How to Earn Money on PORNHUB

How to Earn Money On Pornhub

Like millions of other individuals out there, you’re probably thinking the only way to make a living from porn sites is by becoming an actor. That’s not the case, as a matter of fact, you can make a ton of money from various adult sites right from the comfort of your home without being an actor or a model. Yes you heard that right!

This article is targeted at enlightening you on the various ways in which you can profit

from major tubes like PornHub.

PornHub is one of the “biggest” adult sites that offer channels by which non-actors can also earn from their website. PornHub compared to other tubes is so big that it gets millions of visitors per hour giving your porn business a larger probability of success.

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PornHub runs an affiliate marketing program called HubTraffic. HubTraffic allows you get paid from driving traffic from PornHub to your affiliates’. Promoting your affiliates Products of PornHub invariably drives traffic to their sites. This is one lucrative way to earn from the porn business.

Now the question, how does this form of affiliate marketing work? To begin an affiliate business with PornHub, it is important you verify your domain name for watermarking your videos. You also have to register with your affiliate partners for permission to redirect traffic to theirs from an adult site.

Incorporating ad banners, pop ups and even short video redirecting individual to your affiliate site is one way to go about this. You can also decide to drive traffic from other adult sites who offer such program.

The possibilities here are limitless. You could also create a website or blog to which nonwatermarked video from PornHub and other adult site will be embedded. You can now redirect traffic from this mini-porn site to your affiliate’s business website. Prospects visiting your porn site can now go to your affiliate’s site and sign up.

This would earn you reasonable amount of cash considering the number of visitor’s adult sites like PornHub generate per day.

Is this illegal? Yes. PornHub provide tools that ease the importation of their videos to your site for marketing. With this piece of information, you can be rest assured you’re completely into a legal business.

In addition, since adult sites find it a daunting task to find appropriate hosting services for their tube. PornHub provides a hosting service that makes it unbelievably easy to create a porn site of your own.

If you’re looking to begin your own website for an affiliate business, xStreamer is a good platform which I highly recommend. You will find it easy to operate and the features are amazing.


A lot of money can be earned from the porn industry this way. Make your own videos and upload them to giant industry tubes like PornHub to earn money. The secret to this is that, the more content you make, the more you earn.

PornHub signs an agreement with verified amateurs to pay a certain percentage of the ad revenue grossed form their contents. In this regard, producing a high quality, interesting content that will fascinating a majority of PornHub visitor is important in order to make more money off the site.

All you need to get started in this line is, open a PornHub account and get verified! The verification procedure is quite simple. You will be required to submit a picture of yourself holding up a plaque indicating your PornHub user name and voila, you’re done. All you have to do now is wait for a response from their customer service unit.

To earn more from this platform. You could also partake in the PornHub contest where amateur adult movie producers compete for the award of the best amateur video. This is another way to make cool cash if you find yourself in this category. Applying to be a model for PornHub is another way to earn on this platform.

Another reputable and effective platform where you can start your own tube is the xStreamer. They have great features you will find handy in starting your own amateur porn business.


Are you really good at what you do? You can as well get paid for it. Several top actors and models in the industry are into this business. Privatizing to monetize your SnapChat and PornHub account will earn you more than you thought.

PornHub partnered with SnapCentro to enable amateur actors and model on PornHub sell SnapChat monthly subscription to their fans from their PornHub accounts. Creating a SnapCentro account and linking it with your PornHub account grants you access to this  amazing feature. The link to your exclusive SnapChat account will be on your PornHub profile for millions of follower to see and subscribe.

If your PornHub account get millions of views for content posted, you can as well make cool cash from this. Your fans love seeing you do what you do best and would as well pay if you decide to monetize your account.


PornHub and other major porn site are prone to cyber-attack. Various adult site have been hacked in the past and the only way to prevent occurrences like this from happening again is to thieve such hackers.

PornHub pay quite a worthwhile fee for hackers who can spot vulnerability in their website code. This way, they can be sure to be a step ahead of hackers looking to render their site inaccessible to users. PornHub pays $50 to $25,00o to hackers for their service depending on the value of information provided.

If you’re really good with codes and programming, this is a really easy way to make money off major adult movie outlets like PornHub.

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