How to Promote Fansly: 7 Methods to Get More Fans on Your Fansly Page

Porn has evolved over the years. People don’t want to see porn where it’s just mindless fucking. People are looking for intimacy and conversations rather than just getting and orgasm. Adult content creators had the freedom to sell content on OnlyFans. Since then many adult sites like Fansly have come up.

Any content creator can come to these fan platforms and make money. Recently back in August announced that OnlyFas will ban all the sexual content. The adult content creators kept looking for better platforms for their content.

What Is Fansly?

Fansly is a social media platform which provides subscriptions. Fans need to pay to subscribe to their favorite creators to get access to their content.

how to promote Fansly

Fansly Guide

Since the announcement of OnlyFans to ban adult content Fansly has received more and more visitors.

Here is the thing: why did this happen in the first place? They had to switch over bigger financial institutions that have strict rules. So they decided to go ahead and kick out sex workers. Everybody else would much prefer using cryptocurrencies. But that didn’t happen so Fansly took out.

Fansly takes 20% from what creators make on their website.

Fansly is not only about adult content creators but it’s for creators of all types selling to the right audience.

How does Fansly work? There are different types of subscriptions and selling pay per view posts. Users can also tip their favorite creators on their profile which is an added review for the creators.

How to promote your Fansly account

In this guide I am going to go through the whole process for marketing your Fansly account and get more fans or followers. Pre-pandemic few people knew about OnlyFans. One day the CEO of OnlyFans decided to not allow adult content on OnlyFans. Fansly allows it.

It is way better than OnlyFans. Here is a screenshot showing the variety of content you can get when you search for a keyword:

how to promote your fansly

#1 Be the first for a category. Be the category pirate which means that you should go for a specific category.

#2 Reddit. You need to join some of the best subredits where you can promote your content. This could help you get more recognition. Subredits are like Facebook groups which are open for everyone and everyone can post of them without getting approved. You will get better reach if you post pictures and GIFs.

#3 Instagram is also a great platform for creators to promote their Fansly page. You can use Instagram hashtags to get to more people. If you are someone looking for getting more views let me introduce you to FriendsOnly. 

#4 Recently I’ve seen adult content creators getting results on TikTok. But it is hard to go viral on TikTok. Using the right hashtags can be helpful content creators.

#5 Writing articles on blogs and forums like Medium and Quora can help promote your content. Use your writing to direct your readers to your Fansly pages. I once worked with an OnlyFans creator who had a large following on YouTube. You can share your experiences and ask your subscribers to follow you on Fansly. FriendsOnly is a platform which gets you more discovered. The hard part of any subscription business is that you can lose your fans if you are not consistent with your content posting.

#6 Sell your Fansly subscription on lower rates. The more you charge the less the number of your followers. Getting rich people to subscribe can be very profitable. You can build connections with them and let them introduce you to their community.

#7 The Fansly promo subredits are becoming a new this for Fansly creators.

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