How to Make Money on My Free Cams with WP-Script’s Theme

How to Make Money on My Free Cams

If you want to go into adult webcam promoting, you are always better off with myfreecams widget. Combining it with Wp-Scripts themes even makes things better. The combination will get you started on your adult webcam program at a faster rate so that you can start smiling to the bank without delay.

This is simply one of the best tools any adult cam affiliate marketer or adult cam website owner can invest in. It can help maximize your gain and also reduce the stress involved in setting up the adult cam website. These tools have only been available for a short while and have already recorded untold success with many adult website owners taking a serious interest in it. You should never overlook these tools if you want to make headway in adult webcam marketing.

The tools can work perfectly on WordPress and will make the adult website generate income faster. Check below for information on how to make money with myfreecams.

What is WP-Script?

It is about the best of all the WordPress themes for an adult website. It was first launched in 2015 and has extremely simplified the process of building a porn website. With this script, adult website owners can grab videos from virtually all the major adult tube websites.  The script comes with numerous features to make your adult website a lot more captivating and profitable. Some of the many features are highlighted below:

  • Smart filters
  • Auto-update feeds
  • Sync grabbing

With the help of this script, you can gain a lot of attention and drive traffic faster to your website than ever before.

The WP-Script equally has premium adult themes for sale, which is prepackaged with several neat options and advanced features for a better online profiting from adult websites.  The installation is straightforward even for a newbie.

What is myfreecams is a very active cam site with a lot of users and a lot of activity.

MyFreeCams has a great affiliate program which is one of the most lucrative in the industry. Basically you get $5 for every new lead that you bring them and if you choose to use Revshare, you get 20% of the money they spend on the site for life. While thier affiliate program is very lucrative, the real star of the show is their newest feature: the Live Cam Widget.

I have been promoting MyFreeCams for years but on October 8 they announced the Live Cam Widget which you can use on your site to promote MyFreeCams and make a lot of money as their affiliate.

Myfreecams is one of the best ways to generate extra revenue for an adult website. The widget is built to show live cam performers only. It is capable of delivering fresh contents to your website and also bringing traffic like never before. What is more, it can convert traffic so that you can make a lot of money over time.

What Is Live Cam Widget?

Basically this options instead of putting ads on the widgets of your adult site, it puts the live featured models at the moment while they are camming, We are talking about the highest quality porn which is dipayed on your site and which is going to work better then any other ad.

I tested the MyFreeCams live cam widget and I made 30% more conversions during a month compared to the previous month, all other factors being the same.

What is more, the widget can work for virtually any niche in the adult industry, and the widget permits you to choose virtually any niche you are interested in while setting it up.  Aside from the freedom to choose a niche, you can also customize the widget anyhow you like until it suits your specific purpose.  The interface is user-friendly, and this makes the customization very easy and straightforward.

Furthermore, the widget is highly interactive and dynamic. It can help the adult website owner to convert more of the traffic coming in.

Adding myfreecams to your adult website will help you to make more money from your adult website. Once installed on your website, you can generate traffic to those adult webcams that you have been able to grab, and it can serve as an extra source of revenue on your adult webcam

The tool can work for those who are already in the adult industry already.  Girls love it a great deal, and guys always love to check it out, which means your chance of making a lot of profit is in view.  Your visitors will be greeted with new faces of beautiful women, and curvy models, who flood the website daily and these beautiful faces will get them glued so that you can make more money on a regular basis.

Myfreewebcams remains one of the best tools for adult webmasters. What is more, it is available for free!  Consequently, you can start making money using this widget without putting a hole in your pocket.  The tool works perfectly for many classes of adult programs, including cam girls, affiliate and porn websites.

Furthermore, the payout is wonderful. Yes, you can generate as much as $5 per lead, or you can generate up to 20% Revshare by promoting the program.

Myfreecams has now partnered with Crakrevenue, and you may have to be a registered member of crakrevenue before you can benefit from this program.  Follow the instructions below about how to install a myfreecams widget with WP-Scripts

Installing MyFreeCams widget with Wp-Script

Step 1: Join CrakRevenue:

  • First of all, join Crakrevenue and you will be given a unique code.  Only active affiliate on CrakRevenue can access the opportunity.  The signup process is straightforward.
  • Click on MyFreeCams tab after logging in, and you can customize the widget as you like.
  • Next, choose your preferred payment method, be it DOI or Revshare and then click on Generate Widget Code.
  • You will see the unique code on the next page that pops open, and you can start using that code to promote the program.

Step 2: Install RetroTube theme

  • Upload the RetroTube theme from the WP-Script to WordPress. Log in to your site and click on Appearance, Themes, Add new and Upload theme in that order.
  • Choose file and then select your ZIP file, followed by Install Now.
  • The steps above will help to activate the theme.

Step 3: Add the widget code to the theme

After successfully installing the theme, you should add the widget code you were provided with earlier to it and then click on the Widget tab. You will be presented with three widget areas by default, which is Homepage, Sidebar, and Footer. You are free to select any of the three where you want to display the widget.  You can select the homepage and then add a widget option choose Custom HTML from the window that pops up. Afterward, copy and paste the code into your HTML area. After completing the process above, the widget will spring into action with the RetroTube has a grayish background with a default black font.

You can equally modify the installation in a flash.  What is more, you can change the options without having any knowledge about coding.  You can easily modify the font color, background, font size, position and the likes at will. You will have access to different fonts and other settings and will not have a problem in getting something that suits you perfectly.

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