Playboy Bunny Body Requirements – How to Become a Playboy Bunny

Playboy is not just about provocative costumes as it also reflects feminine sexuality in its finest forms. The founder wanted to give its models the respect they deserve so the costumes are designed in a way to include sexual suggestiveness and class at the same time. Even there the models pose without closes the articles are written by world-famous writers.

When he launched the playboy in the year 1960 he made the cress code of jacket mandatory. Also, man were allowed to bring their ladies at the club. The waiteress that dressed as bunnies has been the symbol of female sexuality. With such a legacy to sustain being a Playboy bunny was not easy back then and it is not now too. Apart form being an ultimate seductress, a bunny has to reflect a positive attitude. These are the high standard that Hugh Hefner wanted to have for his brand. Models that apply to be a playboy bunny have to undergo a training.

Playboy Bunny Body Requirements

Becoming a playboy magazine bunny is a huge thing and not every girl can be. Not only playboy modeling earns you crazy amount of money but it also gives you fame and global recognition. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have tried once or twice if you have tried for playboy modeling jobs. I will try to clear your doubts and ensure that you are up to date with the requirements for posing for playboy. If you are attractive and sexy, comfortable in your own skin, you may have what it takes to be a playboy model.

The ultimate goal for most models or those already working is to be a playboy bunny. Here re some things that you should take care of before applying for this position. The costume of the bunny has to be precise. The costume has a tread mark registration. Apart form that the bunny must have black shoes, mostly high heels, a badge which reflects her name and the logo of playboy. The shoes must be polished as well. The bunny ears should be placed at the top of the head. The hearpins should be at the color of bunnies hair. She must look stunning. Smokie eyes are the make up preferred for most bunnies.

The nails must not be pained in bright and cheap colors. Apart form these requirements a bunny cannot wear any of her accessories like a watch or reckless. In many states playboy application requires that you should be 18 and above. 18 years is the standard age to become a playboy models. There are exceptions in some states which include 19 and over or 21 and over.

When you fill your application online you will be required to submit your government ID. The average age of the playmate of the year is 24 years old.

How to become a part of the Playboy universe

This is a dream that not everyone can achieve but don’t leave this stop form achiving your dream.

1. Casting calls. Playboy frequently holds playboy auditions. It allows professional photographers to communicate with the models. You should simply enlist on the web and appear for the audition pf playboy. Once there you will have 15-20 minutes to impress the judges and the photographers. Make sure to bring your ID and arrive looking at your best. Be mentally prepared to do a non camera interview and posing.

2. Online photo submitting to playboy. If you can’t go to a casting call and you are more comfortable in posting your photographs, visit the website of playboy and fill your online application. The things that are required:

  • 4-6 naked full body shots. Playboy expect them to be good quality.
  • a copy of your original photo ID.

In case your online application is considered for playboy pose you can expect to hear back form the form 4 to 6 weeks of time.

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