Adult Affiliate List of Scams

adult affiliate scams

I thought it would be nice to create a list of companies in the adult niche which are scams and won’t pay their affiliates or cheat them so that newcommers will know which companies to avoid while promoting online.

Naughty Revenue

I will start this list with Naughty Revenue. They have a couple of sites which have great content from Naughty America, but the problem is that they don’t pay their affiliates. I have made about $5,000 with them since 2018 and still haven’t been paid even after contacting the support.

And after doing some research I discovered that I’m not an isolated case. In fact I’m in contact with one affiliate who has made five figures with them and still hasn’t been paid. It’s a shame that they don’t pay their affiliates because they convert very well with my traffic. But, you don’t want to work with them, trust me.

They used to be a great sponsor in the past, but not anymore. I’m tired of their support telling me every month that I’m going to get paid, but it never happens. If you work with them keep in mind that you might not see a dime from your earnings.


Another adult scam is Sextronix. There’s clear evidence that they are fucking with their affiliates by deleting your affiliate cookies so that you will not get credit for the referrals that you bring them:

Think twice before starting to work with them. They will give you credit for the first sales but fuck you big time after that. And there are also people who haven’t got paid at all from them.

Cryptocurrency mining on your sites

Be careful in this area too, because there are some companies who scam their affiliates. I have heard that they close accounts when affiliates ask for payment.

Also, your site is going to be masked as malaware by most virus scans, so your visitors are going to receive a warning before visiting your site. Also Google and some other site engines will blacklist your domain for cryptocurrency mining.


There are some in fact positive reviews about WP-script, but I doubt that they are fake reviews and the people writing them are affiliates in some way with the company itself. From my perspective, my experience has been bad with this company.

If anyone of you has had a bad experience with some of the adult companies, please share it in this post so that it can help others identify the scams 🙂

What Is Adult Affiliate Marketing?

adult affiliate marketing

What is adult affiliate marketing? Adult affiliate marketing is a form of marketing based on performance in adult program promotion or marketing; that is, the marketer gets paid for the traffic that he has been able to drive to the particular adult product being promoted or for the number of sales he had been able to generate via his unique adult affiliate link.

There are four major players in adult affiliate marketing, and these are highlighted below:

  • The customer, who is the focus of the affiliate marketing effort
  • The publisher, who is also called the affiliate
  • The network, which contains various offers for the publisher or affiliate to make his choice among them. The network is equally responsible for handling the sales process and the payments.
  • The merchant, who is also referred to as the brand or the retailer. He owns the product being advertised or marketed by the affiliate.

Over the years, the affiliate marketing process has become more complex than before, and this has led to the emergence of players in the second tier into the affiliate marketing industry; these secondary players include specialized third-party vendors, super-affiliate and affiliate management agencies. Despite the complexity, affiliate marketing remains one of the best ways to make money out there today.

An affiliate marketer can get the words out using various marketing tools or methods. Some of the commonly used methods are highlighted below:

Some affiliate marketers also use a less orthodox method involving publishing reviews about the product or service being advertised.

Some top performance affiliate products

If you are interested in adult affiliate marketing, some of the best adult affiliate programs you can market are:

We will focus on what you stand to benefit by marketing each of these adult programs

Crakrevenue affiliate program

Crakrevenue offers one of the most popular adult contents online today, and you can promote these contents to make some money for yourself.  As an affiliate on Crakrevenue, you can access over 1000 offers, with each of them having the capability to make you rich fast if you adopt the right marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is at different stages here a Crakrevenue. We will show you the various stages or categories below and their features:

Active affiliate

  • Lifetime referral program that pays $5
  • Hundreds of offers, as well as, the most popular brands available on the Crakrevenue
  • Help desk

VIP Affiliate

  • Annual 3 days Payout Bump
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • One-Month referral Bump (10%)
  • Exclusive offers
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

Elite club

  • Memorable Christmas gift
  • Annual 10 days Payout Bump
  • One-Month referral Bump of 20%

If you ever encounter any challenge while promoting any of the adult affiliate programs on Crakrevenue, you can always get in touch with the customer care agents and any member of the affiliate management team, who can guide you on how to make headway promising Crakrevenue adult programs.

Some of the features that make Crakrevenue affiliate programs to stand out are highlighted below:

  • Better reporting
  • Hundreds of top offers with each of them having high converting capability thanks to their customized landing pages and tours
  • Fully responsive  affiliate platform
  • Self-service opportunity for easy management of the affiliate program.

Crakrevenue is one of the 20 best CPA networks in the world today. The platform has also won the best overall company of the year twice, as well as best, affiliate program award three times. It had been around for 5 years now and had won up to 20 international awards over these years.

You can get more information about Crakrevenue and kick start your affiliate wealth here.

Chaturbate affiliate program

Chaturbate is one of the leading adult websites out there today, and the affiliate program is also one of the best you can ever find around. The registration process is straightforward; you do not even need to provide an email address or credit card detail to register. What is more, the same account qualifies you as both a member and an affiliate.

