Crakrevenue Review – The Best Adult Affiliate Network

As an internet marketer, you need to properly review the adult affiliate network to promote so that you can achieve your profit-making goal as an affiliate marketer. There are many affiliate programs to choose from, and this can make the process a confusing one. One of the most outstanding of all the affiliate programs you can ever consider is Crakrevenue. The Crakrevenue Review provided here will open your eyes to the features that make this website one of the best places to kick start your affiliate program. In the meantime, we will consider some of the features that you should consider when choosing an affiliate marketing website.

Questions to ask

Some of the questions to ask when looking for a good affiliate program are:

  • Is the affiliate program reputable?
  • Do they offer multiple high-converting offers that you can choose from?
  • Do they also pay a high commission percentage on the available products
  • Are they known to pay their affiliates? And do they pay their affiliates on time?
  • Do they also provide their affiliates with quality tools for advertising and generating sales?
  • How good is their dashboard and how detailed is it as it shows campaign performances, trends, and stats.

What stands Crakrevenue out is the fact that they answer Yes to all the questions asked above.  This is why you should consider this affiliate program to start your journey to a profitable affiliate business.

What is Crakrevenue?

Crakrevenue is among the top CPA networks out there today, and it has a global reach. The company had been around since 2011. Over these years, the company had grown in leaps and bounds and had grown by up to 2000% since inception.  Their workforce has also grown by up to 950% over the years.  Over the years, Crakrevenue has won the Mthink’s Blue Book ranking, in which it is named one of the best CPA networks in the world; it has been so since 2015.

The website now has over 100 employees, which are composed of IT experts, inspired designers, and skilled marketers.  They offer diversified services, and they are open to recruiting various talents from across the globe, which makes the company truly international.  Check below for interesting facts about Crakrevenue:

  • They pay up to $40 million to their affiliates per year  in commission
  • They have up to 25,000  professional web marketers in their network
  • They record up to 50GB impression per month
  • They have won up to 16 awards over the years
  • The affiliate program offers up to 2000 products
  • They have been around for more than 10 years of experience in web marketing.

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Offers from Crakrevenue

Some of the offers available to the affiliates at Crakrevenue are discussed below


There are more than 700 offers available to the affiliate marketer registered on this platform. These offers are available to both mobile and desktop targets. The huge number of people online today makes the dating market a huge market.  Millions of people are ready to date one another and make new friends online. Many dating affiliate programs on Crakrevenue are designed to meet the needs of affiliate marketers interested in this offer.

There are many interesting dating affiliate programs for all categories of people on Crakrevenue.  They have optimized and tweaked all their landing pages to make it easy for their affiliates to get a lot of conversions.  Their pages are intuitive and highly responsive; they can be customized to the chosen demography or location of the visitor.  Their programs are competitive, and this has kept many affiliates glued to this platform. Some of their programs are lifetime revenue share offers, pay-per-sale offers, and pay-per-lead offers.

Adult market

Crakrevenue is undoubtedly a market leader in the adult affiliate program.  They serve several adult niches; one of them is the Cam offer.  The Cam offers available here are among the top performers globally. Webcams over live, unparallel interactions for the benefit of the end user and have global reach.  Models on webcam are usually referred to as “Camgirls”; these girls offer different categories of live entertainments to the benefit of live chat users.

Some of the services are offered free of charge, but some things are only accessible to end users that tip these cam girls. The end users can chat will the cam girls in the chat room, and relationships can develop easily between the cam girls and the end users, especially if the end user is a regular visitor to the cam site. Before the users can tip their favorite cam girl, they are required to buy a credit package or token with which they can tip their favorite cam girls.  Affiliates promoting the popular free webcam sites on offer on have been paid over $38 million in revenue so far.

Some other vertical markets available on Crakrevenue are:

  • Gaming
  • Surveys
  • Nutra supplements

One of the many features that make Crakrevenue to standout, aside from the features already mentioned above, is the beautiful and impressive-looking affiliate dashboard that shows the earnings, Stats, and Analytics required for success by the affiliate.

Other unique features of Crakrevenue

Crakrevenue version 2.0 is the new platform that makes affiliate marketing more exciting and more profitable for the affiliate marketer.  This new platform comes with some unique features that should be aware of before you register as an affiliate on this platform. Some of the features will be highlighted below:

  • The reporting on this version of Crakrevenue is better than what obtains on the previous version.  The affiliate marketer can benefit from more detailed stats and can also analyze data more intuitively than before
  • The new version equally opens the door to hundreds of top converting offers so that the end user can get the best possible result from top paying affiliate programs from across the globe with each of them having wonderful landing pages and customized tours for better conversion
  • The new platform is more responsive than the previous one.  As a result, the end user can view his stats easier and faster.
  • The new version of Crakrevenue platform makes it easy for end users to create and manage their trackers and postbacks better.  As a result, the affiliate marketer can easily find any item using the advanced Knowledge Base on this platform.

Ease of contact

Aside from the above points, the affiliate marketer can get in touch with the top quality customer care services offered by Crakrevenue via various means, like a phone call, email, web form and so on. You can equally get across to them via innumerable social media platforms as highlighted below:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • And so on.

Classes of affiliates

Affiliates are classified into various categories on Crakrevenue, and each of the categories are discussed below:

Active affiliate

An active affiliate on Crakrevenue has access to the following:

  • Help desk
  • Lifetime referral program (5%)
  • Hundreds of different offers, which include top –performing brands

VIP Affiliate

A VIP affiliate on Crakrevenue has access to the following:

  • Annual 3 days payout Bump
  • Exclusive promotions
  • One-month referral bump (10%)
  • Exclusive offers
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

Elite club

The Elite Club affiliate will have access to the following:

  • Memorable Christmas gift
  • Annual 10 days Payout Bump
  • One-month referral bump (20%)

Professional affiliate managers

The affiliate management team members are responsible for many of the successes recorded by Crakrevenue and its teeming affiliates to date.  There are many skilled affiliate managers at Crakrevenue and findings show that this platform has the most-skilled and largest affiliate management team members in the industry today.

The team members are always on hand to offer the required support and guidance to all categories of affiliates so that they can make money from Crakrevenue.  They are equally on hand to respond to all queries and questions that the affiliate may have in the bid to make money. The beautiful thing about the team members is that they are always on hand 24/7 so that the affiliate can always have access to top quality real human support when it is needed. The affiliate management team does the following:

  • Take and edit pictures
  • Work together with every department
  • Create videos, trailers, and gifs so that affiliates can have innumerable marketing tools
  • Design ad tools and landing pages
  • Prepare infographics and images
  • Give support for projects
  • Develop new projects
  • Manage data
  • Program or develop software
  • Research all new web technologies


If you desire to earn a lot from online adult programs, then is one of the best platforms where you can kick start your journey to untold wealth. The earning may not start instantly, but it will grow over time. In summary, the features highlighted below make Crakrevenue one of the best adult affiliate programs you can ever encounter:

  • Flexible payment terms
  • Rewarding referral program
  • Many opportunities to earn more money
  • Ad tools with high  CTR
  • Fast and highly accurate reporting
  • Very high payouts
  • Mobile and geo smart link
  • Exclusive products
  • Dedicated affiliate managers
  • Access to over 700 offers.

Crakrevenue remains one of the most intelligent business programs out there, and the affiliate program is accessible to various categories of affiliate marketers, be it a newbie or a professional


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