How to Make Your Own Webcam Site: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Newbies

Cam sites are very popular these days and people are leaving adult pay sites for cam sites. Live sex shows have become the new face of porn. In this post I am going to show you how to make your own webcam site.

And I am telling you that it is possible to create a cam site with WordPress, even if you don’t know anything about coding whatsoever and even if you have a tight budget. It is not only possible but you can create it within one hour.

The 4 Steps to Create an Adult Cam Site

Step 1: Buy a Hosting and a Domain Name

In this step you need to be careful because not all hosting companies support adult content. In my experience so far the only hosting which supports adult content and I haven’t had problems with is the FastComet hosting.

Fastcomet is totally fine with every type adult content and they will never ban you for that.

Fastcomet will also make sure that your site will be working all the time, especially if you are not tech savvy you need this. They also have 24/7 live support.

This hosting costs $59 a year and you will get a free domain with it (generally a domain bought separately costs $12). A domain name is the address that people will search your site, for example:

I recommend you choose a .com or a .net domain as they tend to rank higher on the search engines like Google which makes your site easier to find.

Also, don’t use dashes in your domain because domains without dashes tend to rank better, for example: – OK – not so good

Now I am going to show you how you can buy the Fastcomet hosting, in case you need a step by step tutorial on this. As you can see my content is totally newbie friendly and everyone can understand and apply it.

How to buy FastComet Hosting; Step by Step

Click go to the FastComet hosting homepage.

Click “START”.

You have to choose your hosting plan between the three hosting plans that Fascomet offers. If you want to create only one website, choose the StartSmart plan, it will cost $59 per year. And if you want to create more than site choose a bigger plan.

Go to the FastComet hosting homepage.

Next you have to choose your plan’s size between 1 month, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. I would recommend you choose it for one year.

Enter you billing information. Now you can add some add-ons to your plan, but trust me, you don’t need them at all and they will raise the sum that you have to pay, so just skip them, if you will need them later you can add them.

If you have any question up to this part you can comment below in the comments section and I will help you.

Click here to buy Fastcomet hosting

Step 2: Install WordPress

You can install WordPress in just minutes, I will show you how. Here is step by step how to install WordPress. Installing WordPress on the Fastcomet hosting is easy and it won’t take too much time either.

Firstly, log in to your Fastcoemt account and click on Products on My/Products:

Click on View Details and then Click on CPanel, like shown in the image below.

Scroll down to the section of Softaculous apps installer, and click on WordPress.

Click Install Now.

Then just to this on the next table that will show up.

In the Software setup section, do the following:

  • Choose protocol – https://
  • Choose domain –
  • Directory – empty

Then just choose your username, password and email for WordPress

Click on Install.

And this was the installation process. You’ve completed this step.

Step 3: Sign Up for Webcam Affiliate Programs

The affiliate program which has worked for me is the Chaturbate affiliate program.

Here are my proof results from this month:

I make money from referring customers and from referring webcam models on this site, as I have indicated in the picture.

Their site is huge and the sign up process is very easy, so it’s easier to make money with this site.

I also promote BongaCams, they have grown fast and they have become very popular recently.

Now, the thing here is that you will not have to recruit webcam models for your site yourself, you can just get their models to broadcast on your site too, so when they broadcast for example on Chaturbate, they will appear on your site too. And you can also get only models from a specific niche/tag, if your site is in a specific niche.

Step 4: Set Up You Cam Site

Luckily for you there is a script which can make it possible for you to create an adult cam site with just a $50 investment and in no time.

This plugin is called Roboscript.

And here is an example of how your site will look with this plugin:

The good thing is that you can use any WordPress theme that you like and this plugin will work with it, you can choose among different free themes available on WordPress. You can put cams from different cam sites on your website and you can change cam descriptions and tags the same way that you write WordPress posts, no additional skills or tools.

You can choose to show only cams in a specific niche like only gay cams, couple cams etc. Needless to say, no information will be stored on your website, so your servers will not be overloaded, which means that you can go for the cheapest hosting plan for this method.

The team of the Roboscript updates if constantly and they are adding new cam sites to it. And if you buy this plugin you can use it on as many websites as you like, think about it, you could be building cam sites for clients and charging with the same $50 investment that this plugin costs.

