How to Create a Webcam Website (Best Cam Site Script): Step-by-Step Tutorial for Newbies

Cam sites are very popular these days and people are leaving adult pay sites for cam sites. Live sex shows have become the new face of porn. In this post I am going to show you how to create a webcam website.

And I am telling you that it is possible to create a cam site with WordPress, even if you don’t know anything about coding whatsoever and even if you have a tight budget. It is not only possible but you can create it within one hour.

The 4 Steps to Create an Adult Cam Site

Step 1: Buy a Hosting and a Domain Name

In this step you need to be careful because not all hosting companies support adult content. In my experience so far the only hosting which supports adult content and I haven’t had problems with is the FastComet hosting.

Fastcomet is totally fine with every type adult content and they will never ban you for that.

Fastcomet will also make sure that your site will be working all the time, especially if you are not tech savvy you need this. They also have 24/7 live support.

This hosting costs $59 a year and you will get a free domain with it (generally a domain bought separately costs $12). A domain name is the address that people will search your site, for example:

I recommend you choose a .com or a .net domain as they tend to rank higher on the search engines like Google which makes your site easier to find.

Also, don’t use dashes in your domain because domains without dashes tend to rank better, for example: – OK – not so good

Now I am going to show you how you can buy the Fastcomet hosting, in case you need a step by step tutorial on this. As you can see my content is totally newbie friendly and everyone can understand and apply it.

How to buy FastComet Hosting; Step by Step

Click go to the FastComet hosting homepage.

Click “START”.

You have to choose your hosting plan between the three hosting plans that Fascomet offers. If you want to create only one website, choose the StartSmart plan, it will cost $59 per year. And if you want to create more than site choose a bigger plan.

Go to the FastComet hosting homepage.

Next you have to choose your plan’s size between 1 month, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. I would recommend you choose it for one year.

Enter you billing information. Now you can add some add-ons to your plan, but trust me, you don’t need them at all and they will raise the sum that you have to pay, so just skip them, if you will need them later you can add them.

If you have any question up to this part you can comment below in the comments section and I will help you.

Click here to buy Fastcomet hosting

Step 2: Install WordPress

You can install WordPress in just minutes, I will show you how. Here is step by step how to install WordPress. Installing WordPress on the Fastcomet hosting is easy and it won’t take too much time either.

Firstly, log in to your Fastcoemt account and click on Products on My/Products:

Click on View Details and then Click on CPanel, like shown in the image below.

Scroll down to the section of Softaculous apps installer, and click on WordPress.

Click Install Now.

Then just to this on the next table that will show up.

In the Software setup section, do the following:

  • Choose protocol – https://
  • Choose domain –
  • Directory – empty

Then just choose your username, password and email for WordPress

Click on Install.

And this was the installation process. You’ve completed this step.

Step 3: Sign Up for Webcam Affiliate Programs

The affiliate program which has worked for me is the Chaturbate affiliate program.

Here are my proof results from this month:

I make money from referring customers and from referring webcam models on this site, as I have indicated in the picture.

Their site is huge and the sign up process is very easy, so it’s easier to make money with this site.

Click Here to Sign Up to Chaturbate

I also promote BongaCams, they have grown fast and they have become very popular recently.

Now, the thing here is that you will not have to recruit webcam models for your site yourself, you can just get their models to broadcast on your site too, so when they broadcast for example on Chaturbate, they will appear on your site too. And you can also get only models from a specific niche/tag, if your site is in a specific niche.

Step 4: Set Up You Cam Site

Luckily for you there is a script which can make it possible for you to create an adult cam site with just a $50 investment and in no time.

This plugin is called Roboscript.

And here is an example of how your site will look with this plugin:

The good thing is that you can use any WordPress theme that you like and this plugin will work with it, you can choose among different free themes available on WordPress. You can put cams from different cam sites on your website and you can change cam descriptions and tags the same way that you write WordPress posts, no additional skills or tools.

You can choose to show only cams in a specific niche like only gay cams, couple cams etc. Needless to say, no information will be stored on your website, so your servers will not be overloaded, which means that you can go for the cheapest hosting plan for this method.

