How to Make Money on PornHub

If you landed here because you are looking to make money online with no investment you are on the right place. You probably saw some webcam sites and you saw some girls or boys performing in from of a webcam. Well. those webcam models are making $100-1,000 a day. 

If you are interested in this keep reading and I will explain to you how to make money on PornHub right now. I will show you how much money you can make, how and when will you get paid, how much money PornHub models make. You can make unlimited money on Porn as you can create and share as much videos as you want. 

How I Made Money on PornHub

Being a huge porn site allows PounHub to make a high amount of money every month. 

Every single PornHub visitor can be considered as a potential customer. If you’re an open minded person, PornHub can be an amazing online opportunity where you can be your own boss. 

What’s this method about? WIll I get naked? Yes, you’ll be creating ans selling your own videos. You can’t upload other people’s porn videos and make money of them. There are many different monetization options with PonHub. The first thing you need to do is to create your PornHub account. 

How to Make Money in a Day

If you upload 50 videos on PornHub and if you get a total of 1 million views a month you will make around $1,200. Most of the PornHub videos are making $2,000-4,000 per month even if they upload 1-2 videos per month. Take YouTube for examle, on average, 80% of creator’s incomes comes from banner ads. 

This is the most the popular way to make money on PornHub too. All you have to do: record and upload your videos on PornHub. People will start watching your videos for free and you will start generating income on ads. If you upload your videos constantly you can claim your verified status. Once you become verified, you can upload premium videos. PornHub premium will make you 20 to 30x more money as opposed to your geenral account. PornHub share most of their monthly income to their users taking only 15% to themselves. 

Model Hub will allow you to upload your videos on your website and sell them for cash. If you decide to sell your video, you’ll earn income everyone someone decides to purchase it. Most people are uploading free to view videos in order to lure users to buy premium videos. If you are interested in becoming a webcam model you can check my guide on how to become a webcam model and earn $60 per hour. 

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Step 1 – Create Your PornHub Account

Step 2 – Join the Model Program

First you need to do the photo verification. You will not be able to upload videos until you complete the model sign up by providing your ID and getting approved. 

All verification images are totally private. A photo must show most of your face. You can not wear a mask or sunglasses in the pictures. Max file size is 5MB. Supported file types: jpg, gif and png. If your verification fales you will receive a message explaining why your verification faild. The following photos will be rejected:

  • digital text
  • regested due to gender: if you are trying to be verified as female if your are a male

The following verification images would be accepted:

how to make money on pornhub

Step 3 – Create Videos

Step 4 – Make Money through Your Videos

There are a few different ways to monetize your videos. Most of your money will be comming from a banner ad monetization. Your earnings will depend on 

  • the number of views on your video
  • visitor’s contry, you will make more money from countries like US and Canada

It’s a nice method to make money. You can start today and start making $10 per day next day. Just make sure to create high quality videos. How much do you get monthly with this method? You won’t need a website. It’s a great method. I’ve used it before and had success. You can check this blog for differnet ways to make money from the adult industry, even if you don’t want to actively participate on porn and create videos. 

Step 5 – Refer Other Models

Another way to make money on PornHub is through their referral program. Each time someone signs up to PornHub and uploads at least two videos you will get a $50 referral bonus. But in order to refer other people you need to be part of the Model Program and be verified. 

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