This script is the best for the search engines. I have seen a lot of websites which use this script ranked very good on the search engines. You can add some posts to your webcam site and you will see your traffic growing.

Having visitors stay long to your website because of the cam will make Google think that it is a quality site and not just another spammy one.

If you contact the Roboscript support they will also help you with the installation to your site.

What About White Label?

Another option is to create a While label site, what this means is that you can create a site about identical to some of the biggest cam sites, like for example Chaturbate and only change a few things like the logo.

This is not a good option because these sites do not have unique content and for this reason Google doesn’t index them. Another down site is that you can only promote one cam site from which you have the Whitelabel, while building your own website you can promote a lot of them.

Get Started Today

So you can build your cam site with less $50 a day and I can say that the two mentioned plugins are the best out there for building your cam site.

Thanks to them building your own cam site has never been easier.

Your site will get updated automatically, it will run and have visitors and you won’t have to do much work.

My Story Building an Adult Cam Site

I tried to build a real cam site a few years ago and it failed. I spent over 50 thousands of dollars to make it work, my expenses were:

$450 a month for a server to store everything

$1,000 a month for marketing

$5,00 on billing

I paid over $30 thousands for the script and I had to pay coders to fix it when I had problems with it. In the end it all failed because webcam models were not making so much money as they would do on other cam sites, because it didn’t have enough traffic. Then I found about the Robiscript and I started a cam site, now I have to focus only on getting traffic and everything else is handled from this script.

I know get about 5,000 visitors a month to my site and I am continuously working with it.

Porn pay sites are getting less and less traffic and cam sites are the most profitable porn niche today on the internet. But don’t start a real webcam site, you will have to invest about $500k and not have a guaranteed profit.

So if I did It How Soon Would I See Results?

If you do some SEO and get some backlinks you can see results sooner, however I can’t tell you an exact time frame. Some of my cam sites have started making money with the first two months of getting started and others took a lot longer.

My Final Word

I have used the Roboscript, and it works very well, I like the fact that it goes well with every WordPress theme and you can choose the one that you like.

It is totally worth every penny invested.

So, save this article to read it later when you build your adult site, I am going to cross fingers for you. And if you have any issues while getting started you can comment in the comments section below with your question.

I wish you lots of success on the adult industry!

How to Monetize a Porn Site: Best Way to Monetize on Adult/Porn Site

In my previous post I explained how you can create a porn site and in this post, as I had promised you, I am going to talk about monetizing your site. If you still haven’t created your adult site, go to my previous post to learn step-by-step how to create an adult site in minutes.

Now, on this post I am going to show you how you can get traffic to your site and make money with it. The first thing that you can do is to attract as much traffic as possible to your site and monetize it with ads.

You can show ads in your sidebar just like PornHub ads.

For this you just need to sign up with some ads sponsors and put their ads on your site.

My suggestion would be to go for large adult affiliate networks like Chaturbate and JuicyAds, they wouldn’t be so large if they didn’t help people to make real money from them.

How to Get Banner Ads for Your Site?

As I said before you can use a lot of different affiliate programs and promote their offers. I use Chaturbate, I think it’s the biggest Cam site and it converts pretty well. To get their banner ads go to Chaturbate and scroll to the bottom om the page and click Affiliates.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

Click on Join Affliate Program.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

You have to fill up a simple for and verify your account (of course you have to be over 18 for this).

How to Get Paid from Chaturbate

Chaturbate can pay you in a variety of ways like sending check and Paxum, I would choose Paxum because it is widely used and they will send you a free card which you can use to withdraw money in every ATM worldwide.

Click here to register on Paxum

How to Monetize a Porn Site

You have to verify your Paxum account by sending them a scanned copy of your ID and they will send your free card to your home address. Your card will arrive to your home address in 10-15 days. In the mean time you can start making money with Chaturbate and when you get the card you can start using them.

How to Show Ads in Your Website

Go to the Dashboard of your website and choose Advertising.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

To get your ads codes, go to Chaturbate and click on Linking Codes. These are your affiliate links and you can choose any of them you like, I use the Female Homepage as I had great results with it.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

Now you have to add your banner image to your banner code. For this click on Promo Codes and choose you preferred banners, I use Animated and Static ones.

