Investing in Adult Turnkey Website

Investing in an adult turnkey website will prove to be one of the best business opportunities out there today. However, you have to look before you invest in this type of business because many scams are going around in this business model. In this write-up, we will open your eyes to some very important things to consider before investing in the business so that you will not end up being scammed.

Own the business

Do not invest in just any website; invest only on a website you own since some companies will never allow you to carry out domain registration.  There is no point in investing in this business if you will not own the business.  This is a very open red flag you must always bear in mind.

Check for recurrent fees

If you are asked to pay a recurring monthly fee or any type of fee for that matter, you should be suspicious of that business model.  The money may even seem like a small amount to you, but it can add up over time if you are asked to pay just $50 per month, for example, you will end up paying a whopping $600 after one year of consistent payment.

If you are asked to pay anything other than the annual maintenance and hosting fees, you should steer clear of such a business model.

Avoid MLM business model

Does the program look more like multilevel marketing (MLM) where you are asked to refer others, who are also asked to refer others before you can start earning, then it is advisable to steer clear of that business model.  If care is not taken, you may lose the friendship and trust of your friends and family as a result of an MLM program or something similar.  The truth about most MLM programs is that they never last for long and they can, therefore, not yield a consistent profit.

Check for duplication

Be wary of those turnkey websites that come under different domain names, but have the same design. When you see two or more websites having similar designs but different domain names, you should be suspicious of fraud. Such an occurrence simply means that the platform is pretending to be what it is not or it is trying to hide something.

You should steer clear of such platforms when looking for a turnkey website to invest in.

Check for quality

When buying a turnkey website, watch out for any sign of poor quality. You should avoid investing in that business model if the website is of poor quality. You can judge the quality of the website by checking the custom example websites set up by the company for others.

Each investor has a different taste and expectation in a turnkey business.  Be that as it may, the business does not worth it if the sample website looks horrible to behold.  It is also not in your best interest to buy a readymade sample template website; such a website never gets listed by search engines. It is very important that you see the real working website before you buy.

Check for professionalism

Before you purchase that turnkey website, find out how good and professional the design is. Also, find out if it is search engine optimized since search engine optimization can bring more traffic to the website.  Aside from a good design and search engine optimization, also find out if the sellers are ready to provide you with helpful; tools that can make the marketing process a lot easier and save you a lot of time.

A good turnkey website package should also include working tools that can help with various promotional methods.  Do not buy if the web design business has not done a measurable marketing activity on the website.

Check for customer care quality

Before you join that company, first find out about the quality of their customer service. This can best be done by sending them a message first and finding out how long it takes the company to reply.  If they fail to reply within the first few hours or within the period they have stated earlier on their contact page; then it is not wise to have any dealing with such a company.

You can equally repeat this for up to several days to judge how they will reply.  You must be wary of turnkey businesses with poor customer service.

Check for contact details

Do not have any dealing with a company that fails to produce its contact address son its website. A plain and reliable company should not hide its contact address. You should see such an activity as a sign of illegitimacy on the part of the said company.  Also, find out if the company has its phone number listed on its platform or not before you patronize them.


In summary, check the following before you have any dealings with that company:

  • Consider the quality of their support
  • Check if the website is well designed and of good quality
  • Check with current clients to determine if the platform is reliable or not
  • Check if they offer value for money


The above tips can get you started on your way to a consistent profit as an adult affiliate. However, you can find more information about how to make it big in your chosen adult niche from here.

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