Adult Affiliate List of Scams

I thought it would be nice to create a list of companies in the adult niche which are scams and won’t pay their affiliates or cheat them so that newcommers will know which companies to avoid while promoting online.

Naughty Revenue

I will start this list with Naughty Revenue. They have a couple of sites which have great content from Naughty America, but the problem is that they don’t pay their affiliates. I have made about $5,000 with them since 2018 and still haven’t been paid even after contacting the support.

And after doing some research I discovered that I’m not an isolated case. In fact I’m in contact with one affiliate who has made five figures with them and still hasn’t been paid. It’s a shame that they don’t pay their affiliates because they convert very well with my traffic. But, you don’t want to work with them, trust me.

They used to be a great sponsor in the past, but not anymore. I’m tired of their support telling me every month that I’m going to get paid, but it never happens. If you work with them keep in mind that you might not see a dime from your earnings.


Another adult scam is Sextronix. There’s clear evidence that they are fucking with their affiliates by deleting your affiliate cookies so that you will not get credit for the referrals that you bring them:

Think twice before starting to work with them. They will give you credit for the first sales but fuck you big time after that. And there are also people who haven’t got paid at all from them.

Cryptocurrency mining on your sites

Be careful in this area too, because there are some companies who scam their affiliates. I have heard that they close accounts when affiliates ask for payment.

Also, your site is going to be masked as malaware by most virus scans, so your visitors are going to receive a warning before visiting your site. Also Google and some other site engines will blacklist your domain for cryptocurrency mining.


There are some in fact positive reviews about WP-script, but I doubt that they are fake reviews and the people writing them are affiliates in some way with the company itself. From my perspective, my experience has been bad with this company.

If anyone of you has had a bad experience with some of the adult companies, please share it in this post so that it can help others identify the scams 🙂

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  1. Wow! I know there are a number of  scam sites, but I never knew there are this many! I’m shocked to know that sextronic lies to its affiliates and never acknowledging their affiliate cookies, the thought of that makes me very angry. We put in all our time and money just to be stepped on, it’s a great thing you exposed them. I hope more people will know about this.


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