5 Reasons to Start an Adult Blog & Make Money with Adult Affiliate Marketing

5 Reasons to Start an Adult Blog & Make Money with Adult Affiliate Marketing

Should You Start an Adult Blog?

Absolutely, if you are interested in it. An adult blog can be very successful if managed right, more than a blog in other niches. Take some inspiration from the other erotic blogs to start.

If you are starting a porn blog to make money, you can sign up to affiliate programs and post your favorite pics and videos from them.

I know a couple of friends who were interested in starting a porn blog but consistency is the key.

Can You Make Money with Ads on Your Adult Blog?

Of course you can! Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money with your adult blog. As I know, adult affiliate marketers have earned a lot of money in the last years, more than other affiliates and this is because of the power of the ‘adult industry’.

start a porn blog

From all the ways you could make money, probably adult affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest of them all. Here are some of the advantages of starting a porn blog:

1. Low start up costs. You could get started for a minimum cost, just by buying a hosting and a domain for your blog and every affiliate program is free to join. A domains can cost $10 a year and a hosting plan usually costs $4-5 per month.

2. A full time income. You make a full time income with adult affiliate marketing, however, it might take a couple of month before you start making a full time income from your adult blog. When I started it, my passive income would grow by about $50 every month. First month I made $50, next month $100, next month $150 and so on. So at the worst case scenario it is going to make you a full time income in a year.

3. No skills needed to get started. It is very to get started with this business, you don’t need any special skills, especially if you have done affiliate marketing before in other industries. Personally, I have learned everything I know about internet marketing and affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate and after that I was ready for earning big in the adult industry.

4. Focus only on marketing. With affiliate marketing you don’t need to create your own product or deal with shipping (if you are promoting sex toys), you can just focus on marketing and make a lot of money with way.

5. Almost instant results. People say to be patient with affiliate marketing because it won’t make you money overnight, but it it makes nothing at all for months this means that you are doing something wrong. In affiliate marketing with a blog ever single post you create has a future value.

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