How to Monetize a Porn Site

When you choose the size you like right click on it and click on Copy Image Address. Paste the link that will appear after “IMG SCR=”, so you need to replace the existing part of the code like in the image shown below:

How to Monetize a Porn Site

Test your links to see if they send you to Chaturbate when you click on them from your site.

Mobile Optimization

How to Monetize a Porn Site

You can use the same ads that you set up for Desktop, you just have to set the number of videos per page to 20 and per row to 2 and disable the sidebar for mobile.

How to Get Traffic to Your Site?

how to monetize a porn site

The more videos that you have on your website the more visitors will find it from Google. Your WP Script is SEO Optimized and the you can add 50 videos a day to your website with the Mass Embedder plugin (read this article to learn how to buy and install it). With 30,000 videos on your website is will be easy for your visitors to find it on Google.

If you are a newbie and you feel like you can’t do everything that I explained on this tutorial by yourself, feel free to contact me and I will do it for you for free.

To get free traffic from Google it helps to be an internet marketer and know about SEO, like any other sites, adult sites need SEO too.

I will show you a couple of videos of what you need to do to make your new site get indexed and your videos ranked on Google, so people will find they when they search for specific keywords.

Setting Your Website Up for Search Engines

Seting Up Verifying Google Webmaster Tools

And if you want to track the number of visitors on your site, you can install Google Analytics. It’s free and it’s the best one, a service provided by Google, if anyone tries to sell you another software for tracking visitors on your site, don’t accept it. Google Analytics has anything you need.

How to Install Google Analytics Using All in One SEO Plugin

Just follow the videos that I shared the links above and you will be good.

Some Additional Points

If you like, you can create a geo targeted adult website, like one for one country only, for one language. Try to target languages who have a big number of people who would search porn in that language.

With porn sites you can make about $100 for every 500 visitors while promoting PPC and PPL and in porn sites every visitor is a potential customer.

Making money with pop ups

You can also put ads in between or before videos and also use pops ups, which means that every time that a customer enters your site you will get $0.02. One visitor will get a pop up maybe 4-5 times while searching your site which means that you will make $0.10 per visitors. With 500 visitors a day it is $40-50.

To create pop ups on your site visit, you just create an account there, click on Add Website like on the picture below, fill some information about it like name url and niche and you it will start to show pop ads and make you money. PopAds will accept porn.

Or you can use, they will explain you step by step what you need to do. Ascash will accept porn.

How long will it take to see the first results?

Let’s suppose that you will add 200 videos per day to yoru website. For 2-3 weeks the results will be there.

I recommend that you better create a niche porn site compared to a general porn site.

If you want to know more about how I am making money online, check this post with my results proof:

How I Made $900 In 9 Days Recruiting Cam Models on Chaturbate

In my next posts I will share more newbie friendly methods, so even if you don’t know anything about internet marketing you can start making money in this niche.

How to Make a Free Porn Site? Which is the Best Adult Tube Script for a Porn Tube? – WP-Script Review

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

I work in the porn industry and I make money from porn sites since a couple of years. And since then a lot of people are asking me how to make a free porn site and what’s the best adult tube script and in this post I am going to talk about this topic.

If you have any questions you can comment at the end of this tutorial.

I will teach you how to run your adult website by spending just a few minutes on it every day and the secret to this is the WP-Script. It is a WordPress based script and you can install in just 10 minutes.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

You can click here to buy this script. (this script costs only $49) But before buying it you will firstly need a hosting and a domain. Now this part was a pain in the ass for me because not all porn hosting companies support adult websites, there’s only one hosting company which supports any kind of adult stuff and that is Fastcomet hosting.

The good thing is that it only posts $59 for a years and unlike other hosting companies this price will be the same in your second year. (most hosting companies hook customers in with a low price in the first year and in the next year they charge a much higher price)

Step 1: Buy WP-theme Script and Mass Video Embedder

How to Buy WP-theme Script

You firstly need to go to WP-theme homepage, here. Next, click on “Themes”, you will see two types of themes.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

You can choose the one of them you like most, I use Retrotube, here’s a link to one of my websites with Retrotube.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

How to Buy the Mass Embedder Plugin

Now you need to buy the Mass Embedder plugin. What is the Mass Embedder plugin? It is a plugin which will allow you to add new videos to your site automatically, without it you basically would need to add each one video manually to your site. To buy Mass Embedder go to WP-script website and click on Plugins, choose Mass Embedder.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

This plugin will cost $78 for one site, $99 for five sites and $119 for unlimited sites.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

You can pay with Credit Card or PayPal.

