How to Start a Webcam Business

On this guide we are going to show you how to start a webcam business.

How Do Adult Cam Sites Work?

Sites like JiveJasmin and Camsoda are very popular among users.

There are two types of services that these sites offer:

  • private chat
  • public shows

Private chats are one on one shows which are charged per minute.

While in a public show the model performs in a room full of guests and they are either free to watch or the users have to buy a ticket to enter the group show. In the free shows users tip the models for different acts.

Public shows are unpredicable, sometimes in a room full of 2000 people noone is interested in tipping. Many of the comming sites allow models to also sell their pre-recorded videos.

Types of Adult Camming Sites

1. A Whitelabel

The biggest problem with Whilelabels is that they will not rank on Google. Considering that the organic traffic is the best, free, targeted kind of traffic, I wouldn’t choose a Whitelabel to create my site.

First, of all, in case you don’t know, a whitelabel is a site created in collaboration with a big cam site which has some features in comon with that cam site and some others that you can change, for example like the logo. Here is an example of a Chaturbate Whitelabel:

2. Using an adult script like xCams

xCams is an open source script which means that not only you can personalize your site but also grow your business.

There’s only an one time investment and they you only have to focus on generating quality content for your site.

Why to use xCams

Here’s a summary of the main xCams features:

1. Dashboards. Each type of user has access to a clean, easy to use dashboard, there are four dashboards:

  • user dashboard
  • model dashboard
  • admin dashboard
  • studio manager dashboard

Users can purchase tokens through their dashboard, tip model. Models can complete their profile, ban users and withdraw earnings. Studio managers can edit models profiles, add and remove models. Admins can monitor every activity.

2. Responsive templates. The site is responsive in every device and there’s also a mobile app for the site, which the Adent’s support is going to help you set up after you purchase the script. is the company which created this script.

3. The technology. Not a long time ago Adobe Flash was used for video streaming. There’s not doubt that Adebe is an old technogy. It has many complications on mobile devices and is no longer supported by some browsers.

xCams uses WebRTC technology instead. It has replaced Adobe Flash. Of course, you should use some server side component as well. xCams is build on the Laravel technology. The code is very secure, in other words hackers would have a hard time figuring it out.

4. Customizable. The script let’s you customize ever aspect of it, it’s open source.

5. Performers can set token goals. Models can set their own prices for theor pieces of content.

How Can You Earn Money with a Webcam Site

You can hire models and encourage them to do private and group shows. I have wrote an article on how to recruot webcam models.

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One great way to recruit cam girls to your site, is by blogging. A lot of soon-to-be cam girls might research topics on Google like “how to be a cam girl” and the like. Take advantage of these topic to write blog posts which will rank on Google and other search engines and recruit new cam models from there.

You can incorporate a blog to your site. So they will directly sign up to your site. You can also promote your site on Twitter, a lof of adult businesses have success on Twitter.

You can also earn money by promoting big camming sites like Chaturbate in your own cam site with ads.

If you only want to make money as an affiliate in the cam industry, you can create a site with the Roboscript instead, which is a script which embeds live cams from some of the biggest cam sites.

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However, if you think you are able to recruit cam girls yourself and in the same time promote your site to get traffic, better choose xCams. You are going to get a high fraction of the model’s earning.

Whatever option you choose, you will need to promote your cam site.

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PayPal has build a distance from the adult industry. Don’t worry, there are a lot of other companies which support this kind of business. I use Epoch, which is also integrated in the xCams script as a payment gateway (another great feature of xCams).

Making it enough competitive as other big cam sites is.

One important aspect to have a competitive cam site is to create a site in a very specific niche and maybe add some feature to it which no other site has. Just think about some of your favorite cam models or acts you want to see a cam girl do, and dedicate your whole site on only that specific topic. People who love that kind of stuff will come to your site instead of going to a big site to see very different sex acts.

You can try to recruit models and users from the big site to your site. Just be careful because most cam sites will ban you for this. Carefully read their terms of service and try to find a gap in them. For example Chaturbate allows users to share links to sites which do not include video streaming. You could share your social media accounts with your audience and promote there your site.

And that’s it! Now you know how to create a cam site site and make money with it. As you can see creating a webcam site is not a big deal in 2019.

You are ready to start your cammng business now!

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