You also do not have to pay a dime to view any of the models on this platform as they do their thing. Some of the programs you can promote as an affiliate on chaturbate are highlighted below:

  • Trans cams
  • Couple cams
  • Male cams
  • Female cams
  • Teen cams
  • And so on

The live cams available for promotion here are categorized into different age groups, from 18 to 50 and above. You can also search webcams here according to regions, like North American cams, South American cams, euro Russia cams, and even Asian cams. Do you prefer group show cams or private show cams? You can make a lot of money by promoting any of these cams on Chaturbate.

As an affiliate, you will be paid $1 per referral or free signup. The referred person does not even have to verify his email address before you get paid.

Aside from the $1 you earn per referral, you can equally earn via the methods described below:

  • 20% rev-share, which will be paid on all the token that your referrals purchase
  • The $1 referral prize described above will be paid on tier 1 signup via your referral link. You will receive 0.10 on every Tier 2 signups, and it reduces to $0.01 on every Tier 3 signups.
  • Every registered end user will receive $50 after earning up to $20 by broadcasting on Chaturbate you do not need a link code to benefit from this.
  • You can equally earn some money on Chaturbate from webmasters, in which you will be paid 5% rev-share on every new referral from you. You also do not need a special link code to earn via this method. You will be paid once a webmaster signs up via any referral link.

You can get more information about Chaturbate and how to kick start your affiliate program on this website here.

Adent to the rescue

Adent contains a huge number of tools with which you can kick start your adult marketing business. If you want to start an adult site of any kind, is the best place to visit for the right set of scripts for the business. The scripts available here will reduce the stress of building the business from scratch and give you a head start so that you can start smiling to the bank without delay. Some of the scripts available here are:

  • xMarketplace for building adult toys website
  • xStreamer for bridling a porn video streaming website
  • etc.

You can check the home page to learn more about the various scripts available here.

Mechbunny Tube Script Review

Internet pornography is still the number one searched topic online. Thus porn sites are very profitable to this day and moreover, creating a porn site is easier than ever before. There are a number of porn site scripts that have been circulating online and Mechbunny is one of them. In this Mechbunny tube script review you are going to learn about my experience with the script, as well as a comparison to other scripts in the industry.

– – Mechbunny Tube Script Review —

The price of the Mechbunny tube script is 400 Euros. It is a quite a lot. I have been an adult affiliate for years now and I have used this script, so you are at the right place for reading an unbiased review.

I bought it a few years ago and the price back then was 700 Euros, quite a lot for a tube site script. The script was definitely not bad, but not as easy to maintain as a WordPress site.

One thing to consider is that it is difficult to switch from a Mechbunny site to a site with WordPress. And also the maintenence cost for this kind of site is about $100 a month, so if you can’t afford it now, better not buy it.

Moreover, if you want to customize your site and if you don’t have any programming skills, you will need to pay someone to make the customizations, so this will add up to your cost.

A WordPress site on the other hand is easy to run and there are a lot of people using it. There are plenty of plugins to help you add to your site the desired features.

Some adult webmasters will say that Mechbunny is the best tube script, and I partly agree with that, but you will need to also take into consideration the aspects mentioned above. Especially the fact that is isn’t cheap.

Despite of it I would recommend Mechbunny if you have big bucks and also programming skills. The big tube sites in the industry are using it.

Another important aspect for a script is the support from the company it created and at MechBunny the support is very good. You can contact here their customer support:

Mechbunny vs. Other Tube Scripts

I have also bought other scripts and I can say that Mechbunny is a great. I have tried WP-script (you can read my full review here) and it their support was not so good, and the script would get bugs.

My experience has been the best so far with And I especially like their plugins the Keyplayer and ken importer.

>> Read My Full Review of <<

If you are going to start a tube site I imagine that the biggest barrier for you is financial, but also having an open source script is important so you can make changes to it later. But more features mean more complexity and that’s why I recommend xwpthemes for those who don’t have experience in programming.

There are also a few other things to take into consideration: What are you trying to accomplish? Will you allow logins? Can users chat between each other? Can they favorite? Once the content is uploaded do you want it to be responsive on different devices?

If you only want to upload videos, the server can be simple, if you want to add social profiles to it, it can be more complex. The more features that you want your site to have the more complex it will be.

So, first figure out what you want to accomplish. Probably you won’t need a lot of complex features at this stage of your business, just uploading videos and advertising.

Then as soon as you can afford Mechbunny you can drop the cash and take your site to a next level. There’s really no best type of tube site. They all are different and it depends on the features you want yours to have. Like some tube sites have the translation features, but it’s not necessary of all of them.

It all will depend on how much you are willing to spend on it and how much time you are willing to dedicate to learning and working on it. I am currently using the Retrotube theme from and also their plugins: the kenplayer and the ken importer plugin. My site works just fine.

This will give you a basic tube site where you can upload content to. And I have also added a community to it, by using BuddyPress.

Another very good script which is a little more high priced compared to xwpthemes is the xStreamer, a script created by The script is very high quality for the price, it costs $199.

==> Read My Full xStreamer Review <==

xwpthemes review

==> Top 4 Adult Tube Scripts <==

I also added some legal stuff at the footer, I just copied it from another site. The legal stuff is related to the fact that you can’t claim that the content is user uploaded. You are re-uploading already public videos from other tube sites.