Step 2: Install WP-theme Script and Mass Video Embedder

How to Install WP-theme Script

The next thing that you will need to do is to install WP-theme Script. WP-theme Script is a WordPress based script so you will need to install WordPress first.

If you don’t know how to set up your site, you can contact me and I will do it for you for free. You can contact me on:

Now you will have to install your WP-theme and Mass Embedder plugin.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

After you have downloaded them, if they are not compressed (.zip) you need to compress them and turn them into .zip files. Compressed files are easy to use and can be installed with one click on WordPress.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Go to your WordPress admin area (for example:

And click on Appearance – Themes – Upload Theme.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Click on Choose file and choose your Retrotube theme.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Now go to Plugins, Add new, and add the Mass Embedder plugin.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

After you Upload it you will need to activate it.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

You will see a small notification at the top of your page, like the one shown in the picture above, that you need to install WP-Script Core. Click on Begin installing plugin.

Now you need to do just one more thing and your website will be ready and running. On your WordPress Dashboard click on WP-theme and Dashboard, like in the picture shown below:

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Now you need to get your WP-Script license key and paste it into your installation box. For this you need to log in to your account on the WP-Script website.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Now you need to go to WordPress / WP-Script theme / Dashboard. You will see an interface like the one shown in the picture below:

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Click on the green buttons “Connect now”.

Step 3: Updating Theme Settings for Website Design

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

In your WordPress Dashboard, find WP-Script and click on Theme options.

In the picture above I have screen shot my options so you can copy them. My optimal number of videos in one page is 28 and check all other options.

If you are new to this and you find everything difficult you can contact me and I will do everything for you, contact me on

Next click on Visual Options and you have to select a color and a background, I like to leave the color as it is and the background as Unchecked, as it is.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Next you have to choose a logo, click on Logo and Favicon. I don’t use a logo, just because it’s easier to write the website name and it will appear in good font as the website title (I use the font Amaranth and size 33). In icon logo settings choose Video Camera, like shown in the picture below.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

If you click on Headers, you have two other options: showing social media profiles and showing the search bar. I don’t use social media profiles and I show the search bar because I find this important in a site.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Next click on the Content settings.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

The Carousel slider is a slider under your main menu, you can check what exactly it is and how it looks like on my site: and decide if you want it or not to show on your site. It’s the slider shown under the main menu.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Just copy the video settings from my screen shot and scroll down to see more settings, here’s the screen shot of the other part of the settings:

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

On the Sidebar settings, choose the right position:

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

On the Footer Settings, you have to choose what will appear on the bottom of your page:

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Turn on the Copyright bar and write something like: “All rights reserved 2018:”.

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

On the Membership settings, disable all the settings like I did, shown in the screen shot above

Mobile Settings

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Choose one size of ads you want to show on mobile, you can choose 300×250 like in Desktop.

Next, choose 20 videos per page and 2 videos per raw:

how to make a free porn site best adult tube script

Your Website is Ready to Get Monetized

So you have your website ready and running, On my next tutorial I am going to show you how you can monetize it by using ads and also how to make it SEO friendly so you will get visitors from Google every day. Here’s my next post:

How to Monetize a Porn Site: Best Way to Monetize on Adult/Porn Site

If you will need any help to set up everything until this point, just comment below.

How to Make Money on PornHub: Making Money on Pornhub is Easy?!

how to make money on pornhub

How to Make Money on PornHub

When you first hear about the topic of making money on a porn site, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is performing on porn. But this is not the only way to make money from porn, making money on Pornhub is possible as a webmaster too, by promoting the site or even helping them with their activity in some way.

This article will include the methods you can use make money on PornHub.

PornHub is the largest porn website on the Internet, and this is an indication that you can more easily make money on PornHub compared to other sites. I uploaded some videos on a some different porn sites some time ago and I noticed that the same videos, on Pornhub would get more views compared to other sites. This is because PorhHub is the biggest porn site of them all.

