Crakrevenue Alternatives if Crakrevenue Rejected You

How to get approved by Crakrevenue

Crakrevenue is the largest and most reliable adult affiliate network with 2,000+ offers. But they are known for their strict approving policy.

Crarevenue rejected me what to do now? I would recommend you apply one more time and send them an email including your introduction and website. The other option is to work on your website for a few months until you start getting about 20 visitors a day.

If you applied on Crakrevenue and they are not responding to you yet, this might be because they don’t review the applications during the weekend. You can receive the approval in a day or within a week.

The best Crakrevenue alternative

crakrevenue alternative

You have two payment options on Chaturbate. You can choose to use their revenue share program and you will get 10% of the earnings of your referrals. Crakrevenue is great but I’m choosing to not put all my eggs in one basket.

Click Here to Register on Chaturbate

I would not recommend any other affiliate network than Chaturbate. Over the years I have tried different affiliate networks and I discovered that they were stealing my referrals.

If you are a new guy doing this, I can tell you how to do this in step by step. First, register on Crakrevenue and Chaturbate, then contact me on my Facebook page Adult Money Methods.

The good thing about Clickcash is that you can sign up without confirmation and directly get started.

Do I suggest going for PPS or PPL? I suggest PPL as it is better for low traffic, especially when you are getting started. For some offers the PPS if very high, like $150 (PussyCash). PussyCash is trusted but you will get very low conversion rate there.

Adsense doesn’t work in Pakistan. Is there any other alternative of Adsense? Infolinks, Amazon CPM.

Does any of these programs support bitcoin? If you want to be paid with bitcoins for your work, then these networks are not for you.

If you have a question you can write in the comments section below.

I hope these tricks and tips were helpful for you.

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