The team of the Roboscript updates if constantly and they are adding new cam sites to it. And if you buy this plugin you can use it on as many websites as you like, think about it, you could be building cam sites for clients and charging with the same $50 investment that this plugin costs.

This script is the best for the search engines. I have seen a lot of websites which use this script ranked very good on the search engines. You can add some posts to your webcam site and you will see your traffic growing.

Having visitors stay long to your website because of the cam will make Google think that it is a quality site and not just another spammy one.

Here is a guide which shows you how to install the cam site builder:

If you contact the Roboscript support they will also help you with the installation to your site.

What About White Label?

Another option is to create a While label site, what this means is that you can create a site about identical to some of the biggest cam sites, like for example Chaturbate and only change a few things like the logo.

This is not a good option because these sites do not have unique content and for this reason Google doesn’t index them. Another down site is that you can only promote one cam site from which you have the Whitelabel, while building your own website you can promote a lot of them.

Get Started Today

So you can build your cam site with less $50 a day and I can say that the two mentioned plugins are the best out there for building your cam site.

Thanks to them building your own cam site has never been easier.

Your site will get updated automatically, it will run and have visitors and you won’t have to do much work.

My Story Building an Adult Cam Site

I tried to build a real cam site a few years ago and it failed. I spent over 50 thousands of dollars to make it work, my expenses were:

$450 a month for a server to store everything

$1,000 a month for marketing

$5,00 on billing

I paid over $30 thousands for the script and I had to pay coders to fix it when I had problems with it. In the end it all failed because webcam models were not making so much money as they would do on other cam sites, because it didn’t have enough traffic. Then I found about the Robiscript and I started a cam site, now I have to focus only on getting traffic and everything else is handled from this script.

I know get about 5,000 visitors a month to my site and I am continuously working with it.

Porn pay sites are getting less and less traffic and cam sites are the most profitable porn niche today on the internet. But don’t start a real webcam site, you will have to invest about $500k and not have a guaranteed profit.

So if I did It How Soon Would I See Results?

If you do some SEO and get some backlinks you can see results sooner, however I can’t tell you an exact time frame. Some of my cam sites have started making money with the first two months of getting started and others took a lot longer.

My Final Word

I have used the Roboscript, and it works very well, I like the fact that it goes well with every WordPress theme and you can choose the one that you like.

It is totally worth every penny invested.

So, save this article to read it later when you build your adult site, I am going to cross fingers for you. And if you have any issues while getting started you can comment in the comments section below with your question.

I wish you lots of success on the adult industry!

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  1. Hello! I would like to start an online business and I’m considering the porn industry, so basically, my question is: what is best to create a porn site or a webcam site for the beginning.

    • Hello Gleb! While both can be profitable live porn is the future. Live cams could be your financial savior. Your visitors could interact with the models and play the voyager. They can tell models what to do and they can live chat at any hour of the day. And if you decide to create a porn site instead make it in a niche topic, niche sites are way more successful than general ones.
      There could be cases in which a porn site would make more than a cam site but I say that cam sites are the future on internet porn

  2. Hi Enxhi,
    Thank you for sharing this method 🙂
    I am interested in trying this but I wonder if I can afford it.
    I am not sure I understood well but the investment to make is around 110$ ?.. I mean, 59$ per year for the hosting plan ( are you going to pay this amount immediately after registering? ) . Then, as you suggested 50$ for the Econfirmpro Plugin ( you just pay it once? ). Are there more expenses?

    • Hello Luigina! Yes you have to pay for the hosting plan when registering, you have to pay $50 for the Econfirmo plugin and there are no more expenses while you can use the plugin in as many sites as you want.
      You could also make money from it by offering to build cam sites for other people with no additional investment.