Anyways, since you are here for the Mechbunny, it has a really good industry standard and it has gotten better year after year.

The Pros

It works

It is maintained

It is Google friendly

The Cons

It is difficult to maintain

Requires coding skills to maintain it

It is difficult to switch from Mechbunny to a WordPress site

It requires a $100 investment a month for the decimated server which is necessary for a Mechbunny site


I find niche tube sites with WordPress do better and they are easier to maintain. If you have programing skills maybe the Mechbunny is right for you. However, I recommend WordPress scripts like the Retrotube from because the WordPress sites are easier to manage and WordPress is open source and used by a lot of people.

Below I am going to list some must-read posts from my blog. You really need to read them all:

Best adult Affiliate Programs for a Killer Conversion Rate

How to Start a Porn Site and Make Money in 2019: Step-by-step Guide for Newbies

How to Promote Your Porn Site: 10 Ways to Get Free Traffic

In addition to a tube site you can also start a porn directly, which is not that difficult to make, here’s the guide:

What Is a Porn Directory and How to Build One

They can be made on WordPress and you can automate the process.

For any question you might have you can ask me in the comments section below.

A Powerful and Very Easy Tube Site Script to Run Your Own Tube Site and Make Money

tube site script

Searching for a powerful and easy to use tube site script? xStreamer is the tool that I’ve been using.

In the verge of starting my adult tube site I did a lot of research to find the best adult tube script and I it was then when I came across xStreamer. I finally found a script with was properly coded.

I think the main reason for choosing xStreamer is their customer service. When I first started my adult tube site I needed a lot of help and a lot of questions to be answered.

Here are some of its features:

  • xStreamer supports a wide range of streaming servers
  • Your site will be fully responsive and look good on any device
  • Easily customizable. It is made with Laravel Framework, the code is clear and it’s easy for everyone with basic programming knowledge to make customizations
  • It allows your users to upload multiple video formats.
  • xStreamer allows you to bulk upload videos from the admin panel. More videos mean more traffic
  • Video preview: xStreamer creates multiple video thumbnails and rotates them when visitors put the cursor to the video. So visitors can preview a video before watching it just like on the most popular porn sites.
  • XStreamer has the CCBill built in and you can use other payment gateways as add-ons.
  • Search Engine Optimized. You don’t need to even know anything about SEO, the script is already SEO optimized which means that it will be easier to get your videos indexed on Google.
  • Integrated subscription based membership which will allow users to sign up and download videos.
  • High definition and mobile supported videos.
  • User engagement tools. The users will be able to comment and create profiles on the site.
  • Upload progress. There’s nothing more draining than not knowing how long your video is going to take to upload.

One on One Private Coaching to make passive income through a porn site

It is very easy to make money with xStreamer. It is the secret for launching many tube sites.

xStreamer is a ready-made script with which you can kick start your business in a day.

How to run your porn site from home?

If you ask me in which porn business you can make the most money I would say to choose a niche in porn (ex. amateur porn).

After building your site the most important part is magnetization.

Here are the ways you can monetize your site:

  • Pre-roll and post-rool video ads
  • In-video text ads
  • Banner ads space
  • Promoting premium memberships of porn sites

How Much Does xStreamer Cost?

tube site script

xStreamer is one of the most affordable software which you can get at $199.

Yes, with just $199 you can make your or

xStreamer was first launched on November 2015 and a lot of people use it since then.

It uses the Laravel PHP Framework technology and Nginx RTMP for video streaming. Can you really own a porn site like YouPorn for $199? Yes, you can. Read my full xStreamer review here.

What software do porn sites generally use?

The number of porn sites has been growing very fast in the recent years. Probably because everyone knows that there is money to be made in the adult industry. However, only a few of them are getting the majority of the traffic.

Top 4 Adult Tube Scripts

The scope of a porn site is to provide visitors with relevant content to what they are looking for so that they will come back to the site.

A considerable amount of adult sites are using xStreamer by Adent. is another adult scripts company which has been growing in popularity during the part 4 years.

Created by – What Is is a company which creates website scripts for the adult industry. Its products vary from a tube site script (which is xStreame) to a sex toy e-commerce script, adult aggregate site, a script for creating a site like Pinterest for the adult industry, a cam site script. You can check my full review here to get a better understanding of their products.

Or you can directly visit their website:

What Makes Adent Scripts Unique?

First of all, they are all 100% open source.

This means that if you need to make major changes to your site, you can make them yourself or hire a developer to make them for you. You are not going to be dependent on the updates from the company which produced the script.

There is a commitment to quality in all their scripts. Their technology is powerful and scalable and in the same time, they make it possible to create adult sites which can be run by anyone because they are easy to use. Moreover, all their scripts, including xStreamer come with app versions of them available for Android and IOS.

Adent products come with a one time payment, no recurring cost, you only pay for what you get for. And when they update the script, you get access automatically to the latest version, even after you have bought a previous version in the past.

There is also no set fee and no installations cost. And a support agent will be available to you 24/7.

