The Best Adult WordPress Theme for Tube Sites 2020

If you are searching for the best adult theme, than this post is for you.

These days, it has never been easier to build your own adult tube site from the ground up. It’s way easier and way less expensive that it was years ago. In 2020, you can build your porn site with a simple script for under $100.

In the early days of the internet you would have to pay a designer $1,000 for a simple design, but these days you can get an easy to use script for just $40 and you are ready to go with your new adult site.

You just have to take advantage of the possibilities which are available today in online marketing and particularly in the adult industry.

If you want a well-designed, fully-responsive adult theme for your site, check out XWPThemes, I use them for years in my sites, I have used other themes before and compared to them I have to say XWPThemes they do their job very well.


The Importance of a Great User Experience

Having a clean design is the only tried and true marketing method that sells. Your site needs to be easy to navigate, where the user can easily find what he/she is looking for in your site. The design needs to attractive for the eye and most importantly the content needs to be easy to read.

Users want a fast loading page, so take this too into consideration. It takes more than a good design to make money, but easy user navigation is essential. offers you the opportunity to mass import videos to your website.

Why Themes Are the Best Adult Theme in the Market

About three years ago a webmaster suggested me this site on one affiliate forum. I bought a couple of themes and started using them. Below I explain what I like most about XWPThemes:

Can Handle Massive Traffic and Loads Fast

First of all, they can handle a lot of traffic without compromising on site speed. My sites get a lot of traffic so this was a necessity for me. I had tried other adult themes and they don’t work well on big porn sites.

Speed is a really important aspect for a website, not just because your visitors will go away if your site is loading slow, but it’s also bad for the search engines. Everyone who has managed a website before knows this. XWPThemes are probably one of the fastest loading scripts in the industry, a big advantage.

I have seen people in forums say that you cannot use WordPress once your adult site starts to get a lot of traffic. This is totally bullsh*t! I have my own big WordPress sites and they are working perfectly well with this theme.

Responsive Design

The themes are responsive in all the devices, desktop, table, mobile and you can customize your adult video site. The themes are seo friendly.

Automatically Import Videos from the Biggest Porn Sites

You can automate your site with these themes which means that you don’t need to worry about updating your site with new videos, it will automatically update and make you money even when you sleep. All the videos are hosted in the site and you don’t have to worry about taking space in your servers.

You can automate your site by using a plugin which you will get completely for free once you buy one of their latest themes. With this plugin you can add millions of videos to your site from sites like PornHub and xvideos in a very short time. You can also add only videos related to a specific category related to your niche or filter them by searching a keyword.

An Amazing Support Team

Their support team is really great and they will answer all your questions and solve your problems, they support email is: and You can also contact them on Skype: hitomitanaka1802.

Their support will help you if you want to add any feature to your website. I personally value so much a good support team.

Some time ago, I was using the WP-Script and it was working quite well, but the reason I am not using it anymore is because their support really lacks.

The products are great, but their support went to sh*t lately. Their products are useless because they have bugs every week and the support takes days, sometimes weeks to solve the problems.

If you don’t know how to solve some problems yourself, you will rely on support, and the WP-Script support is really bad.

A lot of people get fulled by their great looking design and don’t do proper research before buying, the testimonials about the support on their page are not real.

Can Be Used on Unlimited Sites

Another big advantage that has is that once you buy one of their themes you can use it on as many sites as you like. This is a big advantage because if you have more than one adult site you can use the same theme on more than one site and not pay anything extra. If you think about this, you could also create sites for other people with the same theme and charge them.

A Lot of Spaces for Ads

Also, these are a lot of spaces for ads you can use to monetize your site, you just have to post your codes in the ads spots. You can display your ads in the header, sidebar, footer and within the videos.

Easy Set Up and Use

The set up is very easy and can be done in minutes and if you have questions you can ask the support for help.

And it is very easy to use these themes, what makes them perfect for newbies. You just have to paste the video link in the right box, write a title and a description.


The themes have features like video rating, top rated videos and related videos. So check out the XWPThemes and try their demos, they let you check your theme before you buy it. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

The also have some niche themes that you can check out. I have been using their themes for years and I really like them, I’m still using them for my sites.


