Is It Better to Be a Webcam Model or Create Your Own Website?

If you want to go into the porn industry, you may be confused about whether to be a webcam model or to start your own website. In this write-up, we will give you an overview of what it means to work as a webcam model and the benefits of owning an adult website of your own. We will then leave you to decide on which of the two you want to go into in the bid to make some money from the adult industry.

It’s important to create your own cam site when you become a popular cam girl, as you will make a better pay this way. Working on a cam site you can profit from the large audience and free promotion on the site, but owning your own cam site has bigger rewards.

Imagine getting all the money that your viewers pay to watch your shows, that would be huge money! And imagine also hiring other models to work on your site and making money from their shows too. And if you still are not ready for that, it’s important to at least be associated with the most popular cam sites with the most traffic so you could make good money.

Who Is a Webcam Model?

A webcam model is considered by many to be a porn star. However, she is more than that. You may not believe it, but most of the money the popular webcam models out there are making does not come from their cam times.

A webcam model spends her time talking to others, making new friends and generally catering to the loneliness needs of others. A webcam model is not just there to take off her clothe and moan hysterically while playing with herself; she does more than that. She takes time to chat with the audience and get to know them.

She can use the opportunity to know their preferences and also discover what item or service they may be interested in. The client, after interacting with the model, will see her picture, relate with her and also buy items from her, which is one of the fastest ways for a webcam model to make money.

What is your purpose as a webcam model? You are expected to make the experience of your users or audience come to life. You are expected to connect with them, make them laugh and even become their friends.

And yes, these people will have strange needs on frequent occasions; you are equally expected to cater to these needs.  These clients may want you to do some things sometimes that you may not be comfortable with, like peeling off your clothes while they watch and playing with yourself.

They will be paying for your service, anyway; so, why not simply oblige them. You should be ready to do it to the best of your ability.

Website ownership

As a porn website owner, all you have to do is to post steaming hot videos or pictures that are sexually explicit on your website. If you have a website, your visitor or clients will only have access to your images and videos. They will rarely have access to a real life entertainment that can be offered as a webcam model.

However, you can still give them real-life entertainment if you also offer webcam services on your website. Many of the adult websites out there now run webcam services on their websites. You too can add this to your adult website so that you can run both successfully.

Such an effort will help you to make money on both sides, which is a good thing. You can learn more about how to make money in the  adult business here.

The right tool to set the ball rolling

The right tool to use to start a profitable career as a webcam model is none other than xModel. Check below for more details about this unique tool.

What is xModel?

is a unique script just perfect for a model to start her paid membership site. It is a CMS very easy to use and works for all categories of people, like internet models, cam girls, and porn stars. The installation is straightforward, and it can start running in no time.

The script will give you access to amazing monetization channels, member customization options, and fast live streaming.  You will have access to some of the most popular paid membership features in this software. It also gives you access to multiple payment gateways so that you can be paid for your services easily.

The script gives you the ability to sell tokens, videos, physical products, and even membership tiers.

Summary of its features

Check below for some of its many features

  • Access to multiple payment gateways
  • Calendar events
  • Custom blog modules and customizable CMS. As a result, you can easily control it, irrespective of how little your knowledge about website and programming is.
  • Social feed integration
  • Live webcam streaming using a virtual token system
  • E-commerce store integration. It is robust and helps you to sell both digital and physical products to help generate more revenue.
  • Paid membership subscription options
  • It features a reliable and fast streaming technology
  • It is search engine optimized so that your website can receive a large number of free traffic from popular search engines
  • The program is fully responsive also. It is designed especially for mobile devices. You can access it via desktop computers, tablet, and other mobile devices.
  • The program also supports all kinds of video formats, whatever that may be.
  • Amazon S3 integration enables you to host your videos and images on Amazon S3.

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