You can also visit their support portal for any questions you might have, like this one for example: How to Set Up Multi-language System

If you want t o create an adult site, but you don’t know anything about the technology, let them handle that part. They provide frequent updates of their scripts with the latest features and make them easy to use for everyone. They even offer a one-on-one Skype session and a course to teach you everything you need to know about monetizing your site. I have taken that course myself and I have to say it was very valuable.

The PowerPoint presentation also complemented the material. Implementing the methods learned in the course was easy, the course was presented in a timely manner and nothing was left out.

The course was through and very specific to the industry. I like the way of teaching step-by-step of everything I need to do to see results and it paid off.

>> My Full Review >>

Adent scripts are also very affordable and in my opinion it breaks the myth that affordable products are not very good.

I have a site with xStreamer and I am plan to start other sites using the Adent scripts in the future. The products are very user friendly, I would give Adent 5 stars to anyone.

They have answered every ticked that I opened to the support team and they have also suggested ideas how to make my site better.

How to Start a Porn Business & Make Money in the Porn Business

Forums are filled with question like how to start a porn business, but I have to tell you: not every adult turnkey business is profitable. A lot of webmasters fail to see the big picture. Let’s discuss the mistakes that some webmaster make.

They start generic porn sites and fail to receive targeted traffic. That’s why they end in losing money. A few of them quit and others keep trying for longer to make money in this industry. Then they too quit because they don’t have a sound business plan.

However, if things are done right the potential in this industry is huge.

How Can I Make Money in the Adult Business

It depends from the type of business you want to choose. There are different types of adult businesses like webcam site, phone sex business, tube site, membership site, selling sex toys, porn directories, aggregate sites.

According to New York Times, the cam modeling industry was estimated to bring $1 billion in 2013. We are in 2019 and the business has grown exponentially.

More and more people are working as webcam models.

This brings to the conclusion that the earnings are huge and the potentials for the future are huge. If you want to make money with a porn site read this full step-by-step guide on how to start a porn site and make money.

The adult entertainment industry is crowded, but the is a high potential to earn if you focus on a specific porn category or type of offer.

It’s not saturated yet. Be strategic and don’t let your fears stop you from your long term business. If you don’t know where to get started click here.

>> One-On-One Skype Coaching Session >>

Here are the main ways that porn sites make money:

Video Advers

When you have visited a porn site (accidentally), you may have noticed that when you open a new video an ad within the video appears. Some have the option to close them after some seconds.

Affiliate Adverts

The sites simply put ads as banners and when people click on them they are directed at the sponsor’s site. The banners use the affiliate codes so that when visitors make a purchase or register on the site (depending on the program) tha affiliate makes money. Learn here how affiliate marketing works

You can promote anything like, adult dating offers, adult membership sites, adult games, just anything. You can find a lot of affiliate offers on Crakrevenue in every niche.

Pay-per-Click Ads

They can also make money through Pay-per-Click which means that the affiliate makes money every time a visitors clicks on the ad. To make this happen you have to sign up for an adult affiliate network.

These are just some basic ways to make money with your adult site and to make them work you need a lot of hard work and proper guidance.

Don’t worry, I will introduce you the best program which taught me to make it in the adult industry and has taught me everything I know till now. Through their helping hand I came to a point where my efforts in the adult industry started to pay off.

Adent’s Tube Website Masterclass has everything covered on how to create a tube site and, how to bring traffic to it and how to make $10,000 from it.
Adent’s Tube Website Masterclass doesn’t require any major investments or any technical skills and it covers everything you need to know to build a successful adult website business, like proper adult SEO techniques, free and paid traffic methods, it prepares you until you can walk on your own feet and make it in this industry.

Earning big money in porn: fact or fiction

There are a lot of stories of people who got rich by online porn. But are they true? Are there big money in the porn industry working as an affiliate?

A lot of people in this industry are millionaires, note the part: A FEW. People who work hard in any industry reach success. And people who have the intuition and right timing reach more success.

Most likely, you can’t get super rich in internet porn, but you are going to make a decent income.

Going after the important trends at the moment is important and foreseeing a little the future is too. A lot of webmasters fail to monetize their sites, that’s why a little bit of diversification is necessary.

At the moment porn surveys are killing it in terms of conversions, because they offer interactivity for the user.

What Is Blue Chew and Why You Should Start Promoting It

What is blue chew? BlueChew is a unique product for treating erectile dysfunction and one of the best products for affiliate marketers. The FDA approves every ingredient in the product, and the product is as effective as Viagra and Cialis, which are both popular products for treating erectile dysfunction. In this write-up, you will learn about one or two things that make this unique ED drug the best.

What is BlueChew?

BlueChew is a special product for treating ED. It is safe to use and has never been associated with any side effect since it was first formulated and this makes it available over the counter.  While the product is safe to use, it is still advisable to carry your doctor along before you start using it so that the doctor can determine if it will work for you or not.    One of the factors that make this product interesting is that men of different age groups can use it. However, you must be a minimum of 18 years old. The products were first released in 2018 and had successfully treated ED in many partners up to date. The products are a convention to use, and it also works very fast.

While it is important to carry your doctor along before you use this product, you can order for it online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep very fast.  This way, you will not have to visit the doctor before you can get your ED treated. The online ordering equally promotes privacy so that you can get the product without anyone knowing that you are buying an ED product. It can be embarrassing to talk to the doctor about the ED problem, and BlueChew has completely saved the day and saved your face.