Here is a screen shot of their site statistics from SimilarWeb:

pornhub traffic

Source: SimilarWeb

Here are five ways you can make money on PornHub:

#1 Porn Uploading method – the Easiest Way

There is a method that a lot of people are using to make money from porn sites and I am going to explain it here in a few words. This method involves buying your hosting and domain and redirectiong it to a webcam affiliate offer (You can find one on Crakrevenue). After this you download porn videos (without trademarks or watermarks) from one porn site and upload them to others adding your domain name in the title and writing something like this after the title: “part 2 on”

This way people will go from the porn site to the affiliate offer and some of them will create an account, making you affiliate money.

Overall this method sounds pretty good but you will have to be careful to buy your hosting plan from a company which supports adult websites, otherwise there are going to be problems resulting in damaging all your efforts and profits from this method. One of the best hosting platforms which supports adult material is 247-Host.

>> Click Here to Learn More About 247-Host >>

For a detailed guide to this method this article: How to Make Money from Porn Sites with Affiliate Marketing

#2 Upload Videos. Get Paid.

The first method is creating your videos and selling them. In order to make money with this method you have to register to their Model Program.

To take part on this program you have to be verify your account, it’s just like the process of getting verified on any webcam site, just that you will put your videos out there for sale, and not cam live. You will also get paid from the ads that will appear while visitors watch your videos.

Normally, this method is for people who are willing to actively participate in porn. If you are not one of those, keep reading to find out more methods you can make money from PornHub without taking part in porn videos.

#3 If You Are a Hacker

If you understand something about programming you can make money by spotting PornHub vulnerabilities. They have a program which pays hackers for this. Of course, this is for you only if you know how to spot hacking vulnerabilities.

#4 Monetize a PornHub Account

If you have a PornHub account with a lot of friends and views on your videos you can monetize it and I will show you how. Firstly you need to have not hundreds but thousands of followers. Once your profile becomes popular you will get more and more requests in a day.

Obviously it has to be a girl’s account. You can put on your profile that you have started working on a cam site and put there your affiliate link of a cam site. People will register through your link on that cam site and make you money.

#5 Promote on PornHub

You can promote dating offers or 3D porn games on PornHub and similar sites. As you might now 3D porn games are becoming very popular these days, more and more people are promoting them and more and more people are using them.

How much would PornHub pay you for 1000 views?

PornHub pays you $3 for 1000 views.

I am going to write another post on the near future dedicated exclusive to this method where I will explain everything in detail.

But is there an easier way to make money from PornHub and other porn sites?



PornHub is one of the biggest adult sites out there and it gets tons of traffic every day. You can profit from this traffic as a performer and as a webmaster, and also if you understand hacking you can help them with your skills. In my later posts I am going to show you specific ways to apply some of this methods (as a webmaster). 

I encourage you to become a webmaster in this industry because the rewards are really high and also to aim for passive income in all your efforts. Passive income gives you the opportunity to focus on other new methods while some old method that you have applied makes money for you passively.

I already wrote a tutorial  for making passive income on how you can make money by recruiting webcam models, you can find it here:

==> How I Made $900 In 9 Days Recruiting Cam Models on Chaturbate <==

And here is a link to my most popular post, it’s about starting your own cam site:

==> How to Start a Porn Website and Make Money in 2019: Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies <==

How to Recruit Webcam Models: How I Made $900 In 9 Days Recruiting Cam Models on Chaturbate

what is the best way to recruit webcam models

How to Recruit Webcam Models Guide

I have been making money in the adult niche for more than 3 years now and one of the ways which makes me profits is recruiting new webcam models to Chaturbate and A lot of people have asked me about the way I use to recruit new models and what is the way to recruit webcam models. That’s why I decided to write this blog and explain you all the method that I use and my earnings proof.

Chaturbate is a webcam site and it has its affiliate program too, in which you can participate and get paid $50 for every new model refer to this site, once the model makes $20. Now in this article I am going to show you can take advantage of this program and how well it has worked for me.

What You Have to Do to Make this Work

Recently Badoo introduced a new feature and I spotted some girls there looking for attention and of course, money. With a few hours of work a day I have been able to recruit 4-5 models a week and I will show you my results (with proof) below.

