How to Start a Sexing Business with xChat

Contrary to what most people think sexting is not ‘dead’ and there are a lot of money to be made in the sexting industry too!

Just think about it for a moment, before texting was possible, what did people do? They met more often… And what do people do now?

They text all the time and stay at their phones for hours.

And they text about SEX.

Before people meet each other from online they sext and when they are together they sext even more… But how can we make money from this? Let me explain…

What Value Can You Provide in Return of Money?

What value can we provide to people in order to make money from their sexting habits… Most people sext with people they know personally and with people they only know from online… Most men like to sext with live cam models.

Are There Guys Willing to Pay for Sex Chat?

I think they would be willing to pay for it… Just look at Arousr as an example…

There are a lot of people who get paid to sext there and a lot of people who pay for sexting, so the concept is already proven. And how can you make money from this too? The question you should ask yourself is “How to get attractive woman to join a site like this?”… The asnwer is Live Cams. I mean, college girls do this all the time and guys like to watch webcam shows.

So, if you offered these college girls money to sext, would they do it? No wonder, they would.

And do you think that there would be men ready to pay to sext with those girls? I say, yes.

Now, the question is “how to combine these two together?”…

A Mobile App

For this you will need a mobile application…

In this app both users and models can sign up and they will be able to add each other.

One important thing here is that the girls can be anonymus, so everyone can do it in their free time to make some extra cash.

Everything will be done through usernames and they would not need to reveal their real names or numbers…

The Business Model

The users would have to buy tokens to chat with the models. But every time she replies to him, this will cost him a token.

Every time that a user  buys tokens you earn money… Everything is very easy… You have two options to make this possible… You can either create this app yourself, which will cost you a lot of time and money or you can buy one…


The app you can buy is called xChat, it will be like the What’s up of the adult industry.

This product was launched on September 2018…

You can check it HERE.

And it’s complete flow chart HERE.

So, this app is the solution to make money from sexting and this business is better than a lot more others you can think of, because sexting is something which all people do.

This app is a great opportunity to make passive income and getting started with it is so easy and no coding knowledge is needed.


xChat has two types of accounts: user and model.

When users will register they will choose their desired account and they will enter their phone number which will be verified by the system (but will not be visible on the app). After signing up they can add up to 5 pictures, add their bio, view their current tokens and tokens earned.

The Tokens System

Chatting costs tokens. When users sign up they get 50 free tokens and after that they will have to buy tokens to keep the conversation with the model.

The system has filters on to stop users and models from spamming.

Click Here to Check xChat

Easy Cash Out

For every token spent on a model you will get a percentage and models can cash out very easily on the app.

They can withdraw the money through Paypal or wire transfer. This means that you will be able to handle more models on the app and models will be happy.


The Admin Panel

You can personalize your app in the admin pannel and answer payment requests.

Check xChat

The User Friendly Design

The app has made it easier for users to chat online. Users will know intuitively where to find models and where to buy tokens. Because it’s so easy to use users will be unlikely to uninstall.



This app is built with advanced security options to save sexting privacy and personal information and to avoid spam. The privacy is very important in sexting. Each user will go through a verification process while signing up, which means that will not be fake emails, which avoids the possibility for fraud.

And if the user ever loses the phone or changes the number, they can ask admin to manually change the number in the admin panel. And if they want both users and models can block profiles.

The app is android only, but the company promises to offer an iPhone version and when they create it, you will have immediate access to it. And you will also have access to all the future updates.

The content management systems that it is using are Native Java, Objective C and MEAN Stack, and they are 100% open source, which means that you can make modifications if you see fit.

There are no hidden costs and there is a one time fee. The installation is done for free from the company.

Please share your comments and opinions on the sexting business and xChat. I will answer all your comments as timely as possible.

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    • Hello, To answer your question, xchat has an extensive admin dashboard, where the admin can answer payment requests in the redemption dashboard. Models can fill their payment details in their profiles. The payment gateway is Users use CCBill when they purchase tokens.

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