The product is available as a chewable product, hence its name.  This means it is sweet to the taste and you will never have to undergo any uncomfortable drug-swallowing process.  Aside from being more active than many other drugs used in treating ED, BlueChew is also a lot cheaper than the other drugs.  The price is somewhat similar across the board, but it differs slightly depending on the outlet where you by the drug.

Erectile dysfunction tends to get worse as one age. If you are already advanced in and suffering from the erectile-related problem, all you have to do is to use this product, and you can get better fast. As a result, BlueChew can be used for treating ED, irrespective of the cause, be it age or another cause.

What is more or less the chewable form of sildenafil and Tadalafil. The product is also the first ever of its kind. Its unique nature gives men more confidence with women.  The subscription for this product is just about $20 per month, which is a considerably low amount.  Aside from helping you to enjoy sex better with your woman, the product will equally boost your confidence like never before.

There is no meal restriction when taking this product; you can take it on a full stomach. You will not have to go through hours of foreplay before the product can kick to action.  Also, you can eat virtually any kind of food before or after taking the drug. Do you love some beverages? Not to worry; you can also take beverages before or after taking the product.  It does not contradict your normal way of life and will never cause drowsiness so that you can focus on your daily activities without getting tired or drowsy consequent of the drug.

Since it was released for sale in 2018, this product had helped several means, and it is still helping many others.  If you want to treat ED but do not want to take pills, then this product is just the perfect thing for you.

The prescription is divided into two, which are sildenafil and tadalafil.  Both of them are in chewable forms. The sildenafil will work after about 20 to 30 minutes of using it, and it will last for between 4 and 6 hours. The tadalafil chewable, on the other hand, can last for between 24 and 36 hours after use.

The three monthly plans are:

  • Active: It will cost you $20 per month, and it is the perfect one for anyone that desires to boost his performance and confidence
  • Busy: It will cost you $30 per month and  of those who are busy  and want to be ready for your woman always
  • Popular: It will cost you $50 per month and works perfectly for those who are sexually active than the average men.

Why should I promote BlueChew as an affiliate?

The fact that BlueChew is one of the best drugs for treating ED makes it one of the best products that an affiliate can promote. The features of this drug make it sellable since it is proven to work effectively.    As a result, the affiliate will not be marketing empty promise to the potential buyer.  By marketing this product, you will be doing humanity a great good by handing over to men what can make them be really manly.

Aside from doing human great favour, you can also make a lot of money by selling these products; you can earn as high as $50 on each sale, which is quite a lot of money. Imagine being able to sell just two per day; that is some $700 per week, which does not sound like a bad idea entirely.  Consequent of the money-making opportunity available in this product, it is about the most profitable of all the products for treating ED for an affiliate.

Furthermore, the affiliate will have access to several promotional tools, like pops, pre-rolls, HTML ads, banners, prelanders, and other high-quality creative tools that will perfectly suit the specific style and need of the affiliate.  What is more, you do not need to have a website to promote this product; you can either promote it via a website or via any other means you deem fit. All that matters is that you should generate sales or direct traffic to the product via your unique affiliate link.

The Blue Chew affiliate program is part of the Crakrevenue affiliate program, so to start promoting it you first need to sign up on Crakrevenue and after that you can get more details about BlueChew and its affiliate program here.

Best Adult Affiliate Programs for a Killer Conversion Rate!

To the adult webmaster, conversions are everything because it’s true that sex sells and you might have a lot of traffic even in a new adult site, but it’s also true that people come to most adult sites for free porn. So it’s a lot more difficult to convert the adult traffic. On this article I am going to show you the affiliate programs which in my experience have converted the best. Keep reading on…

First of all,

What Is a Good Conversion Ratio?

Conversions will indicate you about the effectivity of a specific affiliate program. I have tried a lot of adult sponsors to determine which ones converted the best for my traffic. A 1:1000 conversion rate is a pretty decent one for adult webmasters. If they are capable of getting thousands of clicks, this conversion rate is going to give a high profit.

A better conversion rate is 1:500, an excellent one is 1:250.

However, the amoung of pay per conversion is important too in an adult affiliate program. There are affiliate programs which pay more per conversions, so you will be able to make the money faster.

So, Which is The Best and Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Program?

If you are good at SEO and have high quality traffic, I suggest you promote Chaturbate.

Related article:

How to Make Money with Chaturbate as an Affiliate

Depending on your adult traffic, Crakrevenue is a good one too. On Crakrevenue you can choose among a lot of different affiliate offers to promote. So, if your website is on a specific niche, you can choose a very specific offer to that niche.

I have posted my earnnings below. Here is a screen shot of onw month earnings on Crakrevenue: 

Click here to become a Crakrevenue Affiliate!

Crakrevenue has a lot of cam offers to choose from.

The Hotest Adult Trends Revealed

As an adult affiliate marketer I constantly seek for the new trends. I have concluded that the new offers introduced, sometimes are more lucrative, becuase no one is promoting them yet, and becuase the old ones are about to be saturated.