Here are the steps that you need to take:

  1. Create an email account, a tweeter and a Google plus account, make them look real, add some pictures (preferably on the US).
  2. Create a Badoo account, confirm your identity with Google +, Tweeter and Instagram and go to the Live Streaming feature of Badoo. (do all this from your lap top)
  3. Chat with girls and ask them to post their Instagram in the common chat so they will get more followers
  4. Once you have her Instagram send her a message there explaining that you make a lot of money (try to avoid words like money, sex, cam on Instagram, otherwise they will ban you)
  5. Ask for her Google chat, email or Skype account so you can talk about that
  6. Tell her that she doesn’t have to get naked, only showing her feet or ass will make her money
  7. Drop her your affiliate link
  8. Tell her to sign immediately from your link, tell her to try that now and see how fast she can make the first couple of bucks

Here is a picture of my proof!

What is The Best Way to Recruit Webcam Models

Feel free to share this method! I hope you will make as much as I make!

Don’t Do This

When learning about an affiliate program, some people think about cheating the system by signing up themselves with their affiliate links.

An idea that some people have is creating chaturbate accounts from your affiliate link, send them $20 in earnings and get $50 for referring them to the site. You would also get 20% as Rev share. I don’t know if this would work since each model requires a verification, in the first place.

However, this is a bad idea, I don’t really like this kind of things, it’s not sustainable. Your account could get banned and in this case you will lose all the money that you spent.

Why This Method Works

You probably have gone on Tinder someone and noticed girls who are looking for “sugar daddies”. They are clearly down for money. Can you see how easy it is to post as a girl and show them how you are making money.

You can notice in the 1st of July I had 108 hits and 2 Broadcasters. In fact, you have to message a number of girls before one of them signs up. So this does take some work and yo can also consider the opportunity to scale this method by outsourcing some of the work.

I work with this method no more than 2-3 hours a day, and I contact about 20-25 girls a day (I mean get to the Instagram phase with 20-25 girls a day).

You have to spot the slutty ones, open the Live chat and if you see that she is a good girl don’t even bother. Some girls are easier to spot than others.

Getting into the porn/webcam industry might be considered risky for most of the girls, you just have to find the right ones who wouldn’t care.

Or if you see they are in a dilemma, you can show them a video like this one which will clear out some aspect of this job for them:

A few questions people have asked me when I showed them this method:

Why don’t you recruit girls directly on Instagram?

Well, you can’t know if they are slutty enough, on Badoo you can see them in Live chat and choose the ones you will would get started as cam models.

How to Solve Badoo Photo Verification?

Verify your account immediately with Google +, Tweeter of Instagram. If you verify your account immediately, there will be no cookies in your account of other websites.

After you create your account, wait at least a week before starting to apply this method, while play the badoo match game to make it look real.

Badoo requires photo verification to verify that you are the same user, doing some hand shakes. Don’t get discouraged by this: in my experience 70% of the time your account will pass the photo verification with Google +, Tweeter of Instagram. If not, create another account and re-try. (Clear the cookies before)

Or you can try the same method with Meetme or Tinder. Users on Badoo will sometimes report you as spam or fake account.

I use tineye to make sure that the pictures that I use in my profile are not indexed, so they will not ban me.

Using this method you don’t have to send them some spam messages on Badoo because you will send them to Instagram and you will message them there.


I am not doing this method anymore because I am working with a lot of other methods which I will share on this blog too, but if you work 18 hours on this method you could make $1000 per day. I have tried to recruit webcam methods but this method works the best because girls on Badoo Live chat are really dumb and desperately seeking attention.

When you first get started trying to recruit webcam models might seem difficult to get new models, despite that opportunities are there. There are girls who are willing to make money camming and this kind of apps like Badoo and Tinder are the best places to find them.

People want money. Woman too. Millions of women sell their bodies for money.

I started messaging girls on Badoo just one week before taking the screen shot and if I did it, you can do it too.

If you target the right people you can get these results really fast. The conversions that you see on the scree shot may come from me chatting with those girls one week promise even 10 days before, but I promise you that they all come from this method.

Just take a look at the Badoo Live chat and you will see how dumb these girls are!

There are a lot of student girls who pay their studies with camming in BingaCams or Chaturbate in developed countries, the opportunities in less developed ones might be even higher.

The key is to find the right person who needs money and explain the details really well, rather than trying to spam the entire world and hoping to get a single lead. I am emphasizing this because a lot of people who have tried this method or a variation of it, claim that it doesn’t work, but you have to do it the right way before judging a method.

If you have any questions about this method you can commend below, feel free to share this method and I hope you will make as much as I do or more!