XAgreggate Software Review: A Turbo Charged TurnKey Script for Massive Traffic & Passive Income

If you want to create a turnkey website that can drive tons of traffic to your website effectively earn you major passive cash, you will need to tweak your website with a few premium tools; one of such tools is the xAggregate script software by Adent. I’ve used it, and I’m mighty impressed, grateful even.

xAgreggate Software review

With the xAggregate script, you can simply add as many videos as you want from the millions of and manage your website from an extensive admin panel. You do not need any coding language proficiency to be able to use this script.

With the xAggregate script, you can easily model in such a way that it becomes your all-answering solution to scale your adult website business. Whether you want to use your website to drive massive traffic, as an effective affiliate marketing tool in sending users to other websites that pay you for every click or to collect money from banner ads, the options are limitless. If you have open source code, you can even add more features and up the scale of your website.

xAggregate works as first, a marketing tool, so by purchasing this script, you have an inbuilt advanced SEO for search engine ranking and long tail niches, growth hacking skills and auto-scraping to give your business that much-needed leverage in the uber-competitive porn marketing world. You can import and embed Tube scripts and run them in the style of websites like GiantTube.

xAggregate review isn’t just a pretty software and using it; you come to realize how much of a difference scripts like these can make to your porn website business. xAggregate, with its supercharged features, can greatly reduce the occurrence of trial and error in the running of the website at both design and development phases. In a nutshell, xAggregate helps your side to gain significantly more traffic, and also makes your site to be stable enough to handle and process as much traffic as it receives.

The features on offer aren’t mere hype; I noticed that the xAggregate script I bought came auto-filled with thousands of videos, that means I already had a lot of content out of the box. By the time I launched, I already had some traffic without even having to do anything.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about using xAggregate is how easy it is to use. Like I said before, it’s as easy to use as you can get anywhere. You do not need any prior coding knowledge to be able to use the admin panel; I don’t like to use extremes, so I won’t say its foolproof, but if you can’t be able to navigate it after a few goes at it, then maybe you’re a fool. The admin dashboard is as easy to use as it is robust, juicy and intuitive, enabling you to add content from several porn tube sites. Naturally, the more videos and categories you have on your turnkey aggregator website, the more traffic you will be able to draw, therefore the higher you get to rank on search engines.

I noticed, also, that the banner ad slots were ample and I had full unrestricted control over all the banners. Configuring each ad banner is easy, and you can make them show on different angles, positions. You also have the option of configuring them to rotate among banners. While I cannot say how regular the switches, they work pretty well. Once set up, you can track the number of click and filter by categories. This helps if you want to stay updated with how much traffic you have been able to accrue. Obviously, staying in touch with your traffic information will help you be able to optimize your site for more organic traffic.

Turnkey websites are known for their flexibility, and I was glad to notice that xAggregate kept things nippy. Whatever budget you have is covered, and you can select a plan that you can afford. You get lifetime support with each bundle you buy and no hidden charges. The premium plan that I use also includes lifetime license, free installation service (not that I needed it, but it’s available nonetheless, perfectly non-encrypted source code and free lifetime upgrades, a free domain and 75 percent off of VPN hosting. I also got all modules free, so I’m getting a premium package for a little less than premium price. Trust me when I say that while $199 can look like a big ask at first look, down the line, it’ll look like chicken once you start to rake in the income.

Verdict: Excellent software. Definitely recommend.

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