

Another little trick: with an iPhone if you are in an environment that has different types of lighting, you might see a yellow square. If you are doing a video where you are moving around, the phone will adjust the lighting, but if you are still in one place, you can put your finger where you want to focus on the screen and this will save your videos.

So, never underestimate the power of your iPhone.

Being in the Mindspace to Record Your Videos

One of the things that you wanna do before you record is remove the chaos as much as you can. You want to find the time and a day and a space to do your recordings. You want to let everyone in your environment know that you are doing this and not disturb you. There is the chaos in your household and the cause in your brain. If you have a bad day typically you won’t have a good recording. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. So deep breath in your nose and let it out through your mouth. There are studies about this.

So before you record you do that. What that does is that it releases tension out of your body and put you in your mindset. Everyone has a routine to do stuff to mentally prepare. What I do I have my own set of routine that I do, it involves things like walking, listening to some type of music. I’m constantly adding to it but what is always consistent are those three deal breaths.

I want you to feel like you are recording to one single person. If you start thinking like oh I’m broadcasting to 100 people, it can be intimidating. If you feel like there are going to be hundreds of people watching this video, it is intimidating. What that does is that it makes the video more personal and it gives that authentic feel.

One of the things that I see webcam models or girls down this industry is that they are scared. When I started filming porn I was too self-conscious. Out of a 100 people 99 will say that you did a great job. Think about the 99 people that say “wow, good job”.

Some Other Important Topics

How to edit the bad parts? I will be covering this on one my next post. You can edit is without special equipment to a certain extreme. PC have a movie editor but you can also use QuickTime. I know that there are other free editing editors.

I like to show my videos outside for natural lighting. Some devices to record outside, but if it is a really sunny day, the sun can ruin the video. If you want to film outside I would wait for a cloudy day.

If you are on a budget one light ring could be enough. You don’t even need a light, what you can do is you can use a lamp and get parchment paper to defuse that. Get first some money from your videos and you can re-invest them in better equipment. You can also use the microphone of your headset if you have a headset with a little microphone.

My #1 Camera for Recording Adult Videos: Logitech C390e 108oP HD


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