EnxtraLunchMoney Review

Average rating: 7.7

The score would have been much higher if privacy was conserved more. However, I find ExtraLunchMoney the best site for custom customer requests.

Hi there! I have been a cam girl for years and I also own my personal website. I shot all my content and run all my social media accounts. I have been on ELM since early 2017. I’ve made a decent amount of money in ELM over the years. It’s fantastic for extra income. You can sell pretty much everything on the site: pics, vids, premade content, your phone number, Snapchat, kik etc.

How Does ExtraLunch Money Work?

ExtraLunchMoney was launched in 2011 as a digital marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect. Visitors are a mix of registered members who want to sell their services and the buyers.

Some call it the Fiverr of adult and this is not hard to see once you are on the site. Users can create any kind of content and choose their own price for their offerings. On demand requests range from sexting, live shows and selling different items such as panties. As you can see it’s similar to Fiverr in the format, but the content and services are of an adult nature.

Types of content on ExtraLunchMoney

Most of the content can be described as soft core pornography. The interesting custom jobs is what sets ExtraLunchMoney apart from other sites. Being able to order a custom masturbation video or whatever type of content you like is a heaven for a lot of internet porn users who like amateur. It’s ideal for those who have specific fetishes. There are guidelines on the site as to what requests are allowed, but generally speaking they must be legal.

Submit a custom job request and be as specific as you like. For example, a lot of man order videos for their femdom fetishes.

One down site is that you can block individual users, but not whole countries. Like on Fiverr, both buyers and sellers receive ratings on the site. Buyers should keep an eye on the sales section of the website where some discount content is available.

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Payment System

For buyers the cost of 1 credit is 99 cents to $1 and 50 cents. A cam show can e ordered from around 15-25 credit.

When you first start out on ELM you get to keep 60% of the credits you earn. When you achieve seller plus status you can get 65% of the credits. This definitely helps with sales. It sures that both you and the buyer are satisfied with the product before completion. My favorite section is the request part. Buyers publish requests on what they want you can apply for the jobs. Another great feature is the anonymous texting service. You can sext with buyers and your phone number will remain private. You can send pictures too.

When you offer a discount on anything you’re selling it will be listed in the sales page. When you put something on sale you can make teaser videos or pic sets and listing them for 1 credit. You can also ask anyone who gets your teases to leave you a positive review. Buyers can use filters on pages to browse and find you if you’re selling what they’re looking for.

Sellers are payout out once a week on Wednesdays. Payout are based on the earnings made a week before. With Paxum the funds are transferred right away. With the check it usually takes 5+ days to arrive.

If you cam on MyFreeCams and list your ELM profile, they will list you on their camming page. You can do this on your seller page. It’s a good thing to do especially with your old content. They also have seller widgets that you can use on your website or blog if you choose to.

As far a usability is concerned the site definitely takes some time to get used to. You’ll need to spend a bit of time browsing out to find out where everything is.

The main section to explore is the one under the seller tab. It can be very useful once you figure what you’re looking out.

Keeping your real name confidential is great at their end, but you can not block buyers from a certain country from viewing your profile. You’re able to block specific users.

Their customer support is great too. I’ve contacted them a couple of times and they’ve always responded in a timely manner. There is also a discussion page for sellers. You can go in there and chat with other sellers. In most cases another model will get back to you.

Overall, I’ve found ELM one of the most profitable sites for custom requests;. Everything about the site is easy and is set up to make the buyer and the seller feel comfortable. Just create a good profile and wait for the messages to come in.

How Much Money Can You Make with ExtraLunchMoney?

In terms of how much money you can make depends on what you are selling and your promotion efforts. ExtraLunchMoney provides a good platform buy you will still need to make some efforts to drive traffic to your profile. The higher earners are those who are active in the camming and sexting section and who offer to complete custom requests.

Setting up an account with ExtraLunchMoney is simple and straightforward. Once you have an account you can set up your personal information and preferences like Twitter, photos and gifs. You will need to upload a photo with a verification sign and a government issued ID. Sellers can be male or female. Buyers can download content or post a request for a job once they have purchased credits.

Become an ExtraLunchMoney Seller today

Get paid selling videos, photo sets, Skype shows, panties and more. If you can imagine it, you can sell it on ELM, People have all kind of weird fetishes.

You can sell whatever you like on the site, the only limitation is your imagination and the law. The prices for some content is very good when you compare it to other content selling sites. Sellers can earn some good money on the site but they need to make an effort to remain active. They payments are good for the industry and competitive. The site has a good reputation for its customer service and support.

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