Camming Affiliate Offers

Do you know who loves camgirls? Well the data says that aq lot of people do. Here is a screen shoot of the traffic on Chaturbate:

And here is another showing the traffic on MyFreeCams:

As you can see there is a big opporunity in promoting camming offers. At any given day there are thousands of cam models going live into these sites.

Why would someone not take advantage of this massive opportunity?

For every person you referr, you get a 20-30% of the money that they send to models, and this is for life. This means that if someone spends $100 a month on models, you make $20 from that person. But imagine having 10 or 20 or more referrals who spend more than that. You could make a high amount of passive income. However, there are also other payment options like:

  • PPL: with PPL you get a one time payment every time that you referr someone who fills a forlm like name and email address on these sites. The commission for PPL is $0.5-$5 depending on the cam site and the country of the person referred.
  • PPS: you get paid a bigger commission when someone not just registers on the site but also enters their credit card information or makes a purchase. The commission for PPS is generally $20-$30.

generally, speaking, if you are a newbie and you want to make money fast, I recommend going with PPL, RevShare is the best but is requires some time to show results.

Here are some Crakrevenue offers in the camming niche that you can promote:

  • Live Jasmin
  • Bonga Cams
  • Visit-X
  • X-Cams
  • Amateur Community

Dating Offers

While a lot of offers see a decline in traffic and revenue during the summer and holiday season, dating offers are immune to this.

Here are some Crakrevenue offers in the dating niche:

  • Local Hookups Now
  • SexSearch
  • XFlirt
  • Free Snapteens PPS


Suveys, even that they are new at the affiliate marketing world, they are getting a lot of traffic which has increased a lot during the last year. They generate more interaction that old-fashioned pop ups.

Here’s a screen shot of the Crakrevenue top offers of the moment:

As you can see, most of them are cam offers and dating offers, while surveys are not in the top 8 offers, but they are emrginging.

Another emerging trend are adult games.

Virtual reality is a new upcomming trend which is not yet very developed. Virtual reality headphones are booming in sales.

How to Choose Which Programs to Promote?

Choose the programs which are compatible with you niche. Think about what sites your audience would be willing to watch on payment or what interests to your audience and choose based on that.

You can also make little experimets by promoting one offer for some time and another for the same amount of time later and compare which of them converts best with your traffic.

Do Male Cam Guys Make Money on Online Cams

There are a lot of interviews with male cam guys on the web. Here’s what cam guy Mike said on an interview with Observer:

I got offered a while back — way back in the days of Myspace — to do porn, camming, even to be a stripper, mainly because I’ve always stayed in great shape I was always active ether by playing football, wrestling, or just hitting the gym, because it’s what I love. But this past year toward the end of 2013, I needed money. My work situation had changed, so I needed some extra money and decided to give camming a try

Do male cam models make any money?

The answer is yes. Whether you are a woman, men or transgender you can make money on cam. Simply go to the Chaturbate male section and see how many tokens male webcam models are earning.

Male cam models can make money on cam with the right approach and dedication to this kind of work.

Chances are, most of your visitors are going to be guys expecting you to do some weird things. It will be difficult to make money on cam just jerking off. But you need to be willing to some acts like play with a dildo on cam and be willing to be watched by guys.

Success will come more easily to guys who have no problem interacting and flirting with guys.

How much could you make as a hard working male cam model?

If you have the right body and you put dedication into it, you can make $100,000-200,000 working as a male cam model. At the beginning you might have to work 8 hours a day to make $50-100 and after you build your fan base you could make more in less time.

So, you would have to be willing to be dedicated to this work. As I mentioned before, guys will be your primarily audience, so you might have to be gey, hard-working or very kinky to succeed in this job.

Straight man can totally succeed in this job with the right attitude.

Chaturbate is one of the biggest cam sites where models make tips easily because of its large audience. 20 chaturbate tokens are worth $1.

If you with to make a lot of money on Chaturbate, simply join and begin broadcasting.

How much money you are going to make will depend, among other factors, on the time of the day and the type of the audience in your room. It also depends on your patience, looks and personality, and of course, the number of hours you spend on cam in a day. Realistically, a male webcam model makes on average $50 per day broadcasting solo. Many broadcasters make more.

You will sometimes make good money and sometimes no.

One thing to consider is broadcasting with a partner, this might help you make more money on cam.

What You Need to Get Started

You need to invest in your room to make it a proper camming environment, sex toys and buy an HD camera for about $200-300. Then you have to invest in some outfits and create your camming persona (like dominant, submissive, Gothic etc)

The Right Mindset

You don’t know how many times I have come accross a cam girl or guy who didn’t have the right mindset for this. You need to be concentrated on what you are doing to make money.

What Do Male Cam Models Do on Cam

A male webcam model does the same as a female cam model would do. They need to be friendly and seductive. Popular cam sites like Chaturbate, have a different section for male or gay performers.

You can sign up for a cam site, try performing like others and try for yourself what works and what doesn’t. You can also apply for male webcamming jobs.

You can check the following websites to start working, which are dedicated only to male performers:

  • Cameraboys
  • Flirt4Free
  • Streamen
  • JizzRoulette
  • ImLive

Or you can build your own brand with the xModel adult script.

