xStreamer Nulled? xStreamer vs AdultVideoScript

xStreamer nulledIn this post I am going to give you an adent.io review from my perspective after I have bought from this company the xStreamer software.

It’s true that adent’s products are a little more high priced compared to the adult scripts by other companies, but the quality and the customer service they have been of a superior nature.

So here is my story with using their xStreamer tube script:

After the version 2 of xStreamer Light was launched, I bought it. It is a free version of the xStreamer script to build a pron tube site.

You can download your copy here – link

Adult websites are growing in popularity and there is not doubt that there is money to be made in the adult industry. But the question remains how difficult is it to build a porn site?

The key to building a porn site relies on the script you use.

xStreamer Nulled?

There have been some voices in online forums saying that xStreamer was nulled. I don’t know why people are saying this because xStreamer is available to buy at the moment and it always was.

xStreamer costs $199.

And with it you can build your own porn site with it which looks like PornHub. It costs $199 for a single domain license.

Get XStreamer for Free

For people who are not in the adult industry and want to try xStreamer Adent created the free version of it called xStreamer Lite.

And they also have the premium version of xStreamer. But if you are in the non-adult industry and you are seeking to create a site like YouTube or PornHub/YouPorn you can use xStreamer too.

Live demo if xStreamer Lite.

It comes with a responsive design across all the devices. It can run easily on multiple servers. Multiple video formats are supported.
You can see the user comments from the dashboard and maybe reply to them. There are of course different categories of videos. Users can create accounts and log in. Once they create account they can befriend other users and favorite videos.

Users can like or dislike videos and under each video it is shown the number of views. So, pretty much it has all the features of a simple porn site. On the free version there are also different places to put your banners, so you can easily monetize the free version too. You can also put ads on the footer. You can also add a much static page as you like and manage them from the admin dashboard.

You can also manage meta title, description or change the site logo. It is completely SEO optimized. All the pages have the options to add meta title, description and keywords. You can also integrate Google Analytics to your site.

Download the free version of xStreamer here.

I personally liked very much the xStreamer Lite. One of the best tube scripts.

To learn about how to install it, check the installation guide on Adent’s forum.

Let’s now compare the xStreamer Premium with one of the best adult tube scripts in the industry.

xStreamer vs AdultVideoScript

There are two main scripts which provide a way to start an adult tube script in the market: xStreamer and AdultVideoScript. There are other ones in the market but these two are the top ones.

Let’s review each of them.


xStreamer features include:

  • Responsive design. It works fine from the phone
  • The ability to upload videos of any format. When you or your visitors upload new videos you don’t have to worry about the format they are in, all formats are accepted.
  • High definition content. Users with fast and slow connection will be able to stream the content of your tube site.
  • Users can create profiles. They can like and comment on videos. It also includes the social aspect of the site.
  • Multiple language option. You can choose languages from the available languages from the admin area.
  • Bulk video upload. The problem that a lot of streaming sites face is not being able to upload videos on bulk.
  • Rotating thumbnails. When visitors put the cursor in the site, different thumbnails rotate to make for a great users experience.
  • Payment Gateways. And this is an important feature which will make you plenty of money. In most sites some content is free and other content is paid. xStreamer has payment gateways already in place so that you can choose which content is going to be paid and charge visitors to see it. Payment gateways that xStreamer supports include Paywall, CCBill, and Epay.
  • Search engine optimize. The script has optimizer URLs which will be great for attracting visitors to your site.
  • Subscription based membership. The script allows visitors to subscribe to your site and choose their membership option. This way there will be different payment options for the users.
  • It also includes the DMC complaint handler.

Price packages

xStreamer gives you a lifetime license to one domain/website with xStreamer which includes lifetime support and access to xStreamer’s future updates.

Adult Video Script (AVS)

Now let’s review the features of AVS.

  • You can create a games site along with a porn site. You can have on your site adult video, a photo gallery and games hosting.
  • Responsive template which can adapt with any screen
  • Search engine optimized. The script has new URLs which are able to index as well as rank very well.
  • Premium membership options.
  • The multi language system
  • It has a feature which converts multiple formats of videos to the accepted formats on the script. So you and your visitors can upload videos in any format and the script will convert them for you.

Difference between xStreamerPro and xStreamer Light:



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