Top Adult Dating Affiliate Programs for Making Money

Online dating is one of the most successful online business nowadays and as a dating affiliate you could make a lot of money. On this article I review the two adult dating programs that I personally promote on my sites.

Some folks are between relationships, while others look at pictures on the internet to compensate for what dating is not giving them. Porn still rules a huge share of the internet money, but people look for love and sex and when can’t find it, they look for porn. If you are hunting for a root in the adult industry you can not find a better route that the one which connects dating and porn.

Adult dating sites have a long track record for success.

Why should you promote adult dating?

Most dating sites offer a free dating account to anyone in return of their email address. The cool part about using an adult dating site in comparison to a mainstream one, is that you can use pornographic material to promote them. All the webmaster has to do to promote an adult dating site is to describe the product.

Tell them about the real people and the community and the free android access. Your site has to create trust and not just show pop-ups. I strongly recommend creating your own dating site in a niche.

Millions of surfers are willing to join dating sites because, let’s face it, a lot of people are looking for sex. Many people have found that dating is expensive and porn is the place to go for sexual frustration.

Porn still rules the majority of internet money, but you would be foolish to ignore the dating programs. The two are interconnected. There are several adult friendly dating affiliate programs.

When choosing a dating sponsor I recommend that you choose a niche which most closely matches your traffic.

Millions of people are playing horny. When you get down to it, a lot of people who look for porn on the internet, look because they are lonely.

In 2019 users spent billions of dollars for dating sites. Lonely people look for love and sex and when they can’t find love, they look for porn. As an adult affiliate you have to reach the very same people who spend money for adult dating. You do not have to turn outside the adult niche. Adult dating sites have a high positive record. Most dating sites offer a free membership for everyone willing to give their email address. Free members get addicted to the free interaction and then they open their wallets for premium packages.

#1 DatingFactory

DatingFactory is one of the most well-known adult dating affiliate networks. You can fill your site with galleries with their promotional materials. I recommend you join the DatingFactory and check their offers.

I am running my site on DatingFactory, mostly they are very decent as they have many offers. I am making a sweet life out of DatingFactory commissions. In my book they are the perfect partner to work with.

This website has a pioneering vision. They have some negative reviews on the internet, but in my personal experience I don’t find them bad at all.

I have more than 8 years experience on while label online dating and I think they are definitely the best in the market. I have been with Dating Factory for 5 years and I never had an issue.


  • A variety of offers, adult personals, gay etc
  • A great click-through program
  • If you have targeted European traffic you can make good money with them
  • They have many tools and Whitelabels
  • You can use porn to sell memberships
  • The offer pornographic promotional materials to promote them


  • I can’t think of any negative aspects

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#2 CrakRevenue

This program has exclusive offers to promote to Geo targeted traffic. Their quality offers earned me a ton of money.

Nick from Crakrevenue is very helpful. He is the friendliest french guy. The thing that impresses me the most is that the guys behind the company are super professional. I will continue to do business with them for a long time. I get paid like clock-work every two weeks.

I need images, videos and landing pages and they provide them. I can not say enough good things about these guys. They are constantly adding new offers. Here are some best offers from Crakrevenue that I recommend you to promote:

  • Slutroulete
  • Sexmessenger

The one that convert like crazy:

  • 2Fuck

Crakrevenue is the most professional adult affiliate network I have worked with. Five starts all the way for CrakRevenue!


  • Always helpful support
  • Payments are never late
  • Professional and knowledge people
  • Top converting programs
  • Good conversion rate for European traffic


  • I can’t think of any cons, you just need to work hard to make money

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How to Promote Adult Dating Offers

Build marketing campaigns and tell your visitors that the models in the pictures are some girls they will find on the dating site. When choosing a dating sponsor I recommend choosing only one dating offer which closely matches your niche.

Online dating is a solid market. Give these people what they want. There are people who would trade all the smuts in the world for a real life lover. Use an adult sponsor which offers dating programs. There’s absolutely a ton of money to be made in adult dating.

Some Crakrevenue dating offers convert like crazy. You can create adult Twitter account, Facebook does not support adult content, but I have heard that by creating your page and carefully promoting it you can be successful. If you do not need white labels Crak offers should be good for you. 2Fuck from Crakrevenue is a very good offer that is making me a lot of money. You can promote dating and cam offers on your site to maximize your revenue.

If you already have a porn site, you can promote cam site and dating offers on your site. You can find many methods to get visitors to come to your site.

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Final Thoughts

DatingFactory and Crakrevenue and definitely solid networks. There are millions of people out there who are willing to pay for a real life lover. Make some pages and make crazy money.

There always be lonely people looking for companionship. They will pay you money to serve it up on the net.

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Make sure you join CrakRevenue as well if you haven’t done it already.

I wish you happy earning!

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