  3. Dreamgirl93,
    Interesting reading I had no idea that building this type of site could be so profitable thank you for giving so much detail into it. A great way for any beginner starting out in this niche I would agree. I do believe you have found a big profit niche and think with everything you have included step by step instructions to getting started anyone could make themselves a very small investment and be on their way.
    Susan 🙂

  4. It seems as if, the criteria for creating a webcam seems different from creation of business or Entertainment website. This is good!
    And I never knew, one can generate such an income from it. But I have a little problem with this. The money here, is much. $59 per year. Do we really have to pay all or it depends on the packages you subscribed to?…..
    Do we really have to pay all as a beginner?

    • Hello Bibian,

      Most hosting companies do not allow about content. There are two main reasons for this: they don’t want to be related to anything pornographic, the laws are strict on this, and adult sites usually get more traffic which is hard to handle for the servers. 

      You shouldn’t risk by going for a hosting company which doesn’t allow porn, your site can go down without a warning and you will lose all the earnings. 

      In addition to this, another important part when running a website business is having the proper support from you hosting company. There are hosting companies which when you contact them, they say that everything is fine on their end, and in reality your site is down. If might be your fault, but the customer service should be there to solve your problem. 

      Most hosting companies try to provide efficient service. But still problems happen, sometimes you have to admit that the support answers only at certain hours. 

      First, you have to decide what you want in a host. If you want a cheap host, you can shop for bargains but you are going to sacrifice quality.

      At the moment I have websites hosting on two different companies, they are both good in different ways. Thay are and

      I hope this answer helps.

  5. Your site is really informative with every detailed aspect to it on how to build a webcam site. Its really easy to follow as it is more like a step to step tutorial which it is. Which includes pictures on where you need to go next. I think your site pretty much covers up almost everything here. Thank you.

  6. Hello. I’ve always wanted to create a cam site somehow. This is a very interesting content you have covered. I found this very useful, and will most likely follow your instructions to start! The market for this will never disappear, so in my opinion, it is a safe method.
    Love your work!


  7. Hi There

    This is some great information. I plan to start my own website very soon using this method. I just have one question, maybe I missed this during the article but once I buy the script from roboscripts how do I get paid? Paypal? bank card? Does chaterbate pay via paypal?

  8. SO are you saying I buy this robo script and I don’t have to do anything. Sounds too good to be true. When would I make my money back lol

    • Welcome MJ. After you build your site with the robo script you can promote the same way you would promote any other site. You can buy traffic but I wouldn’t personally recommend that, there are tons of ways to get free traffic. You can promote through social media (Reddit, Tumbrl and Twitter which allow this kind of material) but the best converting traffic is from the search engines. For this you have to do some seo like changing the model’s room description to good keywords, you can even add some blog posts for SEO.

      I have created another post which explains in detail all the methods I use to promote my cam sites:

      A combination of those methods would work pretty good to drive a lot of traffic to your site.

  9. I never thought that someone could create such a website so easily in order to make some profit out of it. It shows the power of internet and someone can gain from it no matter what niche they choose to follow. Your article provides all the information needed to start and I think that anyone with some basic knowledge will be up and running in no time. Thank you for the information.

  10. I liked your article about how to earn money with an Adult Cam Site and with Webcam Affiliates. Sure if you start blogging it can boost your traffic and you will send more visitors to the actual Webcam sites. This is a good option to earn money and probably you will find some new members who will register through you and will pay for watching. 

    This is a useful step by step guide. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This are the post that I have been all looking for, I have started a porn website and I am somehow stuck without knowing what to do next , i did not know more about the webcam, but for now I already have a domain and I am looking for more information on the way forward. From your post I have come to learn alot about the adult websites, I always wanted to have account in this industry as I believe it has great customers all over the world. Thank you for sharing even the cost related to the whole process, I have already subscribed to your newsfeed looking forward to learn more from your posts.

    also I would like to know more of the companies offering affiliate programs for the porn website, thank you for sharing this post.

    from Joy.

    • Hello Joy, 

      As for the companies offering affiliate programs I would recommend Crakrevenue. It is an affiliate network where you can sign up and choose among a lot of offers to promote. There are offers in any kind of adult niche like cam sites, adult games, dating offers. It is frequently updated with new offers and I like to promote the newest ones which are introduced because they generally have a higher payout at the beginning and are not saturated. 

