How to Sell Panties Online and Make $100/Day (2020)

Selling used underwear online is one of the easiest ways to make money online without showing your face. If you want to sell panties after wearing them a couple of days then this article is for you.

Where to Sell Used Panties

I have made this list of the best sites to sell used panties online.

Your website is also a good place to sell your used panties. I recommend it to sell them in your own site if you have one. Here are the commissions for other websites:


Believe it or not, Craigslist is one of the best places to sell worn panties, as there are lots of people looking for worn panties on Craigslist.

You can post a couple of Craigslist ads. This works very well.


You can sell almost anything on ManyVids. Panties are considered high priced items on this site. Make sure your Twitter account is liked to your ManyVids profile.

PantyBay. It’s a new kind of camming site. You can not sell panties on PantyBay without performing as a cam girl there.


PantyTrust is one of the sites where people can sell panties online as well as other fetish items like socks.

Your Own Site

You can create your own site to sell used panties. You can create a site where you as a webcam model sell your shows and different items or you can create a site specifically for selling panties where other girls can sign up and sell panties too.

In this case you need to also market your site. You can also contact a cam site and ask them to create a partnership. Contact some performers.

You will get best results if you create accounts on the all above mentioned sites.

If you are looking for how to sell panties online keep reading. Requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Create profiles on sites like the ones mentioned above

Tips on How to Sell Used Panties

Selling underwear online is not that difficult as many girls don’t know about this opportunity. I am sure you will make $1,000 in a week and you will thank me about this comprehensive guide on selling used panties.

Being a cam girl will help a lot to sell your used panties. You don’t need to invest any money and all this can be achieved for free. If you have any doubt email me at

Marketing is really important when it comes to selling panties too. Use Twitter to promote yourself and your “service”. My favorite place to sell panties online is Craigslist. There is competition to selling panties online, so these days customers also expect interaction with you. When you list your panties to sell online, you customers will ask you for pics and being able to chat with you. This will help you will the sales. Also, creating an attractive bio is very important. Your bio needs to reflect your personality, or a personality, I mean it needs to be unique. Selling business online is a business of being authentic and creative. You need to stand out. You also need to create attractive panties. You have to upload pictures of you wearing the panties.

sell worn panties

You can also sell other stuff you use. Here is a list of items: used sex toys, other clothes, handwritten notes and letters. How much to charge for used panties? A used panty can cost $25-100. If you create an account on SophiaGrey, you will find an audience already seeking to buy used panties.

Selling panties for profits requires multiple ways to market your used panties. You can promote them on Twitter and Facebook books. You can also find sub-reddits to promote them. Use hashtag #usedpanties and promote your panties on Instagram. You have to understand: pantie selling is not so easy.
There is strong competition on selling work underwear because it doesn’t require any skills. Everyone can do it. You have to create attractive profiles on the websites you use to sell them. You need to reflect your personality in your bio. Your bio needs to reflect on your personality and what makes you unique. Your profile picture is important too.

Make sure you add a variety of panties on your profile to increase the chances of getting sales. Photos need to be attractive and it’s better to post photos of yourself wearing the panties. This removed the doubt weather the panties were worn. You can sell also used sex toys, signed photos, other clothes that you wear in your performance. How much you charge depends on weather it is a customer request or if you are selling a package of more than one panty. The best way to get an idea on prices’ is to look at what others are selling them for. Make sure you wear the panties at least overnight or in the Gym. Be honest with your customer and make an effort to interact with your customers.

How to Ship Panties

To ship the panties you can write the buyers address in the sender’s and the receiver’s space. Mention the shipping process in your selling profile to make the buying process to sell panties online

Who Buys Worn Panties

People who buy used panties are just normal people who find it arousing. If you are a cam girl you can list selling panties on your profile and ask for a specific number of tokens to ship them to them.

Selling Used Panties on Camming Sites

First, make sure to sign up to my recommended sites to sell panties online. PornHub Models is a good one because of the high traffic on the site. The more places you sell on the more money you will make.

To be part of cam sites you have to be at least 18 years old. Marketing is very important and if you have a top performing cam site profile, you can sell used panties there too. Promote your use panties there.

How to Sell Your Underwear

You can also sell your panties on reedit, by finding related subreddits and promoting your pants there. If you have ever wondered if you can sell panties online, I hope this article was helpful. There is strong competition in selling work panties online.

Your customers expect sexy nude pics and interaction when you sell your panties. Also, try to create the best profile in your panty selling website. Make sure you follow this steps: make a killer bio, don’t just write a single sentence, your bio needs to reflect on what makes you unique, profile picture is important as it is the first time that you buyer will see you.

I hope you liked this article on how to sell used panties.

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