Adult Website SEO: 4 Secrets to Rank Adult Content

Before I share my top 4 tips on adult website SEO, I would like to say that there’s no benefit in learning new tricks if you don’t apply them.

SEO is probably the best technique to drive traffic to your website, which involves ranking a website the highest possible in the search engines in order to get more traffic. It’s a general consensus that the best sites are ranked on top of the search results, in fact, most people don’t go past the first page. If your site is not ranked among the first search results, just imagine the traffic that your adult website business might be losing.

SEO for adult sites is similar and in some cases different to the SEO for a general website, this partly due to the fact that these sites can’t advertise as openly as other sites.

Content is King

Quality content includes the vibrant and lively apperance of the models, high quality of video and audio.


Keywords are really important for SEO, you need to target good keywords and if possible focus on long tail keywords. And if your website is niche enough, sometimes is more viable to focus on short tail keywords in order to attract more traffic.

Adult Hosting

Adult webmasters often make the mistake of creating an adult website with a hosting company which doesn’t accept adult content. Their site get shut down by the company and they have to start all over again.

You need to work with a good adult hosting company.

Secret #1: Year Based Keyword Research

This is interesting and I am going to show you why you need to do a year based keyword research instead of a month based keyword research.

What this means is that you need to include the year in your keyword, for example “hd porn 2018”.

Are you interested in creating a webcam business? Here is one screen shot with year based keywords for you:

adult website seo

Secret #2: SILO Structure

Your site needs to follow a robust SILO stricture. Don’t know what a SILO structure is?

SILO is a way to group the entire content into categories, sub-categories and internal links to related content. Many adult webmasters don’t know about this technique. To implement a proper SILO structure you first need to determine your website theme. You need to identify all the adult themes you are currently ranking for and the adult themes that are relevant to your site. Also identify the queries for which your site is getting clicks (see this information on Google Webmster Tools. You can find this on Search –> Search Analytics)

search queries on Google Search Console

Then you need to review your site navigation.

Ask yourself if your site navigation is easy and proper, if you think that it’s not a good user experiece, check similar websites to see if you can get ideas from their site navigation.

Secret #3: Update the Content Every Month

Rankings can change, so even if you have a top ranking now, this doesn’t mean that you are going to keep that in the future if you do nothing.

Rankings change and this includes the adult industry. So, whenever you update your articles, write something like “UPDATE: August 2018”. An article update usually affects positively the rankings.

Secret #4: Backlinks

It’s no secret that backlinks contribute not only to getting you additional traffic and improving your site authority, but also on SEO. Use backlinks on your site, but don’t overdo it, if you get a large number of backlinks in a short amount of time, Google will start thinking that you are spamming and not rank your site.

Genric links instead work better for SEO. One better strategy is to submit your adult site to adult directories.

A PNB (Private Blog Network) will also work. But if Google discoveres this, your site will face penalties, that’s why it’s better to stay away from this black hat tactic too.

The right way to get backlinks to your site is to collaborate with sites which complement your content, not idential ones, but try to think where would your user be before coming to your website. Try to think about your own user experience, what were you searching and watching on the internet before you came to a site you like?

In that sense, you need to get backlinks from sites which would complement your site, not just competitive similar sites. For example, if you run a webcam site, you could collaborate with webcam performers, ask them to give you a link from their site to yours and give them a link from your site to their site in return.

You can look for guest post opportunities or organise a guest post in the form of an interview.


Got any question or comment? Write them in the comments section below. We will reply in a day or two. And if you need any help with adult website SEO services, contact us.

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    • Hello, to get links from other sites you need can write to other porn site owners and offer them to exchange links. You give them a link to their site and they give a link to your site.


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