Adult Site SEO: The Ultimate Guide in 2020

It is one thing to start an adult website, and it is clearly another thing to generate adequate traffic for that adult site. That adult site is 100% useless if there is no adequate traffic on a regular basis. If you are selling adult-related items or you are showing adult-related ads on the website, lack of traffic will render the business useless, and you will not be able to make any income at all from it.

One of the best ways to generate adequate traffic for your adult website is via search engine optimization. In this write-up, we will enlighten you about how to do adult site SEO so that you can generate adequate traffic and make the desired income from the adult site.

The challenges

Studies carried out in 2011 showed that up to 12% of all the websites on earth were pornographic. As a result, it can be competitive to get adequate traffic for your adult website. What is more, the percentage has increased over the years.

Also, many of the traditional websites, social networks and web directories do not allow links to pornographic websites on their platforms. It has also been challenging for webmasters to find pay-per-click programs that permit porn sites. These factors combine to make it somewhat challenging for porn sites to get the right internet exposure.

Be that as it may, you can get adequate traffic to your adult site via various forms of SEO, like the use of relevant keywords, quality backlinks, and even premium contents.

How do adult sites practice SEO

Adult sites are a very luctrative business and there are a lot of ways to bring traffic to your adult site and get links to it. The SEO process for an adult site works pretty much the same as it works for another type of business.

These guys explained it perfectly: ADULT SEO – HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE?

Helpful adult site SEO tips

1. Long tail keywords

Many of those searching for porn-related information do not just type the word “porn”; rather, they go for specific phrases. You can start out by researching the most relevant keywords or phrases that can be used in optimizing your adult website. The best way to start this is to put yourself right in the shoes of the prospective adult site visitors so that you can successfully think up befitting phrases or words that these individuals would most probably use.

What about something like “women big ass,” “hidden camera sex” or “sex in the office”? Be that as it may, whatever the result of your keyword research can determine keyword or phrase you use.

2. Concentrate on Onsite SEO

The next step to take is to get your adult site optimized for the keyword or phrase that you have chosen consequent of the outcome of your keyword research described above. Make sure the keywords are included in places like the metadata, content, page address and header text of the website. This will always push your website to the notice of the potential adult site web surfer.

Studies have shown that onsite adult SEO is among the highest contributory factors to the success of an adult site. This operation can help to boost your ranking a great deal and also drive lots of traffic to the website if it is done properly.

3. Optimize your page

Aside from optimizing the contents, metadata, page address and header text for a search engine, you must also not forget to optimize the images and virtually all other aspects of the website for the search engine. Optimizing the images on the adult site will make it easier for web surfers to locate your website since the site will be ranked higher on popular search engines.

You can best do this by including the keyword or phrase in the ALT text and image titles. You can equally go a step further by adding a keyword-rich description to every image in your gallery. While doing this, see to it that the contents on the adult site provide great value to the reader by flowing smoothly.

4. Build Top Quality Links

You need to get links from other sites to your site, but you can’t get links just from any site, they need to be adult sites only.

You can equally get more traffic to your adult website by connecting with other webmasters, especially top-performing webmasters.  You can do this by offering to write a guest post on their websites or by posting reviews on your adult site and asking them to link back to that review.

Look around for a product designed for porn lovers and use that product in your review. Another way to do this is to write about Top 10 things related to the porn industry and mention the products as part of the review.

Do not forget to focus on quality while building those links and writing those contents, rather than quantity. It is never by the number of words, but by the impact, those words will have on your website.

5. Go mobile

One of the ranking factors used by Google and other popular search engines is a responsive design.  What is more, virtually all the popular search engines always favour websites that are mobile friendly. As a result, it is important to optimize your adult site for all popular mobile operating systems, especially Android and iOS.  You should equally avoid Flash ort Java completely. Do not forget to use a drop-down menu as this can help keep the site layout very simple.

You can equally use scrolling menu bars to reduce the content on your website. There will be no need for zooming in on the mobile platform of your adult site if you use large fonts. Also, avoid the use of pop-up windows on the website.
Some testing tools, like Webpagetest and Redbot, can be used to check the overall performance and speed of your website on mobile devices. Make sure that the website loads very fast and also easy to navigate on mobile devices.

6. Share Your Site on Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest online forums which is fully created from user generated content. The content is moderated by some users and you can share text and links on it.

For now, Reddit is ok, but in the future it might start banning adult material.

Twitter also has changed its terms of service, which includes banning adult accounts.


The points above will help push your adult site to the notice of the world via popular search engines. The processes will bring the desired result, but the results will not come in overnight. Consequently, you must be ready to put in the time and effort required. Do not get tired or give up midway, rather, keep at it and success is certain. As you progress in your adult SEO effort, always measure the success of your effort and be ready to change anything you are not doing properly or SEO method that is not yielding the desired result.  You can start the SEO process with the basics described above and then expand to other areas with time.  You equally should try to build a solid social media presence as this can help generate free traffic for your adult site.

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  1. Thank you for all the great info. I have a couple questions.
    Let’s just say my site/brand is PROx, Can I create accts on FB,IG and Tiktok under that brand and what kind of PG content can I post if all my content is plugins from pornhub for instance?

    • Facebook doesn’t allow adult content and is more strict on their rules. IG and TikTok are more open. Twitter is a good option for adult content too.


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