      I also promote the famous Chaturbate.

  12. I was wandering which way the industry was going due to all the free content available. You mentioned that it took about two months to start seeing returns on your money, can I ask how much time you are putting into driving traffic to your site and updating your site per week? And can I ask which ways you are driving traffic to your site? Is it through seo or paid advertising or a combination of both? Thanks for read it is interesting that people are moving to live porn.

    • I don’t spend to much time working on my site, it’s more like a side business, I could say on average less than half an hour a day. I am driving traffic to my site primarily through SEO. I optimize the titles of the models rooms (the script allows you to do that) and I have included a blog on my site to drive traffic. 

      Never spend a dime on ads. And it’s working great so far! 

  13. This is cool TBH, at least the adult business is fast thriviing and fast gaining more user and easily generates traffic.

    This article is really helpful is setting it up. Even the Newbie like me will easily grab his computer to set it up.

    I’ll need to tell my friends about it and recommend this articles to them.

    Thank and thumbs up to you writer

  14. Hello,

    I have read the whole review about this. This topic is very important for me. Because i want to do this.There are many live cam software available on the internet which can be used to create and manage our own webcam site.We need promo areas to advertise our models.One of the benefits of this method is that we would attract our own webcam models to the website.Thanks for sharing this informative article.             

  15. I never knew it was this easy creating an adult cam site. You sure spent a lot of money previously before you actually realized it could be done for a lot less. A lot of hosting companies do close up adult cam sites I finding out that FastComet hosting company does not close down adult cam site is really good. I would be sure to make use of the step by step tutorial that you have provided when creating an adult cam site.

  16. Wow! excellent information for beginner who want to start a pornographic site and need a reliable source to do that. I think you have posted all related details information of establishing a adult cam site easily. one of my friend has a plan to develop this type of site. I am going to refer him this article. I have little bit concern about the difference between Econfirmo plugin and Roboscript. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comment. I have used Econformo when I started my first webcam site. Lately their customer support has not been so much available for help and the script started to develop bugs which the customer support wouldn’t be available to solve.That’s why I suggest Roboscript as a better choice.

  17. There are various Web hosting providers accessible on the web, with fluctuating expenses and features. It’s really critical to pick a host that gives boundless space and traffic to help your live Webcam Site. I have never known about FastComet hosting before but since you said that it’s fine with every type of adult content and they will never boycott you for that, then it will be good to give it a trial.

    • Hello Favour,

      With this script cam shows will be embeded on your site, so there’s no need for hosting space. That is not an issue with this script, you can populate your site with as many live cam shows as you want. 

  18. Good Day, ENXHI.

    The creative genius of man knows no bounds, and never ceases to amaze me in its application. 

    As so you clearly evince, there is very little use to learning “code”, when you can spread your creativity, to humanity, by other methods.

    Your post describes, in great detail, how to achieve a purpose well desired. You do a commendable job of this. 

    This post could excite many budding entrepreneurs, interested in starting an online business. 

    Visuals are so useful in capturing one’s attention.

    Is this a competitive market to begin a business in?

    Is it better to gain some degree of expertise before starting an online business, or can one pick it up, as you spend more time, in it? 

    Thanks for stimulating my creative juices.


    • Hello, Paul, thank you for your comment! It is a competitive market that’s why it’s best to start a niche cam site, aka. embed in your site only cam shows in a particular niche, this can be done by using a certain keyword when you embed live cam shows. People interested on that particular niche will cam to your site to watch more from their favourite acts

  19. That was really an Interesting reading even though it is not my particular niche you have done a fantastic job giving so much detail into it.  I suppose it is a good way for any beginner that is just starting in this niche. I like that you have included  the step by step instructions to how to get started as well.

