What Is Adult Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income without much intervention once you set up your affiliate business.

Adult affiliate marketers earned more than affiliate marketers in any other industry during the previous year. It’s simply an industry you can’t ignore. This article is all about answering the following answers:

  • What is adult affiliate marketing
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Examples of adult affiliate sites

What Is Adult Affiliate marketing?

Afiliate marketing is when an affiliate refers someone to the sponsor’s site and takes a commission if the referred customer buys something.

Affiliate marketing covers just about every kind of business you can imagine.

Adult affiliate marketing means promoting adult products like porn sites, webcam sites, sex toys and the like.

How Adult Affiliate Marketing Works?

The main reason most of people go into the adult industry is to make some money as an affiliate.

From all the ways you can make money, adult affiliate marketing is the easiest one. It has the following advantages:

Low start up costs: to get started you need only a hosting plan and a domain for your adult blog or website. You buy your domain with a one time payment of $12 and a hosting plan ill cost you $4-5 a month.

A full time income: You can make a full time income with adult affiliate marketing.

Very easy to get started: It’s very easy to start making money. You don’t need any special skills, just some comon sense in what would work in promotion. You only need a computer connected to internet.

You don’t need to create your own product. Affiliate marketing is based on promoting other people’s products. You don’t have to deal with shipping costs or hande customer support, the sponsor will deal with this.

The possibility to earn a lot of money. The nature of this business is cumulative, after you first set it up you can start focusing on promoting new products.

How to Get Started in Adult Affiliate Marketing?

To get started in affiliate marketing you need to create a website, which will be the core of your online business, it’s going to be the tool you will use to promote affiliate offers. There are different paths you can take, among them:

For these two business models, people will come to your site to watch free content and you are going to monetize your site through ads.

In this case you are going to monetize it from the memberships.

There are also other great business models you can use to make money in the adult industry, read more here.

Whatever path you choose, try to go for a niche website instead of a general website. A niche website is a website focused on a very specific porn sub-category. This way you can better beat the competition.

Before creating you site you need to determine how you are going to get traffic and what kind of traffic you are going to get and then determine kind of website that you want to create.

Then you go to a porn website and search for the work “webmaster” and sign up to their affiliate program. Or you can sign up on adult affilate networks like Crakrevenue, where you can find a lot of offers to promote and choose among them.

Chaturbate is another site you can promote and you can get your affiliate link after you sign up on your profile (that is the link you will use to refer people). You don’t need to get approved to start promoting Chaturbate, which Crakrevenue reviews your application and decides to approve you as an affiliate or now based on the quality of your website *which you will use to promote it)

How to Scale Your Mini-niche Website

Going for a niche adult website is easier than to go for a general porn website. Many times people ask if there are any limits to narrowing down a niche.

The question is: how do you find offers to promote for a very small niche?

Just because your niche is very narro, doens’t mean that your website needs to be to narrow. So, when skaling think about your audienca, not just about your niche. Think about who the people behind your niche are. If you go to a keyword tool and I do an alphabet soup technique, you can gather ideas about the niche.

As your niche grows, your ideas will expand. You want to gather some sales and some conversions and the longer you emerce yourself in your niche, the more ideas will come to your mind.

Companies which pay you for sign up

If you have adult traffic, you can consider promoting adult offers to make money. There are sites like Chaturbate, which pay you per free sign up.

How to Get More Leads on Sites Which Are free to Sign Up

I have promoted Chaturbate with ppc. I created a contact form briefly presenting the site and stating that it is free to sign up. A lot of people would. Another great way to promote Chaturbate is to create your own cam site with a sinmple script which automatically embeds live cam shows from it (and other cam sites) and from there lead people to Chaturbate.

Which Are the Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Programs?

There are a ton of good affiliate programs out there, you can find a lot of them on Crakrevenue.

In my experience, the best thing to do is to always be in search of the newest and popular affiliate offers. Even wehn an offer is good sometimes it gets saturated and earrnings are not as good as at the beginning. While new affiliate programs often offer higher commissions as an incetive to promote them.

Crackrevenue is introducing new offers all the time and their blog is great about finding information on the hottest affiliate offers of the moment. With experince you are going to understnad better which offers are the most profitable for you.

For me, the best offers to promote have been those of cam sites which perform better compared to other offers like dating offers, adult games, and membership porn sites.

How to Find Affiliate Marketers Who Sell Adult Products?

If you are in the business of adult products and you are seeking adult affiliate marketers to promote your adult products, I suggest trying clickbank.

A lof of affiliates go there to find products to promote and if they think that your product is going to be profitable they might give it a try.

You can also advertise on a jobs site for people who would be willing to promote your product for a pay.

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