How to Promote a Sex Toy Business

An Introduction to Promoting Your Sex Toy Business

So you have started a new store, let’s suppose it’s a physical store. What would you do to promote it?

You can announce it’s opening in Google MyBusiness, you can create an event, you can use direct marketing, advertise, social media, network marketing. You always know what to do if you’ve got a physical store.

So, what is the difference of a physical store and an e-commerce store? Most of the things that can be done for a physical store can also be done for an e-commerce store. Your effort is to get a sale.


How to Promote an E-commerce Business

The goal is to promote it in as many possible as ways as possible. You can do these things to promote your website:

1. SEO. I have created my sex toy shop with xMarketplace an e-commerce script which is a full business model. It has integrated in it sex toy drop shippers and you only have to market the website and determine your mark up because the business model is already build for you.

This means that when you install the script, all the sex toys from slected drop shippers are going to be displayed on your site automatically. Also, from the SEO point of view all the products listed there are all SEO optimised and the script is automatically connected to Google Search Console.

2. Social media

3. Email marketing

Some of you might think that email marketing is not for e-commerce. Well, I want to ask you something, have you ever bought something if it was presented to you from an email?

4. Post-sale. What I mean by this? After their bought something, you can offer people something else which is recommended with the first product.

5. Create a blog. A blog is going to help you for SEO.

5. Advertising. You can register in one of the adult ads networks and start running your ads, some adult ads networks include TrafficJunky, AdXpansion and a few more. I will explain how to run an adult PPC campaing in another post, now let’s more on the next promotional method.

6. Adult forums. There are some adult forums where you can promote your site, to name a few: Lovehoney and (this one is dedicated to sex toys). You can promote your website through participating on the forums and if you have a higher budget you can run your own ads on these forums. The traffic is going to be super targeted.

7. Media buying. What is media buying? Media buying means buying advertising space of someone else’s website. But before you buy ads space you need to do your research and find the right website to display your ads. The website’s audience needs to be compatible with you target audience.

8. Back links. Find website which rank for your target keywords. Partner with then and exchange links for authority.

9. Reddit. Write controversial blog posts and drive traffic to your site from there. Just anything crazy that comes to your mind, you’d be surprised about the amount of traffic it can get. In my experience with my adult toy store about 20-35% of my traffic comes from Reddit and it’s super targeted. You can also use Stumble and Tumbrl.

Before I leave you I want to stress one more thing. Technology is very important for a successful online business, when you’ve got the right technology everything falls into place.

Did you know that mobile traffic has surpassed the desktop traffic in the e-commerce category? Well, now you know. It very important to have a website which is mobile compatible. xMarketplace has this feature.

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