How to Find Cam Girls for Your Webcam Business

How to Find Cam Girls for Your Webcam Business

One of the advantages of starting a webcam business is that you can recruit new webcam models quite easily.

This is because it is very easy for even an average girl to make money from her own home camming. Working from their own bedroom is also safe for them.

When you start your own adult webcam business you have to find a video script and you can read more about creating one on my guide on creating a webcam site. As you can see after reading my guide creating a cam site is very easy and you don’t even have to recruit cam girls. You can make money from your cam site just from affiliate marketing.

With the Roboscript, your cam site will embed live streams of cam girls who are performing live at the moment on the biggest cam sites like Chaturbate and Bonga Cams.

With the RoboScript you are going to work as an affiliate for those cam sites and basically when someone clicks on a live model show throught your site they are going to be redirected to one of this big cam sites and you are going to make money for bringing those visitors to their site. If they get registered to the sites after you refer them, you are going to get paid as an affiliate.

You can also create your cam site and recruit your webcam models so that you are going to get a higher profit and not just affilaite commissions. xCams is the script that you can use for this purpose.

Guest Shows from Experiences Cam Models

The first strategy you can use to get some cam girls to your site is to contact some experienced cam girls and ask them to do some guest shows on your site.

Of course you would have to pay them more then the beginner ones, but this is going to get your site’s name out there and attract more visitors. (Remember a very important tip: when you start a cam site aim for one in a niche topic. People who are into that niche are going to go directly for your site when they are searching for porn online.)

How to Recruit Webcam Girls

Meny new webcam business owners don’t know where to search for new cam girls to recruit. Here are my top ways for recruiting webcam models:

1. Post ads on classified sites like Craiglist.

2. Get in contact with model agencies. A lot of girls register on these agencies and the agencies do the job of connecting them to you as a webcam business owner and providing them with a job.

3. Strip clubs. This is obvious. A lot of girls working on stip clubs might consider working as webcam models as it is a much safer job.

4. Set up a landing page and target low income countries where girls are more likely to work on this job for economic reasosns.

5. You can also target woman in your own local area. For this buy a domain name and redirect it , then promote your domain name with flyers and

6. From my experience in the adult industry, Twitter is the best social media to promote adult related products, even webam modeling jobs. It simply is adult friendly and in a lot of posts that I have done on Twitter to promote these kind of jobs, comparing to other social media, and even every other promotion method, Twitter is the place which has brought be the best conversion rate.

Here are some tips to use Twitter for marketing:

  • Use related hashtags to the site that you are promoting. A lot of cam girls are looking to switch sites and they might find your job opening if you use the right hashtag.
  • Send them direct messages on Twitter.

7. Use Reddit. Find some subreddits which are relevant to your niche.

8. Quora and Yahoo! Answers. Search for questions of girls who want to start out as cam girls and you might find some prospects. However, on Quora you can’t post affiliate links, they are restricted.

9. Find well-established models working on cam sites and try to convince them to work for your site instead. Of course in this case you have to offer them more pay than they are making with their current camming site.

While you try to recruit new cam girls you might find ones which are not good at being a cam performer and face people who are going to only lose your time. However, you have to be patinet until you find a good cam girl and repeat the process to find new ones.



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