  20. Really informative article and this is an area I am looking to explore as I know it can be very lucrative. My question is, do you know if Chaturbate accept affiliates from any location, as I am based in the UK? Similarly with the hosting providers you recommend, i.e. FastComet 

    • Hello David, 

      yes Chaturbate accepts referrals from everywhere and you can buy the Fastcomet hosting plans from everywhere as well

  21. Great post, live porn is the real deal, got a lot of people go into that for the profit and benefits it brings. Thanks for sharing such helpful post. But even though someone got the website running and stuff, how about the referrals and marketing, I know people love it right but most websites do not support adult content. 

  22. A good friend of mine has been looking to get into the webcam business over the last twelve months but she’s had trouble finding the right info she can trust – you never know with this sector these days! 

    I’ll have to pass this info on to her as it seems really well laid out and simple enough to follow. Will she need to know anything about SEO etc to run this site?

    • SEO knowledge is not particularly important, but is helps if you add a blog to the cam site to get more traffic. And also changing the titles and descriptions of the cam rooms is going to help for getting more traffic.

  23. Thank you for sharing this interesting post. I am currently working on my e-commerce site. Once I am through with it and everything works fine, my next plan is venturing into the porn industry. I will bookmark this post for future reference. This information will offer me great support when I am fully ready to begin my own porn site. I learnt that the porn industry is a lucrative one. 

  24. Hello, Interesting niche’ you have. I heard a long time ago the sex sells. I think a lot of people would be interested in knowing how to do this even though they were not going to go public. I am not all that familiar with the Adult Industry. My only exposure I can share with you is a friend of mine did a 1-900 # when they were famous.  He did make a substantial income after a couple of years. He eventually sold his 1-900 business and had moved to Hawaii. 

    I guess the Webcam has replaced the 1-900#s of long ago. Like I mentioned before, interesting post.


  25. Webcam site will actually help to gain traffic but not only to gain traffic, it will also help to sustain the traffic you gain. Visitors will be able to stay longer in your sites each time they visit the site. But then, I would like to know if it is only in porn niche that Webcam can be used?  Can’t a Webcam be used on other niche outside porn niche??

    • Hey Kenechi, 

      Maybe they can  be used on other niches too. I have heard of some sites where people get paid to broadcast 24/7 like a “Big Brother” show, but this business model that I am talking about in the article is about the porn niche. 

  26. creating a webcam site will be a very nice ideal but the only problem is that am not a lady and everyone knows a lady behind a webcam will be the best option right now if one wants to make lots of money.

    so with this knowledge i just acquired i think am just going to go ahead and create the site and find someone that can stay behind the camera.

    thanks for this 

    • Hello, 

      There’s not a need to do webcam modeling. You haven’t understood the whole process of the Roboscript. It is used to embed live webcam shows to your site. 

  27. Admin, can you explain the ACTUAL steps you will take to turn your can site with robo to a lesbian niche cam site, for example? This is the part that I don’t really get. Thanks.

    • Hello Ada,
      To turn your website with Roboscript into a niche site you have to mass embed on it only live cams on the specific niche. When you mass embed the videos you can choose a keyword and embed only the live cams related to that keyword. This is on the Roboscipt settings. You can find the whole Roboscript guide here:

  28. Great Content and InformationThanks for this concise and thorough article.

    Adult cam site is one of the greatest niche people kept on visiting on daily basis and I must say the niche delivers greatly. I love the way you highlighted the step by steps neatly for newbies to decode and understand easily. The points raised are well understood.

    This is the type of information some so-called proffesional bloggers will love to hide from public knowledge. I’m so happy I found your blog.

    Thanks for the indepth analysis

  29. Great post and good info.

    Didn’t knew about Fastcomet, I will check this one out for sure. 

    Now about the cam site, it is nice to know you actually don’t need a lot of effort or knowledge, so I’m going to try to make one, wish me luck, and we will see how far I can go. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us! 

  30. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest. This post is very useful and it can help affiliate marketer to make extra money online. I would love to have my personal adult site with the step by step instructions to create cam site. Thanks for the insight. I will bookmarks this page for personal coaching 

  31. Your article is really informative with well detailed and will be of good help to your readers, most especially to those that desires to start in this niche. I like that you really made it easy on how to build a webcam site. These days live porn is the real deal, people are very interested in it because of the profit and benefits. I like the fact that it is a step by step instructions on how to get started and also includes pictures on where to go next.Thank you!