These themes are affordable compared to a lot of other companies which offer adult themes like Mechbunny and Kernel Video Sharing. I have tried them and I concluded that XWPThemes are the best ones. And they cost just $39.

Yes, you might find other cheaper themes, better looking themes but their support is very bad. And they rarely update their themes, if at all. You might think that updating a theme is not important but when you face bugs in your site and the support is not available to help you, you will see the need for theme updates to fix them.

I have seen a lot of webmasters in different forums complaining about the support of WP-Script. I really feel for these guys, they have to wait for weeks before the support will solve their issue.

XWPThemes are currently running a fantastic promotion, so go and check out. They are offering a free theme and the importer plugin for free if you buy one of their latest themes.

These themes are totally worth the money.


Are you ready to build your adult site without spending a fortune to get started?

With all the great features that XWPThemes offer a lot of webmasters are using them.

I am personally using the ZingTube which works very well and I like it’s design, it is also their best-selling theme. So, go to and grab your favorite theme because their promotion will end soon.

One More Thing

Sites with embedded videos don’t stand a chance against big porn sites since, if you upload their videos your visitors will be redirected to these big porn sites. That’s why I use the KenPlayer plugin, it has it’s own played and the logos from the sites from which I have imported the videos (like PornHub or xvideos) do not show up to my site, my bounce rate had been reduced by over than 20% since I started using this plugin.

My site bounce rate was reduced from 60% to a little more 30% and I didn’t have a clue that pop ups would drive visitors out of my site.

You don’t have to buy the KenPlayer plugin, you can use the theme and embed videos from big sites, but your visitors will get pop-ups and a big logo will be placed over the logo in the videos.

You can see the KenPlayer plugin at work here:

You will love it.

All the plugins and themes I am using from them are working. The pornhub plugin also works like charm.

Also, you can buy only the plugin without the theme.

If you don’t know how to create an adult site, I have created a tutorial about this topic, you can find it here:

How to Create a Free Porn Site

I wish you all the best!

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  1. Can you please reach out to me and lets chat? We are 2 female sexworkers/consultants and have a specific need for a site for ourselves. Your knowledge is indispensable and honestly, the best I’ve seen.

    • Hello girls,
      You can contact me on my email address: to chat.
      In relation to your website, it depends what kind of website you want. There are different themes for different kinds of websites. You can check the product reviews section on my website to check the different kinds of scripts

  2. There are some adults site with some very poorly developed page and most time that is a huge let down for visitors and with such acts, you tend to lose traffic coming to your site and it’s not good. Having a good and well developed page for cheap fee is what we all want and with what XWP theme offers, it should be just perfect for anyone 

  3. Thank you so much for reviewing the Best Adult WordPress Themes. This theme is very effective for those who want to create an adult site because it is designed and user friendly. The biggest advantage of an orphan is that it is easy to navigate and it has a lot of traffic but its site speed never decreases. I don’t want to create an adult site but I would definitely recommend this theme to those who want to create one. Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share the subject of the article in my social media group if you agree with me.

  4. Being able to create your own adult website is a very arduous and demanding task which I believe will become slightly easier if the content creator follows all the tips and advice you have given in your article, also about adult WordPress themes. I really learnt a lot from reading your article. 

  5. WordPress community is really large. We’re talking about thousands of designers and developers, millions of users and writers are all contributing to pushing WordPress forward. And one very popular means to do this is designing and developing free WordPress themes.
    One of the first and major things you also need to think about when you begin your online business venture is how your website appearance is going to look. It’s crucial to offer high-quality article that engages the audience. For that, you will need a premium theme like the one stated in this article.

  6. So true. I have heard this contemplation about adult site and WordPress. With the way the building of website is getting less harder makes it very easy for an average computer user to get a business set up and running. I’ve been having an interest on setting up my own adult site years back but was unable to do that because there have not bee sufficient information. But here, you’ve been able to share more light on the system. 

  7. I have see the steps that you have provided but, it seems it would cost more as per your procedure. We are buying everything to make a website vlxx I know we have to pay to host a website, scripts. But I feel it’s costly atleast for me.

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