Mechbunny Tube Script Review

Internet pornography is still the number one searched topic online. Thus porn sites are very profitable to this day and moreover, creating a porn site is easier than ever before. There are a number of porn site scripts that have been circulating online and Mechbunny is one of them. In this Mechbunny tube script review you are going to learn about my experience with the script, as well as a comparison to other scripts in the industry.

– – Mechbunny Tube Script Review —

The price of the Mechbunny tube script is 400 Euros. It is a quite a lot. I have been an adult affiliate for years now and I have used this script, so you are at the right place for reading an unbiased review.

I bought it a few years ago and the price back then was 700 Euros, quite a lot for a tube site script. The script was definitely not bad, but not as easy to maintain as a WordPress site.

One thing to consider is that it is difficult to switch from a Mechbunny site to a site with WordPress. And also the maintenence cost for this kind of site is about $100 a month, so if you can’t afford it now, better not buy it.

Moreover, if you want to customize your site and if you don’t have any programming skills, you will need to pay someone to make the customizations, so this will add up to your cost.

A WordPress site on the other hand is easy to run and there are a lot of people using it. There are plenty of plugins to help you add to your site the desired features.

Some adult webmasters will say that Mechbunny is the best tube script, and I partly agree with that, but you will need to also take into consideration the aspects mentioned above. Especially the fact that is isn’t cheap.

Despite of it I would recommend Mechbunny if you have big bucks and also programming skills. The big tube sites in the industry are using it.

Another important aspect for a script is the support from the company it created and at MechBunny the support is very good. You can contact here their customer support:

Mechbunny vs. Other Tube Scripts

I have also bought other scripts and I can say that Mechbunny is a great. I have tried WP-script (you can read my full review here) and it their support was not so good, and the script would get bugs.

My experience has been the best so far with And I especially like their plugins the Keyplayer and ken importer.

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If you are going to start a tube site I imagine that the biggest barrier for you is financial, but also having an open source script is important so you can make changes to it later. But more features mean more complexity and that’s why I recommend xwpthemes for those who don’t have experience in programming.

There are also a few other things to take into consideration: What are you trying to accomplish? Will you allow logins? Can users chat between each other? Can they favorite? Once the content is uploaded do you want it to be responsive on different devices?

If you only want to upload videos, the server can be simple, if you want to add social profiles to it, it can be more complex. The more features that you want your site to have the more complex it will be.

So, first figure out what you want to accomplish. Probably you won’t need a lot of complex features at this stage of your business, just uploading videos and advertising.

Then as soon as you can afford Mechbunny you can drop the cash and take your site to a next level. There’s really no best type of tube site. They all are different and it depends on the features you want yours to have. Like some tube sites have the translation features, but it’s not necessary of all of them.

It all will depend on how much you are willing to spend on it and how much time you are willing to dedicate to learning and working on it. I am currently using the Retrotube theme from and also their plugins: the kenplayer and the ken importer plugin. My site works just fine.

This will give you a basic tube site where you can upload content to. And I have also added a community to it, by using BuddyPress.

Another very good script which is a little more high priced compared to xwpthemes is the xStreamer, a script created by The script is very high quality for the price, it costs $199.

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I also added some legal stuff at the footer, I just copied it from another site. The legal stuff is related to the fact that you can’t claim that the content is user uploaded. You are re-uploading already public videos from other tube sites.

Anyways, since you are here for the Mechbunny, it has a really good industry standard and it has gotten better year after year.

The Pros

It works

It is maintained

It is Google friendly

The Cons

It is difficult to maintain

Requires coding skills to maintain it

It is difficult to switch from Mechbunny to a WordPress site

It requires a $100 investment a month for the decimated server which is necessary for a Mechbunny site


I find niche tube sites with WordPress do better and they are easier to maintain. If you have programing skills maybe the Mechbunny is right for you. However, I recommend WordPress scripts like the Retrotube from because the WordPress sites are easier to manage and WordPress is open source and used by a lot of people.

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For any question you might have you can ask me in the comments section below.

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