Flirt4Free has a training program for cam performers, where you can learn everything you need to know. You can sign up here: Become a webcam model

The fact that there are sites exclusively for male models, means that there is a market for male models.

Can You Get Paid Daily?

Not all webcam sites offer the option of getting paid daily, most of them would pay performers weekly or every two weeks.

Flirt4Free pays models every two weeks. You can make money in your own time there, as there are viewers online 24/7.

How Do Webcam Models Become Successful

First, camming for a lot of hours at a time has proven to be successful. The first 20 hours of camming are very determinanat for a webcam girl or guy. Not everyone can cam full time but you can make decent money working for less than 40 hours a week.

Second, promotion is also important, you need to know something about online marketing and market yourself.

People thing that the best way to make money online is with a website, but in fact, there are 4 steps to create a successful online business, and that not neccessary involves a website, even though a website is a powerfult promotional tool. You can learn about it online and there also some free classes online for learning online marketing.

At the end of the day it all depends on your skills, there are people making thousands a month from webcamming online.

Third, you need to know how to project your image and how to entertain people to be successful.

Forth, successful cam models often partner with other businesses in the adult industry, like camming and escorts, camming and porn, camming and dation offers and both give traffic to each other and help with promotion.

Another point is that you need to be good eaither for group shows or private shows, you can do both, but they require different demographic targeting. Just go to the male models sites and see what request they are getting. Do a little bit of research on the things that work and the ones which are adaptable to your personality.

Register on about for sites and try them for 1-2 months, choose the one which performas better and post that you are camming EXCLUSIVELY on that site on Twitter. Twitter loves porn! This is also a great opportunity to get some referrals to your new site with affiliate marketing. Make people from other sites sign up to your choosen site as your referrals. Do not post the link of another site in a camming site, only post this on Twitter.

Men cam make as much money as woman on webcam. Males can earn more than top female performers also because there is a lot less competition for men in this industry.

Top Reasons Why Adult Affiliates Will NOT Succeed

adult affiliate marketing

You heard about the potential of adult affiliate marketing and you decided to become an adult affiliate. You put the work to it, but still no results or just mediocre ones.

Thousands of new adult sites are created every day. But most webmasters who start a new adult website quit within the first two months.

I am going to go straight about this: making money in the adult industry is not easy, getting traffic to your site is not easy.

Here are nine reasons why adult affiliate marketers fail:

Reason #1: A Free Domain Name

You can definitely create an adult website with a free domain name and if you are willing to create one I would suggest xAggregate, you will simply have to add new videos (there are millions of them online) and manage the site from the admin back end.

No coding is necessary and xAggregate is a content generating machine, videos can be added from popular tube sites just in a few clicks.

With all these videos you will be able to attract a lot of traffic and monetize it through ads.

Your site with xAggregate is going to look like Tubegalore or GiantTube.

Reason #2: The homepage distract people and they never join

There are adult affiliates who lead people to a sign up form and not in a homepage. Crakrevenue has a lot of offers with great landing pages, R18 is good for the Asian niche.

Reason #3: Offers which are free to join but require a credit card number

No one is willing to give their credit card number to offers which are free to join, they of course will think about why is it needed. This looks shady and all people with a little common sense don’t give their credit card number to anyone. Usually a government ID or a driver’s license is used for the age verification process.

As for getting people to sign up for free it is necessary to use a lot of traffic methods, including the ones on social media like Twitter and Tumbrl.

Reason #4: Not using a PLUGIN to monetize their adult WordPress site

The best plugin to monetize your adult site the WP-plugin developed from Crakrevenue and it’s free.

A plugin will allow you to display ads like pop up and pop under on your site.

Crakrevenue plugin


Reason # 5: Not creating quality content

Most webmasters expect to make money fast once they get started. When they don’t make money fast, they quit. There are a lot more adult affiliates getting started, you need to create something unique in order to get the traffic. Google and other search engines will reward you for the hard work.

There is nothing better than quality content. Instead of trying to find tricks to get traffic from your website, do know that the best way to get traffic to your site is to create quality content which visitors will love and will come to your site to watch.

Reason #6: Creating a generic adult site

With a generic adult site you would have to compete against the big porn sites like PornHub and RedTube, it will be too difficult. Instead, it would be wise to create a niche adult site.

Suggested read: Adult Niche Site vs General Tube Site: Which One is Better?

Reason #7: They expect results instantly

The fact is that it takes a few months to start seeing any results from a new website. During the faster months you need to find the motivation to work on your website and not expect to see instant results. However, there are ways to get results a bit faster even in the first month of the life of the website.

One method which I have tried and which proved to be effective was posting the link of my new website to my old website, so I was getting traffic to my new website from my old one. For this to be effective, the page in which you post the link of your new website needs to be very relevant to the topic of your new website. This way you will receive targeted traffic which is very possible to turn into conversions. I have experienced a few conversions using this method during the first month of my new website.

A lot of affiliates give up when they don’t see results during the first month. When you promote a product and you fail to get conversions with it. consider trying a new product. You will discover that some products convert better than other.