  32. Thanks for this educative post and for showing us how to get a good deal on hosting and to create an adult cam site. i have heard of Fast comet before now, and its great to hear that fast comet can help host such site, coupled with the free domain. The instruction you provided on installing wordpress looks simply. i would give this a try. I have a question, for a newbie someone new to adult cam site affiliate program, which of Chaturbate or Bongacams affiliate program would you recommend to start with?

    • Hello Tolu, 

      I would recommend getting started with Chaturbate for a newbie. Chaturbate pays you $1 for every new members who signs in for free. But what is better to use is their RevShare affiliate program: you get 20% of the the money which your referrals spend on models on the site. 

      Chaturbate has a lot of activity and I think it would be better to promote. However, is your site is on a specific niche, you need to find an offer which is in the same topic of your niche. Just think about what your website visitors would be interested to buy

  33. Hey there,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information. To be honest with you, I’ve never heard of this FastComet hosting platform before. I wanna give it a shot, but I have a question though. In case if I’m not happy with their hosting, is it possible to get a full refund?

    Thanks in advance for answering my question and for this detailed blog post. Keep up the good work!

    • Hello AV, 

      Unfortunately, Fastcomment does;t allow anymore porn sites on their servers. But you can try 247-host for this reason. I’m using their hosting services now and I don’t have any complain.

  34. This is an educative and informative article. I really don’t know that this could be this profitable. This is a great way for newbies to start out in this niche. With the step by step instructions to getting started anyone could make themselves a very small investment and be on their own to be successful.

    • Roboscript is great for newbies to get started on this niche, as you commented too. Everyone can make a cam site and start earning profits just by following my guide. 

  35. Hello, first and foremost I would like to commend you for this detailed article on how to make your won webcam site. The tutorial is very detailed. You said something about how you make money from referring customers and from referring webcam models on this site. I know from experience that referring can be hard but you seem to record some less of success doing this. If you don’t mind , you can share tricks on how you convince people. Have also learnt the best way to make money in the adults film industry.  

    • Hello, 

      Yes getting referrals is not easy, The way that this script works is that when people click on signing up to your site or tipping models, they are going to be directed to a sponsor’s site through your affiliate link. And this is how you get referrals. The more traffic you have to your site, the more people are going to sign up to the sponsor’s sites through your affiliate link. 

  36. I never knew how much of a process it was to set up your own cam site! You did such an an excellent job of showing each step with simplicity. I understand that the porn industry does not pay their clients well enough or much at all, so there seems to be a big shift change towards the “cam life”.

    While it does seem like a major challenge to get started, it seems like you will make some serious money in the long run.

    How long have you been in this industry?



    • Yes, a cam site with Roboscript is totally worth it in the long run and it is easy to create and to manage, as shown on this post. I have been on this industry for more than a year now. 

  37. Wow you invested $50,000 before? How long ago ago was that? Aren’t you happy that technology has come such a long way? This is interesting, I have to say I have never considered a live cam adult site as my niche. One thing I know, sex sells lol What WP theme do you use? From your personal experience, how long did it take you to get traffic? 


    • It was a couple of years ago. Finally I found this script which made things so much easier for me and now I have to focus only on marketing my sites, the tech part is taken care of. 

      I got traffic from the first week as I used to refer people from my old sites to my new site, I already had some experience and traffic in my previous site so this part was easier for me. 

  38. Hi there-
    I followed all the steps in your guide here. I have installed wordpress and purchased roboscript. How do i get started now that I have done that?

  39. Thanks! I haven’t been able to get the cron jobs running and therefore no cams are being displayed on my site. Can you try and help me troubleshoot?

  40. You really wrapped up this tutorial very poorly. You walk us through the steps for getting a domain and setting up WordPress but then phoned it in on the rest. Did you think everyone reading this would know how to navigate WP much less get the to plug in to WP without guidance? Well, I for one don’t know. So now I stuck trying to figure out the rest of the steps you skipped. Nothing worse that half-assed instructions.

