How to Promote Web Modeling Jobs & Make Money

I wanted to promote webcam modeling jobs for a decade before I started taking referring webcam models to webcam sites seriously.

I have been earning $30,000 passive income since I’ve started. Often webcam models and webcam agents suggest: just get started and that is good advice. Today I would like to draw your attention to webcam modeling jobs and how to be a webcam modeling agent.

One fine day I said to myself, fuck it, today I will take the job of referring webcam models seriously and I started working.

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Who Is a Webcam Model Agent

A webcam model agent is a webcam blogger or adult webmaster who refers cam girls to webcam modeling jobs and earns commissions. It is passive income and you shall make a percentage from your model’s earnings more often than not (sometimes you are paid a one time commission when you refer the model). There is no need to disclose your identity to the webcam models you are recruiting, everything is done through links. Referral codes are known as affiliate links. Affiliate links can also be banners. Next step is to promote your link. Whenever a male or female model signs up through your links you get 10% of their earnings.

So, how exactly does it work? Whenever models click on your affiliate links cookies get stored in their browsers and if they sign up in the next 30 days you will earn commissions.

The best thing about being a webcam model agent is the high commission for model referred.

Often experienced webcam models and porn actors suggest: just get started. There is some truth on that, but do you know how to be a webcam modeling agent? Read on to find out more about this.

Webcam Modeling Agent Business

The process is simple and straightforward. You don’t have to reveal your identity, everything is done through affiliate links. Basically you will just do affiliate marketing and the goal is to get new models to work on cam sites.

Sites that Have Webcam Modeling Agent Program

I have included the sites, type of promotional material and the commission structure. A vast majority of camming networks offer lifetime commissions. How exactly does it work? Whenever models click on your affiliate links, cookies get stores in their browsers and you earn commission if they sign up within 30 days.

I have included the sites and the commission structure:

webcam modeling jobs

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How Much Money Does a Webcam Modeling Agent Earn

Let me share my experience as a webcam modeling agent.

I started working in the adult industry in 2015, I started my own adult site and I focused on many competitive niches. I realized my mistake and started to focus on one niche. In 2017, I set my site on blog integration and I build a private blogs network. I got penalized by Google. I realized my mistake and started all over again. After that I focused on white hat SEO.

I made mistakes, but most importantly I corrected them. I identified the gabs and bridged them. My new year resolution for 2018 was to earn passive income from webcam modeling affiliate programs. I started promoting them on various social networks and platforms, various forums and blogs. I couldn’t make any money in the first two weeks, In the third week, three models signed up. In the first month I made some money from them which was not a lot. But I knew that you can’t expect to earn immediately large sums of money. I shared this method with my friends and cousins. They all started making money with this method.

Passive income is the holy grail for internet marketers. Consistency is required. In the second month I made $3,005. I’m confident that by the end of December 2021 I will earn more than $50,000.

CashUp Channels

Everyone is earning good money. Webcam models are generally paid on a weekly bases and webcam agents too. The various cash out channels are: bank wire national and international, paxum, payoneer etc. Different webcam modeling companies offer different cashap ways.

How to Recruit Webcam Models

By the end of this guide you will learn how to make money as a webcam model agent. I use different types of promotional tools. Web modeling affiliates should use a range of these tools.

This is the main part of this article as it explains the ways that I use to promote my referral links. Check this post: ultimate guide for webcam girls to make money.


Banners are image based avenues that are used for promoting cam sites, adult tube sites and adult membership sites. Banners are usually pre-designed or re-designed. Different niches have different standards and sizes.

Video Banners

Without questions videos banners are one of the most effective promotional tools. Can viewers take their eyes off video banners?

GIF Banners

They are ideal for white label sites. They can be used to promote niche oriented camming sites.

Hypno Banner

Hypno banners are fascinating images that are associated with call to action button. They are customizable in terms of colors, animation, placements.

Countdown timers Ads

Users are required for to watch the ad for some seconds before skipping it.

Link Codes

Geo targeted link codes are gaining a lot of traction. Utilize link codes to your advantage.

Coupon Codes

More often than not coupon codes are used to boost sales on offering on white label cam sites. New members can use coupon codes and make purchases on discounted rates.

Free Hosted Galleries

They are collections of pictures of webcam models or girls. They are popularly called FHGs.

Mobile and Smart TV Tool

People watch a lot of porn on smartphones and smart TV.


Application program interface. APIs can be integrated on your cam site. An example of this is the Roboscript.

Category Widgets

Category widgets can be used to promote a wide rage of categories listed on webcamming sites.

Instant Message Apps

They are used generally in the footer section.


Use the promotional tools to your advantage. The next step is to promote webcam modeling in the right channels. I started a website and I started on a webcam modeling site and they gave me the referral link. I just redirected my domain to my referral link. Then I would promote my domain.

There are many popular wordpress plugins that can be handy. Fliers are a good alternative too. Thanks to beautiful typography users will be responsive to your promotion. Social networking platforms are indispensable. Follow popular webcam models and ask them to tweet your domain. You should always target your ads based on subredits.

You can also promote your links with Facebook and infolinks.

Use the promotional tools to your advantage.

Where to Find Webcam Girls

People just showcase the genitals and have virtual sex on Tell them that they have amazing webcam modeling skills and to go and check your domain where you will pay them $5 per minute.

You should target third world countries. You should educate young girls and women about the advantages of webcam modeling. Tell them that webcam sites let models ban some countries. Approach amateur and experienced cam models on Tweeter and Tumbler.

Adult SEO for Model Referral Websites

Adult SEO for model referral: The core principles of adult SEO remain the same: focus on organic traffic, don’t spam, don’t expect immediate results. Be patient and consistent, never give up. 

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