Top 8 Dirty iPhone Games (2021) – Review & Comparisons

The porn industry never fails to surprise us.

With the galore of porn sites available on the Internet some people would wonder what else the porn industry can come up with. Then the porn industry offered the VR porn. The newest trend at the moment are the sex games available for you to play on your iPhone. We are going to talk about the top 8 sex games that you can download now on your iPhone or iPad. Apple’s app store is knows to be family friendly, however, the ones that we are going to mention here have made it to the app store. Porn content usually get blocked pretty quickly but there apps have made it to the app store.

When you download these games there are a few things you should keep in mind. Some sex games on this list are free to download, however, they come with some add on features which are not free. Other games are absolutely free to download.

Top 8 Dirty iPhone Games

#1 iKamasutra


It costs $2,99. iKamasutra is available for download in your iPhone. If you would like to spice up your sex life this app will teach you how to have better sex with your partner. The sexual positions are divided into 9 different categories for easy navigation. If you are looking for a sensual app then iKamasutra be it. The interface looks terrific and you will learn about some sex positions that will make you go nuts. Each position comes with descriptions so you will understand them better. Some of them are very complex. But do not worry about running out of moves because there are tons of them.

The music in the background is very soothing. The app comes with password protection. It lets you choose any random position when you shake the app. You can message any position to your partner.


  • very easy to follow
  • description of each sex position


  • the app is not free
  • you need to have a system with minimum requirements as specified by STVR

#2 Dirty Game

dirty gameIf you are in the mood for some naughty games you should download dirty games in your phone and start using it. If you have other couples on the night this game will keep everyone busy. The game has been downloaded by more that 16 million people so far. There is something unique about this game for sure. You can start by asking some ice breaking questions and then you can proceed to more high core sexual questions. Whatever question you have in your mind, and you would like to also to your partner Dirty Game lets you ask them. You can share this game with everyone through Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp.


  • endless hours of fun
  • the ice breaker feature is excellent


  • to unlock the high levels you would have to pay

#3 Kindu for Couples

kindu for couples

It’s a free app. When it comes to increasing the intimacy between you and your partner there is no better app that Kindu. Now get in the mood and try the new sex positions that Kind offers. Readers may note that you are your partner have to download this application and when both of you swipe right to an idea it’s a match. It helps to improve the intimacy level between you and your partner. The best part about Kindu is that there are more that 1,000 ideas to try. It’s a Tinder like application where you have to swipe left of right the ideas. You can create your favorite list of ideas to try them again.


  • a nice chat feature
  • awesome for couple who would like to spice up their sex life


  • some ideas can be absurd

#4 Desire


It’s free. A fun sex game app that you can complete with your partner and earn points. There are somewhere arounf 30,000 dares to do in different categories, for example fantasy and outdoors. No matter what type of relationship you are with if you have someone to sleep with then desire is for you. You get to dare your partner and choose from the dares in the app.

There is a shake feature as well which you can send to your partner. You can send short messages to your loved ones just by shaking the phone.


  • There is a chat feature on it as well
  • This application is good for couples who like to do naughty things in bed


  • The in app purchases are costly

#5 Sex Positions 3D

You will get to learn something new every day because the app has Kamasutra sex positions and even beyond that. You can rotate the pictures with your finger to have a better view. The app lets you try more that 30 3D sexual positions. Each step will come with a proper description. You can wear your 3D glasses to get a better look. You can save a few sex positions as your favorites.


  • 3D images get super realistic
  • the app is free to download


  • it might not be compatible with all the IOS versions

#6 Sex Keeper

It’s a simple to use application and lets you keep track of your sex life. It will help you have better sex and lose weight. The energy you invest in it is for good reason. This sex app is not a sex game app, rather a sex diary that will help you keep track of how many time you have sex. You can track your heart rate and the number of orgasms you have. Lets you take pictures of your intimate moments and save them in the app. Comes with a password setting.


  • it’s great for couples who like to keep track of their intimate sessions
  • along with sex tracking it also shows you how many calories you have burnt


  • we expected a little more fun from this app

# 7 Ohmibod Remote

For those who are in a long distance relationship, Ohmibod remote is for you. Although this sex app can be used solo as well, when you use it with your partner is becomes a lot more fun. You can connect it with wireless sex toys and let your partner enjoy it. The application runs on the latest IOS versions. You can connect many vibration toys to this device.


  • best for people who are away from each other
  • let’s you send sensual pictures and messages from chat feature



# 8 SexLife Tracker

sex life tracker

Along with trying new sexual positions every day you will keep track of your sexual stamina as well. You can keep track of the sexual positions and try them again. The application lets you select your partner, the place you would like to have sex, mark the position as safe or unsafe. Mark the position you would like to try and get descriptions on it on the app. There are more that 100 sexual positions listed on the app. You can mark each of the sexual position and let the app know how it felt.


  • The app is very easy to use
  • You can select the mood as well
  • It’s free


  • The design could be better

Final Thoughts

So, that was our list of the 8 best sex games that you can download on your iPhone. These games are fun to play and some of them are free.

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