    • Hello John, sorry for your inconvenience, I didn’t really realize that. I updated the article with the video installation guide. You can also contact their support to help you with the intallation.
      And if you get stuck you can ask questions here or contact me on my email address:
      Thank you for giving your imput and i hope you solve the problem soon

  41. Thanks for this article How to Create a Webcam Website (Best Cam Site Script): A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Newbies with great instructions and pictures that guide us to creating a website and installing a webcam. You shared all the information needed to make the thing work and described the process very well.
    This is a very useful article for anyone thinking about this type of business.
    I wish you much success,

  42. Hi. I am a newbie and this step by step tutorial is the right thing just for me. I really did not know that one can create a cam site with WordPress. And the fact that you can create it within an hour, wonderful news.

    Your 4 Steps to Create an Adult Cam Site is very detailed, helpful and easy to follow. it is good to know that FastComet hosting supports adult content is good news to know. I will definitely save this article for future reference.

    Thank you so much.

  43. Hi. I am a newbie and this step by step tutorial is the right thing just for me. I really did not know that one can create a cam site with WordPress. And the fact that you can create it within an hour, wonderful news.

    Your 4 Steps to Create an Adult Cam Site is very detailed, helpful and easy to follow. it is good to know that FastComet hosting supports adult content is good news to know. I will definitely save this article for future reference.

    Thank you so much.

  44. Wow. I had never thought about setting up a webcam site. I didn’t know that it could be done through wordpress. Thanks for the step-by-step instructions and including screenshots to demonstrate how to get started. It is definitely a niche that will make money. I may have to refer some friends to your website to get started. 

    • Yeah, I had never thought about creating a website site too before I came across Roboscript. Thank you for refering your friends to my site Melinda!

  45. This is very interesting information on how to set up a webcam website. There is so much more to it than I had taken into consideration. It’s great that you have explained it all in so much detail. I have bookmarked the site to go back over it in fine detail. I’m thinking of doing a new niche and this could be extremely helpful information if I choose this industry.

    • Thank you for your comment Lisa. I’m glad that my article was helpful to you. Also thank you for valuing my site as much as to bookmark it. 

  46. I appreciate that there are people interested in these webcams but it’s not really something that would interest me but I can see that you have done a great review on setting up a website to load and create content for this niche and covered everything that you need to know to not get your content banned.

    Wishing you luck with this niche.

  47. Live cam can be a intreating way of earning, I have some thought that in future we will doing everything online 😁. So if you are interested in porn industry, and you like to make intesting content and videos, go ahead. I personally don’t find myself doing this, but if you are passionate and know how to start this business, don’t wait anything and start. 

  48. Hi, Thank you for this Great Article, So my question is for the payment system, To I need to use a payment provider on my site when the models displayed got Clients???, When a model get a client who spend money, Will I receive a cut on the money???, Will Chaturbate or other cam site allow me to display there Live Models on my site???, Will I receive money from Clients coming on my site and engaging with the models or only through the cam site?????? – Or all money will come only through the cam site?????

    • Hello Mr Antonio, no, you don’t need to use a payment provider. When a model get clients they are going to be sent to Chaturbate (and similar sites included in the script) and you will have to sign up as an affiliate on Chaturbate. This way visitors will be sent from your site (with the Roboscript) to Chaturbate and register there so you will make affiliate commissions from Chaturbate. Read carefully the post where it explains every step.
      When a model get a client who spend money, Will I receive a cut on the money??? Yes, you will receive a cut of the money as a Chaturbate commission.
      Will Chaturbate or other cam site allow me to display there Live Models on my site??? Yes. This is the purpose of this script. You just install the script and you Chaturbate models will show on your site.

  49. How can I have a pornographic site?
    I have been working in this field for four months and despite producing mediocre content, I have not received any money. I started my activity on the porn hub site, but they cut and recorded my income from the second month, and now my videos are everywhere and everyone made money Have except myself! Please someone help

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