What is The Best Adult Turnkey Business

What is the best adult turnkey business? There are in fact none. There is no best turnkey business, talk more of best adult turnkey business. But if you go about it the right way (and with a bit of due diligence), you will earn your share of the multibillion dollar adult industry in just a matter of time.

Many people want to start adult businesses, but because of a wide spectrum of limitations, from lack of finances to impatience, inexperience and lack of expertise, very few want to start a porn business from scratch. But with the model of a turnkey business, you can skip all of those hurdles with just the turn of a key (which the model is named after) and start making money. All you need is a bit of personalization and maintenance.

To start an adult turnkey business is the simplest thing. Raise awareness in different circles in the adult niche and you are good to go. There are only a few things you need to keep an eye out for, and I’ll walk you through them.

1. Make Sure You Own the Business

Because, what’s the point? Because, why would you pay for it if you won’t have full control over the adult turnkey business? Most companies won’t even allow you to register your domain. Just make sure you are the full owner of the website you are paying for.

2. Don’t Pay for a Website with Monthly Fees

The charges might seem small, but they add up. It’s a faux turnkey business if you have to keep paying. They’d rather just come right out and say they’re renting. Those fees might seem small but they add up. Imagine paying $59.95 a month; that’s $599.40 a year! When purchasing a turnkey website, make sure you are not paying any recurring charges other than yearly hosting and maintenance.

3. Buy Only Quality Stuff

If the adult turnkey website doesn’t look like something you would sign up for, then best not to buy it in the first place. While people’s tastes are different and some people wouldn’t mind, a horrible looking website is not something you want to be stuck with.

4. Buy Only Seo Optimized Websites

SEO is as important to your marketing as how your website looks so make sure you go for a site that is optimized. It will save you considerable time as you learn on the job.

5. Finally, If The Deal Seems to Good to Be True, it probably isn’t

Don’t get scammed. Any adult turnkey business opportunity that claims something like “22 custom sites for $59.95 per month in five days” is probably low quality. High quality custom made websites cost real money and time so anything that takes less than 5 days to start making money is a scam.

There are some types of adult turnkey businesses which can be made ready in a day with a simple script, they include:

Turnkey businesses can be very cost effective as you don’t have to start from stratch.

12 thoughts on “What is The Best Adult Turnkey Business”

  1. Its seems like an amazing venture considering the weight of the porn industry in dollars. Anyone with the mindset of making money effortlessly would want to tap into this multi billion dollars industry and make a tangible earning for himself. This turnkey business idea is amazing it goes without doubt that it will work efficiently when practiced diligently. Thanks for the information though, it was an eye opener in a different level for me. Cheers

  2. Hi Enxhi, 

    thank you for sharing your post! It’s very clear and easy to understand guide on how to start an adult turnkey business. You are so right about monthly fees of running the site,  59 dollars a month seems to be still good, but when I saw 599 dollars I look at it differently. Do you know the place where I can buy a good and ready to go website?

  3. Lots of good info that would be of use to anyone wanting to get started in this niche.
    I found it interesting, but seems to be a lot of hoops to jump through setting it up, and Adult sites seem to be synonymous with virus’s. Any issues there ?.
    Just a note. $59.95, per mth, over a year is $719.40.

    • Hello Michael,
      Viruses are a thing which can be fixed. If you are getting ads without visiting a site free malaware bytes will help. If you don’t have a good (probably not free anti-virus) you probably shouldn’t be connected to the Internet.
      That’s exactly my point: never buy a turnkey business with a recurring payment, that business is not completely yours, it’s like you are renting it. The recommended scripts for adult sites require only a one time payment of the script to start your business.

  4. This article was a complete eye-opener for me.  Its also brilliant!

    Adult sites are all over the internet and your suggestions really help to understand what to look for and what to be ware of.  One of the biggest problems is the number of scam sites on there or ones that try to put viruses on your machine.  Buying a reputable business without high recurring fees is key.

    I am also thinking that this could also be a good idea for an affiliate program (sex toys?).  Do you have any experience with that?

    Thank you for such a well written, concise article!

    • Hello Feochadan, 

      I’m happy that you find my website helpful. Yes that’s a good idea to learn with affiliate marketing. You can create an e-commerce site to sell sex toys (with dropshipping) using an adult e-commerce site like xMarketplace

  5. Adult turnkey business like any other business has to take a lot of considerations such as yearly paid websites, SEO, best deals, etc. You really have to think about this if you’re interested. There may be preferences by viewers but of course part of this business plan is to offer what viewers want. Thanks for all the tips.This could be a grear opportunity to monetize as long as it’s well planned. How long do you think would it take to earn from this if you do not buy a ready made website and start everything on your own?

    • Hello MussusB, 

      An adult turnkey business works just like any other business, the only think different is that the site is pre-made for you on a script which makes very easy to use for the website owner.

      If you start anything on your own first of all you have to know coding and be willing to learn and find somewhere to learn from in order to make everything on your own. A turnkey script is an easier solution.


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