How to Become a Sex Toy Tester

Aside from the sexual pleasure that you can get from using a sex toy, you can also become a sex toy tester and make some cool money in the process. There is no better way to make money than by doing what you love most, and you can get more help from here. As a sex toy tester, you can have access to the latest sex toys and be one of the first to ever use them. Consequently, you will be one of the best to know how the use of that sex toy feels like; this can even give you bragging rights over the sex toy experience. In this write-up, we will teach you how to become a sex toy tester so that you can make money while having fun.

Get the right mindset

After testing the sex toys, you are expected to write a review about that particular item so that the manufacturers can understand the limitations and benefits that surround the use of their sex toys. The manufacturers can use your review to upgrade their products until it reaches the acceptable standard so that end users can get top value for their money. However, writing such reviews is far from being easy. You need to be in the right mood so that you can put together a true and adequately descriptive review.

When you are about starting the sex toy review writing after you have completed the sex toy testing, forget about everything that may be disturbing you and focus your mind solely on the product you are about to review.  This way, your worries, and personal concerns will never get in the way, and this will help you to write the best review imaginable about the particular sex toy.

Motivate yourself

You can motivate yourself with the thought of the money that you will get from the entire process. Bear in mind that your effort will not be in vain; rather, you will be rewarded handsomely for the effort you put into the review writing. How motivating is the money? If you decide to go into full-time sex toy testing as a professional, you may earn a minimum of $50000! You will agree that this is a huge source of motivation for a sex toy tester.

Your effort at testing the sex toy will also help to raise awarness about orgasm in women; this is yet another source of motivation since using these sex toys involve helping other women. Your testing and reporting can help liberate other women from the limited understanding of sex toys. Call it a service to humanity, and you will not be far from the truth.

Set up a blog

You can start your journey as a sex toy tester by setting up a blog. You can begin by putting up informative content and posting them on your adult blog. There is no better way to drive traffic to your blog than via top quality content. While writing the adult blog content, make sure that the content is focused on the adult sex toy niche; this is in your best interest. You will surely be rewarded with quality web traffic if you are consistent.

Check out amateur models on social media platforms, like Twitter. You can equally ask them for their thoughts on the adult sex toy articles you have put together. You can make a further request by asking them to test one of the latest sex toys around.

Aside from Twitter, you can also make a huge impact on Tumblr. After acquiring much quality web traffic on your website, then it is time to check out the next step.

Set up a YouTube channel

This is not a mandatory process, but it is required. If you plan to become influential in sex blogging, then it is in your best interest to set up a YouTube channel focused on the items or niche that you are promoting. YouTube terms and conditions do not disallow starting a YouTube channel about adult sex toys. You can also make the video special by adding background music. The background music should equally be fine-tuned before being used.

Also, you can include some video pop-ups that will tell the viewers about the pros and cons of that product.  Do not make it too fancy and do not forget to cover the nuance. Do not also forget to have yourself recorded when doing the review. This will lend a lot of credibility to your YouTube videos as you are making your foray into the industry.

The video should grab the eyeballs so that you can get a lot of good subscribers. You can equally go for YouTube ads, YouTube affiliate marketing, and other monetizing channels to monetize your YouTube videos. You can get more help with how to do that here

Get in touch with companies making sex toys

If your reputation goes high, you may find sex toy companies approaching you. You can only get that highly desired great review by working prolifically.

The sex toy industry is highly competitive. In your best interest, you should get in touch with sex toy companies instead of waiting for them to get in touch with you.

You can also visit their platforms to register as a sex toy tester in the application form. The comprehensive portfolio of all your articles should also be included, as well as, your videos and reviews. You should not forget to provide a brief account of the various products that you like to review in the application form. Do not forget to mention it if you are sensitive to certain categories of adult sex toys.

Always remember sex toy forums and classified forums when promoting yourself as a sex toy tester.

Halo effect

Halo effect has to do with employees thinking positively about their offerings, products, and services. The Halo effect can lead to an exceeding distortion of the product reviews. Sex toy companies will find honest reviews highly attractive. They are ready to pay heavily for constructive criticisms and feedbacks.

You will also be promoting their products by helping them to review the products. After testing the sex toys, you will also be allowed to keep it.


Sex toys can be damaging to your private parts, even though they do not have sharp edges. Consequently, you must be careful when using them. Some of the damages caused by these sex toys can also be irreparable. If a company asks you to test a 9-inch dildo, for example, but you are only convenient with testing a 6-inch dildo, do not hesitate to turn down this request.

You may encounter some uncomfortable outcomes if your clitoris is over-stimulated. Even if app-based vibrations are great, they must, therefore, be used with caution.

Phthalate is one of the most common ingredients in sex toys. This ingredient makes the sex toy to be flexible. Bear in mind, however, that phthalate is not safe for the body.

When writing reviews, make sure the reviews contain details about the following:

  • The things you like about that product
  • The things you dislike about the product
  • The traps you notice
  • The pitfalls about the product
  • Your overall experience with the product
  • Finally, include your recommendation

Your readers will undoubtedly fall in love with a positive first impression. You should also not forget to tell your audience if the product under review looks classy or old-fashioned. You should use the product for a couple of times before you write reviews about it.

When using the adult sex toy, do not forget first to use lubricants as this can prevent damage to body tissues. Also, do not forget to tell the readers of your reviews that they should apply lubricants before using the product.

Also, do not forget to mention the secondary features of the product when writing the reviews. Some categories of sex toys may be waterproof. Another category may be rechargeable. Do not forget to draw a very easy analog between the rechargeable ones and battery-powered ones.

Does your sex toy need to be used by you and your boyfriend, you should ask your partner also to write a review about the product. When doing adult affiliate marketing, do not include too many alleviate links. If you do, your content can be flagged as ‘spam’ by Google and other intelligent search engines.

When adding a photograph to the review, avoid adding just any photograph from the internet. It is better to take the photo of that product specifically.


The points above would have opened your eyes to critical points to consider when looking for information about how to start as a sex toy tester. While the benefits are numerous, you should also not forget about the many downsides. However, you can completely avoid the negative outcomes if you follow the instructions of use to the letter and also follow the tips provided above.

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