Phone Dollz Review: Can You Really Make $60/Hour?

There are many ways that you can make money in the adult industry. If you do not want to reveal your identity or face, becoming a phone sex operator can be a good opportunity for you. Let’s talk about making $60/hour by being a phone operator.

If you are already an established cam girl and looking for an additional income opportunity this article can be a good source for you. Becoming a phone sex operator is a good opportunity for everyone needing some additional money. If you don’t want to read this article and want to be directly starting making money online then go to my #1 recommendation for making money in the adult industry.

Back to Phone Dollz, some people make a lot of money on this site and others may make less. The more time you spend on the phone the more salary you receive. Your experience would increase the money that you make. As a phone sex operator, his metric depends on many factors: 1. Amount of time working, 2. The company you are working with. Phone sex operators who work in the peak hours 10pm – 4 am make the most.

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To become a sex phone operator all what is required is a beautiful voice and the ability to dedicate the hours and talk. You can earn with minimum effort. You can easily make money with no hassle of performing in front of a camera live. You can just relax, lie on your comfortable bed and make money.

All you need is a passion for talking. There is no prearranged time to get the calls so you can work whenever you want. Getting paid for sexting is great.

How to Become a Phone Sex Operator with Cam Dollz

First you will need to sign up on Cam Dollz. The company will first will test your voice and then you will receive some training and create your profile. You need to be over 18 and have access to internet at your place. You should be able to speak on the phone with no hesitation. For the customers there are multiple plans available. Your identity will not be revealed. You can use a fake name.

In your profile section on the website you can mention the topics that are off-limits. The company will make sure that your profile has a mention of these topics.

You need to master the art of dirty talk. What if your customers ask you to talk dirty to him? Anyways, you need to learn this skill. For femdom shows you need be very good at dirty talking in order to project a realistic image of what the customer desires. After all, a person gets pleasure from sound.

Your customer asks to talk dirty to them? Here are my tips:

1. Describe your actions to the customer. This will ensure that the customer will spend maximum time on the call. Dirty talk can really help you make more money by extending the call duration.

2. Include details. If you are good at dirty talking you will stimulate their mind through sound.

3. Tell them the way you feel and what you want your customer to do to you. Now you might not feel comfortable doing this. Then the best way to get better is to read erotic novels. Bookmark some of the most popular blogs and magazines about erotica. Always keep them involved and ask them about their fantasies and desired. You need to make the customer participate in your story. You can ask questions like: their erotic fantasies, what would they do if you were close to them, which part of your body they like.

4. Proper continuation of work will make you gain experience. You need to practice and practice more in order to get better at it. Do not think that this is something that you can not do as sooner or latter you will get better and better to talk to your customers. Here are some things you can say “I want you to slowly kiss me”, “Make me your slave”, “I’m getting so turned on/wet”, “Cum for me”, “Sucking your cook is what I love”.

5. The sexier the voice, the better. Speak confidently and passionately. In order to turn him on, you need to be deep, playful and sexy at the same time. Prepare some fake scenarios. Every caller is facing some issues personally. Understand their reason behind their call and act accordingly. Callers are horny. You might not always enjoy it but be open to experience it. Do not rush it. This is more a newbie mistake. Sexy talk is all about being slow and sensual. It is not just about being hard core. If you’re not being authentic it will show.

This is just a small part of how you can make a small cash as a phone sex operator. The sexier the voice, the better. Remember they are spending money to talk to you. Initially beginners find it difficult to bring up their sexy voice. Phone sex operators are also known as voice actors. Hence, if you can make the call last longer you will make more money.

Understand the caller’s mentality. Why would someone pay money to talk to a girl? Maybe he just wants to spice things up. There one more important parameter in addition to your voice: your listening abilities. Saying their name often is very important. Their name is the most important sound in language to a person. They will love hearing it with your voice. Remember, you are creating a story in your call, so try to concentrate and be in a distraction free environment.

Other Similar Companies

There are other similar companies to Cam Dollz. Always go for a certified company. Research online and go through the employees reviews. Be careful about companies that make fake and overimporessive promises. Some of the best phone sex operator companies:

ExtraLunchMoney – 65% of your earnings

Model Centro – 85% of your earnings

Text Her

Pay per Call



These companies have phone sex operator jobs. Make sure you add 5-10 photos in your profile to get more phone sales. Keep visiting to get later updates. Being an adult performer opens up a lot of opportunities to make money. The best part is that you don’t have to show your face and your phone number will not be given out. Your privacy will be kept safe. The phone calls are connected to your secure channels through the company. So, you don’t have to feel discomfort when engaging in this money-making method.

I hope you liked this Phone Dollz review and article on how to become a sex phone operator. I get so many emails each week asking me for phone sex jobs. I have written this article on how to use phone sex and make money, but I’m not a phone sex operator recruiter.

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