It actually IS possible to make money with affiliate marketing. So, if you fail at first, this only means that you haven’t yet found the right path. Sometimes it might feel like a waste of time, but affiliate marketing has the potential to make you passive income in the long run and that’s why it is worth it.

Reason #8: Not treating your online business seriously

A business, online or offline, requires a lot of work. Be willing to put the work into your online business. Work in a hasty manner and do not try to look for shortcuts or tricks to make money faster with your website. If you do the work, you are going to see the results. Follow the advice of the people who have already achieved success in this industry and try new things if you come across of good ideas.

Reason #9: Failing to have an effective system

Schedule time to work on your online business and carefully follow your plan. There are some steps you need to take regularly to see results.

You need to identify the tasks which are necessary to be performed every day, the ones which are necessary to be performed every week and the ones which are necessary to be performed every month for your online business. Adult affiliate marketing is similar to affiliate marketing in any other industry, that’s why some basic knowledge of affiliate marketing is necessary. Consider taking any affiliate marketing training.

Learning on your own will take a lot of time and errors and frustration. You need a coach whom you can ask questions.

How to Get Free Sign Ups for an Adult Affiliate Program

You need sign ups for an adult affiliate program. The sign up is free and the content is good, you want to get more leads but you don’t know how to get free sign ups. I have been there.

1. Go niche. When I first signed up to Chaturbate as an affiliate, I thought that it would be so easy to get new leads every day since the sign up process is free and who wouldn’t want to watch naked girls on webcam for free and be able to chat with them.

But while I could get the occasional sign ups, it was difficult to get more than that. After some trial and error I understood that the most important part about getting leads was to go niche. What is a niche? A niche is a very specific segment of people with very specific preferences, in this case a porn category.

Driving targeted traffic is important to get significant leads and this challenging to be done if you are promoting very general type of porn. To get the free sign ups just try to promote the affiliate offer on your site and get as much targeted traffic as possible.

2. Forums. You can also try posing on porn forums, smalls videos in the type of gifs are accepted. You can watermark them.

3. Reddit. Another significant way to get traffic is to promote on Reddit. You have to first identify all the subreddits which are related to your niche. Do not only promote your content, contribute the the sub-reddits to gain people’s trust and attention. Provide not to broad and useful information with quality content.

People want to watch porn and the traffic will be growing in the future with the growth of the population and the internet connection in new places on the Earth. Maybe the next big thing in the industry is going to be virtual reality, so promoting something new is a good idea to get leads, as a lot of people are going to try something new just out of curiosity, there sign up for free. 

4. Profiles of hot girls on dating sites. You could create profiles of hot girls on dating sites and share your affiliate link there.

5. Porn uploading method. So this site is great: $1 per sign up. You can certainly get people to sign up, but if you spend time chatting with people online and then referring them to Chaturbate, this might take a lot of your time. Instead, there is an easier way to get people to sign up without much effort. You can upload a porn video on sites like PornHub and xvideos and refer people from there.

For this you need to own a domain (and a hosting plan) because you can’t just post an affiliate link on the video’s title and description. While you can put the domain name on the title of the video and re-direct the domain name to your affiliate link (a domain name is simply a .com in case you don’t know, or .co .org and other domain extensions)

This way you could get people to sign up through your link without having to pretend to be a horny girl to get guys to sign up. The question now is where to get the videos to upload on porn sites. You can download them online on other porn sites, simply make sure that they don’t have watermarks on them or porn companies which own them might accuse you for copyright issues.

However, after you upload a bunch on videos on porn sites, I would recommend to try RevShare instead of PPC. With RevShare you are going to get a percentage of the money that your referrals spend on models.

6. Create your own webcam site. There are a lot of software online which can be used to create and manage your cam site. One of this scritps is the Roboscript, a script which can make live cam girls from Chaturbate and other cam sites appear on your site as embedded there. You don’t need hosting bandwidth because the live cams will be embedded on your site and it can easily be operated on WordPress.

You can read more about how to create your own cam site here. And there is no other thing you need to do to get traffic to your site because the sctipt is SEO optimized, but adding a blog to your site can help with SEO.

You can as well use other ways to promote your sites like the ones I mentioned on this article:

How to promote a cam site

If you decide to create a blog for your site, needless to say, do not put duplicate content, as this damages SEO, everything you write on it needs to be unique. Do not put irrelevant stuff out there and do not automate tweets, this generally makes more harm than good to your site.

Here is the estimated income of a cam site owner:

One thing to notice: if you create your own site create your own brand name, never use the name of another cam site on the name of your brand or you might be subject to copyright. Just make sure you use a perfect catchy brand name.

7. Tinder. Another out of the box way to get free sign ups to a cam site is to use tinder. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Create a profile on Tinder. I would recommend 21-23 years old in order to get as many views as possible:

You can purchase the Tinder Plus membership but this is optional.

Step 2: Buy a domain name and a hosting. Try to choose one similar to your Tinder name account.

Step 3: Redirect your domain name to your affiliate link.

Step 4: Complete your bio on Tinder. Make it believable and put your affiliate link in the bio somewhere along the lines.

This method is not going to make you rich overnight, but it works to make some decent income if you put work into it.